Nikon D90 slowly fading away

  • Nikon D90 was removed from the employee purchase plan for Best Buy employees as of July 21st, 2010.

The D90 kit is still available.

  • I got multiple reports that dealers (mainly outside US) cannot order any D90 cameras from Nikon (and in some cases, D700). Nikon D90 must be running really low on stock right now.
  • Target and BestBuy also don't have the D90 for sale online (they used to).
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  • Norgate


    • Means nothing – there’s loads on Amazon in the UK. Not even sure why these ‘stock check’ posts continue to appear – the mean precisely zero.

      I can show you plenty of retailers that don’t have the D3s. Whoopee doo.

      • twoomy

        Read the whole post, Mr. “Whoopee doo”. There are many other signs that the D90 is becoming history. It’s not just that BestBuy forgot to order enough.

        • choob

          This is because of the switch to selling the D90 with th 18-55 instead of the 105 and no more body only sales either I think. Not because of a replacement.

  • Doah!

  • preston

    for a best-seller, that’s got to be a sign. for the D700, which is more of a niche (non-amateurs), it could be a fluke.

    • Anonymous

      I think it just means the production lines are busy churning out something else right now; D3100 / D91 perhaps ? When those batches are done, they’ll re-tool or whatever and do a D700 run.

      • The invisible Man

        D91 ?
        Why not D911 (in case of emergency !)

        • Remco Jan

          My first thought on 911 was Porsche 🙂

          (but I’m from the Netherlands were the emergency number is 112)

          • The invisible Man

            I whent in your country many years ago, is it still flat everywhere ?

            • Jay

              No giant mountains have popped up everywhere, come climb the 21000 ft Mount Amstelveen.

          • The invisible Man

            Cool ! Ski in winter ?

      • Close, but no banana. D90 and the lower end cams are made in Thailand.

        D700 is made in Sendai, Japan.

        With the D3s shortage, one has to wonder about Sendai’s production abilities. Is it a single line that is changed according to what’s being built? (ie- D3s *or* D3x *or* D700) or does it have dual line abilities? D3s on one line, D700 or D3x on another?

        If it’s a single line, did Nikon underestimate the D3s market, but still have to put off D3s bodies since they were ramping up for a D700 upgrade? One could see that there is a possibility of that being the case if they are production constrained *and* attempting to launch a new/upgraded product.

        Just speculation, but regardless, I highly doubt the D91/D3100 have anything to do with the FX supply issues.

        • Soc#PL

          and what about D300s- its made in Japan too. 😉

  • MK

    why can’t i buy the nikon evil? no matter which site i go to, in whatever country i choose it seems like they are all out of stock. nikon loves gouging their customers 🙁

    • gt

      the nikon evil hasn’t been released in any country genius

      • you clearly missed the tongue-in-cheek nature of the post.

        • gt

          given the number of ludicrous complaints on this board from people who actually mean it – it’s become pretty difficult to detect sarcasm

          • CaptObvious

            Erm, not really =p

            • twoomy

              ehhmmm… maybe gt was being sarcastic. looks like you missed it. ha ha!

      • Anonymous

        It won’t be Nikon EVIL, it will be Nikon MILD (mirrorless interchangeable lens digital). And it won’t have an F-mount so it will PANSIES (procrastinating af noisy sensor, idiosyncratic & expensive system).

        • Discontinued

          I like the “MILD” acronym. It is actually more on the spot than the “EVIL” one, as not every NON-SLR-IL has an EV.

          We should keep that and spread it all over the world.

          • Michael

            i like MILF:)

            • Greenwood_Geoff

              LOL @ Michael

    • rg

      new model of evil must be around the corner.

      • John

        Or another corner is around the corner.

        • Makoto Kimura

          DAMN U JOHN for incepting me! our world is just corners. there is no MILD just an evil nikon overlord, laughing..

