Details on the upcoming Nikon announcement

I have some more details on the upcoming Nikon announcement. There will be two dates: August 17th, 2010 will be for the Coolpix models and August 19th, 2010 will be for the four new lenses and the Nikon D3100. Those dates are European time - the announcements in Europe should happen early in the morning, around 6:00 am. For the US readers this will mean that the announcements could happen around 11pm or midnight EST on August 16th and August 18th, 2010.

I seriously doubt that something else will be announced on those dates or before. There will be probably another announcement before (or during) Photokina.

I have no dates or any new info on the potential D90 and D700 replacements.

See my recap for all the details.

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  • Ding Jie Xi

    Its all going down in flames! A monkey is at the helm! I joke, Nikon will pull through…right?

  • Liquide


    (waiting for d90 rep)

    • Zblorg


      • Vl33d


        I own a D90, which is just great and absolutely don’t need a replacement. What do YOU need ? Better video quality ? Go buy a Nex-VG10

        • The invisible Man

          You are right, it’s a DX anyway.

          • Canon Fangirly

            Haha, I knew it! There will never be a D700 replacement or any other affordable full framer. Nikon dumped that idea long ago.

            • PHB

              You might get the lenses that would make a cheaper FX body a possibility.

              The spec on the D3100 means that the D5000 and D90 both look in need of a refresh. They have better resolution, not much else.

              Given the enormous step forward on the D3100, it is fairly clear that Nikon should want to showcase that development independently and before they show the upper end consumer models. But I would definitely expect them at Photokina.

              D700 is not a consumer model, Nikon does not need a camera show to showcase it. After this refresh it is going to be on the market for about 2 years so it really makes sense to do the job right and upgrade to the video etc they are putting on the D3100.

        • gt

          I need
          1. the price of the D90 to plummet once the replacement is announced


          2. D700 like ISO performance. Because usable iso 3200 or 6400 is more handy than you’d like to admit.

          • Vl33d

            And.. you are probably using some very slow F2.8 lenses ?! I shoot primes only and I hardly ever shoot above iso 200.

            • gt

              I hate this argument so much.

              What if you are shooting a group of four people in low light? Are you gonna put your lens at F1.8 and get ONE person in focus?

              Like it or not, clean high iso is handy as hell. There’s a reason why wedding photographers gravitate to the D3s.

              Now, for your needs, maybe its not that important. I just know that I find myself in situations where it would be useful all the time. Regardless, let’s not pretend fast glass is a substitute for high iso.

            • Just a couple days ago I was shooting my 24mm f1.4 @ ISO 6400. ISO 200 may cut it for you, but some of the rest of us attempt shots in more challenging conditions. I, for one, will take all the High ISO help I can get.

            • Anonymous

              i’ve had to shoot under candlelight conditions, with f1.8 nd iso 2000. i had no control over my subjects , so speed was around 1/40sec. there were no movements in only 50% of the photos.

            • Kevin

              Vl33d doesn’t seem to know anything about aperture’s relation with ISO. The fastest primes he’s using are f/1.4 and f/1.2 at best, which are only 2-2.5 stops faster than the “slow” f/2.8s.

              That means all those conditions the other posters mentioned in ISO 3200/6400 at best will be around ISO 600. Using primes in those conditions will never bring it down to ISO 200.

              The statement “I shoot primes only and I hardly ever shoot above iso 200” is as amateur as it gets.

              I’d love to see his photos though, I bet they’re terrible. Terrible photos at iso 200 🙂

            • JoshL

              I agree with you Kevin, clearly, the gentleman doesn’t understand the fundamental knowledge in the relationship (and its importance) between shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. However, who knows? His photos may still be very good? Photography isn’t all about craft and technical prowess… the end, composition makes or breaks the deal.

          • Richard


            There are a great many circumstances where the higher ISO performance would allow a shutter speed sufficient to increase the number of shots that are “keepers”.

            I suspect that Nikon are playing their cards “very close to the vest” for competitive reasons. Whether that means something good is on the way or not remains a mystery…by design. If the news is bad, Canon could make very substantial inroads into the consumer and pro-sumer market segments. Canon, at the very least, have control of their image sensors. Unless Nikon have something up their sleeve there just could be a stagnant period while Nikon struggles to create their own line of sensors.

