New Nikon camera to be released “within few weeks”

This is an anonymous tip I received few days ago - I was hoping to get more info, but unfortunately there is no way to contact back the sender:

"New camera due in few weeks
I have a photo taken with Nikon camera which will be released within few weeks. EXIF is obfuscated, but there are few things I notice:

Good news: it looks better then 12Mpix DX sensor in tonal dynamics. Transitions on skin are very nice.
Bad news: it is not even 20 Mpix - no huge upgrade. Judging from image quality it will be DX camera (too noisy to be FX)."

Maybe this reader can send us the picture so we can better evaluate it here on NR - this can be done by uploading it to one of the anonymous image hosting sites like BayimgImageshack or Rapidshare and emailing me the link or posting it as a comment to this thread. Thanks!

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  • Jon

    I’m hoping it’s the D90 replacement. I know there’s a ton of people that are waiting for the D700 replacement, but I’m not ready to make the leap to full-frame. My D70s still works great, but I would love to make larger prints…

    • David Hasselblaff

      If Nikon is about to release a new camera they have been testing prototypes for at least a year now in the streets. That’s what worries me. There have been absolutely no reports about any kind of shoot for an ad campaign etc. Maybe Nikon will soon announce that digital has no future and that they are going to manufacture film cameras only from that point on.

      Right now Canon is a bit ahead of Nikon in terms of features they can offer – no doubt about that. At the entry-level Canon completely out-guns Nikon. The prosumer cameras do not look too bad though and quite likely the D300s won’t be updated until next year. What I personally care about is the professional line-up. Will the D4 just be another iteration of the heavy, oversized and overprized D1, D2, D3 series? I mean why does a serious pro shoot 135 format – weight, size, money and ease of use are defo of an issue here. How many pros do not depend on a flexible system that works flawlessly outside of the studio? And that’s where I think DSLRs are not where they supposed to be. The flexibility film had to offer has turned into a one-way ticket. Now there are a dozen of different formats of not interchangeable sensors. Even worse – you can’t just walk into a store and buy a color sensor of any kind. One has to stick to the one Nikon shipped the camera with. Do they know if I want that kind of sensor? Why not a b/w sensor or infrared?

      What’s needed is an international standard for interchangeable sensors supported by all manufacturers. PhaseOne has no problem with me using their digital back on the Hassy 503. Heck, Nikon is not even producing their own sensors – so why not take that step? A lot of money could be made …

      • Lars

        Sure, larger sensor formats might make sense from a usage standpoint. System compatibility rules Nikon’s product decisions, though. I’d be surprised if Nikon execs see Hasselblad or Phase One market volume as desirable.

      • Lars

        Also worth noting as that Hasselblad is doing what it can to stop you from using your P1 backs on their latest bodies. Apparently cross-brand compaitibility is not seen as good for business.

      • ByStander

        No manufacturer is about to make interchangeable mounts with their competitor. That’s why third party lenses will never be outright competition for the serious phtotog. Imagine Bill Gates running open source software on Windows? The only way it would happen is if Canon buys out Nikon which I think is inevitable.

        • SZRimaging

          Horrible example. I wouldn’t be too surprised to find that Bill Gates runs open source stuff on occasion. If nothing else, it’s free, so why not try it out?

          As for the MF stuff, Nikon and Canon are spending too much money to convince you that their flagships are all the camera you need. Really, the MF pro market isn’t a market that would help them. The only way it would work is if they could make a sub $3000 MF camera with 18+ MP. Other than that, not worth the effort.

          • PHB

            I have quite a few friends being paid by Microsoft to write open source software.

            They have an issue with Richard Stallman and his FSF license, but he is not alone in that.

          • Non only that, but when the flagship Nikon DSLR (D3X) toes the line with the likes of the best MF backs in the industry, that’s saying a lot AGAINST the MF route. Everyone likes to speculate that DSLR can’t resolve as high as MF, can’t increase MP enough to compete with MF, can’t get as high of quality as MF….but every time we see a bump in MP on the DSLR range, naysayers are proven wrong just one more time.

