Every once in a while, I have to remind everyone that this is a rumor site. Everything written here should be considered as fiction and you should not make any decision based on the information provided on this blog (selling/buying equipment, changing schedules to accommodated potential new product, etc.). I am trying my best to give a numerical ratings for most of the information I post, but this is not really an exact science - in other words: I can be wrong. If you are not sure what and when to buy, consider renting until the sky clears (where there’s smoke there’s fire). Don't stay without a camera!

Now back to the recap - this is what I think I know so far:

Potential announcement of new Nikon products between August 17-19, 2010. There could be another press event before or after that date - Nikon has too many products to announce and I doubt they can do it all in one day. This is a list of what I think will be announced in the next two months prior to Photokina:

  • Nikon D3100 - the big question mark here is the sensor MP count. I believe it will be 10MP, but many readers think it should be more.
  • Nikon D90 replacement - the question mark here is the high ISO performance. I do not have an exact number, but the way it was described to me "same noise performance like the D700" could have different interpretations.
  • Lenses - the Joker here is the 18-200mm FX lens. This could be a 28-300mm FX lens and the f stop could be 4.5-5.6 instead of 3.5 -5.6.

- Nikkor AF-S 85mm f/1.4G N

- Nikkor 24-120 f/4 ED VR N

- Nikkor 18-200 f/3.5-5.6 ED VR (or 28-300mm)

- Nikkor 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6 ED VR DX

What I don't know:

  • Nikon D700 replacement - nobody has a clue about this one. Many speculations, nothing worth writing.
  • Also, no word on any Capture NX, teleconverters or flash updates.
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  • I’m just happy to have a site like this where I can imagine all the things I want Nikon to come out with even if they don’t. And if they do..well I can wait about 6 months for a new lens or body anyway. It’s just fun to talk about it!

    • Jesse Nash

      I like how really this site just operates as such. “new camera coming soon but I don’t know when” Anyway, I’m getting the D90 replacement when it comes around, I just want a practical video camera that can accept Nikon lenses.

      • This is exactly the point I was trying to make… I don’t know everything and the little I know could be wrong. The D3100 is probably coming between 17-19 of August, no idea about the D90 replacement. Let’s keep the discussion on the accuracy of NR after the products are announced, now it doesn’t make sense.

        • LGO

          Any word on the SB700?

          • As per post above – no.

            • LGO

              That is what NR said? I think not.

            • LGO

              OK … just saw the updated post:

              “Also, no word on any Capture NX, teleconverters or flash updates.”

          • The invisible Man

            SB900 is very bulky but it’s a great flash if you do reflected lightning, you get studio lights effects for $450 !
            Of course you will have to re-paint your ceilling in case it is not painted in white. (but who would have a colored ceilling ?).
            Too bad we cant’s post pictures here you’ll be very surprised by the results.

        • zzddrr

          NR Admin – the reasons are:

          1) You have no clue. (perhaps misleading info…)

          2) It always takes 2-4 months after a sony “intro” (remember maybe Nikon can design the best but not everyone can make it…)

          3) Point #2 makes it a bit logical. a) Wait for Sony announcements b) you will see exactly the same performance “+the Nikon touch”

          4) Look for “resources” of quality raw material >> This will explain many things in Japan and why you’ll not see some….

          5) OK, low f****n’ class at D3100 will be at 14MP (little hint, there is a well working sony sensor for that…. now, we can assume that Nikon is not on the quest of proving that less will do it.)

          6) Be logical, what comes next?

          7) Will come … all the arguments why I say that Nikon is 12MP disabled 🙂

          Hint for #7 = “japanese”
          Hint for above = “we do not hunt for home bunny”


          • gt


            that entire post made no sense whatsoever.
            [gt Accuracy rating: 100%]

          • Chris P

            I’ve finally cracked it! In real ife, or what passes for it, zzddrr is a politician or a top civil servant.