        • Vl33d


          I also use bounce flash, that’s why I never use anything but iso 200. Maybe you are all right with the need for better high iso’s because (what I didnt’t mention) is the grain/noise I see even at iso 800 with my d90!

          • T140Rider

            How about you take a walk around the centre of a big city at night andtry to use your bounce flash @200iso and we would all love to see your fantastic results.
            I often go out doing street photography at night with my D700 @6400 or 3200 ISO 24-120 lens AND No Flash. The lack of flash means you can shoot away without people realising that they have been snapped.
            You would be surprised at the results.
            Oh, I also take shots from the Front Seat on the top Deck of London Busses. The extra height give a whole new perspective.
            Photographing at night around Picadilly Circus is expecially challenging.The amount of light emitted by the Advert displays changes colour & intensity quite rapidly.
            Great B&W stuff though. Back in the days of film, we’d push Tri-x or Fp4 to 1600 and then moan about having to spend an hour in the dev tank.

            So some of us do really appreciate the High Iso of bodies like the D700

    • And of course 5 min after I posted this online I received a tip that the new “Canon G11” killer from Nikon will be announced in the next two days, even as early as tonight… working on that rumor right now…


        If it doesn’t have a DX sensor, it’s not a killer. Can’t wait to see if they go retro or do a modern design. I hope they realize that many people are simply attracted to the rugged, simple retro look of the G11.

      • The invisible Man

        It’s ok !
        That make NR even more spicy !
        Thank you !

        • Nikon likes to make announcements at the end of July, at least based on previous years.

      • Makoto Kimura

        @NR admin, thank you! NOT disappointed!

        @ nikon: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not make it a coolpix and outsource it to schoolchildren.

        @q@q: they probably do realize the rugged looks are a selling point. another big selling point is IQ. depends on the definition of “killer” and personal preferences. there are some people on this forum who dont give a what about anything less than an a professional camera (ex: d700 fans hoping for new model). personally, i dont give a what about the d700 since i am not a professional and cant spend $2K on a camera. if the 17mm rumors are any indication of the final product, i will be purchasing! if it is $2K i will not 🙁

      • just to be sure, I will wait till midnight tonight and see if something will be announced – I was told Coolpix camera, high end, similar to Canon G11 in the next 48 hours

        • Victor Hassleblood

          G11 like?
          Even a killer??
          Taking SB-flashes???

          I would get one! I am curious about
          the video capabilities and the lens.
          Bring it on admin ! ! !

          • OK, the story goes like that: there is some kind of an internal Nikon meeting/training event tomorrow. Usually, those kinds of events are organized when a new product is about to be announced. Of course, the training could be for the announcements on Aug 17 +19. I do not know enough in order to post this online in an separate post (here is ok, we are just chatting). The last time the P6000 was announced, it was announced together with the rest of Coolpix models (not in a separate event):


        • I’m not too interested in a G11 killer, I want the G12 killer. Would be nice if Nikon was two steps ahead this time.

        • John

          Still waiting for that G11-killer announcement from Nikon!

      • Bob

        Forget G11 killer–I want Nikon to make a Leica killer–Nikon S rangefinder with D3s sensor and Nikkor rangefinder glass **sigh** alas, it is only a dream **sigh**

    • Disappointed!
      (waiting for D700 rep)

      • +1

      • PhotoGradStudent


    • Kerni

      me too

      it has not begun…

    • azerty

      +1 me too

    • Star

      Nikon is not making me happy!

  • Alex

    Nikon! You really suck! You better start competing with Fisher-Price and V-Tech while you’re at it! That’s how seriously I take you now!

    • gt

      I thought I replied to this earlier – but ill do it again:

      Just because you can’t AFFORD nikon’s pro grear does not mean that nikon only makes toys. Stop blaming nikon because you lack disposable income.

      • Alex

        What? You thought that response was worth posting…. TWICE? You totally missed my point, I am venting frustration because of no D700 replacement yet. Which I WILL buy, nothing to do with lack of disposable income. You twit! I think you just let out your own frustrations! Go get a job!

        • gt

          >You twit, Go get a job!
          Name calling, ey? I have a job. and it seems clear to me that you, if anyone, is a little too wrapped up in this.