        • David Hasselblaff

          Well my point is that Windows is open for any kind of software through allowing developers to write their own applications. The iPhone would not be as popular if Apple did not allow others to develop apps. Done right Nikon could make a lot more money if they had interchangeable sensors along with an open system allowing others to develop their own solutions.

          • Victor Hassleblood

            B/W-sensors and such?
            Come on, U must be kidding. Have you never heard that you can change camera settings or work the picture in PS?
            All I need is a sensor that is able to catch as many informations as possible. I know how to get rid of them if not wanted …
            Only sad thing is, that Nikon does not even offer such a high res camera – at least not priced below D3x. I can not recall that high res films used to be more expensive than high iso ones. I think it was (and still is) quite contrary.

          • David Hasselblaff

            Of course, an RGB image can be converted to grayscale and the B/W conversion tool in PS is doing quite a good shot. Yet, I doubt there is no need for a true bilevel sensor, which would get a lot more quality out of an image compared to Bayer sensors.

      • Greg


        News and sport consume the largest number of pro cameras thus the modular camera would not be in the manufacturer’s minds. Most journos are reasonably happy with what they’ve got (save for cost and weight :))

    • Patric

      I think the same as often written here…. Nikon protects their D3X. Why buying a D3X if you could buy a about 20Mpx D700 replacement….
      Bad. Because Nikon waits to long now… Canon is Miles ahead and the 5DMkII not so bad and allready Rumors about a MkIII… Some Friends chanched

    • Patric

      I think the same as often written here…. Nikon protects their D3X. Why buying a D3X if you could buy a about 20Mpx D700 replacement….
      Bad. Because Nikon waits to long now… Canon is Miles ahead and the 5DMkII not so bad and allready Rumors about a MkIII… Some Friends chanched allready to Canon… I ever had Nikon since the F4 and Love the Nikon Glasses… How Long will the Nikonfans like me have to wait ?

      • Mark


        I think you have made an excellent point. Ok, good, Nikon should protect the D3x but for how liong? The D700 doe have better high ISO ability than the Canon 5DMkII but the the cost about the same and has higher resolution ability.

        I am a loyal Nikon user, but it is time for Nikon to get more competive in this part of their DSLR lineup. I think they need a higher resolution D700 (D700x/D800?) and it should be at least a penny below $3,000.00 and if I were Nikon I would continue to offer the D700 for lower ($1,999.00 to $,200.00).

        Oh well.


  • Chunkee

    I guess it’s got to be the D8000 since nikon HK has no more stock of D90 for the distributors~~~

    • HK Garden

      thank you for the info Chunkee. I live in HK and am desesperately waiting for the upgrade. I wanted to buy the old one now and sell it later when the upgrade comes but decided to wait to get the new one only. I now hope it won;t be too long for the announcement, delivery to distributor and first tests in the press/internet before I buy it.
      I know here we are mostly Nikon-only users but any idea what would be the best camera (similar to the price of D90) in the Canon line? just asking. And what about equivalent of 18-200 and 50mm 1.4G in Canon? Is quality similar? Any good source of info for that? Ok now, I stop talking about Canon 🙂

      • The D90 falls between two (or even three) models from Canon, and neither of them are directly comparable.
        1) Obviously, 550D; it’s a very nice enthusiast camera, the sensor has to be seen to be believed (in DX format there’s *nothing* better), viewfinder in the same class as D90, decent autofocus, and the best screen ever on any digital cameras; not even the 7D has it. It’s widely prized for the well rounded-up features; a worthy descendand of Rebel cameras. The only gripe: it’s small but there’s nothing beautiful about that; even a girl finds the grip a bit too cramped. Stay away from the 500D; cheaper, but with compromises all around; 550D is a greatly revised camera.
        2) 50D; nice body, quick action, but the sensor choice is… debatable. It’s a quicker D90 with a bit poorer image quality. Big bonus: lens focus adjustment (missing in D90).
        3) If you can find old stock, the previous Canon prosumer model, the 40D, is even quicker than the 50D, less per-pixel noise, but it doesn’t have focus adjust and has a previous generation 3″/235k screen. Still, a bargain if you can still find it in your country.
        About lenses: optically the Canon 18-200 is on par with the Nikon one, but looks flimsier on the outside; a cheaper alternative with great performance would be the Tamron 18-270, which somehow manages to beat the brands at their own game. Case in point: the stabilization system works as good (and sometimes incredibly better!) than the newest 70-200 offerings. At 18mm it works down to 1/5s, and at 200mm you’re safe with 1/30s.
        Finally, the equivalent of 50mm AF-s G… Simply put, there isn’t any. The old version of Canon 50/1.4 is plagued by sample variance and high rate of electromechanical problems. The outrageously expensive 50/1.2 is optically great, but suffers badly of focus-shift when working at close distances and you stop it down. Your best bet would be again 3rd party: Sigma 50/1.4, certainly better than any 50mm from Canon.

