New Nikon camera to be released “within few weeks”

This is an anonymous tip I received few days ago - I was hoping to get more info, but unfortunately there is no way to contact back the sender:

"New camera due in few weeks
I have a photo taken with Nikon camera which will be released within few weeks. EXIF is obfuscated, but there are few things I notice:

Good news: it looks better then 12Mpix DX sensor in tonal dynamics. Transitions on skin are very nice.
Bad news: it is not even 20 Mpix - no huge upgrade. Judging from image quality it will be DX camera (too noisy to be FX)."

Maybe this reader can send us the picture so we can better evaluate it here on NR - this can be done by uploading it to one of the anonymous image hosting sites like BayimgImageshack or Rapidshare and emailing me the link or posting it as a comment to this thread. Thanks!

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  • alvin

    sorry for the double …was my fault..

  • thefunk

    would you like me to send a picture ?

  • Anonymous

    They said it was going to be something “VERY SPECIAL” : really hope some revulotionary sensor improvments, otherwhise, I’ll simply pass as my canon T2i 18MP is already sharp enough. (my d40x is sleeping now)

  • cirtap

    This is what I found out…I have a friend who is friends with Marge..and she said she heard Jim up the street, say that his bf, Bob who’s uncle Tom works for Nikon USA, who’s friend Dave works at Nikon Japan, over heard the president of Nikon say in the bathroom stall no. 3…it is two cameras…D700X and D90s…all with 12.1 mp.

    • twoomy

      That’s very original.

  • D700 (feels like F3)

    so what? as long as the DX lens are not good enough for 18 mpxl: it is a waste of gear …

  • Anonymous

    New Nikon camera to be released “within few weeks” Yeah, and we should believe any of the bs. We’ve been hearing new releases since last year and what did we get? Coolpix. Fuck Nikon

    • Anonymous

      If anything comes this year it will not happen before Sep 15. That is because normally we have some rumors 2 months before releases. So Nikon sucks!

  • Antony

    What do you expect from Nikon with Jack Nicholson as director of marketing?

  • Antony

    Rules for Nikon:
    1) ‘Interchangeable Lens Cameras’ use lenses
    Nikon’s range is pretty far out of date. A review of Nikon lenses shows that many are still AF and not AFS – never mind VR. No matter which camera you use you need a lens (lenses).
    2) Customers have a limited life span
    Customers are likely to ‘peg-off’ waiting for the Nikon Equipment they want (or more accurately ‘need’). One of the main rules of marketing is being ‘first to market’.
    ‘Nuff said.

  • Bart

    Last few years there were 3-5 FX lens, 2-3 DX lens and 3-4 DSLR announcements per year and this year Nikon announced only 3 FX lenses and no DX lenses or DSLRs. I think it’s safe to expect 3 DSLR bodies, 2 DX lenses and at least one FX lens by the end of this year.

    Announcements before Photokina will probably be more consumer oriented (for Christmas / New Year sales), but Nikon won’t forget pros. In late July / early August, I’ll expect Nikon to announce two new DSLRs (D90 and D3000 replacements), one new DX zoom lens (18-70VR or 18-135VR) and one new FX lens (85VR f/1.4 or 24-xxVR). I don’t expect D700 replacement announcement before November / December.

  • Is there seriously no available combination of body/lenses out there for some of you to create the photographs you need to make?

    • twoomy

      For some of us, it’s about convenience as well. While I could be carrying a D3x, 14-24mm and 24-70mm on a big hiking trip, I’d much rather carry a D700x (mini D3x) and a few f/4 lenses instead. I would be a Canon 5dmkII guy with f/4 lenses at this point, but I didn’t like the shadow noise of the 5dmkII. I would be a Sony a850 guy at this point, but they don’t have the f/4 lenses either.

      Many of us are pretty happy with any of the manufacturers’ offerings, but we’re still hoping that somebody can knock our socks off and offer us EVERYTHING that we want.

      • Rafael

        I agree, I have a D3x and dont take it out much on the streets or vacations.. I wish there was a lower cost FF 18 to 24 megapixel camera, I could take in to risky situations without having my balls on my neck the whole time

        (pardon my french)

  • albertus

    PLEASE !!!! PLEASE !!!!
    No nikon “new” d700 with 12 mpx and video !!!!!!!
    too long time d3x 24 mpx @ nonsense price….
    Dont want d3x, even with normal price (a little more than Sony a 850) :too big, too heavy, too many stupid features (stupid for me, ok, but I am not alone), not made for sport photographers, who own and use their d3/d3s, made for whom??? for marketing?….
    My tip for new buyers who love photography, not news photography:
    if you can, buy middle-format, if not, buy Canon 5d !!!! (old model, a 12 month camera is “old”, but nikon models are much older, and NO new model in sight)

  • akvisuals

    Nikon makes me happy.

  • Richard

    I suppose any improvement must be welcomed, but this has all the signals of a small incremental improvement rather than anything major…which is needed. If Canon ever sort out their autofocus issues Nikon could be in for a nasty surprise.

  • thefunk

    I choose life.

  • Highlight

    “it looks better then 12Mpix DX sensor in tonal dynamics”
    EVIL with the Fujifilm SuperCCD? 😉

  • SLRist

    The low end point & shoot territory is slipping from Canon and Nikon to the phone manufacturers. Ultimately the only way is up, though I expect at some point Nikon will make a move into the moving image Market. Their imminent priority however, is to make a very convincing move into the M43 field, as there is every danger of them being left behind here. The challenge for them is that the premium compact Market has historically been Canon’s sweetspot.

  • sgts

    I think you get to a certain point with around 24 mpx, where you can fairly easily print up to a1 without much interpolation – i cant see much being needed beyond that – I think the real battleground is dynamic range, which if implemented will make all previous digital shots redundant – its unbelievable that film still trumps digital on this point.

  • Bonetti

    Nikon Should Release the D700s with the D3s sensor in july and release the D800 with D3x sensor on december before the D4 release

    D700s $2499
    D800 $2999

  • Rafael

    Boycott Nikon products until the D700x or D800 and the 85mm f1.4 G AFS !!!

    • albertus

      good idea!

  • zeissgit

    Releasing yet another 12mp camera would have Nikon lose so many customers. There is already the D700 (still being advertised in photog mags here in UK), the D3 (new or secondhand) and the D3s. Not to mention all the DX cameras. So many pro photographers want a full-frame viewfinder and FF hi-rez sensor. The only one is £5000/$8000 – the D3x. I was considering the Pentax 645D but the latest issue of AP seems to state that it has a 0.8 magnification factor on the old 645 lenses. Digital is expensive.. i need a £1000 printer and solid state drives etc. For godsakes the latest PS CS5 is loads of money! FRET FRET , Nikon should state that is it and the D3X is going to be current for some time yet if that is the truth. Well done on the shadow cleaness. Still, i need more pixels!

  • I am not really interested in more pixels in DX. An FX camera of 16-18 MP would be VERY interesting to me, but I do not expect that this year. Also, because I use my cameras traveling, including to places where it may be raining, I now only buy weatherized cameras (had a D70 die on my once).

    So, what I am hoping for at a late July or early August announcement is a replacement for the 80-400 at the same time as whatever new DSLR they are announcing!

  • anony

    I can only tell that 550D will be blown away in many aspects.

    One of the most anticipated lenses will be replaced as well.

    : ) I will be happy, I know I will : )

  • King Nino 6

    Canon blows… Nikon is the best…

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