          >You totally missed my point
          Let’s see. You compared Nikon to Fisherprice and V-Tech because they have not released a D700 replacement. The clear implication is that you liken Nikon’s current product lineup to “toys” that are not fit for adult, let alone professional, use. Did I get that straight?

          Because I still think you’re wrong. Dead wrong.

          The D3s, D3x, and D700 are all professional tools that top professionals use regularly. Professionals like Chase Jarvis, Joe Mcnally, Moose Peterson, Bob Krist, Jay Maisel, Steve McCurry, Gene Martin. And Guess what? they’re making rock-solid, award winning images Day after Day. In different areas of the world. in different light.

          Do you think fisherprice could do that? This post is clearly a waste of breath because I’m sure you look down on these photographers too for using “fisherprice” cameras

          In conclusion, go learn something about photography.

          • Alex

            What are you on about? My comment was supposed to be a little light-hearted about a company, and you come a long to pick a fight, and you complain about me calling you a twit. But it’s fitting, since you are acting like one. I see how you mention names of people who have these cameras, but you didn’t mention that you had one. I wonder why. No disposable income for you hey? LOL. Funny how that works. Do you really want to compare cameras, or are you happy to go on your way and shut up?

          • Alex

            @gt, I see you admitted on another post, that you need the price of the D90 to drop. How about giving up attacking people you don’t know for “lacking disposable income.” You really look stupid now!

            • gt

              >you really look stupid now
              I readily admit that I’m not a rich man, and it’s not something I’m ashamed of. I’m still in school and will someday (hopefully) be able to afford what I need, support a family, and give the rest back to the community.

              Also, even with the limited gear I have, my work has been on display – and it has sold. My view is that :

              1. the gear does not make the photographer


              2, with or without the D700 replacement, nikon creates some highquality products that are nowhere near “fisher price.”

            • Travis

              Trolls trolling trolls. Move along, trolls.

  • The invisible Man

    Do you know if the new Nikon lenses will be sold already assembled or as a kit ?
    😮 (Did I do the smiley face right this time ?)

    • Enesunkie

      The new lenses will be just like you, invisible!

      • The invisible Man

        I heard they will be delivered by email !

  • twoomy

    Looks like I’ll be using my trusty D300 for another three months at least! (I’ve been saying that for two years now.)

    • Anonymous

      i’ve been saying that about my d200 for some time as well…

      • Dgm

        And I have been saying that about my trusted third-hand D1X for 2 years now; in the mean time I enjoy taking pictures 🙂

    • Alfonso

      I’ve been saying that about my D70… still waiting

      • ZRH

        I’ve been saying that since the Nikon F analog.

  • Anonymous


  • akvisuals

    Nikon is a business. Like any other camera manufacturer. Entry level models sell the most, so it’s only sensible

    • The invisible Man

      As my wife always says “more you wait, better it will be !”

      • Victor Hassleblood

        For her?

        • The invisible Man

          She was a model when I met her, and models have to be patient, it’s part of the job !

          • st r

            “more you wait, better it will be” does not apply to models.

            Otherwise the top ones would be in their 80’s…

        • Distanted

          They’ll say anything to get a ring on their finger, won’t they? 😉

    • twoomy

      Yes, it does make sense for Nikon to kick out the entry-level cameras a lot quicker than the higher end ones. I just wish I was an entry-level consumer photographer so I could get excited about such things.

      • If you were an entry-level consumer, you wouldn’t even know new cameras were coming out. You’d probably just walk in and pick the camera with the most most megapixels and longest list of options.

        • zzddrr

          Fried Toast – that’s exactly the problem of nikon right now. It is so true as you said it many people “pick the camera with the most most megapixels and longest list of options.” Now, let’s add to it that pretty soon cell phones will have more MP the almost the entire Nikon dslr line 🙂

        • PHB

          Las Xmas Canon outsold Nikon in many markets purely on the strength of the fact that they had 1080p and Nikon did not.

          These are the cameras that make the money, it is to be expected that they get more regular refreshes. But in reality they are still in effect on the same 4 year cycle as the pro-lineup as they only get a major makeover every 4 years and cosmetic updates almost every year in between. So the D50 lasted a year and was replaced by the D60 and then we had the D40 and the year after that and then the D3000/D5000 came out but they are all essentially the same camera with minor tweakage.