    • Greenwood_Geoff

      because it is a silly camera and they really dont want to get into that market ? ;- P

  • jason lyseight

    I cant wait for my first DSLR the D90 replacement, i am learning as much as i can while i wait ( lots to learn)

    • zach

      haha, i’m right with you buddy! It all depends on which company makes a better camera, canon 60d or nikon D90 replacement.

      • Stephen

        I’m in the same boat as you guys. I am waiting to buy my first DSLR and have been researching and learning as much as I possibly can. As long as it is priced right, I bet the D90 replacement is incredible. I don’t know if I would consider the 60d, but rather the T2i.

      • Jacobus

        we all have to see… But for sure if Canon releases Nikon will definitely fire back

      • I Am Nikon

        D300 user here, but I’m still waiting for the D90 or D300 replacement.

        Sadly, I can’t go FX this time yet.

        And there’s no way I’m going to Canon’s camp. I just love Nikon. Even though Canon’s lens lineup are great.

    • preston

      there were rumors of a D90 replacement in February (although not as concrete as now) but I took the chance and bought the D90 anyway. Great choice! Lots of fun with it in Yosemite since then and have Hawaii in October (probably won’t be able to purchase the D90 replacement by then)! I would highly recommend the same choice for those looking for a D700 replacement now – of course assuming you don’t want/need video.

      • Discontinued

        Many of the people waiting for the D700 replacement already have one or the other 12 MP, maybe even the D700 itself. So thanks for your assumption based recommendation, but no thanks in my case (as probably in many others).

        • Greenwood_Geoff

          I have the D90. Haolf my brain says FF is the way to go for low light, the other half says the extra reach on DX is better. I am unlikely to purchase a D700 at this point in its life.

          Now if they discount the D700 another $500.00 I may be tempted to buy it and be happy for a couple years or more.

  • nau

    re: d700 been out of stock… its getting really old… its been in and out for month now

    • I was talking about certain dealers not be able to order any D700.

      • nau

        yeh thats not the news as well… been happening for the last half a year here and there

        • Perhaps because they have to switch to D3s manufacturing at the Sendai plant, which creates a We-have-D3s-in-stock-but-no-D700s type situation (or the opposite).

      • fast man

        Admin, you are doing a good job with postings… dont listen to these whiney babies.

  • Bob

    i think D90 replacement will be announced in the Aug 100% for sure.
    But what i most expected is ‘cheap’ FX which is below $1500

    • Andy

      Do you mean that they’ll kill the D300? Because there’s certainly no room for both a D90 and a D300 at the same price point.

    • I’m not sure the expectation of a “cheap” FX camera is entirely realistic. From what I understand (maybe someone that knows more specifically can chime in) the FX sensors are quite a bit more to produce than the DX sensors, both because they can fit more DX sensors on a sheet, and also because there is a lower percentage of DX sensors that fall below the QC barrier.

      I’m not saying I wouldn’t welcome a D90 FX, especially if it performed like the D700, or better yet the D3s. But the likelihood is that this won’t happen for some time yet. Probably the biggest argument I can come up with is that consumers — the D90’s target market — don’t even know what the difference between FX and DX is, nor do they particularly care. Sure, they’ll see some benefits from better images in dark locations, but the majority of consumer shooters won’t even register those benefits. To them it’s a moot point, one that they’re not particularly interested in understanding, and therefore will reap few if any benefits from having that kind of sensor in their kit. And they may loathe losing the longer perceived focal length of the 1.5x crop to boot.

      • Geoff

        One instantly noticeable feature improvement is the beautiful view finder of a FX camera. A relative looked through my DX camera to take a picture and instantly said “whoaaaa”. They were blown away by the clarity of the view finder compared to their EVL camera. That alone made them want to upgrade ASAP to DX. May not be a big thing for the masses, but it is a feature that is instantly noticeable and can be appreciated.

        • But, as you point out, the DX viewfinder is “good enough”, especially on a D300s—a camera that is priced right in that ~$1,500 bracket. In fact, the DX viewfinders are great, at least on my D300s. Once again, why go best when good enough works for the masses.