          • venancio

            rather than waiting for sony DSLR-A550 to go out of style and let Nikon use sony’s 14.2 mp sensor for the d3100, Nikon could just use the “legendary” 12 mp sensor for the d3100…

            • zzddrr

              venancio – it seems to me that you got it. Exactly that’s what Nikon will most likely do.
              1) Low class cameras >> use the 12MP
              2) D90 replacement >> use the new 14MP sony sensor

            • Worminator

              While past trends would suggest 12MP for the D3100, the model number itself (3000->3100) points instead to 10MP. The lower than “average” pixel density might be a tradeoff for better HD video or high ISO performance.

              14MP for the D90 seems a little premature as historically the Dxx bodies always got a given sensor a few months after the Dxxx bodies did.

              Nikon may release what amounts to the D3000s and D90s, i.e. run the largely video-specific refresh down through the whole model line first before starting again at the top with the D4.

              Taken in that light 10MP and 12MP seems *reasonable*.

    • I completely agree with you. It’s just fun and maybe useful for decisions that will be made in the nearer future.
      Everybody should keep in mind that after official announcement it can takes month until the lens is finally in stock somewhere. And then you still would have to wait unless you don’t want to be official tester for Nikon. You should alwasy wait until the first bunch of lenses are sold and tested. Just look at the AF problem of the 24mm. The chance of a bad copy will also be the highest in the first few months when mass production just started.

      • I agree…but I just ordered the 24 mm so I would rather not hear the bad news yet.haha

        It’s true though being first in live usually means you pay more, lose more to resell it and may have issues with it. Great point!

        • Don’t worry. I was one of the first users of the 24mm here in Switzerland and my copy works perfect. Supersharp and great AF performance 🙂

          • I don’t think I have ever been as excited as I am to use it. I bought the d3s this year so I can only imagine how happy I’ll be to shoot with available light during a wedding!

          • I picked up mine here in Japan on Day One as well. No problems.

        • SimonC

          You can rest easy about the 24 1.4G. From several reports, the latest batch has been so far free of the AF issues that have plagued the first batch.

          • That’s good to know…I have been going through buyers remorse enough already, and I haven’t even touched it!haha

            • No!! No remorse! You’ll be *more* than pleased 🙂

        • LGO

          There are quite a number of respected Nikon shooters/writers who think that the 24mm f/1.4 AF issue was blown out of proportion. I have looked at the stories and agree with them. My 24mm f/1.4 has just shipped.

          • Mine seems to work just fine. Not to say that others didn’t have issues, though.

            • LGO

              Sounds promising! 😀

      • Harry Couvert

        Bought mine as soon it was available in Holland
        Very bad copy, returned it and still waiting for replacement
        For 2,5 months now. Nikon NL said there was nothing wrong with it
        and that a lens always seeks focus outside the focus area…(!)
        My dealer accepted (and saw) the complaints and is dealing with it better than Nikon NL. But… the waiting… the waiting…

        • 2,5 months…arrgh….I really feel for you. was it back focusing, was it slow, what was it?

          • Harry Couvert

            It was the well known focus problem.
            After I wrote that I checked with my dealer again
            and they finally had a new batch, so Im looking at a new one right now. Test shots looking good so far, but have done no real ‘heavy’ tests yet. But…finally…finally..

    • thanks!

    • I’m the same way. There’s nothing right now that I need (other than upgrading the user). It’s just fun to see what directions Nikon’s wheels are turning.

  • Kevin

    no word on sb-600 replacement yet..

    • There is a good chance the SB-600 will the very last flash made by Nikon supporting my beloved F-100

  • Jian

    I look forward to the possible D90 replacement.
    Nevertheless, nothing is certain until I see it at Photokina. People shouldn’t be too serious about these rumors.

  • Also, no recent info on 80-400 update.

    • Alfredo

      or the 300mm F4 AFS VR

  • Magnuss

    Nikon please give Capture NX update! I`am on pain using it ;(

    • Andy

      Capture NX is a re-brand of Nik Software’s Just buy the original as it’s updated more frequently.

      • nikkor_2

        Only Capture NX contains Nikon’s RAW render engine; it is a reason some choose to use the program.

        Viveza is a CS plug-in and lacks such engine; it’s great software, no doubt; but, it’s contains no ‘equal’ to the RAW render engine in CNX.