        And yes, I know of the 60D rumours, but they’re conflicting and it would be remiss to wait for than; we’re already waiting for Nikon to break the pattern of low-a$$ entry levels and very slight modifications with a little S behind their name, but big $$$ added to the price.

        • zanyninja

          But the oracle that be sayeth that the D5000 sensor be superior to the 550D sensor…so your assertion that there’s *nothing* better than the 550D sensor in DX format is, well, a little less than accurate.

          • The DxO Mark is lab analysis of the camera. It hardly reflect people’s real world experiences. According the Dxo Mark, my 17-55 f/2.8 is a lesser quality lens than the the 16-85 f/3.5-5.6 VR II on my D90. However, my pics would counter the DxO mark 😉

          • steve

            Cool, that settles it. I am going to base all my future camera purchases based on YOUR pictures.


        • minus28

          I got thoroughly fed up waiting for a new D90 (the D90 itself just didnt feel right in my hands) and went for a canon 50d at a ridiculously low price (around $730). I bought the 50mm f/1.4 and it is a great lens.

          I’d bet that the 60D is on shelves before the D90 replacement is even announced. The 50D is fiercely discounted here and vanishing fast but everyone still has big stocks of the D90.

          I have to add as a footnote that I’d still prefer to be sitting with a Nikon equivalent of the 50D since in terms of a full frame future I find a camera like the D700 far more appealing than the 5DII, but the D90 didnt feel right and the D300s was more than double the price of my 50D – and I wanted to spend that money on lenses instead.

        • HDZ

          50D Quick action? Very funny~!!! It’s fuzzy logic. 🙂

  • Anonymous


    • Such posts have been helpful in the past – often readers don’t know how to submit pictures anonymously.

      • GlobalGuy

        True. Don’t worry, admin. People just look for the news they are interested in. Your job is to find all the news, a bit more burdensome. Thanks for the rumor. Let’s see if anything fleshes out.

        • Anonymous

          Did I mention that is has never been so slow on rumors, so I have to work with what I got.

          • The above was written by admin, I was just testing the comment system.

          • Delie

            You’re doing a great job man. This site is a regular read for me. All news is interesting, even if it doesn’t directly relate to what I want to buy next (D700 replacement), it’s still good to read the latest. Keep up the good work 🙂

          • JorPet

            Having just bought the D700/24-70 combo four months ago, it’s no big deal to me. I just come here to see what bits you do get to see the direction things are going to go.

            And to listen to the whining, I love the whining…

      • iamlucky13

        I guess I’ll just trust your judgement, which has been good in the past, and accept the fact that it’s been slow, but I also was surprised to see effectively, “an anonymous user with unknown qualifications who could not be contacted for followup says…”

        Granted, it’s a good bet that something is coming relatively soon, but nothing about this rumor leads me to change my expectations.

        Here’s to hoping for more newsworthy info soon!

    • enesunkie

      Night night, we’ll wake you up in October when we hear some leads on a new FX body! (hopefully that’s not being too optimistic)

    • Zoetmb

      Thanks for being so enlightening and contributing something valuable to the Forum that doesn’t waste our time.

  • Anonymous

    if it’s be d8000 it will suffer d300s ?
    how a good pic with low cost
    not to be d400 cuz nik say that no new pro body this year ?

  • zzddrr

    as i mentioned before, I think this is going to use the sony sensor which is 14MP and most likely will be very entry level. (D60, D3000)

    What I do not understand is that what is Nikon waiting for? They completely will miss out all the summer sales after that people don’t buy anything before the Thanksgiving and Xmas.