          Still, I am hoping prices will come down on the D2x/D2h as I want one to convert to IR.

      • st r

        it would be nice, however, to have decent entry levels.

        Instead, my daughter’s entry-level coolpix is way worse than the (similarly priced) entry-level samsung of the other daughter. What about that? This is what makes me mad and the reason why I tend to agree about Nikon’s fisherpriceliness (is this a word?).

        Plus, I am an entry-level DSLR consumer (I am a D40 user), however this does not mean I only look at the length of the list of features.

        On a point-and-shoot I would like to have: a clean sensor, a wide wideangle, possibly a large aperture (not difficult with tiny sensors anyway), and quick controls for exposure compensation and aperture.

        And, decent image quality, without yellow saturation splattered everywhere, but this should be understood.

        That would be it. That would be much more than what was available to, say, Cartier-Bresson…..

  • Nikonalllldayyy

    How long after showing at photokina do cameras usually hit the market?

  • Rafael

    cant wait to get my hands on the new 85mm f1.4G AFS! my credit card is locked and loaded!!

    • I’m in the same situation :). I want this lens badly. But I think we will have to wait a few months. And I will have to wait ’til next year because I used all my budget for the D700, 24mm f/1.4 and 16-35. But next year will be PRIME time :).

      I can’t understand how all folks are going to be disappointed because there are no new higher end DSLRs from Nikon. What’s the point? Do you really miss something in the current camera lineup? I’m missing lenses but I don’t see any huge gap in the DSLR lineup…

  • Orlandoshooter

    Oh well, good things come to those who wait (D90s); I hope its good =)

  • I’ve been hoping for a D700 replacement for a long time but here’s why I’m doubting we will ever see one at this point… All rumors of a replacement have claimed better specs than the current D3s. Think about it, the D3s is certainly not due for a replacement and what is the likelihood that Nikon will introduce a sub $3,000 camera will trump it’s near $6,000 D3s? I’d say “highly unlikely.” Here’s my theory as to what will happen: Nikon will drop the D700 all together (as it already seems to be doing) along with the D3 and significantly reduce the price tag on the D3s. Once the D3s becomes the new mid-level pro camera, a 20-plus-megapixel, 1080-video body will replace it at the top in the $6,000 price range. Just my two cents…

    Let me know if I’ve overlooked something and feel free to further speculate fellow Nikonians.

    • The invisible Man

      @ Joey Wright

      Seriously, you can’t get any Nikon camera with only 2 cents.

      A month ago I received a tip from a customer, D700 at $1995 at the end of August and D800/900 one week before Photokina.
      Closest we get to September and more I think that tip was just a dream.

      I think after 25 years I start to know Nikon, I remember the F801 (N8008 ?), that was a real bomb for the cameras market !

      The D200 was a little step but the D700 a giant leap for Photographers kind.

      We should stop blaming on Nikon for being slow to replace the D700, when Nikon does a camera he does it right (I wish it was the same for lenses).

      I’m pretty sure that the D800/900 will reach all our expectations, we just have to be patient.

      • Kensmokecrakrokwell

        + 1000

      • I’m totally with you on Nikon’s defense and I’m certainly not saying that Nikon needs to hurry up… because I too would like them to take the time needed to get it right rather than getting it wrong at lightning speed. I’m just wondering why we haven’t questioned the expectations of the D700 replacement and how they’re higher than the current specs of the D3s… yet the D3s is in a much higher price range. Also, I don’t that my original speculation would be a bad thing… it would just mean that people who can currently afford a D700 will soon be able to afford a D3s and the D3s folks will soon be looking at an epic “D4”. Anyways, purely speculation on my part 🙂

        • The invisible Man

          The D700 don’t need a replacement, just an upgrade.
          It’s a fantastic camera (I had one for few months).

          Here is what I need to make my buy a D700s :
          18MP or more (with the 12MP sensitivity)
          Mirror up function.
          2 CF cards slots.

          I don’t need more fps, I never shoot in continue anyway.
          If Nikon add a full HD at 30fps it will be nice but I can live without video on my camera.