      • Bob the Builder

        Capture NX 2 is not just copy of Viveza. It has a NEF converter that takes the camera setting from the NEF file. It is the only Raw converter that does this correctly. Also it has a number of global adjustments, including LCH, Unsharpen and Noise Reduction. These can be used selectively using Color Control Points

    • Bob the Builder

      I know Nik are working on a new version of Capture NX. They told me the the current NX2 version has the oldest code they currently support and it will be replaced soon.

      • nikkor_2

        “…it will be replaced soon.”

        I will be very, very interested in this update; I hope you are correct here!

        • Same here. I am very pleased with the results CNX2 produces, but I do miss the following: watermarking, clone tool, and the possibility to use the Develop part multiple times on the same image (something like having layers in the Develop section) and with control points.

  • Sven

    Hmm , when will the D90 replacement be anounced ?
    Before Photokina or after ?
    If they do it before , then what would be the “big suprise” at Photokina ?
    If the do it on PK , then it must be having some big changes .( i think 😉 )
    And what about those rumored specs , its like the would kill the D300s replacement with those specs ? Or the D400 would be even bigger …

  • camaman

    D3100 and 10MP would be a huge mistake IMO
    Only reason for that is to steer more people into D90 successor direction.

    What consumer going from a 15x compact would go for a 10MP camera (you guys know that’s how most think and are partially right IMO)

  • Tim

    I believe the 10 MP. Some people know that MP does not equal image quality, simply image size. Sure if you print super big, or super DPI (let say fancy magazines) u need MP (but than you probably need a hasselblad). But for internet/holiday/facebook/everyday pictures, most people will take ISO and color depth over MP. Well i would.

    • Jay

      I think more and more consumers are getting clued into the megapixel myth like we all did with the megahertz/gigahertz myth back in the 1990s. Cell phone manufacturers have been breaking their necks trying to cram more and more mps into their cameras and people are starting to catch on that megapixels do not = great photos. You could cram 24 megapixels into an iPhone or Droid and you’ll end up with a hi-res file that looks like junk.

      • enesunkie

        Yea, but there were some real benefits with the increase in MHz in comuters in the 90s and in general a 400 MHz machine WAS faster than a 100 MHz one. What is tough now is that we seem to be “stuck” at the 2 to 3 GHz speed, but with hyper-threading, dual core, quad core, it’s become much more dificult to compare products by just looking at a few numbers. At some point, the camera manufacturers will reach a limit for MP on sensors, but, they will just come up with some other feature that we just HAVE to have. (ie 1080 vs 720)

    • Bob Howland

      The problem with your logic is that the likely customers for the D3100 are probably not going to be knowledgeable about the subtle relationships between sensor size, number of pixels, resolution, high ISO noise and dynamic range. Instead its likely buyers are probably going to be the really ignorant buyers that I constantly see at the local Best Buy and Wal-Mart. For these people, the number of pixels is something that they can easily understand.

      • PHB

        So they convince themselves to spring the extra $200 for the D5100 and the flip out screen.

      • preston

        Keep in mind the G11 is still selling well after going down to 10MP at nearly the same price point that the D3000 is at ($500 to $550). I remember when the top of the line compacts were 5MP for $500 and people still said they were good enough to replace their 35mm film camera (when convenience of digital comes into play at least).

  • S

    This 16mp camera coming in August 2010 is a Nikon D90 replacement. The D400 will be announced along with the D4 at the very end of July 2011. DX is not dead, the D400 sensor will exhibit iso 12800 and will be 18 mp with 13 stops of dynamic range and will have a similar SN ratio as a d300 S + 200,000 shutter life actuation.

    • enesunkie

      So, Nikon is going to have a 10 MP (D3100),12MP (D5000), 16MP (D7000) AND a 18MP (D400) DX sensor in their lineup? I don’t think so.

      • Denko

        Not to mention the D3x sensor and the EVIL sensor.

      • PHB

        Makes sense to me. The 12MP sensor for the D5100 will be the D300s sensor. The D3100 and D7000 will both be expected to sell a million copies over their production life. The cost of a new mask set is not a major issue.