    • Eric Pepin

      nikon is still doing strong is my bet. At my camera shop people still buy as much nikon as canon. The T2i has made some smalll in roads but thats about it. We cant even keep the D5000 in stock long enough before they dissapear. D90’s are still selling strong as ever.

      IDK why many are quick to assume nikon has to rush because of poor sales. On the contrary, let the current models run there through there cycles and milk the profits then release the next gen.

      • David Hasselblaff

        Well, don’t forget that this website mainly serves gear heads. Even if Nikon released a new camera with 1080p, a 24MP sensor, D3 build, 9fps, ISO 104k for under USD 2,000 there would be 100s of unsatisfied souls complaining about this and that.

        • Greenwood_Geoff

          You did not mention stereo quadrophonic sound …. back to the R&D for you … ;- )

        • zzddrr

          true enough

  • Tinkthank


  • Jeremy T

    Great. Guess I’ll probably pick one up.

  • Pod

    Where is the D4!?!?

    • Steve

      Next year, then a year later the D700 replacement, then a year later, the D4x.

  • This is a little OT, but I have to say, I just came back from vacation. I dragged my D700 mit MB-D10 everywhere. Every time I had it in plain view in a touristy spot, people would ask about it.

    Most common question was “Is that a D5000?”

    For me this screams that Nikon is confusing it’s customer base with their model numbers. Everyone that asked about my “D5000” had a consumer grade Nikon dslr of some sort–d40, d3000, d90. These are people that are somewhat familiar with Nikon, some who owned old film bodies. Both young and old users were just plain confused.

    Overall, it makes me worried about the direction of Nikon.

    My only consolation was somebody jealous of my cam because their 7D had imploded after only a couple weeks.

    • zzddrr

      Micah – you’re not the only one who is worried about the direction of Nikon. Apparently, Nikon wants to advertise the new cameras with Stevie Wonder. I am not sure this is good idea.

      • Zoetmb

        Of course it is – if Stevie Wonder can take a good photo with a Nikon, than the camera must be doing a really good job, right?

    • Eric Pepin

      do you believe amateur Canon users would spot the difference between a 50D, 7d, 1d Mrk 4 and 1ds Mrk 3 ???

      I fail to see your point here.

      I pulled out my film camera at the recent Canada day celebrations in Ottawa, you should have seen the confusion then. Everytime I go to load a new roll some idiot asks “Is that a film camera ?”

      • Seppl

        And what did you answer?

        “No, this is a BEC (Bose-Einstein Condensate) camera!” ?

  • ha

    who needs 18MP on a noisy DX sensors. only people who can’t take good photos.

    • Greenwood_Geoff

      i want 18ish on a FF ;- )

    • Anonymous

      Not really. If the photographer shoots at low-ISO, and doesn’t need the shallow DoF or other extras from FX, then it’s fine. The concern is whether an 18mp sensor will outresolve most lenses. Another point is diffraction will set earlier; unlike 12mp DX, now f/11 may not safely be used. 18mp FX is the better way to go. Time will show…

      • iamlucky13

        “now f/11 may not safely be used. ”

        Define “safely.” Even if you’re out-resolving the lens on an 18 MP camera but weren’t on a 12 MP camera, the image quality is still no worse than on the 12 MP if all else is equal. This isn’t diffraction setting in earlier. You simply have the resolution to detect less diffraction.

        This leads to no added value of increased resolution beyond a certain point even when paired with the best lenses, but that’s definitely not to say you can no longer shoot beyond your F/11 example. There’s plenty of perfectly legitimate situations where you could want to sacrifice an tiny bit of sharpness for greater depth of field or a slower shutter speed, and although it’s easy to zoom in to 100% on your computer monitor to see the softness, an 18 MP print would be nearly 3 feet by 4.5 feet before you had zoomed in equivalently. Aside from the rarity of needing to make such a big print, seldom do you want to view it from the same distance as your computer monitor.

    • PHB

      The fact that the source claimed to be able to tell the difference between FX and DX by the noise tends to discredit it in my view. Unless you are in a low light situation and have to go to one of the higher ISO settings there really shouldn’t be a noticeable difference.

