New Nikon Imaging website is up

The Nikon Imaging website got a face lift. I cannot find anything interesting to report except the fact that there is a new Nikon lenses catalog (pdf format).

At that point I think it is safe to assume that there will be no new product announcement this month (June). July 4th is an official holiday in the US, which makes the first week of July less-desirable for any product announcements. It seems that Canon will have an announcement somewhere between July 12-16. All this leaves us with a potential Nikon announcement at the end of July (I don't think Nikon and Canon ever had a product announcement in the same week).

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  • bleh

  • shivaswrath


  • JMD, Northern VA

    This is great! I now don’t have to worry about my current camera being obsolete nor yearn for the next great camera body!


    • Anonymous

      that is the truth…. new releases make us victims 😀

  • Jesus


  • alvix


    not to NR…to Nikon… 😉

  • Matthew

    I hope those rebates are extended another month then!

    • Kevin

      Make the d700 with 24-70mm for $2500 and I’m sold 😀

      • C Benson

        GOOD LUCK!!

      • another anonymous

        d700 + 24mm f1,4 for great price and i’m sold too 😉

  • Kevin

    We don’t care about how awsome the new website are, NIKON your wasting your money and time for the wrong reason, shouldve use it to release your new dslr so you can actually MAKE MONEY!!! instead wasting it on this crap!!!

    • preston

      They can’t earn money on new models if they don’t have the production capacity to actually make them. Every time someone walks in to the store with the intention to buy something and has to leave empty-handed because they can’t get stock of that item then Nikon is losing potential profit. This is a HUGE problem.

    • Anonymous

      hmmmm… revise a website or make a new camera…. those are hardly in the same price bracket.

  • David

    Should I wait until August – September for a replacement for the D700, or should I go out and buy a Nikon D3s ?

    • Tomaocron

      I had the same dilemma and I just bought the D3s. Wow what an upgrade from my D700! The thing I noticed right away was that the viewfinder black-out from the mirror is incredibly short compared to my D700. The dual card slots and 1 stop better high ISO performance, plus quiet mode are turning out to be just what I needed for my wedding photography. If you can afford the D3s you will certainly not regret the purchase.

      • twoomy

        If you guys break down and get the D3s, Nikon has won. Why should they release newer affordable cameras if we’ll all just break down and get the more expensive one? 🙂 (I actually believe they think this way.)

        • David

          I have to make a move, I can’t wait indefinetly, with uncertancy and everyone reading the tea leaves for an opinion.
          I have sold my main camera – D300, and I did hope to replace it with the D700 replacement. This does not look like it will happen.

        • How are these guys in the wrong for getting the best camera for their needs? Tomoacron doesn’t sound like he’s losing anything to Nikon by buying the best camera available for his needs. If David picked one up, he’s a winner. He gets equipment that far surpasses what he had in his D300. I fail to see the problem.

          Not buying a camera when you need it just hurts yourself. Sure it might pinch Nikon a bit, but overall, I think the user is damaged the most.

      • David

        Thanks for your helpful opinion!

        • Argh

          You’ve already sold a DX body and are looking at moving to FX; if that means you are not heavily into the Nikon FX lens system for goodness’ sake just move to Canon. I am a lifelong Nikon user with a very heavy investment in Nikon system lenses but I am definitely moving to Canon if they manage to announce the 5D Mark II replacement before Nikon announces a 20+ MP sub-$4000 body, or by the end of this year if Nikon has not at least announced that body, whichever comes first. Nikon really seem to be losing it and I suspect they will soon be, if they are not already, on an irreversible slide out of the professional camera market.

          • Great

            Yes, because you’d rather have the awful slow AF in the 5d2 and you need movies in your wedding photography. The superior ISO performance of the D700 doesn’t matter because you need things to be shiny and brand new, and you like the prestige of red plastic rings too?

          • Argh

            No, he’d trade because the 5d mark II fits his needs better and he isn’t a complete ignorant fanboy whose life revolves around his identification with a brand.

          • preston

            To ‘Great’, he said he’ll move if they release the 5DII REPLACEMENT, so how do you know that it will still have slow AF and inferior ISO performance. The replacement will surely have faster AF since that was the only consistent complaint about the 5dII.

    • Anonymous

      great photographers don’t wait.

    • Jose

      David, you only need to buy what you need, I would like to remind all of you two years ago when Canon had a long delay in theirs products and nikon took the lead because they had D300 and D700. The things always happend again, what will you goin to do if next year canon decide to maintain theirs current products and the new 2011 nikon line (looks that is not a rumor) are better than canaon products, you will cahange again?