          I’ll pay up to $3000 for that because I know it will last me for many years.

          • Joe J

            +1 with 1080 HD

          • Scott

            Amen to that….couldnt have said it better myself.

            Thats more than enough additions to cure my current D3s lust 🙂

        • LGO

          I think it is still possible for a D700-replacement to be announced this year. It would be logical to expect that this will not be of higher specs than the D3s. Instead, it would likely have the D3s sensor, and will carry most of the the same enhancements that the D3s has over the D3, including HD video at 720p.

          The next enhancement in terms of higher resolution will likely happen in the D4 next year in 2011. This could then be expected to trickle down to the D700-type body a year later in 2012. This is pretty predictable.

          What would probably be a surprise is if Nikon releases the D3/D700 FX sensor in a D90-sized body. This is unlikely but I expect it would be well received if sold at the current price level of the D300s.

  • Anonymous

    Admin, why do I get so many “403 Forbidden error”

    • Zblorg

      Good question, I have that issue too

      • Aaron

        Probably NR’s method of updating.

      • nobody

        Me, too!

      • The invisible Man

        Did you guys pay your monthly fees to Nikon Rumors ?

        If not that’s probably why you have that error message

        You can’t access the website unless you send your monthly paiment (you’ll have to send it directly to me and I’ll forward the money to NR)

        • Aaron

          Oh that must be the problem. $230 per month plus a 2.8 zoom of my choice, right?

          • $230…I have been paying $400! Hey The invisible Man you skimming off the top?

  • Kensmokecrakrokwell

    The d90 replacement will have d700 iso capabilities. Just you wait. Don’t look at me like I’m smoking something. It will happen.






    • Enesunkie

      D700 capabitilies? Great, you might be able to set the ISO to H1 (12,800) and H2 (25,600) but you’ll get crappy images that will be of no use to you.
      I feel they if they gave it a couple few more MP and managed to increase the USEABLE ISO by a half a stop, it would be a big hit.

    • akvisuals

      What have you been smokin’

  • Vandyu

    Today, got my first ever “Forbidden” to access server. Even tried going through Google search for Nikon Rumors and those links got the dreaded lock out.

    • my host had some issues – it should all be resolved now

      • Alex

        Oh, I thought you were updating it with *BREAKING NEWS! 700 REPLACEMENT!” Kind of like when official Nikon websites go offline.

        • fork()

          Guess I’ll have to register and start interpreting every little thing on *this* page as signs of something *NEW*


  • hannes

    Hey admin,

    How about the AF 80-400 VR replacement?
    Any infos?

    Thanks for your efford,

    • Sorry, but that’s a stupid question. If he really has some new information I’m pretty sure he will share them with us.

      • hannes

        I disagree.
        He could have unreliable information that he does not want to post as a headline (also for cross checking reasons) but that he is willing to post in reply to a comment.
        He often provided additional info in comments.

  • GlobalGuy

    Nikon really needs some Flash updates. The SB-900 is too big, and the tiny SB-400 and R200 Macro system need power boosts/refreshing.

    I really hope for an SB-“900” style SB-400 refresh. Smaller than an SB-600, but with some decent features. Its okay to have a low-model, but the SB-400 works fine for that. Maybe I just want a low-profile SB-“700”.

  • The invisible Man

    I am not ‘The Invisible Man’. The problem is still here. I am seeing someone else’s e-mail address.

  • The invisible Man

    Mmm, I’ve become the Invisible Man. So much for not sharing an email address. Don’t worry abad, all’s well.

  • D700 (feels like F3)

    fr those of your who want higher fps or higher MPXL – this will only work, if the cache in the camera is significantly bigger. Most of the functions being described as “IQ” will also benefit, since this is usable memory to execute programs.

    just consider the following: coolpixes are the technology trendsetters for the IT-aspect of the Nikon cameras – they allow lots of processing. If such model works well, then they scale it up into the DSLRs … we’ve seen this for a while now.

    For those, who want a better D700: just leave your D700 for a week and use it afterwards with joy. It’s good and reliable … and durable …

    Finally a word on the for lens: the 85mm is for sure a welcome replacement and on a DX camera optically comparable to a 135mm 2.0 – that’s great news! A fast tele for FX and DX.