        The fact that the D300s was launched without and the D700 has still not had the magic that gives the D3s such high ISO performance suggests to me that there is a major production difference and that is currently impacting yield. That should be fixed by the time the D4/D400 launch.

        10MP is a major break point on the resolution curve. It is the point where digital equals the best 35mm film. It allows an 8×10 print using the full 350 dpi of standard commercial printers. I would expect Nikon to offer a DSLR at that point for quite some time.

        During the D3/D300 cycle, Nikon was still filling out the lineup. They had difficulty going above 12MP. Reusing the D300 sensor in the D90 and D5000 was a necessity. But from a marketing perspective it makes much more sense to differentiate the cameras by sensor size.

        The real issue is not so much the resolution as the point where the high ISO technology is deployed. The specs suggest that it is used on the D90 replacement which in turn means that a D700s is likely as soon as the D90 Xmas stocks are built up.

        • iPEED

          A 10mp CMOS sensor is exactly what I want. Its plenty . I have a 6mp Fuji S5 and its enough. A 10MP CMOS will have superior low light and noise capability just like the D40/D50 had. I bet it will become the 2nd best low light camera in the range after the D700. Bring it on.

        • Where’s my…

          Velvia 50 and Ektar 100 in 35mm format resolve details beyond 20 MP. So it would be unfair to say that 10MP equals best film, better say replaces in most practical applications which it does.

  • Nikon Boy

    no word about AF-S 300mm F4 VR?
    no word about SB 600 replacement?
    no word about 80-400 replacement?

  • venancio

    good work, admin, since this site is for people to say “what?!” and throw in their couple of cents” worth of rebuttal but delivered in a higher $ exchange rate… and for those who argue that higher MP may kind of affect the ISO quality, let’s just imagine that Nikon has found a way to match Hass-Mamiya pixels with quality iso, MF scaled down to FF/DX… and that everyone is affected figuratively and lterally on the Nikon-Canon impasse of who will blink first and give the first major announcement, as if announcing first will degrade a product’s positioning and marketability…

  • Anjz

    Love the site. Get your point.

  • Dweeb

    Absolutely nothing I’m interested in or have been waiting years for. Nikon listen to their customers? I think not.

    Admin: never think the site is not appreciated. Especially by people like me that get up every morning to vent about Nikon. 😉

    • thanks, I was just concerned because some readers were talking about selling their cameras before the announcement, others were asking me whether they should sell their camera…

      • Discontinued

        apparently you’ve a lot of reasons to be concerned:

        cameras are sold and worse, even wedding plans are made according to predicted release dates, then husbands are getting up in the middle of the night (like T.I.M.), lying to their wives just to visit NR.

        This is a lot of responsibility and it seems you can’t handle it very well. Show some mercy and shut this place down.

      • Zupi

        I sold my Nikon D300s two weeks ago for the same price that I bought it half a year ago, do not fell any regrets, belive me 🙂

    • The invisible Man

      Think about me !
      Every day in the middle of the night (does that make sens ?)
      I tell my wife “I have to go pee”, actually I go check the lastest news on Nikon Rumors !
      Well, to be honest sometimes I do go pee 😮

      • LOL. T.I.M. wins!

        • LGO

          😀 😀 😀

      • nikkor_2

        In the category “best ‘true-to-life’ post”, TIM wins!

  • The invisible Man

    This website is about cameras, things made to take pictures with.
    Let’s be a little less serious about it, I like this website because It’ fun, entertaining and also help us making better choices in what we buy, saving us money.
    If I was still full time photographer I would not have much time to spend reading, joking and commenting on NR.
    I see to much anger here, nobody know all about photography (especially me) but I like to share what I know and learn from others.
    So let’s stay cool, NR is FREE, Peter works hard and spend time to keep the website interresting.

    • Alfredo


    • preston

      @the invisible Man
      please stop being a gushy-mush and go back to elementary school!!!

      just kidding, i like your sense of humor (even if you don’t like mine) 🙂 and your contributions in the rumor department (i’d love to see what nikon could do with a 3-sensor cam!).