          I don’t think there are many (if any) “average” consumers who are thinking, “Gee, I wish Nikon would make a D300s but only FX and still keep it priced at $1,500.” Of course, they already do, albeit it’s not $1,500, but $2,300—it’s the Nikon D700. But I digress. The only people wanting that type of camera is us, the photo nerds and pros who want a second or third camera, or second gen. VSLR options.

          • nobody

            Wouldn’t the 5DII have to be a huge failure for Canon, if your reasoning were correct? AFAIK, the opposite is the case, it’s a great success. So would be a Nikon competitor.

            • Oi

              the 5d2 was a great success because at the time (and maybe still now), the option was a 50D, which was crap – I mean the 40D was better for less. Also, Canon DX lenses are pretty crap too, and even ‘beginners’ would be pushed at looking at L lenses like the 24-105 as their 1st lens for their 450D’s!

              Many of these said why get DX, all the Canon DX’s are no good, may as well get FX and save the future upgrade.

              Now, with the 7D at least Canon has 1 camera with good AF, and at last there is an option above the 550D types.

            • Association is not necessarily an indication of causation. Also, can you point to where the 5dMkII was purchased en masse by the purely consumer market, or more pointedly where it was purchased by more consumers than was another “consumer-level” Canon DSLR? I admit I could be wrong, but I don’t buy it that most consumers were more apt to purchase the $2,800 5dMkII instead of the Rebel whatever-the-latest-model-was-at-the-time.

          • Geoff

            Why go best when good enough works? You’re right… Nikon should just stop improving their camera right now.
            From reading your other posts, you seem wiser than to make comment like that.

            • Look, I appreciate your sentiment that Nikon only do the best of the best. I agree—usually. My point is not that Nikon should cut corners, but that Nikon has fiscal limitations like any other company. Why offer a pro level feature (FX) to an amateur level segment (consumers) unless it’s desperately needed and being requested? This cheap FX talk is the sound of musings from a community of pipe dreamers. Of which I’m a proud member.

              Now, maybe I’m wrong, and a large majority of consumers really DO know the difference. Let’s say >75% are begging for this feature—in that case, Nikon would likely find value in adding an FX body to their consumer lineup; but my guess is that the numbers are closer to ~5% (being generous) of consumers actually EVEN KNOW what FX is, and even less care enough to want it.

              FX costs more money, period. Why would a company take a loss (or a significant hit on profits) just to add something that the vast majority of users won’t ever appreciate or find valuable? And certainly they can’t stay competitive by charging what it’s worth.

              Having said all that, there are two caveats I can think of. First, consumers really do know the difference, or will see the value of paying more once they use an FX body; and second, Nikon has gotten costs low enough on the FX chips to justify upping the sensor size for minimal increase in price. Both of those, however, I find highly unlikely. That’s why I say it’s fiscally more responsible for Nikon to stick to DX for those who don’t care, and offer higher-priced FX for those who do. Does that sound reasonable?

      • The invisible Man

        The “cheap” FX body could be named D550
        There is 300% chances that Nikon will annouce a “cheap” FX camera.

        • Ben

          I do think there is a big market of people who want a cheap FX, and I think a large segment of that is video folks. However, with Sony and Panasonic about to release “hybrid camcorders” with DSLR sensors for DOF, this market may shift its attention away from DSLR’s and back to camcorders. The new Sony NEX-VG10E will only be $2000 with an 18-200 lens (Ouch! That one just hurt the Red Scarlet – even if the Red is far superior). I think Nikon should team up with JVC and stick one of their sensors in a new camcorder…

  • Thanks admin, for a great site!

    • The invisible Man

      Yes, great job, very entertaining, and very usefull website (do I get a free post ?).
      Honestly, I like it (and I use it alot when I’m watching the kids !)

  • Kevin

    2nd generation of VSLR has begun?

    • Anonymous

      I hope it !

