Nikon to start a massive marketing campaign this Fall

The rumor is that Nikon is preparing a huge marketing campaign that is suppose to start this Fall. I do not have any details, but probably Nikon will hire an outside company to manage all the details. The "I am Nikon" campaign is already fading away and with the holiday shopping season approaching soon after Photokina (September 2010) this rumor sounds plausible.

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  • Alfredo Fernandez

    we dont want campaigns,

    • Rafael

      agree 100%

    • Well, I’m betting pound to a penny that they will be advertising something new…

    • Seppl

      No, NOOOOO!!!

      No equipment!!!!!

      I NEEED another “we are all stupid consumers that spend money on waste plastic devices” campaign!!!!

      The “I am Nikon” campaign got me so excited, I was running around with a stiffy for a month!!

      • Victor Hassleblood


        Me too. It’s always sooooooo exciting to be part of something bigger than yourself. All this sexual tension between the 12 MP-Nikon-fanboys … hope it won’t fade.
        Gosh I am going to miss this gorgeous campaign. To be declared member of the family (against my will) is always my favorite kind of advertising. Who would want to see a new camera instead. I sure don’t. I prefer this warm hearted hug anytime.
        Maybe we see another campaign? Naked women in love with their Niko(n)cks …
        Oh hang on, this will probably be Leica: My Life, My Lust My Leica, at the Lap of the Image.

  • benS

    True true… maybe nikon will do a massive marketing campaign for their surprise new equipment 🙂

  • D

    New equipment markets itself.

    • preston

      D, remind me never to invest in a business you own.

  • Alfredo Fernandez

    a little bit out of the topic but,
    how big/heavy would a 400-600 VR N f/4 (or even F4-5.6) ?
    it would be sweet for bird photography 😀

    • Char

      400-600/4 would be bigger than both the 200-400/4 and the 600/4, i.e. VERY big. It would also be very heavy and very expensive.

      400-600/4-5.6 might be slightly smaller than the Sigma 300-800/5.6, but still huge and heavy and probably far above the 5000 EUR mark. Would you be willing to invest that amount of money?

  • venancio

    it will depend on what percentage of the campaign will be for Coolpix and what is left for DSLR…

  • Kevin

    They better have something worth marketing…

  • Steve

    Whoo Hooo – I bet they’re going to be coming out with a new line of coolpix! (Sorry, I’m semi-serious about that – massive marketing for the products they sell the most)

    • studio460

      That’s what I’m afraid of. An all-new, re-vamped, totally consumer-oriented, re-branding campaign. (sigh)

  • Leaking Starfish

    Reminds me of Nike and “just do it”. Great campaign to market shitty shoes. Nikon has to get their heads out of their asses.

  • What’s Ashton up to?

  • zzddrr

    That makes sense; 1) they do not have any new products (yet and fall is really close) and 2) even what they have is out of stock. I do not know what they smoke these Nikon chaps in japan but that shit is strong. 🙂

  • merkuree

    I think this is a good sign…..I believe this is new Nikon management sending signal that they are taking action, engaging the consumer…..and besides, if it’s a marketing campaign, it means new products……which might be good if you are one of the folks waiting for the D700 upgrade….

  • zzddrr

    Maybe they will try to market and sell Ashton.

  • ich bins

    Why a marketing campain? If they would have good stuff (as Canon in parts has) they wouldn´t have to do this. Instead of throwing a lot of money out of the window they should use the money for developing gear what we want: higher res dslrs for affordable price tags and really prime lenses in the lower region of 24 – 200 mm.

    • Martijn Bouius

      before i ever got into DSLR’s, i never heard about nikon. a friend pointed it out, otherwise i’d bought a canon.
      THATS why marketing is neccessary.
      and more marketing = more sales = more money= more money to invest in new products

  • Click

    Better yet, Fire Ashton and hire Demi.

  • nobody

    You don’t need a marketing campaign to sell a D700X. You could even hide it, it would sell anyway.

    You do need a marketing campaign to sell more Coolpixes and D3000s.

    I’m afraid this isn’t good news.

    • Hendog

      So true, never seen a dedicated TV ad for anything above a D90. I think they still need to market whatever is awesome about the new D700 etc. for the fence-sitters and the uninitiated. People like you and I know we’re probably gonna buy a D700 replacement when it comes out anyway – no need to market for us, just give us juicy specs and a friggin release sometime this century.

  • Joe Boston

    zzddrr’s posts are as stale as Nikon’s product lineup. I want a D700 replacement. 🙁

  • Hope marketing division won’t suck too much resources to R&D one…

    • jimmy

      If it’s anything like the R&D division we should see the marketing come out late October 2020.

  • Bruno

    The release of new products is a marketing campaign on itself. I mean when they make a new camera all magazines talk about it which is free advertissement and you don’t need to pay a marketing campaign.

    NR Admin, do you think this affects the timing of new products? Do you still think the D700 replacements is going to be presented this summer?

    • Do I think the D700 will be replaced – yes, do I have any reliable info that the D700 will be replaced – no.

  • SLRist

    What’s this obsession with a D700 replacement? The D700 is perfect.

    • Greenwood_Geoff

      not quite perfect, add 6 – 8 more MP and we are close to perfect. ;- )

    • John Shaft the third

      I will wait…. if it doesn’t come out in the next three years I will buy a used d3s or a d700. Pushing my d300 to the limits makes me a better photographer.. but eventually I will have to upgrade due to the legacy glass which I do posses.

