What are you waiting for?

Time for some polls:

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  • Narna

    I’m not waiting for any of these.

    I’d like a D400 as an upgrade of my D200 (which I bought 2 weeks before 300 was anounced so stubornly waiting for the next real upgrade).

    And I’d love some f4 zooms. A new 70-210 F4 (FX) would definitely get my cash, and how about something like a 15-75 f4 (DX) or similar. Or bring back the 70-180 zoom-micro – would LOVE one of those, so hard to find these days.

    • Anonymous

      Why don’t you buy the 16-85mm plus 55-200mm DX combo?

    • Anonymous

      Why don’t you buy a D300s with 16-85mm plus 55-200mm combo? There’s no reason not to be happy with.

  • The invisible man

    I’m waiting……I’m waiting…….for more customers, that way I’ll be able to buy that 14-24 f/2.8 who will be perfect for my futur D900. I’m sure Peter will understand me and finally promote my Test Charts (I talk about Nikon’s rumors to everyone I know).
    Seriously, you should see my D90 with the AF-S 24-70, or my 105 micro mounted on it, and the SB900 on top of that, it look like a SMART car with 24″ wheels on !

  • Roland

    I am still waiting for the next coolpix replacement.
    According to current coolpix release rate it is due anytime now.

    Would like the next coolpix to have +20MP, exchangable lenses, external flash, +1080 HD video.
    No more than $1500, or i am switching to canon!!!

    • Me, too!

      Oh, wait… I don’t buy Coolpix cams. I already own several Canons. I guess I’m already there!

  • Mat

    Any info about new sigma 70-200 OS EX f/2.8? When it will be in stock? Any info about Tamron 70-200 f/2,8 replacement?

  • Carlos R B

    Im waiting for Canon release their 4th 5d generation and their second mirrorless system so that Nikon can come up with a 20mp APS-C camera(and dont even start with no more MP discussion) and their first mirrorless system….

    • Anonymous

      I think you meant 20mp FX, since it will be too much for DX. Noise, diffraction, lens resolution limited, etc.

      But a 20mp FX will be at sweet spot.

      • Carlos R B

        Actually i meant for APS-C, according to he Nikons guru Tom Hogan, its possible to go 24mp aps-c and something like 50mp for full frame.(ok, i read this a long time ago, so maybe he has changed his mind)…but my man point is how slow Nikon is….

        • PHB

          He is being conservative.

          If you look at the sensor technology, DX can go to about 80MP and FX to 160 before fundamental limits start to encroach.

          25MP and 60MP are the point at which the lenses start to be tricky.

          If people want to be really picky they are not going to see a full 60MP across the full frame. But truth be told you don’t with the ‘blad either.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately this survey is simply crap. It is a badly designed one. (I will have NR Admin for the next round of survey to make it more precise.)

    On the onther hand, we can conclude that about 70% (D700 replacement and small FF) of those who voted are interested in some form of FF camera. This is significant and it shows how badly Nikon misjudged the market. Again, there is plenty of room to argue about the results as the replacement of the D300s which is the top DX was not an option.

    If I were NR Admin I would ask two simple questions to start with:

    1) Are you interested in a new FF
    2) Are you interested in a new DX
    3) Not interested in any

    This would give a clearer pricture and we can narrow down with better questions.

    • thefunk

      Jesus man, chill out.

    • enesunkie

      Unfortunately any poll on Nikon Rumors is going to be a little (or lot) biased. I don’t think that the posters here are representative of all of Nikons customers. Most will get there D90 with 18-105 kit lens, keep it for a few years till they get bored with it and then sell and get whatever Best Buy has on sale at that time. If the Nikon has 14mp and the Canon has 18 mp and maybe a couple bucks cheaper , they’ll switch brands without giving a thought to waiting for Nikon to “catch up”.

  • getanalogue

    i am not waiting at all

    but i would like to have a 14 / 3.5 DX prime for my D 90
    rumoured D 90 replacement with 20 MP would be fantastic and an immediate buy

  • jim


    Also understand the demographics of this site. The people who frequent this site, and further to that – the comments portion, are not Nikon’s only target market.

    • Anonymous

      That is why i said that the questions were wrong.

  • Ken Rockwell

    Don’t see why the 50 1.2 AF-S is trailing behind the 85 1.4

    Doesn’t make sense to me how a brand new lense with an amazing wide 1.2 aperture, is losing to an AF-S update to an old lens.

    The prime 1.2’s are one of the main reasons for why people go Canon rather than Nikon.

    • Real Ken Rockwell

      “The prime 1.2’s are one of the main reasons for why people go Canon rather than Nikon.”

      HUH. f/1.4 is already more than enough, and what’s the point of f/1.2? The half-stop difference is of trivial importance, why should it be one of the MAIN reasons. If you have any FX, you can always compensate by cranking the ISO a bit with an ease.