  • Denko

    Have been checking out my store all day and they had all DSLR offline and they are slowly repopulating things… notable is that there was 44 kits/bodies types for Nikon yesterday but only 14 today… not that it means anything… maybe some derelict admin did a “delete * from camera_table” and whoopsidaisy… I am hoping for a big shift but will be happy with a small quake too.

  • James Crosson

    I’m going on Honeymoon September 2nd. What would you do? Wait for D90 replacement or buy something else like the D90 or the D5000?

    • Wait as long as you comfortably can, taking into account any potential shipping problems and stock supplies, and pull the trigger on the best option available then. The D90 and D5000 are both great cameras, and neither those nor the new replacements will be a “bad” choice.

    • Segura

      Get something now so you have time to know how to use it. Are you comfortable spending time reading the manual and learning a new camera instead of spending time on your honeymoon?

      Or are you waiting for the updated video to do your wedding night in high-def 1080p? 😉

    • Anonymous

      Wait to buy smth new and rent a d90 for the trip

      • Bingo.

        And rent it *now.* Learn to use it before the trip, not during (if you don’t already have a DSLR, that is).

    • Anonymus

      Take any P+S Camera you have now!

      Your newlywed wife will expect that you focus on her! (Pun Intended)
      Any display of kit lust will not be appreciated.

      I wish you two all the best and a happy future.

      • the unbridled eye

        Agreed!! Plus you won’t have to worry as much about it getting stolen, lost or broken. And it will take up less space.

    • Oi

      buy D90 now, for cheap, learn to use it. You can’t buy a DSLR and learn it in a week.
      the new one will def. cost more too.

    • zeissgit

      get a quality compact 12MP+ – are the image sizes gonna be that different? something wicked comes this way anyway.. but in the shops in time for you dunno

    • Anon

      Get an D3s, you will need high iso for those pics in the night. you dont want flashes going off.

      • James Crosson

        Thank you all for your comments. I’m going to go to Costco and get either the D5000 or D90 today and start to learn to use it; hoping they come out with the new camera in August but removing the ‘need’ for it to happen.

        Funny thing is I’m reasonably certain that by the time I get back in late September whatever I’ve bought will be obsolete, a funny feeling but more emotional than practical in terms of meaning anything.

        Whether I pick the D90 or D5000 I am still debating and will debate right up until the point of purchase!

  • astrorami

    yeeahhh its great.. i like chicken

    • preston

      i take it by ‘chicken’ you mean an imminent release of new bodies and lenses. . 🙂

  • Gary

    At this point it seems there’s no doubt the D90 replacement is very close. The key is the specs. If the rumor posted on this site a few days ago regarding the specs is true, then this will be another revolutionary leap forward from Nikon. I also think it would generate huge sales.

  • andyh

    how exciting…but if the d90 replacement and the d700 replacement are going to be replaced at the same time, it’s amazing how tightly sealed nikon has kept the info on the d700 replacement.

  • nick94

    sooner announcement possible? I was waiting for the d90 replacement, but with my vacation coming up in the last week of august, I was thinking of getting the current version for the trip.

    Should I keep my d60 for the trip? Is the d90 replacement worth the wait?

    • gt

      how much disposable income do you have? also, do you already have nice glass?

    • Anonymous

      What’s wrong with your D60? Or are you just upgrading because something new is coming out…

      • nick94

        D60 was my first dslr and it is time for something new. I like video, that is why I want to wait.

        And to gt, I don’t have much to throw out there. I’m hoping to get a bit from selling my d60 and other stuff. So I should have about $1700 to spend on glass and body. No good glass right now, I think I will start with an 18-200 and 50mm 1.8

        • gt

          glass has a greater impact on your images than a camera body. If I were you, I’d use whatever money you have on glass for now. Later on, upgrade bodies. Wait for the D90 Replacement price to drop a bit even

          If you don’t already own the 35mm F1.8 DX and you are planning to shoot DX for a while…IMMEDIATELY buy this lens. It’s ridiculously cheap, modern, and excellent. You’ll be blown away.