      Shooting conditions vary far more than the difference between FX and DX. Looks to me like a pathetic attempt to hedge their guess.

      And noticing that the photo was from a new camera with higher MP but not working out how many? Also pretty fishy.

      I tend to think that this is just someone pulling a rumor out of their nether regions in the hope of a lucky strike. Its a pretty safe bet that there will be a replacement for the D90 and the D3000 in the very near future. The D90 is getting on and is one of their biggest earning DSLRs. The D3000 lacks HD video and Live View. This so-called ‘rumor’ managed to ‘predict’ that one of them would be replaced and (gasp) the replacement would have more MP!

      Being more specific on the MP would mean having to be specific on which one is going to be replaced. 14MP would almost certainly mean the D3000 replacement, 18MP would point to a D90 replacement.

  • SimonC

    Sounds like the D90 replacement. Why is it bad news that it’s not 20MP? Nikon already stated they aren’t in the Mpixel wars…they have ceded that to Canon. As long as the IQ is better than the current 12MP, that’s good enough for the target market.

    I don’t think it will jeopardize D300s sales either (which, IMO, probably aren’t that great). D400 will most likely be a significant step up from D300. I hope it’s the first Nikon designed APS-C sensor with D4 tech.

    • enesunkie

      If Nikon came out with a replacement to the D90 with 14-18 MP but with lower IQ than it, I bet you see the used market price of the D90 go up!

      • layner

        Exactly! I am waiting for the D90 replacement, but if the IQ is lower, I’m goin’ for a used D90.

      • stepper

        I doubt that the D90 used prices will go up since there are just way too many people out there that still base the quality of a camera by it’s pixel count.

    • Yes, I agree. The 12MP sensor on the current line up handles noise pretty damn good. I’d much rather see Nikon be able to do more with the high-iso capabilities on the same sensor. Of course, if they can pullout better ISO performance on an 18MP sensor than the 12MP, then good for Nikon.

      • Greenwood_Geoff

        I would be more than happy with an 18MP camera with the same noise/low light as a D700.

  • Jackc

    good news to me. sounds like i can stick with my D90 for a while =)

  • Anonymous

    The cameras that will be replaced are the ones subject to special rebates, incentives used to reduce inventory. Not saying what the new cameras will be, just pointing out the targets.

    Any word on continued rebates?

    • The D90 cashback deal in the UK expired on 30th June with no extension for the first time, while the D700 free MB-D10 grip deal got extended to 31st July. This tells me the D90 replacement is now imminent but no plan by Nikon to replace the D700 in the stores anytime soon. Photokina will be the moment for that announcement if you ask me – a couple of months yet at least.

  • Click

    B&H is totally out of stock of D700 bodies and all discounted combo packages. It’s anyone’s guess if this is temporary or not. Still hoping for a D700 replacement..

    • studio460

      Well, there’s still hope isn’t there? Yes, this new news (thanks, NR Admin!) certainly smells like a D90 update, probably with its video feature “fixed” (manual ISO and shutter speed settings). A “new” D700 announcement MUST be “just around the corner,” yes?

    • Lots of D700s still in the UK and the deal to get a free battery grip was just extended again. It won’t be replaced any time soon……..

    • Rafael

      wow another DX camera, as if there weren’t plenty out there.. D700 pro photographers that compete directly with 5D users are having a hard time convincing clients (specially those who print magazines etc) that 12 megapixels is ok and the Dynamic range is great etc etc.. Why doesn’t Nikon come up with a FF frame body with at least 18 megapixels soon??
      maybe we should stop buying Nikon stuff for a while and pressure the company? what if we all did that, like people do to their governments, and force Nikon to comply and give the people what they NEED!
      boycott Nikon? what do you think? may be a little while.. pressure them to produce that so much needed D800 or D700x , lets make them wait too, if your going to get an accessory or a lens soon.. make them wait. Why not? we have been waiting for EVER.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        I already do – not buying anything from Nikon till I see a D700 replacement. If Canons D5 MK III or D3 comes quicker and appears convincing I might as well never buy anything from Nikon ever again.

      • Yeah let me fuck myself over by not buying the SB-900, SD-9, and 14-24 I really do need….