      Today, reasons to go Canon are the lack of 5DmkII & 7D equivalents from Nikon.

      • PHB

        There is already a f/1.2 Nikon lens, only its manual focus. And the fact is that Canon can’t really focus their f/1.2 automatically either. Neither has exactly great reviews.

        What people want to see Nikon bring back is something like the legendary 58 f/1.2 Noct. Which is notable not so much for the aperture as the lack of sagittal coma flare.

  • Neogene

    The web is speaking: D700 replacement!

  • jiu

    how about just a price drop on the d90

    • The invisible man

      I’ll sell mine (D90) as soon the D900 show up (sept).
      Brand new condition, still under warranty 😮

  • Jonathan

    I would like to see moderately fast prime lenses with VR, eg a 50 1.8 VR.

    I currently use the 50 1.4 and the 35 1.8, and would like to have the benefits of VR for low light situations.

  • Anonymous

    NR Admin, this is crap, please post something new. Do you have any rumors?

  • thefunk

    Hey don’t get at Admin.

    He is not in the business of making things up.

    However, in answer to the question, I am waiting for a BIG FAT RUMOUR.

    • John Doe

      I’m waiting for hell to freeze over.

  • i’m waiting for none of he above. I want a 7D killer: the D400, if it will ever come

  • I’d buy a new 85 f1.4 with the nano-coating right now today if it was available, same with a 135 f2. I don’t need much on the wide end the 24-70 2.8 is such an incredible lens.

  • Anonymous

    D700 Replacement:


  • Anonymous

    You forgot to include Christmas

  • Anonycat

    and now a break with some music:

  • D400 it’s my priority!

  • thefunk

    I want. I want. I want.

    I think this site should be called NikonAmIaManoraBaby.com

    • Careful. You`ll get ev`one worked up over that. Before you know it, someone will challenge you to a duel. Questioning peoples` manhood may cause resentment 😉

  • Alex

    I voted D700 replacement, but in reality I think I want a FF version of a D90 size camera.

    • Anonymous

      Then exactly falls into “Full frame Nikon DSLR in small body”

      • Alex

        Yes, thank you. My point was that I changed my mind.

        • Anonymous

          I’ve heard of a FX D600 rumor, in a way Nikon implement their older systems in basic bodies like we see with D5000 & D3000. D600 is expected to have existing D700 tech in a body, similar to D90 – simply an entry-level D700 after all the updates will have been introduced.

          12mp, same sensor and processor from D700, therefore no video, smaller form, pentamirror, SD-only slot. Anyway, it’s already a faint rumor.

  • A big clue is if they didn’t renew the rebates for July, if they do obiviously we will be waiting some more. The next couple of days we should have an idea of whats going on here..

    Admin I noticed last month you knew that the rebates were extended days before they expired… Any news on if they are extended this time? (I am sure you will tell us ASAP if you did,)

    • I haven’t heard anything yet – will know more next week. In France they have a new rebate program running till the end of July.

  • Rick

    was this video taken wits the D700 replacement?


    • Peter B


  • qoo

    give me new FF please!!

  • rlanthier

    Really waiting for 200/4 N VR Micro

  • Gareth

    For an SB-700

    and a 24 f/1.4 that can auto focus

  • Lincoln

    I’m really waiting for new D-Movie with full manual exposure, i hate the too much noise when I record with my D90.

  • Scott

    I have given up on Nikon and a D700 replacement. Don’t know what I will do but I am not waiting for Nikon any longer. They have gone stupid

  • dian

    I’m waiting for the 85mm 1.4 and 135mm 2.0 as well as the d700 replacement. But not so I can buy the replacement; I want it to come out so people will sell their d700’s for cheap used and then I’ll get mad honeys with my new used d700. Boom.

  • Brian

    300mm f4 with VR (and I’ll mention this as Nikon needs the hint these days… it should be available at a sane street price under $2K)

    I bought a Sigma 150-500 which I am fairly happy with, but I would have purchased a 300mm f4 with VR if it was available. Nikon is missing out big time on sales opportunities by not having updated versions of the 300mm f4 and 80-400.

    Camera-wise, I have a D80 and a couple DX lenses. Because of the glass, I’m really hoping the DX format has legs, and Nikon can come up with a next generation sensor with meaningful ISO and resolution improvements. But the D700 successor will sorely tempt me.

    This site is fun and all, but we need some quality rumors on the DX and FX sensor design. 🙂

  • Dhruva

    Where is the 50-150mm f/2.8 AF-S VR in the list? Drop the 18-135mm altogether.

    • Dhruva

      I meant DX of course…

  • I am waiting for the Nikon F6 book. I do not know how many times I tried Mr Hogan for the F6 book even a few weeks ago did order the book from his site. and no response. Paid for by Mastercard

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