          In terms of the 50mm F1.8 – this is no doubt a good lens. However, I personally own the 50mm and the 85mm – and I’ve found that after I bought the 85mm lens, I RARELY if ever use the 50mm on my DX body. I’d recommend the 85mm F1.8 over the 50.

          A combo of the 35 + 85 will serve your photography better than the 18-200 and the 50 IMO. The 18-200 has versatility but it is a pretty slow lens, and the barrel distortion can be annoying. I sold it after about a month.

          • nick94

            I might look into the 35, but I think I need a zoom. What do you recommend? As much as I would love to have a bunch of fixed lenses, I don’t think that is in the picture for me right now. I just have the 18-55 and the 55-200 now.

            • Ben

              Wow, you are going to get a bunch of opinions here and since this is a nikon forum everyone will say to stick with nikon. But the Sigma 17-70 2.8-4 OS HSM and the Sigma 50-150 2.8 HSM II is a tough combo to beat in covering all of the necessary lengths. Nothing beats primes, but you may not want to switch all of the time…

              Another option would be the 18-55 kit lense and the 70-300 VR II. Those 70-300’s are a blast!

            • gt

              I stand by my opinion that a 35mm F1.8 DX will have the biggest impact on your photography. the 85mm will have the second most impact on your photography. I know it seems like having primes is limiting, but the sheer quality of your shots and the lessons you’ll learn about composition because of your prime lens are invaluable. Above all, I recommend getting these two lenses. If nothing else, get the 35mm for the love of god.

              That being said –
              If I wanted to go with zooms and money was no object, you can not beat the Nikon 24-70mm F2.8 + 70-200mm F2.8 VR. That’s $3000 of glass though.

              If you want to do it on a budget:
              Sigma 18-50mm F2.8
              Sigma 50-150mm F2.8

  • Anonymous

    “I’m going on Honeymoon September 2nd. What would you do? Wait for D90 replacement or buy something else like the D90 or the D5000?”

    I’d buy a point and shoot, Viagra and a case of good wine.

    • Anonymous

      Lol word!

  • Raza

    CANT WAIT!!!!

  • Raza


  • Gordon

    i don’t care what they call it as long as it is ~24 mp, and <$4000, and comes out soon! i don't want to buy a Canon D5II as I have a lot of money invested in Nikon lenses, but I will have to if Nikon does not match Canon soon. I take mostly landscape pictures on a tripod. BTW, I have a D5000 now and it works just fine, if only it had double the resolution so that blades of grass, sand, and fine tree branches at a distance would not show up as mush.

    • You should sell your gear ASAP and go all Canon — Nikon’s cameras really suck compared to the current crop of Canon cams.

      Just look at the images between the two brands. It’s obvious. Hands down Canon is the clear winner. 5DMkII just kills the Nikon D40, D50, D60, and D70. It’s better than the D700 because it has more megapixels, and megapixels is all that matters. It even smokes the Coolpix line. And it’s better than the D3x because it isn’t so bloated with way too many megapixels, which can make any camera suck (like the D3x). And the camera is noisier than all those I just listed, so it makes it more “filmic”, in a digital sort of way.

      Definitely go Canon. It’s for sure the smartest move you could make right now or in the future. Better go now and not wait for another camera from Nikon that is just obviously going to be a load of crap.

      • Ihsan

        em the D40,D50,D60 and D70 isn’t even in the same level as the 5D Mark II. not even comparable! I agree that the 5D Mark II has more features than the D700, but the D700 performs better. The many autofocus problems I’ve heard about the 5D Mark II is just laughable. the D700 really delivers with the 51AF points. the D3x goes head to head with the 1Dmark3. for me, the only good thing about the 5Dmark2 is the excellent video. and if you want to risk losing a lot of money selling used Nikon gear, you’ll be sorry. I wouldn’t do that. the D3x is sublime from what I’ve heard, no reason for you to switch to Canon in my point of view, unless you’re really rich !

      • Makoto Kimura

        dont you DARE insult coolpix. ashton kutcher is going to come at you like a spider monkey and steal your soul with the coolpix S1000PJ.

        its not just a projector, a paper weight, a camera, and a toaster but it also steal souls!