      • Victor Hassleblood

        Who needs to upgrade from 12MP to 12?
        And who wants 720 video?
        I don’t see any desirable Nikon right now. But we’ve been through this again and again for quite some time now, right? Nikon would be wise to leak something about the coming to keep more people around.

    • Anonymous

      you need to go to for that answer

  • MK

    every day without nikon evil announcement i get closer to a GF1 purchase… tick tock nikon, my $800 could be yours!

    • David

      \what is “Nikon evil announcemet?

      • D40-owner

        It’s the announcement that everyone should switch to Canon, because they are closed for good. 😛

        Seriously, though, E.V.I.L. stands for Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens. Basically the micro 4/3 compacts with interchangeble lenses we’ve seen coming out recently.

        • David

          Many thanks!

    • Greenwood_Geoff

      screw evil get a FF dslr out the door that has more than 12 MP and is a D700 bodytype

    • Anonymous

      I dont think they care about your $800… they probably make more money by following their own timeline not yours

      • MK

        How do you know that I don’t make more money than them following my own timeline?

      • zack

        I don’t think they’ll make more than 800$ this year 😉

  • Ben

    I really hope nikon comes up with something with good video soon. As a wedding photographer I have to constantly keep up with the latest fads and more and more people are wanting a sprinkling of video with their photos. The D700/D3 combo we are using right now is just unbeatable for stills but has no video. I’m lugging around a 7D and some lenses for video and its a massive PITA. If the 7D had the 5DMKII’s sensor I would have switched already. Thankfully it doesn’t and the MKII really has some major downfalls for wedding photography (focusing in low light, slow speed, etc). I really don’t want to switch Nikon. Please give us something with *real* video functions and the excellent low light focusing and performance we expect from all your products now! (and do it on a mid-grade not a 5-8k flagship camera, It would be cheaper to switch then buying 2 quickly deprecating flagship models)

    • Why don’t you sell your D3, sell the PITA 7D and lenses and buy a D3S? Surely problem solved?

      • DW40

        I considered the D3S, but 720p + jello-like video + $$$$$$$ = MAJOR deal breaker. I don’t need Nikon to give me video with all the bells and whistles, just something that produces quality that I wouldn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed to charge a client for.

    • SGN

      Buy a ~1000$ HD Camcorder and get a assistant. Or if you don’t get an assistant, you still get a machine fitting into your pocket, with comparable IQ.

    • Anonymous

      a sprinkling of video… first a sprinkle and then what will they expect next?

  • David

    Forgive my ignorance but, what is “Nikon Evil Announcement” ?

    • Anonymous

      Every Nikon announcement is EVIL for most of the people around here….lol

    • Kozłowski Artur

      That was awesome! You showed them right…

    • Muahahaha… good one :_)

    • Anonymous

      I don’t understand the entire “google it and find out” response… It is bad enough we are interacting with people through a computer so often… whats next I buy groceries and I have to google the amount owing at the checkout?

  • Vladi

    1. No upgrade to D700 this year.
    2. Canon announces 5D mkIII in July.
    3. Everyone who waits for D700x/s switches to Canon.
    4. Nikon loses even more market share in pro lenses market.

    • Jesus

      You are fucking right

    • Argh

      Absolutely 100% correct. At that point Nikon wlll be 2 generations behind instead of their traditional 1, and I will be out of there.

      • Deltaur

        Yeah, me too. Nikon have fallen from grace. Slow, unresponsive, dinosaurs. Sick of watching other companies innovate, while Nikon sleeps and hopes it’s old technology will suffice for long enough to make a few bucks.

        • Dominik

          You guys are hilarious. OMG the sky is falling!!!! Nikon is falling behind. NOOOOoooooooooo!

          Just like they did in 07/08 with the D3, D300, D700, and D3x, Nikon will soon jump ahead of Canon with new products and you’ll all feel like morons for jumping ship. That’s how it’s always been. Back and forth they go.

          Not to mention that aside from pros who can already afford a D3x and the best glass, anyone here who believes the current lineup of Nikon products is holding their photography back is clearly in denial. Let me guess, you’d feel better right now pixel peeping photos of your kids and pets with higher megapixel cameras.

          • Argh

            Smug Nikon apologists like you really are the opposite of hilarious. The bland assumption that those of us who are getting impatient are a bunch of half-assed amateurs is really annoying.