  • enesunkie

    Hey admin, just went to the “other” rumors site to see if they had anything on the 60D. Just wondering if Nikon is holding there cards for the D7000 till Canon shows theirs. Could there be 3 differently speced D7000s on some Nikon execs desk waitng for Canon to make there move?
    Oh, and I really do hope that the boys(and girls) here will play nice and show them Canon types that they really are the Dark Side! It would be a shame if you also had to change the format of this forum. I do this for fun and am serious about improving my photography, but some people take this stuff WAYYY too serious and personal.

    • enesunkie

      Oops, I should also get serious about improving my spelling!

    • Roger

      60D = 7D

  • Merv

    Great job, keep up the good work

    Though I don’t understand the idea of prematurely selling a camera or other gear-it’ll take at least a few weeks for this stuff to get to store shelves

    I am also not sure how quickly NEF file support will be available with their new dSLRs

    • “I am also not sure how quickly NEF file support will be available with their new dSLRs”

      Excellent point! This isn’t something that the customers should have to be careful of! This is a massive failure on Nikon’s part in getting their product ready for launch.

      It’s like buying a car and finding out that it takes a special gas that no one sells. Hey, nice car! Too bad you can’t drive it other than in an out of your driveway!

    • Something I am massively wary of too. There’s no point in owning a £600 piece of software like CS5 when the new D90 is released because there is a high chance the Adobe RAW interface won’t recognise the RAW file. This means that suddenly you may be limited to shooting JPEG which for me is a big no. I won’t be buying any new body until RAW support for the camera is achieved fully in Photoshop…

  • Denko

    Something is bothering me with that alleged 16MP… it does not feel right at all. Obviously it is not the SONY sensor… Nikon should be able to do a DX sensor @ 22MP ISO 100-6400 with only slight problems (yield) with their technology they have today… assuming a standard sensor approach (beyer.) Maybe EXPeed II is not ready yet so they have to scale it down a notch? But it works in D3x… 16MP is too low… 18 MP would make more sense.

    I am starting to think that the D90 replacement will end up with a 12 MP sensor in any case 😉

    • The invisible Man

      Where have you been ?
      Of course the D90 replacement will have a 12mp sensor !
      The 12MP sensor is Nikon’s trademark ! 😮

      • I heard the new 18-200 FX lens has a 12MP sensor in it, too. You can take that one to the bank!

  • Nikon Admin: For the record you are doing an awesome job.

  • Zak Sherwood

    D90 replacement… crossing fingers they include focus micro-adjust. It’s the one feature the D90 lacks that stopped me from buying one as a backup to my D300! One of the best ‘must have once you have it’ features to be added to cameras.

    • LGO

      And that is why it will never be in a D90-replacement as Nikon wants you to buy the higher model! 🙂 I agree with you though that this is a very useful (but not well known) feature that differentiates the higher model bodies from the D90.

    • preston

      i don’t know how i missed that when deciding on the d90 over the d300. the focus points didn’t bother me, the weather sealing and metal shell weren’t needed for me, but the focus micro adjust may have pushed me to go for the d300 instead!

      • The invisible Man

        I don’t have problems with focus accuracy on my D90 (except for my 24-70mm AF-S, but in that case even the D300 would not have fix the problem).
        You can obtain the same results with the D90 versus the D300.

        Can you wait september and see what we will get for photokina ?
        If Nikon release a new D90 you may get more pixels, or you could get the old D90 for cheap.

        If you have FX lenses, borrow a FX body and try it, you will se a big difference in quality that may you switch FX format.

        • nikkor_2

          “If you have FX lenses, borrow a FX body and try it, you will se a big difference in quality …”

          +1 And how!

          • The invisible Man

            I meant : “If you have FX lenses, borrow a FX body and try it, you will se a big difference in quality …”
            I don’t think anyone would have DX lenses with a FX body !

  • psychophoto

    speaks to something different, right? Perhaps the D90R will sit between these levels…

  • Gary

    First, I agree that the NR admin does a great job. No one has to read this blog if they do not like it, nor does the NR admin charge to access the content.