        • Haha! I have no soul! Ashton Kutcher cannot hurt me!

    • LGO

      I think you need to get a Lens Align System … and a body with a micro AF adjustment with mirror lock to go with that. I have gotten better results with my D300’s 12mp than a buddy’s 7D 18mp on landscape shots. It’s not simply megapixel … it is also whether your lens and body are properly matched, and also technique … hence tripod and mirror-lock shooting.

      • “It’s not simply megapixel”


  • Offcamber

    If only the d90 replacement could be weather sealed! Perhaps a Nikon marketing genius will read my post and decide a re-redesign is in order.

    • preston

      that would be nice, but this point nobody would welcome a 6 month delay on the release. .

      • Offcamber

        Engineering Dept would quote 6 months but Sales/Marketing would promise 2.

  • James has a real cliff hanger going on here. An important photo op (honeymoon) and waiting for Nikon D90 replacement! I have owned Nikons from back in the film era and large format before that. The D90 current camera would quite frankly blow the doors off those former cameras some of which I still own as part of my history, but the view cameras are gone. The replacement for the D90 will be out so late compared to that September date that I would almost elect to get a D90. The biggest advance you will get will be slightly better stills (but not earth shaking improvement) and better video. Video on D90 to me is essential. I have shot video that many owners of movie cameras who do professional films have said “WOW!!” Other D90 video look frankly bad. I own 6 or 7 video cameras and I guess 7 DSLRs (all Nikon). If you have an upcoming important event YOU could be in a D90 shortage as they don’t want full shelves going into the replacement. That serves their marketing and sales needs, but NOT yours as a buyer. You should probably get it with the 18-105VR kit lens. Right now you don’t have Nikkor glass which would work great on the D90 or the replacement. Jason on this site is in a pretty good place, a point and shoot waiting till the new D90 replacement comes out. But to any using just a point and shoot or even a D3000 for attempts to get pro level work, waiting is lost opportunity. I will keep my D90 and it will keep clicking away after I buy the replacement. I myself am really looking for the D400 or the D700 replacement as my next primary camera. The present D90 is a great camera, a milestone, but its replacement is overdue!!

    • James Crosson

      Thank you so much for your feedback.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Weather-sealed, 24MP & full-frame for under $1500. This is like a dirty talk fantasy forum for camera porn.

  • zzddrr

    One thing for sure, everything in the Nikon world takes forever. The speed how they are just rolling out the surprises scares shit out of me. Every day a new surprise from Nikon (as long as its 12MP). 🙂 is coming down the pipe.

    • gt

      someone should write a ZZDDRR comment generator.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        Maybe he already has one. Maybe others too, generating the opposite. I was once wondering if there might be a few “attack everyone who waits for a D700 replacement” generators are installed to some guys computers.

        • Anonymous

          zzddrr is right but I think he is sarcastic. Nikon cannot even properly address/communicate when they have quality problems. Look at the 24-70 light leaking issue.

    • gt

      it would go something like this:

      [comment about nikon being slow] [jab at nikon’s 12 MPs] [smiley face of some sort]

      • and some vulgarism, finished with note about switching to canon 😀

  • Ren Kockwell

    And BTW, those who think D90 owners don’t know what to do with their cameras and lenses, you’re high. Who would spend that much to putz around? There are gobs of affordable DSLRs on the market with cheap kit zooms. There are dozens here on NR with D90s and D80s just itching to upgrade to full-frame as soon as the price becomes justifiable. Are they dumb amateurs? No. They’re sensible with their money & serious about their photography.

    • oh ren i hate to agree with you.

    • Oi

      just waiting for the 51pt AF on the D90 line… will that ever happen?

    • Distanted

      It’s a great camera, but it was designed to appeal to those consumers who want the best…up to the magic ceiling of $999. I’ve seen more than a few postings elsewhere from people who spent a grand on the body/kit lens, but balk at the idea of buying a flash, tripod or additional lens. Imagine trying to convince these guys that losing the .5 magnification isn’t a ‘ripoff’…That’s the customer base we have to co-exist with.

