Weekly Nikon related news/links

  • I changed PhotoRumors and LeicaRumors to a white background. Stop by and tell me what you think (there is a poll on both sites).

  • Some more Nikon 3D setups - the first one is from this year’s Tour de France, screen captured by Mark Stothard:

The next 3D rig was captured on the USATF Track & Field National Championships in Des Moines, IA (June 26th). Both cameras are attached to a bracket and one is upside-down (images after the break):

Credit: Ezmeets

Check also this previous 3D post form more technical background (a lot of helpful info also in the comments section)

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  • nutello

    I prefer white, although the colour is not important, as it can be easily changed with “zapcolors” ift it matters.
    However, I much prefer the font usen in this page than the one used in the new test pages in photorumors.com

    BTW, Thanks for providing us continuously with new rumors. Great job.


    • I did not have time to update NR this weekend – the bigger font and the new menu are coming tto NR, probably this weekend. Still thinking about the background. Maybe I will leave it black on NR and white on the other two sites. I will keep the white background for sure on LeicaRumors, I am still debating about PhotoRumors.

  • Click

    +1 on the Black Background !!!!!!!!! Either way “admin” is not going to please everyone. Where’s the “Rumors”, guess their are none, zilch, nada…

  • A nice, nikon t-shirts for 9 dollars.

    Q. Do you ship internationally?

    A. Due to Federal restrictions as well as company policy we only ship within the Unites States.

    • Federal restrictions? Gov’t must be trying to control illicit trade in Nikon t-shirts.

  • Anonymous

    NR Admin – any new rumors? I come back every day and lately there is nothing. I mean Sony and Panasonic provides much more interesting news than Nikon does.

  • Anonymous

    Shame on you Nikon! Sony just released 3 lenses!

    And for Thom Hogan – I have no idea what you smoke lately but stirring a shit is not nice! Sony will remain an FF sensor developer and producer. It is really interesting that Thom went after sony a day before this lens release.

    • Is Nikon supposed to fabricate lenses out of thin air to release on days that rivals put out new equipment? Who cares that Sony put out 3 new lenses? Good for them! If nothing else, a bit of incentive for Nikon to reassess their lens lineup (and future timeline for releases). But at the end of the day, it’s not a big deal. Not sure exactly why you’re worked up over it. *shrugs*

      And why are you crying about Thom talking about Sony? Did you actually read what he said? Did he have any valid points? Do you disagree with certain ones? Perhaps putting up a few counterpoints to his ideas would make you seem a lot less like a rabid Sony fanboy.
      And as an aside, should people not voice their opinions about companies when they release lenses? Is there a moratorium on a certain timeframe? Think you need to sit down, sir. Take a deep breath. Regardless of what Thom Hogan thinks. Or what Sony thinks. Or what *I* think. The world will continue to spin.

      • Greenwood_Geoff

        I hope you are right cause I have not tied myself down in case it stop spinning.

        • There are seatbelt laws for a reason, man!

          Might want to grab a helmet, just in case.

  • The invisible Man

    3D photos is a good idea but it’s not possible with Nikon cameras.

    3D photo require 2 lenses, how can you possibly own two working Nikon lenses at the same time ?

    My 24-70mm f/2.8 is still at Nikon’s repair shop (sent July 7) but there is something new; this morning the lens went from “moderate repair with major parts replacement” to “waiting for parts” status.

    Fortunately I have Nikon Rumors to help me wait until I receive that $1800 brand new lens !

    I was thinking buying the 14-24mm f/2.8, now I wonder if I should ask the retail store (Adorama) to send it directly to Nikon repair before I receive the lens.

    • Greenwood_Geoff

      LOL I would love to see Adorama’s reply to that request.

  • thefunk

    I am gagging for a rumour.

    • broxibear

      I’ve heard a rumour that the new Nikon dslrs won’t actually make you a better photographer, and that it’s just marketing hype to sell more units…but keep it quiet !!!

      • The invisible Man


        Nice…….I’m an excellent photographer, but I still love to see new cameras/lenses from Nikon.
        (when I say excellent it just to show off, I’m only a very good photographer)

        You can’t learn without tools, It’s easier for me now to take pictures that it was 25 years ago with manual focus, manual exposition, manual film advance, etc…

        When I started photography my pictures were terrible, but I had a passion for photography so I learned, learned again, and learned again, you don’t get born photographer or pianist.

        That’s the fun about photography, it’s so HUGE that you learn everyday !
        Few days ago I was still believing that f1.2 was a full aperture stop !

        I wonder what you could do with a view camera ?
        View camera is the best photographic tool ever made but is it convenient to take pictures of a horse race ?

        And by the way, if you think “it’s just marketing hype to sell more units” what are you doing here reading Nikon Rumors ?

      • I think that’s a terrible rumor. Here, have some megapixels. They’ll make you feel more gooder (that’s kind of a rumor, isn’t it?)

      • Enesunkie

        Oh no! Bigger and newer DSLRs and lenses don’t make you a better photographer? I thought I’d be shooting like a pro as soon as I switched to FX.

    • Makoto Kimura

      why dont you go down to the snooze festival? i heard nikon has a table set up. they’re working on a screenplay with sock puppets, to be shown on the s1000pj. peanut butter and jelly sandwiches will be served. they might even update one of the menus on the d50, or even develop a whole new button. i don’t know if they’ll have the time.

  • Rob

    Yep yellow writing on a black background.

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