Tokina AT-X 16-28 F2.8 PRO FX lens (F-mount) now official

Update: samples pictures taken with the Tokina AT-X 16-28 F2.8 PRO FX lens can be found here.

The previously rumored Tokina AT-X 16-28 F2.8 PRO FX lens is now official.

Full specs after the break:

Focal length 16 ~ 28mm
Brightness F2.8
Minimum aperture F22
Lens constitution 13 groups, 15 lenses
Coating Multilayer coating
Angle of view ゚ 107 11 '- 87 ゚ 76'
Minimum focusing distance 0.28m
Maximum magnification macro 1:5.26
Number of diaphragm blades Nine
Filter Size Not installed
Diameter 90.0mm
Tamotsu Takeshi 133.3mm
Weight 950g
Accessories Special lens cap
Compatible Mount Nikon / Canon
Product Name AT-X 16-28 F2.8 PRO FX 16-28mm F2.8
Only full-size digital SLR Lenses
Release Date August 6, 2010 (Friday) (for Nikon)
Mid-September 2010 (for Canon)
Suggested retail price 118,000 yen (including tax ¥ 123.900) with a fixed hood ornament

The full press release can be found here.

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  • nice

  • I’m sure it’s wonderful but I can see little reason why any Nikon owner would want to buy it over existing Nikon models. If you don’t have the need of a filter the 14-24mm will kick its butt no doubt, while if you need a filter or want VR the 16-35mm f/4 is the obvious choice. This is more for Canon shooters if you ask me…. but providing yet another lens with a reach of up to 28mm that you can neither screw a filter onto or use a slot system with is most likely missing the mark of what people want in that range if you ask me.

    It’s just a cheap version of the 14-24mm I guess but its predicted price doesn’t actually reflect that value either in my view.

    • Lee is bringing out filters for the 14-24 though. I expect that system will also fit this lens – similar petaled fixed lens hood (the release mentioned it being adaptable to other lenses, perhaps meaning that they had something going down with Tokina behind the scenes?)

  • AS

    Hey Administrator,
    Same problem exists as I (Jabs) am posting as AS with a yahoo email address.
    Hope that you fix it soon!

    • I am working on it – it is weird that is happening only to certain readers. Have you visited a canon site lately 🙂 If not fixed by the end of today, I will disable all comments until I find a solution.

      • Jabs

        No Administrator I have not visited a Canon site.

        Posted some links to web sites about MySQL Injection issues on other thread.

  • The invisible Man

    Look like the 14-24mm Nikon, does Tokina have to make it’s lense look like Nikon’s lenses to be able to sell it ?

  • David Hasselblaff
  • ok, I will temporary disable all comments until this is fixed.

  • Jabs

    OK Administrator,
    That post got through but it included – ‘Your comments are awaiting moderation’.

    Will check back later on!
    Have a good one.

  • Mehigh

    I’m not Jabs and I’m not Mehigh.

    I can make this happen (Firefox 3.6.6) one out of four times when I delete the nikonrumors wordpress cookie.

    I sometimes even get in as admin, but when I attempt to post as admin I get a wordpress error telling me name and email are required EVEN THOUGH those fields are not present in the “post a comment” box.

  • ok, let’s try this again – I did a ton of changes, hopefully the issue is fixed. I enabled the comments again in the last 3 posts.

    • test comment

      My name and email fields are blank in the comments section. Hope that helps. Thanks for all your efforts.

    • ok, almost 2 hours and so far nobody has reported any problems with the wrong name/email being displayed.


    I have one this lens, you can see one my sample with this lens —>


    let see in next 3 months, if street price about 90k, i will consider it ^_^

  • Magnuss

    I`am not going buy this lens. Nikon sems to be better

  • Kevin Y

    omg it looks just like the 14-24mm but in tokina skin

  • Is it now a huge demand for FX lenses?

    I really like to see the first f/2 zoom for DX. 16-28, would be nice.

    • Mike

      Exactly. If Tamron can build a 28-75 with a 67 mm thread, surely they can build a faster lens of the same focal length with larger construction. Even 2.5 would be significant “on paper”.

  • nomad

    For about US $1400, who would buy it?

    • Karlosak

      For $1400 probably no one, but for about $800 many! Tokina, Sigma, and Tamron lenses typically go for about half what the press releases say. For example:

      Tokina 11-16mm
      press release: $1046
      B&H photo: $599

  • nobody

    I agree. For 50% or less of the price of the 14-24 it may find some buyers. Otherwise, why would anybody buy this lens?

