Current Nikon instant rebate program (US)

I finally was able to get a complete and update list of the current Nikon rebate program from Calumet (note that some expire July 10th, 2010):

Adorama and B&H should have have the same rebates.

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  • Jivee

    Woah. 1st. Damn insomnia

  • Photokid

    So with the d300S part of the rebate, does this mean that there might be plans to replace it? If not with a d400, perhaps the d90 replacement will take over? It seems silly that it’s the same sensor in both cameras, yet one has to be consumer with not as good AF and very cheap build, while the other is “semipro”. By the way, the forum is not working for me, I don’t know if it’s down for a reason, or if it’s just me.

  • Noxin

    wonder if they are tyring to unload some inventory to make way for some new stuff?
    yup I’ve had some issues wtih the forum too.

  • Jivee

    Anyway, this doesnt affect me being in South Africa. But I’ve noticed D90s popping up in more and more stores that never did, or never would keep a prosumer line before. So, looks to me Nikon SA is trying to shift some local stock?

    As for its rumored spec, wel, if it doesn’t have built in AF motor, then it only affects my Tamron 28-75 f2.8. But I could do with 2 bodies anyway…I like my AFS primes (Is it just my sample, or is the AF on 35 f1.8G significantly faster than 50 f1.4G ?), and switching is a pain.

    And I for one would be really happy with 12 – 14 MP, and 1 stop ISO improvement. Give me 1.5 to 2 stops, well, then, I guess f2.8 and f4 zooms would get used more than the primes. I’ll get a Tamron 17-55 VC, since Nikon realy doesn’t want to make an f2.8 mid zoom with VR.

    I’ve seen my friend with a cheap sony alpha 200 get sharper handheld shots slower than 1/10 seconds (due to sonys sensor shift steady shot)than me, both using respective manufacturers 50 f1.4 lenses, and its infuriating knowing I’ve spent 2.5 times as much for lesser results! That said, I’ll still pick D90 for most other situations, especialy because of that 35 f1.8G – gem of a lens, still cant understand why its so cheap…not that I’m complaining.

  • zzddrr

    The only two Nikon cameras that don’t have rebates are the D3s and D3x. Anyway, they are never in stock so need for rebates. But it does seem to me that the entire Nikon dslr product line has some sort of rebates. I guess people are not stupid and all who wanted 12MP they already purchased it.

  • This rebate thing is interesting. By creating rebates, Nikon is attempting to increase demand for its products. It must have been successful as they keep extending the rebate program. By extending demand for their product, it has a multiplier effect in that the buyer will likely purchase more Nikon products like strobes, lenses,….

    The above is classic economic theory. The same states that in order for a company to be successful, it needs to innovate and bear new products. The success on this front is debatable at this moment.

  • sflxn

    *yawn* Nikon needs to try a little harder. Rebates don’t really excite people. It’s an attempt to get the few stragglers who might have consider these but didn’t buy them. They need to do something to re-energize existing owners. Owners who have watch them try to sell an $8k high MP camera for 2 years without throwing those of us jealous of the camera a bone.

  • Leaking Starfish

    I want a 16-35 and if I buy another POS 12mpx body I get $300 off. :Gomer:

  • Does such a list exists for germany too?

  • andrew

    Remember the days when they used to have rebates on lenses. Now you have to buy the kitchen sink for any savings.

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