    Second, Michel Lammerse is a usually reliable source who frequently posts on dpreview. He had this to write:
    “About August I know a little bit what is coming. Me was promised I will be as surprised as when the D3 was introduced, so lets hope so!”

    Again, Michel hasn’t been perfect but he has been pretty good in knowing what’s coming.

    • Being as surprised as when the D3 came out… that’s a pretty bold claim. There’s nothing I need, but it’s still cool to see new toys come out 😀

    • D400FX

      That would be the D400 (FX)

    • Roger

      Michel knows stuff, but he’s careful not to give anything away.

      Being “as surprised as when D3 was introduced” can mean anything. I think Nikon will come out with some mirrorless camera with piss poor autofocus and horrendous electronic finder (but all mirrorless cameras are like that anyway, which is why I’ll always buy SLRs). I think they’re just introducing a new type camera, that’s all.

  • Enis Envy

    People still going crazy about mega-pixels I can understand. My GF is perfectly happy with 6.5 MP – but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind 7 or 8.

    D90 replacements are for losers – where is the D700 replacement??

  • Iceman

    Wife to me…you’re not a photographer you’re a gadget geek.
    Me back…but look at all the beautiful pictures.
    Wife…how did you get that pic?
    Me…well, in Aperture priority with fast glass wide open I spot metered…blah, blah, blah.
    Yup, I know way too much about the equiptment. That’s why I love this site.

    • preston

      i’ve found the key is to say the one key thing that really allowed you to make the picture unique. if you ring it off all at once then it comes across as how you put it “blah, blah, blah”. repeat the one term approach many times and then slowly the terms become familiar (and connected visually to a result) to the girlfriend and soon she’s as interested in photography as you! now she likes to act like she’s a photographer since she can talk the talk. (i’ve heard her say to a friend “you must’ve used a polarizer to get that color saturation in the sky” even though she’s never even used a polarizer before!)

      • preston

        oops, I meant wife in your case. I was not suggesting she was going to divorce you over this 😉

  • Chris P

    Admin, you do a brilliant job in being the ‘first with the latest’. The fact that some vistors/posters cannot tell the difference between rumour and hard fact is really not your problem, just keep on doing what you do.

  • pethunia

    @NR-Admin: thanks for the ReCap!
    ..Now I can go on holidays without checking NR every day..
    Or can I?
    How will I know when ‘it has begun’ (..the still enterteining but not generally appreciated running gag here)?

  • SNRatio

    Admin: Keep up the good work! And you could perhaps be even more careful in assigning probabilities, because then you could achieve an even better track record.

    And, looking back, we should perhaps expect the unexpected from Nikon. People didn’t expect the D200, they didn’t expect the performance of the D3 sensor, they didn’t expect the specs/price of the D300, they didn’t expect video in the D90, they didn’t expect the performance of the D3s sensor..

    Extrapolating from the past doesn’t give us much clue, but looking at the competition explains most. Like the somewhat premature video in the D90: Nikon probably knew or had to expect Canon would have it in the imminent 5D successor. Or the D3s performance: Canon came rather close to matching D3 performance in the 1DIV.

    Right now, there are three important premises: The diverse offerings competing with entry-level DSLRs, making it necessary to produce a realy good tool. The broad success of 7D, effectively blocking a “D400” at a higher price point. The enthusiast entusiasm for the 5DII, blocking both a D700s as sole competitor and more expensive enthusiast offerings. Nikon will probably release a D700s, but not as the answer to 5DII, and for the same reason D700X was made impossible. Not as a pro high MP/small body offering, which probably will materialize, but as Nikon’s enthusiast alternative.

    Is it a fair guess that Nikon might try to answer to all three?

    • Richard

      Indeed, NIkon must determine just how they are going to compete with Canon et al when the products and price points have been redefined. The earlier discussion in which Thom Hogan commented illustrates the point. Nikon must put out a product that, presumably, ups the ante for the competition at a given price point and must introduce new ones to deal with the competition’s products which have created new feature/price points. I hope Nikon have a bunch of new products to release soon.