            I don’t know about anyone else in this debate but I make money from my cameras, enough that I write them off my tax with my accountant’s blessing. That doesn’t mean I am eager to spend $16k to buy the 2 D3x bodies I would need. I carry cameras along with a lot of other gear and I don’t want the weight that would impose, either. I like Nikons, like their ergonomics, like the subtleties of their image quality, etc etc. I don’t think more pixels will make for better photos, but it will make for more saleable ones, with longer lifespans in the market and with more options regarding how they can be used. The work I do does not require shooting at ISO 3200 and above, but the more detail there is in the images the better, so the vaunted D3/D700 high-ISO IQ doesn’t do anything for me, but more pixels does. I suspect a lot of the other impatient people, far from being idiots who think that more pixels will magically make their images “better,” are in he same boat that I am in.

            Also, I am in my 50s and acutely conscious that time is passing, and I am taking thousands of photos and ending up with hundreds of keepers that photo editors will be reluctant to use in a few years as the standards get raised higher and higher–which they inevitably will. The opportunity cost of sticking with Nikon in this instance is getting to be too high, particularly as the fraction of my remaining productive life represented by a year gets larger.

            I will wait with interest to see what sort of ignorant fanboy comments this attracts…

          • Jose


            I agree with you, but this post have many people who call you nikon fan or fan boy if you express your opinion against them, Probably they would like that all current nikons owners drop out theirs cameras and go for a new canon camera. But what will happend if the new nikon line in 2011 are better that canon camera, Argh will move to nikon again? you know this is the new ping pong theory.

          • Dominik

            Sorry to disappoint you but I’m not a Nikon apologist or fanboy, I’m a realist and the reality is Nikon can’t release a bunch of semi-pro and pro cameras every year. Canon can’t do it either. 5D owners had to wait 3 years for the 5Dmk2. The 7D didn’t exist until 9 months ago and there is no “3D.” The 1DmkIV update took almost 3 years and its release was obviously brought forward because of the 1Dmk3’s AF problems. The 1Dsmk3 hasn’t been updated.

            Okay, so Canon has affordable high res and 1080p. They still don’t have all the answers, and especially not on full frame where you’ve only got two options: a $2500 camera that shoots 3.9fps with a primitive AF system and a $6K+ studio camera released in 2007 that is limited to 5fps. Nothing like the D3 or D700 exists.

            And for those of us who have invested in expensive camera bodies it’s reassuring that they’re on the market for a couple of years before being replaced. Do you really think Nikon has the resources to update the prosumer and pro range any faster? Let me rephrase that: do you want to end up as a beta tester or get products when they’re thoroughly tested and ready? I can live with a 2-4 year product cycle.

          • Argh

            I, too can live with a 2-4 year product _cycle_. The problem here is that Nikon seems to be slipping in that regard; it is no longer a cycle. For example:

            D2x, announced late 2004, available early 2005, prosumer version D200, announced late 2005, available I forget but suspect it was early 2006.

            Roughly the same pattern with D3 and D700, though I forget the dates because I was not interested (a nice counter example for anyone who thinks I just like shiny new things–I don’t. For the work I do both of those these cameras offered little over my D2x, since I almost never need to shoot at ISOs above 400, so I was not paying attention.)

            D3x, announced late 2008, right on schedule for a 4 year cycle, prosumer version announced…. announced… announced… someday, maybe, but it is looking like it will be at least a year late.

    • Steve

      Canon isn’t going to announce the 5DIII in July. It took them YEARS to replace the first 5D, what makes anyone think they are going to rush the 5DIII? Right now, it sells like crazy and doesn’t have any real direct competition (Sony doesn’t count).

      The next D700 style camera will be the D800 based on the D4, IMHO.

      • Argh

        It took them YEARS, yes, 3 in fact. It has been YEARS, almost 2, since the 5D Mk II. They may well not rush its replacement, but if they do it before Nikon even manages their first small-body high-MP FX, they will deal a final death blow to Nikon in the FX market, as all of us who have been waiting for a D700X switch.

        I can see how that might provide a motive, if they are thinking strategically.

        • another anonymous

          Ok, move if you want. I’m staying as it’s woth it for me and I have some time yet and enjoy shooting with my current Nikon gear.

        • Final death blow? A bit dramatic, perhaps?

          I’m no Nikon apologist (almost switched to Canon last week, albeit for a completely different reason), but have to say that when you phrase things like that, it takes away from your well-argued statement above.