  • nonbeliever

    If you don’t have good equipment to present, start a marketing campaign. 🙁 🙁
    They should spend the money on research!

  • Ren Kockwell

    Jeez, with so many pro photographers in this forum, it’s hard to believe some of the unintelligent comments made thus far. You never sink gobs of money into marketing when you have nothing to sell. So obviously, they’re gearing up for something here. Everyone here should want Nikon to run successful, creative, intelligent campaigns so that the word gets out on their product and more people buy. Use your heads people.

    Now, the Ashton crap they’ve been running is about as sad as their Coolpix line, but I’m hoping they start to really identify their end consumers here, and begin to build a strong identity that is on-target.

    • Martijn Bouius


    • nonbeliever

      you mean like in their last campaign – mmh, let´s remember which products were there …… …… ….., mmmh, still can´t remember any new products in that “I´m Nikon campaign. DO YOU??

  • So many pro photographers? I doubt it. This site seems to attract a large share of FX fetishists with more money than common sense.

    Come on people, where’s the DX=dead rant of the day? Where’s the “I need 50mpix?” Where’s the “I’m dying for a 24mm f1.2 AF-S VR” discussion?

    Personally I think it would be nice to see a campaign targeting the more serious DSLR user instead of all the happy young people having fun with a coolpix.

    • D40-owner

      – DX is dead!!! Give me my D800xs with 60Mpixel, 15fps and ISO 819.200 !!!
      – I also want my 14-600mm f/1.4G AF-S VRII IF-ED N !!!

  • Ren Kockwell

    Just taking folks at their word, Jeroen. Several regulars have stated they shoot studio and wedding work. But yes, most pros I know don’t lurk in forums like these, they’re too busy shooting.

    • Anonymous

      And making PILES of money!

  • I have a better idea: Nikon sends me the full specs and pictures of their upcoming cameras and I can guarantee them that gizmodo , engadget and every other photo related website out there will have them on their main page, not to mention all the forum discussions that will follow. Did I mention that this will be free?

    • Victor Hassleblood

      Good idea.

  • layla

    Is this “rumour” part of the marketing campaign ?

  • Morg

    marketing what nothing new here.Boring!

  • SWEET! Maybe it will be another P&S camera! ZOMG, would that be cutting edge and just what everyone would love to see! Maybe Ashton will give us a new P&S camera with a rear facing lens as well, so you can record yourself recording video on your camera and share it with others at a remarkable 480p! I am all a titter just thinking about this. I will be in my bunk.

  • Anonymous

    I’m intelligent, I’m sexy, I’m colorful, I’m Nikon, I’m 12mp 🙂

    • Anonymous

      LOL…….good one!

  • Kingyo

    I agree with some above posts.. this is most definitely a campaign for the P&S/D3000 market…which means more waiting for any news on new FX bodies 🙁

    • Anonymous

      Maybe they need the money flow that will come from low-end market, to finance FX r&d and maybe to subsidize prices.

      And, to be successful in that area they need good marketing; because the non-photographer, leisurely buyer will not think too much to decide. Today’s to-be Canon buyer may choose Nikon, or Sony or anything tomorrow depending on the wind direction. P&S cameras are almost alike. One can’t go wrong with any…

  • Jose

    This campaing started last week, I never saw a nikon campainmg in any latin America cable TV channels and I saw nikon TV commercial in TNT.
    This commercial Involve Nikon D5000, D3000 and D90

  • Paul Rogers

    Re the headline-Well i suppose that might be news in the Autumn, but not now.

  • Anonymous

    Nikon’s “massive” marketing campaign:

    1) Clowns trying to sell 24mp D900 + 24-120mm f/4 VR to soccermoms at shopping malls 🙂 “Promotion price, don’t miss, only $4000 ! ”
    2) Reps trying to sell 10mp D4000 to professionals at serious stores:[ “body only $500, you’ll regret not to take one”

  • Anonymous

    it is about time all the simple people threatening to switch to canon will be won back.

  • zeissgit

    Beginning of August is the next pro DSLR release date apparantly. Spoke to a friend of mine, a management guru, who worked for Nikon recently. I just asked him and he gave it to me straight and unadorned that thats when its gonna happen. I have emailed him for more details but looks like he’s not gonna tell me anymore.

  • zeissgit

    Beginning of August is the next pro DSLR release date apparantly. Spoke to a friend of mine, a management guru, who worked for Nikon recently. I just asked him and he gave it to me straight and unadorned that thats when its gonna happen. I have emailed him for more details but looks like he’s not gonna tell me anymore.

  • Dpressed

    C’mon guys, they are making p&s cameras that project !!! Now, how cool is that?
    If Nikon don’t come up with a serious FF (todays standard set of features) at decent and competitive price within a few months, they are going to suffer the consequences.
    After all, today’s prosumers are tomorrows pros, I’ve never seen anybody switch from a p&s to a D3s.
    And a lot of prosumers are switching to Canon FF. They don’t care much about the fact they already have Nikon lenses because most of them are DX anyway, and Nikon lenses hold their value quite well on the used market.
    I am one seriously considering switching…but trust me, many have already done it.

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