    • GlobalGuy

      No, 20% discount is sufficient to get many people to buy who WANT but cannot afford. However, the problem is not with the 14-24 discount. The problem is the 16-35 VR f/4 discount. This lens is actually MORE expensive than Nikon’s 16-35 VR f/4, which is almost equally as good as the 14-24 (just in different ways)!! You would have to be crazy to get this Tokina. Just buy the 16-35 VR f/4 Nikon if you are looking for discount and the best possible performance in the price range. If you are looking for as wide as possible, get the 14-24/f2.8 Nikon. This Tokina is simply a “me-too!” copy cat lens, which fails to match price or features.

      THAT BEING SAID…………..

      I think people are forgetting that Tokina can offer this lens for OTHER camera manufacturers as well as Nikon. Assuming that Tokina makes these things work for Sony, Canon, etc, they might have a winner.

  • Kensmokecrakrockwell

    Sorry. At 118000 yen which translates to $1344.57 american dollars ya wont see me buying this. Save your money and get the 14-24 mm for $1799. And i was hoping this would cost around $700 bucks. Dont hold your breath: most of us middle income hard working high tax paying fools are waiting for the d700 replacement and this lens. The canon users are waiting for the 5d mkII replacement to no avail also so i dont feel so bad..Thanx admin !!!!!


    • Rosco

      I am not Rosco (but by some strange coincidence, the webserver misread my IP or my cookies and filled in Rosco’s name and showed me his e-mail address). Something is still rotten here.

      Back to the topic at hand, the 11-16 mm was introduced in Japan at $1050 and now sells for $599. Expect $800 in half a year.

      • Kensmokecrakrockwell

        Tanx roscoe ( or whoever) you are. Actually i had the 11-16. I lost it….but it was as every bit as good as a nikon lens. Built like a tank….sorry lens cap though. This will make a great companion to my 24-70mm. For $800 im sold. And a pelican case with a titanium bike chain to boot 16mm. Alsoで撮影をしたが背景のビルの直線部分が歪曲せず、空に向かってまっすぐ立っている。超広角レンズではそのレンズ特性から歪曲収差が比較的起こりやすいが、AT-X16-28 F2.8 PRO FXでは各種の非球面レンズがもつパワーを適切に分散。画質の向上を図るのとともに、歪曲収差を良好に補正して被写体の形をきれいに表現することに長けている。あえて16-28mmで焦点距離を設計した理由のひとつがここにあるのだ。Thats on a d3x which i aint getting. Cheers!

  • D700 (feels like F3)

    A comparison with the 14-24mm would be interesting. It would simply mean: choice, which is always welcome.

    Practically: it’s not too much distinctive … a follower strategy by Tokina.

  • Sam

    Hey Administrator,
    Sorry to cause distress but the same issue is still there.
    I (Jabs) am now posting as Sam.
    Oh well.

    • Sam

      Lol wut? That wasn’t me.

  • Karlosak

    Hey Administrator,
    I went back and forth within your web site to your homepage – NikonRumors and then came back here and found this name and their email address there.

    Same problem.
    Try the MySql links that I posted, perhaps!

  • Jabs

    Hey Administrator,
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    Before when you posted, sometimes the comments section was gone IF you scrolled back and ONLY the name and email information remained.
    NOW, everything remains!

    • The comment section was gone because i disabled the comments until i fix this. I purchased an online scanner and identified the malware, I am still not sure how to isolate it. Waiting on response from tech support. In the mean time, I will disable the comments again.

  • The problem should be fixed now thanks to If you still see other emails or names showing up in the comments box, please clear you browser cache and delete your cookies.

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      Umm, this is not ATAMAH. This is post cache and cookie cleaning.

      If you have 1 confirmed malware infection, you likely have 10.

      Nuke it from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure – I’m serious.

      Hopefully you were wise enough to have proper backups.

      • nobody

        And this is not nobody.
        Hopefully you can compare the two IP addresses and see they are the same, and see via the email addresses that what I say is true.

        You have been made aware of an infection.
        You have been made aware that /at least some/ user data is leaking.
        I would hope you would take the moral action and close the barn doors.

        I would also hope you ensure the forums, can’t leak passwords (you ARE only storing salted hashes, no?) as many users (shame on them) reuse passwords and a single leak can be devastating.

        • Mon nez

          Hmm, why did I put a comma after the word “forums”>

  • The invisible Man

    **** Out of topic ****
    I just noticed that I have to re-adjust the focus on my Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 AF-S if I zoom after doing the “first” focusing.
    Is that lens varifocal ? For $1800 is it not suposed to be a “true zoom” parfocal ?
    Or is my lens a lemon ?
    Thanks Peter.