        • Jivee

          Sb900 is a beauty…if a little huge, but understandable once u see the performance. Skip sd9…get an old sd8 (sb 28 era)for very little and file the plug round like the sd8a :). Ive done that to 2 packs. Sure, the 9 may be a bit faster (and bigger on your belt), but money saved can go 2 the 14 -24.

        • Rafael

          haha you crack me up man.. I respect

          enjoy your new equipment 😉

  • cirtap

    OH rats…and i was getting my credit card ready…all for not.

  • Kensmokecrakrockwell

    I need d3 iso, d700 iso or d3s iso in a dx body… even at 12 mp. Hope this is it! Yeah right. Possible though.A d700 in a dx body? That would be the greatest thing that happened since the emancipation of the negro!!!! Or when washington crossed the delaware or Dr. king gave his “i have a dream ” speech…take your pick. But not likely. My girl would kick my a$$ if melt down and get a d3s.If i want video i would get a *****gasp***** 5d mkII or a 7d. Looks like me and my d300 will be friends for a loooooong time, with at least (in accordance to the nikon strict timelines) 4 more years to go.


    • Eric Pepin

      I want a metal weather sealed D90 sized body with 100 percent viewfinder, but that will never happen.

      Dont anyone say get a D300, I would but its too bulky to carry back and forth to school everyday on the bus, the d90 size is perfect.

      • Anonymous

        TIP: Still get a D300 body & stick a tiny zoom (18-55mm VR is tiny & sharp within a usable range) to compensate weight increase 😉

      • enesunkie

        Get the D300. It’s better than taking a saxophone on the bus everyday. Next life I’m taking up drums and keeping a pair of sticks at home and another at school!

  • Mhh… this anonymous tip sounds suspicious to me. I mean, if he really has that picture, why cant he count the pixels excactly? Every third grade picture editing program can do this. Even windows shows the pixel-count.

  • I Am Nikon

    If Nikon can make future DX bodies with the ISO handling of a D700, the can get away with it even without bumping the MP and adding Full HD Video.

    Do it Nikon.

  • Ken Rockgood

    It is going to be the D40s! Finally, a replacement to my beloved D40, which allows you to make state-size prints if you know what you are doing…

  • P

    “EXIF is obfuscated, but there are few things I notice”
    Hmm. How can he be sure that it is a Nikon then? But I think it likely that Nikon announces new models very soon. (And start delivery early autumn)
    My guess is that D700 ends and a D400 will have DX sensor.

  • I was watching football the other day (or is it soccer?). I swear I saw a D4 at the sideline!

    • joe

      and I saw your mother kissing santa claus

  • Faiz Imam

    How is this news?

    We have known for a few months now that the D90 will be replaced in July, and we have known for years that it will be replaced in the Summer of 2010.

    The existence of this camera is no cause for excitement, i’m waiting for when we finally get some specs on this. THAT is worthy of some excitement.

  • grumps

    Sounds disappointing. I’m looking for both a FX and DX upgrade! This doesn’t seem to be it… taken even from as little that has been said here!

  • joe

    Who’s to say it’s even a DSLR.

    • Kevin

      oh gawd not another coolpix…

    • randini

      That’s what I was thinking. Could it be an EVILor MIL cam?

  • Ren Kockwell

    what a lousy ass company nikon is! takes forever to give the market what it needs.
    who cares about folks in the entry level segment anyway? they don’t have brand loyalty, are price sensitive and the market is fragmented with little differentiation.
    when the heck is the d700 upgrade going to come?! frack you nikon…….

    • Good lord. It’s the consumer market that makes all the money.

      Take a look at a company like BMW. How often does the 5 series get replaced? Quality products and engineering cost a fortune to get from design to production. A 3 year cycle is perfectly reasonable at that level… I would also be very upset if my shiny D3s or D700 (or 5 series BMW) got replaced after 12 months, whereas if I had a D3000 or Ford Fiesta I would pretty much expect the opposite.

      • Hhom Togan

        on this one, for a change, i have to agree with ren; besides the shine on the d700 has long since dimmed these past two years!

  • dude

    i’m buying 7d

    • Andy

      You do that.