    The 24-120 will hopefully not become too heavy.

    The other lens … I don’t see the urgent need for them.

    • nobody

      A 28-300 could be urgently needed for a lower cost FX camera with improved video qualities 🙂

    • LGO

      The new Nikkor 85mm f/1.4G AF-S (VR?) N on DX will have an equivalent field of view of an 127.50mm but will still have the compression effect of an 85mm. It will have an aperture of f/1.4 but will have a depth of field of an f/2.0. On FX, it will be an 85mm on FOV, 85mm on compression effect, aperture of f/1.4 and DOF of f/1.4. On both FX and DX, it will be just great.

      I hope that Nikkor will not neglect to release a 135mm f/2.0. The 70-200mm f/2.8G VR II is excellent at 135mm but a 135mm f/2.0 will be better still.

      • Fzz

        The compression effect will be the same as 127.5, as perspective has nothing to do with focal length, it’s about relative possition. : )

        • LGO

          I have the 85mm f/1.4 and had the 135mm f/2.0 DC.

          Try both out and you will see that the 85mm on DX will not have the same effect as a 135mm f/2.0 DC on FX.

          Perspective is altogether another matter and indeed depends on the azimuth and elevation of the shooter vis-a-vis the subject.

  • bens

    D3100 only ? . Oh well i will just get the new 24mm f1.4 prime for my d80. I dont like using flash. Will keep waiting for a more affordable FF. If the d90 is as good as the d700 in high iso, i may consider one 🙂

    I wish i knew whats in Nikon’s product pipeline.

  • bens

    oops i meant d90 replacement

  • joe

    Maybe the D90 replacement is the D3100?

    Maybe the D50/70/80/90 line will be absorbed by the D300/200/100 line? No more entry level bodies incorporating a built in motor or top LCD. Perhaps the 3100 will have similar ISO quality that the D700 has and the new D?00 will have …

    Just wondering…

    • st r


      • Joe

        I base my speculation on what I have seen/observed over the past several years and what is currently being rumored.

        Who would have thought years ago that the D50 replacement would be a crippled D40, with no built in motor, & no top LCD? Along the same train of thought but with a more positive outcome – who would have thought at the time the D80 was released that it’s successor would have video and image quality capable of surpassing the D200?

        I based my previous post on what was posted here:

        On one hand – if the D90 is crippled without a BIM and no top LCD – it will seemingly be going the way of the D50 but advances in ISO and movie mode. That leaves Nikon room to produce a similar camera – all the robust features of the D300s, better ISO, faster FPS along with the improvements gained from the D3100 AND that move will more clearly identify the 3 lines: prosumer (D3100), advanced (D300s ?new D400?) and the “pro” lineup – D700/D3s/x.

        The question then is what becomes of the D700…? Does it become “crippled” and absorbed by the D300 line ? Does it stay “as is” in the pro lineup and get the D3s’ sensor and stay @ 12MP but with the advanced movie mode that debuts with the D3100 and is called the D700s?

        Then what about the next move for the pro lineup? what replaces the D3x and D3s?

        Again, just my thoughts…

        • rhlpetrus

          You missed the point. The D40 was not the D50’s successor, it was the new lower level entry-line, the D50 line was interrupted, sort of, spluit into D40/D60 (but not quite).

          The DX family is complete now, 4 lines. The D90’s successor will be slightly more capable, maybe an fps more, new AF, etc.

          But one thing is wrong here, unless Nikon is preparing even a better sensor for the D400 (D300’s sucsessor), if the rumour that the new D90 will have a new 16MP is true. New sensors usually start at the top level body.

          • Joe

            That is part of the reason why I am speculating the way that I am… I find it unusual that a new sensor would be released on the downstream end of the spectrum (D90 before D300s).

            Point taken – the D60 was the “supposed” improvement/replacement of the D50 however, since the D50 – no new entry level bodies had a BIM or a top LCD. Nor were the mid level bodies batteries backwards compatible.

            My thoughts are that perhaps Nikon is about to terminate the D90 or as you indicated “split” the D90 since the rumors are flowing about improved ISO and movie mode in the D3100 coming at the low end 1st…?