  • dennis

    is this a rebadged Nikon or Nikon made it for Tokina? it looks tooo Nikon

  • daniel

    I actually like that the design looks like a nikon, because other tokinas, altough a design that I now recognize, were ugly.
    But they are maybe just going to look like cheap knock offs “hey that’s a nice lens, the nikkor 14-24… Oh no, it’s a ‘Torina'”

    • Gerry

      I agree, although I thought the colors looked very dull.

  • Ray

    I am not impressed by the samples… (is this me or does most other users here feel the same way?)

    I felt like the 11-16 on the d2x had “sharper” edges and corners… based on various samples…


  • clarence

    The fixed lens hood is pretty much useless for DX/APS-C users, what a shame…

  • Notice the AF/MF switch … so much for the “Silent Drive-Module (SD-M) autofocus motor” – NOT! It obviously also won’t do manual focus override.

    • litebyte

      Tokina is a good brand..they lack however a bit in 2 things:
      QC – lots of sample variation
      Not the latest technology used
      Image wise, they make some great lenses with excellent build…if you receive a good copy.

  • Anonymous

    There are some sample images on the Tokina website

  • longtimenikonshooter

    Error still present

  • bwhahaha

    tokina? who cares?!

  • Hey Administrator,
    The problem still is there.
    I (Jabs) am now posting as this person.
    Try the MySQL Injection links I posted.

  • Rafael

    Hey Administrator,
    This is me (Jabs) now posting as Rafael (second example in a row).
    Same problem occurs when you clear COOKIES and reload your Home Page, then click on COMMENTS.

  • Rafael

    I’m not Raphael… so the problem is still here…

    From the photos it seema that this Tokina has good IQ, but it will be hard to be positioned between the Nikkors 14-24 and 16-35

  • alvix

    considering they used a D3x ..the pics looks very promising as far as distorsions, colors , sharpness etc…

  • Jabs

    A Little OFF-TOPIC but perhaps a reply to complainers here.
    Wedding Photographer Allister Freeman switches from Canon 5dMk2 to Nikon D700 and he states why.

    Canon 5D Mark 2 versus Nikon D700 – My thoughts

  • I enabled the comments again – let’s see if this is fixed now.

  • Bryan

    Was having trouble posting comments before. Seems the name and e-mail thing is fixed though.

    • Great news – I did disable the comments while the problem was being fixed. I hope this will be the last time we see this issue. I have taken some more security measures that should prevent something similar to happen in the future.

  • i_want_a_D900

    Thinking about it, I think this lens is more for Canon folks than Nikon folks. the 16-35 f/2.8L MkII really isn’t that great.

    It is really strange for a 3rd party manufacturer that comes up with a wide lens that
    1) does not take filters
    2) not hitting 14mm wide
    3) only hits 28mm on the long side
    4) Weights 2.1 pounds.not light at all. i would rather carry a 14-24.

    optically it should be great within the range, no questions asked. for nikon folks who want maximum quality ultra-ultra wide , they would carry the 2.2 pounds 14-24. if they want light weigt, versatillity, using filters and VR, they would pick the 16-35. esp now that 16-35 is down to $1150 and comes with real AF-S. The Tokina would have to perform like a 14-24 in the same range and sell for a bit less than the 16-35 to attract nikon FX customers.

  • kururu

    $800 for street price plz.

    * yeah comment fixed, it’s me ^_^

  • Rafael

    no, not fixed

  • Paul

    I don’t get all the naysayers. After closely inspecting the sample images shot on a D3X, I’m anticipating this lens will sell well (once the street price sinks to around $900). Only the extreme corners soften a bit and it’s not that bad. The lack of optical distortion is remarkable. Tokina’s are notorious for their CA but the samples are really clean (albeit the D3X processing engine did some work there too).
    While I agree that it’s a bit odd in that it doesn’t go all that wide or accept filters compared to Nikon’s offerings, I expect the image quality combined with price will again make this Tokina another viable option for many.

  • longtimenikonshooter

    Error still present !

  • CCCP

    NikonRumous suits well as a name of forum! “i think”, “I would”, “I would not” etc. Buy one of this lens and have something to compare, something to talk about. Does it matter for how many Oscars got the movie, to help you deside weather watch it or not?

  • Kensmokecrakrockwell

    The naysayers just dont get it. They’ve probably never owned a tokina lens. The tokina 11-16mm is the best lens i’ve ever owned for dx. I pre-ordered it on adorama….took me almost half a year to get. And boy was it worth the wait The best pictures i ever took were with this lens on a d300, but i’m gonna one day get my life together and move up to full frame. When the d700 replacement comes out…i’ll wait………….still waiting……..






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