    • Enjoy the noisy sensor at ISO 200 dude 😉

  • Lars

    Where is my 25 Mpx D700x? D3x has been out for a while now.

  • Wierdo

    I wish I have a full body dslr like the D3s…
    I don’t know why people wanting a small body like the D90, big body give me more stability and I like the side button way better than them battery grip button.

    • I don’t think so. D3 is obviously oversized. There is no way any photographer may carry on his / her neck (unless reinfored with steel 🙂 ) It’s meant to be carried in a bag & to be used for short sessions only.

      I tested my colleague’s; after 30 min of usage, it gave negative effect on steady handling. My forearm muscles started to produce unavoidable tremor to compensate that weight plus the chunky f/2.8 lens. When I switched back to my D300, suddenley it felt like featherweight, even though at times I used to complain.

      D300/D700 size seems to be the optimum. Otoh, D90 is too small to counterweight even mid-sized glass like 18-200mm. For comfortable usage, it’s limited to the league of the smallest like 50mm, 20mm, 18-55mm, etc. Otherwise most lenses will tip forward which is nasty.

      • Ken Elliott

        >> D3 is obviously oversized. There is no way any photographer may carry on his / her neck

        No, we put the strap on our shoulder. Only rookies put a strap on their neck. And we use nice cushy neoprene straps. Compared to the weight of big lenses, the D3 is sized just right.

      • Mike

        Go to the gym Mary. D300/D700 with grip is bigger and heavier than the D3. Some of us shoot in portrait orientation and enjoy the comfort that the D3 grip or the MB-D10 grip provide. Try holding a 5 year old for an hour…. the D3 with a 70-200 is pretty light after the. Heavy. Good lord.

        • Anonymous

          Forget the damned grip. D300 or D700 is to be used bare. Folks, can’t you shoot vertically without it?

          • Are you serious?

            Yeah it’s nice to remove the grip for travel, but shooting portrait with a grip gives you a much more stable shot than contorting your arm over the top.

      • I shoot weddings every weekend with a Gripped D700+24-70+SB-900 and a Gripped D300s+70-200+SB-900 hanging off of a dual BlackRapid R-Strap. Its heavy, but I get the shots I need and don’t bitch about it. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

        • I shoot nearly the same.

          But I have D700+70-200 and D300s+14-24 on a BlackRapid system.

          • Hmm

            That seems like a noticeable gap smack in the middle of the “wedding” range. (The gap between 36 (24*1.5) and 70).

            Do you not ever miss it? Or do you swap a 50 in and out?
            Just curious, as the 16-35 seems, at first glance, a more expected answer if you’re going to “squander” a FX ultrawide by DXing it to normal.

          • Hmm

            I mean, don’t get me wrong, looking at your stuff you clearly know how to use wide angles, I’m just confused by the hole.

  • thefunk

    Jesus, I have seen some rumours in my time.

  • jey

    Quisiera poder comprar aunque sea la d300s. Pero el precio esta todavia un poco alto para mi.

  • Kingyo

    everybody calm down… D90 & D700 replacements will be announced by Sept… guaranteed 😉

    • thefunk

      Is this fact, hearsay, conjecture or complete bullshit ?

      Just checking.

      • It’s Photokina – Nikon won’t be going empty handed 🙂

        • enesunkie

          Maybe they’ll just bring a D3s, D3x,D700, D300s and 8 new Coolpixs’.

  • If there really is a new camera release coming up, I hope that they also put out a new FX camera. Really awaiting the so called D700s.. fingers crossed! 🙂

  • Roland

    I bet my last bucks that it’s the 16Mpix CoolPix we’ve all been longing for…

  • paul w

    …or, maybe your correspondent just made it up…..and you were quite happy to publish without even a shred of evidence just as you have so many times before.

    • thefunk

      If you read the text it actually says that a picture will be released in the next few weeks, not a camera.

    • ewan

      Yup, because on a site called you expect well sourced stories that stand up, not vague rumours!

  • Swedish

    Logging on to NR is kind of torture… I’ve been waiting for a new DSLR from Nikon since the D700x rumors started spinnin’.. I still log on cuz it’s a great site and I’m so curious.. But serioulsy.. Nikon is slowloy killin’ me.. NR sometimes helps.. and sometimes just put salt in my already huge wounds..