    • gt

      I know plenty of D90 and D80 users who are more knowledgeable than their D300 and D700 carrying counterparts

  • kauyeung

    I just checked the and it has 9 new, 8 used and 4 rebur D90 body in stock. I wish they can just release it though. I hate waiting.

  • furtian

    is it possible to get lens correction in new body d9x ?

  • SNRatio

    Temporary shortages of Nikon models don’t mean they are going to be replaced soon. So the D700 may staty in the lineup for quite some time, BUT
    1) With D3s shortage, they naturally build those first. More important model, and more profitable.
    2) They MAY (for the time being) build all FX models in Sendai. Which, with an imminent FX release could mean that production capacity is reserved for the new model.
    3) If a new FX model matches or even beats the D700 in IQ, Nikon may want to have people buy that one now – even if they could make enough D700’s.

    So, the D700 shortage (together with the rebates) could indicate an upcoming introduction. But this is probably not a D700 replacement, just a model with simpler build and good high MP sensor.

    D90 is about to be replaced in any case, and if Nikon can’t match the 7D, they’ll have to go considerably lower in price. Which makes the choice pretty obvious. Which means that, in practice, it will replace both the D90 and the D300s. They want to get it out as fast as possible after annoncement, but how many days/weeks will that mean? That D90 is getting out of stock now, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are already shipping the successor, could be just that it still sells better than expected.

  • Jacobus

    I hope the D90 Rumor will be true.. I can not wait for a replacement. I need to buy a new body….

    • d40-owner

      Just go to the gym everyday, you’ll get a new body and it will cost less than the D90 upgrade.

      • Jacobus

        WOW NICE!!! I hope you paid less to post a peanut comment. Congrats!

        • Makoto Kimura

          peanut? i heard the S1000PJ was also a peanut butter & jelly sandwich in addition to being a camera… hence the “PJ” designation. can you confirm this rumor Jacobus?

          that would really be great for hiking. it has a lot of calories (healthy ones) in addition to letting you capture that perfect romantical sunset!

          • Jacobus

            read my post before typing stuff… I said ” I hope the d90 rumor is true.” And I hope it will be replaced soon. L2READ

            • gt

              “read my post before typing stuff… I said ” I hope the d90 rumor is true.” And I hope it will be replaced soon.”

              Why do you hope your post will be replaced soon? I thought your post was perfectly fine!

            • Makoto Kimura

              LOL @ GT

              +1 for taking things not seriously enough

              mmm pb&j

  • chuck
  • in Canada has15 d90 kits (18-55) remaining, “In Stock: Usually ships next business day” for 18-105 kit ($100 off), and same for d90 body only. They have a few other kits/packages available too.
    Just for interest’s sake.

  • adamo

    HELLO today i talk with PHOTO guy in SATURN in POLAND, he told me, the official name of d90 succesor is D7000 !

    • enesunkie

      What he didn’t tell you was that he gets all is info on future Nikons HERE!

      • nobody

        Well, is it so difficult to guess how the model above the D5000 will be called, when the model below is called D3000???

  • D700 tracker

    Still tracking the D700 on UK Amazon website. It’s been on the “Delivery in 1 to 2 months” status since July 8, they got one in stock in the past week, then it sold so it’s back to the 1 to 2 month delivery.

    Looks to me that Amazon are either having a lot of stock problems, or they are deliberately running the stocks down. It’s current price is £1757 which is £3 more than the lowest price in Amazon for 2010.

  • asd also seem to run out of d90

  • Bryan

    The D90 has been erased…….from existence.

    10 bonus points for naming the movie quote.

    • Alex

      Great Scott! This D90 replacement is really heavy! Nope can’t think of the movie. 🙂

      • Bryan

        +10 for Alex 😉

      • psychophoto

        let’s just hope the D90R isn’t a slacker!