            • Zupi

              I am playing with thought that D300s is the last pro DX. Pro shoters all want FF

            • Enesunkie

              Could the D5000 be considered the split from the D90? It really doesn’t share the same body, focus points or sensor as the D40/D60 that in theory it replaced. It’s closer in actual use to a D90 than a D3000. 11 AF points, video, 200-3200 ISO.

  • Segura

    I already have a D700. If Nikon discontinues the D700 and doesn’t replace it, I will buy a second body. It is that good.
    If anyone thinks that you can get a D90 replacement with D700 ISO quality, you are mistaken. The FX sensor is twice as big as DX, it is not possible. Keep dreaming . . .
    I think of the difference between a DX and FX is like comparing a Point and Shoot to a DX. The D200 came out 5 years ago, is there a point and shoot out now that can take better pictures than the D200? In 5 years, nope. No way. No how.

    You won’t get FX low light quality without going to FX. Stop dreaming

  • Just got back from a 1 month long trip and something exciting to look out for! Thanks admin!! Still waiting to see the replacements for D90 and D700 too 🙂

  • Shooting only at ISO 200. Wow!! Can’t be doing the subjects we do or he wouldn’t have ANYTHING to show for it. My days of 1 second exposure with view cameras is over and the higher ISO stellar performance of the D700 is AMAZING!!

    Coolpix camera and D3100 announcements are though…….not what any Nikon enthusiasts are after. They may be great for Nikon profits but the fact is Nikon’s D90
    and D700 etc. are very critical to the Nikon image.

  • Fat Ho Z

    Very Disappointed……..

    (waiting for D700 replacement)

  • Kimaze

    Should we have a count down meter on the web? Cant wait for the new release!

  • Rafael

    I think your right on track 😉

  • Makoto Kimura

    hey perchance is anyone here disappointed there is no d700 announcement? im taking a sick day tomorrow b/c of it. i hate you nikon and i will eat your babies.

    • Anonymous

      yep, I am beyond disaapointed. My D700 is my only fully functioning body right now. Sold my D80, my D300 is on the fritze, and I am a god damn sitting duck if anything goes south on my D700.
      I want 25mgs NOW! I’m half tempted to just go buy the d3x, but I know that the second I do, the new body will magically appear.

      • D40-owner

        If you haven’t purchased a D3x yet, you don’t need it.
        So, as you stated, you just want ~25Mpixels.
        Do you have the glass for 25mpixels? Have you weighted the work flow and storage overload of the huge files?

        • Greenwood_Geoff

          Since he can likely shoot in jepg small and raw he can have the best of both worlds. Scan through the small images to see which ones are gems THEN use the raw to make a print from the 24MP …

  • Zupi

    Ahhh well. I am tired fo waiting just bought today Nikon D90 + battery grip + 2nd batetery + 18-105VR bundle special price 830€ VAT included, just body alone of Nikon D90xxx will be more that that

  • Jacobus

    boooo! Why can’t they announce the d90 replacement as well?

  • Denko

    2009-2010 AKA the lost years. Sad. Oh well I’ll stick with my old equipment until it brakes.

  • rhlpetrus

    I still think there will be a D400 announcement in August, 3 years after the D300’s launch.

    I doubt Nikon will use a new sensor in a midrange body like D90.

    • LGO

      The D400 is expected to have the improved AF of the D4 but this will not be ready till 2011.

      Given that the D90 is Nikon’s best seller but is under increased pressure from the top (Canon 7D) and the bottom (Canon 550D.T2i), Nikon may just be forced to release the rumored 16mp sensor in a D90-type body.

      But if Nikon releases this 16mp sensor in the D300s body without waiting for the new AF, then Nikon may just spring a surprise on us all.

  • Edward RNLMC retired

    Admin you are doing a great job but guys please respect each other here there is enough s…ht in the world stop making war make nikon give them a little more time
    and we all get happy start again making photo´s so keep the money longer in the pocket and then buy whats coming soon

    • Makoto Kimura


  • Looking forward to a potential D700 replacement and hoping for some video capabilities to finally rival the 5DMKII

  • azerty

    D90 is back in ‘stock’ at :
    That, is no synonym of a imminent replacement 🙁

  • The invisible Man

    The D800 is discontinued, you still can find few in Europe, but I would wait for the D900 !

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