    Don’t get me wrong NR, you great and the job and effort you put in is amazing.. but for a Fanboy/Photographer.. the wait for a new body with all the rumors and all can sometimes just be painfull.. I’m Seriously considering a PhaseOne P65+.. eventhough I might have to sell my soul..

    kepp up the good work!


    • Jack

      I’m in the exactly same situation as you. I feel you buddy. This is killing us!

  • nobody

    what where the guesses for photokina again?
    no pro dslr this year would pisses me of and mean no money for nikon too.

  • Carlos R B

    Admin, i must say i admire you…running a Nikon site (rumors dedicated) its a tuff job right…

  • shivaswrath

    probably going to be a D90 update with manual video control, slightly better IQ, and more than likely will bridge the gab between the D300s and D90. . .

  • michel Wugmeister

    What is the point of announcements of more and more Nikon equipment when none is available from prior announcements. It just adds more frustration and lists of unfilled back orders

    • Greenwood_Geoff

      It’s not available because they are using the 12MP sensors in their “new” camera. I will be rolling my eye’s if they announce yet another 12MP sensor camera this year or next. I don’t care if it can shoot at ISO 1 gazillion.

  • thefunk

    I think admin is doing a good job too. He must have nightmares about compromising personal integrity in this rumour drought.

    I would also like to say that my comment form is being prepopulated with peoples names and email addresses.

  • Ken Rockgood

    d90 pls

  • The invisible child

    Hey Administrator,
    The same problem still exists, as I (Jabs) is now posting as this person.
    Oh well.

    • It should be fixed again – sometimes the problems comes back, also make sure your browser cache is deleted

  • Dweeb

    If Nikon released cameras this year it would be late July/August in advance of Photokina. Perhaps another release in advance the Christmas buying spree. And you thought they introduced equipment for pros at PMA LOLROTF.

  • Rafael

    wow another DX camera, as if there weren’t plenty out there.. D700 pro photographers that compete directly with 5D users are having a hard time convincing clients (specially those who print magazines etc) that 12 megapixels is ok and the Dynamic range is great etc etc.. Why doesn’t Nikon come up with a FF frame body with at least 18 megapixels soon??

    maybe we should stop buying Nikon stuff for a while and pressure the company? what if we all did that, like people do to their governments, and force Nikon to comply and give the people what they NEED!

    boycott Nikon? what do you think? may be a little while.. pressure them to produce that so much needed D800 or D700x , lets make them wait too, if your going to get an accessory or a lens soon.. make them wait. Why not? we have been waiting for EVER.

    • I’m looking for a smashed yet working D3X wreck & an abused D700, both for bargain price. Then I’ll build my own D700x out of the two & then show it in front of Nikon stand at Photokina 🙂

      • Rafael

        man! great idea, I just wish I was there with you at photokina to see their faces! (nikon rep´s faces that is) lol

    • Greenwood_Geoff

      Hell, I have not bought anything Nikon for a while and will not be buying another 12MP camera to replace my D90. I guess I am already on the boycott bandwagon.

      • pethunia

        Yeah – I’m in fact also in waiting-mode.

  • Deez Nutz

    I work at a camera store. The D90 was just removed from the “employee purchase” program this week.


    next nikon DSLR at beginning of August

  • I am thefunk, in real life, and I am posting with the name that was pre-populated in my comment box. Together with the email address.

  • Dash

    If this new camera is better than the d90 I imagine sales of the d300(s) will plummet if it becomes an image quality “downgrade” to get a 300. Perhaps that is why they have rumoredly removed the AF motor, to force people to the 300 for the lenses. If nikon marketing has so much power I am surprised they are not raising resolution from the top down. Perhaps they are trying to have a smaller gap between the d90 and 300s updates, or maybe they have some brilliant plan that will blow my mind…

    I can only hope they do everything soon

  • alvin

    hey admin…i’m waiting to see the usual “update” on top of this rumor with something like ” the tipster sent me a pic that is not a fake because bla bla etc…” 😉

  • alvin

    hey admin…i’m waiting to see the usual “update” on top of this rumor with something like ” the reader sent me some pics that look real because bla bla etc…” 😉

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