  • Rob

    D91 with a 12MP is an interesting idea I hadn’t considered. If they can tweak it for more Hi ISO as per D3X then it would sell. Is that the future of camera tech? Make a sensor then spend the next five years + working out how to get the best out of it. MP is not an issue for this end of the market. People looking at buying their first DSLR know features make up the “value” of the camera not megapixs. Weather sealing, metal bodies, 1080p video and low light shooting that keeps up with the pros.

  • le_eiji

    >but the way it was described to me “same noise performance like the D700″ could have different interpretations.

    that’s what I thought. I rather think D90x has the the same noise performance at its base ISO (ISO200) like the D700 at ISO800. That makes sense, because currently, D90 at its base ISO is as noisy as D700 at ISO1000.

    • Rob

      Any improvement would be would be good. It doesn’t have to beat a FX camera.

  • Click

    Lately the majority of rumors have been concerning the D90 replacement & lens announcements. Does anyone have any thoughts as too why Nikon keeps pushing the D700 with rebates that have been continually extended? Also has anyone heard when the rebates do end, or are they going to be possibly extended again? It seems odd too me that they are trying to reduce D700 inventory with no “Rumored FX Replacement”.

    • Richard

      Only Nikon know what their inventory may be. It could be that the inventory, based on current sales, will not be anywhere near depleted before the planned introduction of its replacement. I know the idea of NIkon having excess inventory seems odd with the continual reports of various models being out of stock temporarily, but it could be that the 5D MKII has hurt the expected D700 sales more than we know.

  • JorPet

    Let’s see, the site name is Nikon RUMORS. Since when does anyone equate rumors with facts? If they do, they get what they deserve.

    I love this site. I found it while looking to see if the D700 would be replaced when I wanted to buy one back in March. I found lots of good information and finally came to the decision that:
    1) The D700 replacement was not imminent and
    2) If it was released it would likely be at least $1,000 more than the current D700

    So I bought the D700 and a 24-70 lens. This site helped me save $300 on the combo since I was alerted to the “kit” version that did not pop up otherwise on B and H. I have enjoyed the D700 every single day I have owned it.

    So no complaints from me. Now I just come here every day to see what interesting things may be coming down the pike and to listen to the whining, I love the whining.

  • The invisible Man

    Looking at Nikon’s last years releases we should get a D4, D400, or a cheap D700 (D650 ?) before anything else.
    I can’t wait for photokina.

  • randyravener

    IMO, the thing about the D90 replacement having “the same noise performance as the D700” should actually be interpreted that it could be using the same ‘noise algorithm’ as the current D700.

    performance wise you definitely won’t be able to get the same as the D700, especially since the replacement is a crop sensor and also there will be an increase in MP count. but there should be some major improvement in noise performance.

    • The invisible Man

      I hope that there will be major improvements in noise for the new D90.
      I do alot a birds and wilde animals pictures, the noise level is a real problem, I have to put tick tape all around the camera to get the noise down and keep it quiet.
      I miss my Leica M6 !

  • Henry Nikon Fan

    So for $300.00 for a DX 55mm to 300mm would it have a metal mount and a distance scale?

  • livefree

    Just wait and see what will happen.

  • Is Nikon doing releases at their own pace because they don’t care about the competition?
    My photography friend is like nagging for months that Nikon really should buck up and bring on the new stuff NOW. At least that is what he keep on grumbling about.

    So, I wonder, is Nikon not afraid of people getting fed up of waiting?

  • Nikon’s use of 12 MP is losing camera sales. That is fact. I have seen the latest statistics and also have seen the cameras (both Nikon and Canon) and the results from the field. I have seen results from say Nikon D300s and D700 that prove to me MP is a very misleading and very misunderstood measure. Yet MP is often one of the single most looked at attributes for purchase. I would not personally use MP to decide what camera i would use. I sold my Hasselblads after careful comparisons with Nikons in the field under my photo use conditions. I also got out of film photography the same way and switched to digital. I do not look back to the film years with much regret save a 12’x18′ projected Kodachrome of Fujichrome slide with good projection gear was a thing of beauty and commercially viable at one time. But that was then and this is now. MP to me do not mean the right camera for me. To the rank and file consumer…..MP measure can make or break a sale. Credit to Nikon Rumors for those of us who like to research equipment. It gives US information that maybe we cannot personally research. Good example: I do not have access to the Nikon D3x. I have tried the D3s. It is nice to know from careful photographers what they have found. From what I have read, I am pretty sure I would love and use the D3x and due to price and weight in the field…..would NOT own that model.