  • Anonymous

    WOW !!!
    Yesterday, listed different pack for D90 (all were tag in shortage).
    Today every D90 pack went out of their list !
    That smells an imminent announcement !
    Check it :

    • Anonymous

      Fu** !!!
      It’s back on their list, always in shortage !

  • Rick

    Now I’m starting to wonder if I should put my D90 kit on craigslist now or wait a few more weeks..

  • rpe700

    Costco is well stocked with the D90

    • madraz

      yeah but you have to buy them in a value pack of 12.

  • 2 cents

    Opinion needed: I’ve been on the verge of upgrading my very cherished and loved D70 and I’m wanting to move up to the D300s. I’m imagining that it will do far and above any more than I’ve ever wanted for the next couple of years. I’ve been hesitant only because I don’t want to purchase one, then 2 months later it is surpassed by another product that, by all estimates, should/might be better in the same price range. I’ve been torn for the last month or so as to: should I take the plunge or should I wait? What pros and cons would you give in this situation? Will a D90 replacement be the new Pro-Am model or will it be another amateur model? Am I the only one that gets stuck on decisions like this?
    Anyways…has it begun? 🙂 Thanks all!

    • enesunkie

      To be honest, it doesn’t matter what other people consider your camera “level” is. Some people consider the D300 a professional model and some don’t. What’s really important is does the camera have the features that YOU want and/or need. The D90 as it stands today has a lot of the features that many pros would find useful, but there are also some that they would miss. How much would depend on the person. Look at your budget. If money is tight, get a body now while the prices are low. The prices could go up a couple hundred or more for the new stuff. If you have a little time (patience) and money, wait for the new stuff. You already have a fine camera and I would suggest waiting.

    • enesunkie

      “Am I the only one that gets stuck on decisions like this?” Definetly not, but once you’ve narrowed the search to Nikon and DSLR, your choices are limited. Now searching for a tripod or a backpack/case, those are tough ones to shop for and a lot of people solve that by buying multiple ones!

      The D90 replacement will be an amateur (or enthusiast if you will) body. But, a rose is a rose by any other name.

  • miau

    This new camera will show us where Nikon is standing in the Video Market.
    I think Nikon makes fantastic photo cameras but they have been late in the game with the D300 and D3. Maybe it is the same with the video features now too. I hope their new video features kill the Canon Video market.

    Video is definitely becoming more important in the DSLR Market than some people might think.

  • Anonymous

    LOL@ everyone ‘needing’ an upgrade!

    I am looking VERY forward to the D90 upgrade, but I will NOT be getting one for another year or so. My current D90 is absolutely fantastic! However, I do hope the upgrade shows Nikon can take video to the next level. To see some more features than the D90, its going to be interesting.

    I would much rather buy lenses right now, than upgrade the D90 body. Even though I’m not in the market for one, I can’t wait to see what it can do!

  • Chris

    it’s been taken off the employee purchase at my work too.

  • When I leave for consulting work anymore I just take the D90 as a camera for stills and video. Maybe not my biggest or best Nikon DSLR but easily the most used. If I had to pick the favorite all time cameras I have used since film I would take the D700, D300 and the D90. I do not own the D300s but have seen wonderful results with it. But the replacement for the D90 is very overdue. I would give Nikon Rumors high marks on keeping us posted on this important matter.

  • Bruce Little

    Loads of stock at stores in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. Nikon are diverting supply to their most profitable outlets (not necessarily the highest VOLUME outlets). Basic economics folks… sorry USA you guys are too cheap and have no money to spend.

  • Not necessary

    Costco has D90 kits, my local camera shops have D90’s and D700’s in stock

    What is the point of checking a store like “Best Buy”? I find their inventory system to be incredibly inaccurate at all times

  • oh yeah

    the admin is dreaming again (and again)
    the shop next block to my office has plenty of D90 in stock
    comment as usual: rumours only PLEASE!!

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a neat solution. An adapter for nikon lenses that enable their use on Canon camers.

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