  • I think a D4 may be coming. Its something many (but not all) are expecting and will be a “surprise.”

    • LGO

      D4 = 2011 yet.

  • EmperorAnt

    Sorry I am new to this.. (even to the whole Photography scene)
    but I am kinda interested in getting the d90 (old or replacement).
    when they announce the d90 replacement. how long roughly would it take for it to
    appear in the shops?

    • My guess would be 3-4 weeks (roughly end of August).

      Don’t quote me on that.
      Don’t sell your children or mortgage your house on that.
      Don’t bet in Vegas on that.

  • Anonymous

    Admin, You are quite often dealing with a pretty tough crowd. I would like to compliment you on maintaining a very good attitude towards this blog and its members. I am a patient guy but I would have told a few people off by now. lol

    Good job and keep it up

  • FakeKenRockwell

    i really enjoy this site and would suggest going with a non-numerical system. Numbers suggest degree of certitude but that may just be one factor quality of the rumor. Perhaps a ‘grade’ system, with clear rubrics:

    A – comes from a reliable source or sources; independently confirmed, fits historical patterns; makes logical sense
    B – comes from somewhat reliable source, questionable in light of Nikon history but plausible, etc
    C – Hit or miss, we’ve heard it before etc, but still noteworthy
    D – outlier, but heh, we’ve been wrong before
    F – I’ll eat my hat if this happens

    • The problem with this rating is that it is not intuitive – visitors will have to read the grade scale in order to understand the rating – I think % is much better, everybody get’s the idea right away. I always get confused when I see this type of rating on some other websites (maybe is just me).

      • FakeKenRockwell

        what are you rating? What does 90% mean?

        • when someone tells you 90% probability, do you need an explanation what it means?

          • FakeKenRockwell

            why not 95% or 85% or 91%?

            • I agree, tell you the truth I like how CR does it 😉

  • P

    Upgrade! I wait for the next gen. And Im ready to wait a long time.
    A merge with the 400 and 700 and that nikon officially says that there is only one model in the semi-pro x00 series would be great. And I will
    anything 1.4 VR. But sure not a 85 1.4 without VR.

  • Thank you all for your support!

  • Just spent time with the Canon T2i that is very popular. I looked at tons of video from them. My conclusion and advice to many Nikon followers is I am waiting for the Nikon D90 replacement and the Nikon D700 replacement. I have just been shown “results”that proved the Canon T2i compares very well with the Nikon D700 for stills and has great video. Well to my eyes and brain at 66 years old…….I’d buy a D700 and a good Nikkor lens. There are a lot of reviews out there and a lot of opinions, but I do know quality. This all has made me say I will wait for the new Nikons. Video now is important in a new Canon or Nikon for sales. But my money is on Nikon.

  • Say you couldn’t wait for the d90 replacement…
    what would be the best camera to get?
    that does video recording too..
    (Would like other options that just d90.)

  • Inst

    I’m expecting the D90s or whatever the replacement is designated as to have 1-stop inherent noise advantage over the current D90s and 1-stop noise-reduction advantage to make it perform similarly in noise to the D700.

    All considered, I’m more annoyed that your brothers at Canon don’t seem to be preparing a successor to the 50D or 60D; from what’s known, the 1D4 has about the same ISO technology (not performance) as the D3s, with about a third of a stop difference in SnR after sensor size is considered, so they should easily be able to produce a competitor to the D90s when it comes out.

  • Pd

    Hi from Bulgaria.

    The rumors is great but d90 replacement have no sense.
    I will be happy if d90 replacement is that but for me is hard to belive.
    Cause this will be stronger competition for d300s.

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