          Personally, I don’t care. I just don’t care for people that whine and cry about it. To my way of thinking, put up or shut up. Not trying to ruffle feathers (altho’ I know I have), rather think that people should put their anger and frustration to constructive use. Don’t cry and threaten everyone here with abandoning Nikon. All it does is bring out the fanboy responses (some may accuse me of that, but the fact that I own 4 Canon cameras at the moment may nullify that 😛 ). For those of you that are fed up with Nikon, WRITE TO THEM. Tell them exactly what you’re telling us. Who are we? We don’t care! Tell THEM! There might be a few Nikon people checking out the forums here, but which do you think would be more effective- a rant on a rumor forum or a well-thought out letter detailing why you’re going to switch along with relevant statistics (equipment used; years in the business, etc.).

          That’s just my take, tho’. Feel free to fan the flames here. Personally, I think that’s stupid. Sorry if anyone takes that personally, because it’s not meant to be. I just think that all of the people here that are worked up over the lack of new equipment should be proactive about it rather than sitting here crying in a forum.

          Just my 1/2 cent worth.

          • Argh

            Interesting point. I have tended to assume that the manufacturers do follow the forums (there is some evidence of that at least for ones like dpreview) and that by making a case on here you not only reach the manufacturer, but you perhaps have more impact because you are also reaching others, and the manufacturer might not be happy about that. Writing an “open letter” about a problem is a classic way to attempt to spur a reluctant agency into doing something about it.

            However, it does have the disadvantage that even reasonable people as you appear to be get ticked off about it and use words like whining, crying, and stupid, which tends to bring the quality of the discussion down, while the ignorant fanboy types tend to just veer completely out of control, and sometimes drag the rest of us along after them, which I’ve been guilty of in this set of comments. The net effect, if any, on the manufacturers is probably greatly reduced.

            Done whining now, will go off and have a good cry and feel better.

          • Greenwood_Geoff

            Not sure which is worse, whining or whining about whiners. ;-P

          • Jose

            fried toast : Looks you are right, our oppinios only work if sales drop, Nikon won`t care Argh tears if they have the profits they spect to have and looks nikon still sales well.

          • aetas

            @ fried toast. I have dissagreed with many of your comments over the years but I have to say this was very well though out.

          • Argh, you are also correct. An open letter certainly can be effective. However, in a forum filled with vitriolic comments, I have to believe that a reasonably worded reply could easily be lost in the “noise.”

            And just to be clear, I wasn’t pointing at you personally. My reply was at everyone that has vented their frustration here (from past to present).

            And while I may not be joining in, it’s because I’m happy w/ my D700 right now so I have no reason to grump. I do feel for the people wanting more MPs. *I* don’t need (nor necessarily want) them, but understand that about half of us here do. I wish Nikon would throw out two bodies: a D700x and a D700s. Think that would go a long way in making a lot of people quiet (more reason to go shoot! New toys!) I just get tired of “I’m going to Canon because Nikon won’t give me a so-and-so.” As Dr. Seuss said, “Marvin K. Mooney, will you please go NOW!” In a perfect world, however, no would have a reason to be that upset about their photographic situation. And unfortunately, this is definitely *not* a perfect world.

        • aetas

          Honestly I dont believe canon is going to give a “death blow” to nikon ever. Canon does have a few decent cameras and If I liked the erganomics(sp) and had canon glass I would be with them. I like the way nikon cameras feel in my hand and the build quality that they have in all of their line. I have alot invested in nikon glass and would like to not have to switch. So I am willing to put in a little time to wait for a release that fits my needs. I have another job and sell what I can on the side. I dont think anyone is a fanboy for being willing to wait for something they want as compared to making a expensive switch to a different brand.

      • Anonymous

        Steve, check the Canonrumors, 5Dmkiii rumors come from there.

    • That’s great, more cheap used Nikon gear for me! If you ask me, the 5D mk3 will BARELY catch up with the D700’s performance.

      The world of GOOD PHOTOGRAPHY doesn’t revolve around megapixels and 1080p video, people.


      • Argh

        Nor does it revolve around good performance at ridiculously high ISOs; that is perhaps the LEAST important thing, and certainly the most recent. It has long been recognised that capturing more information in the original, which used to mean using larger film formats, makes the end product more flexible, whereas the notion that it is critically important to be able to shoot handheld by moonlight is a very modern idea, and completely irrelevant to many styles of photography.

        I do good photography, and want my images to last as long and be as flexible in what they are used for as possible. I used to shoot MF and LF whenever possible for that reason, now I want more MP. That is not unreasonable.

        • Great

          “capturing more information in the original”

          you ever heard of diffraction limit? Or do you just think bigger file = more information?

          • Argh

            ***edited by admin*** Diffraction limit starts to have some effects on a 24 MP FX size sensor at about f/11, and gets serious at about f/16. So what? The “sweet spot” of most high grade lses is wider open than that anyway. If it was not possible to get nice images with lots of information in them on a 24 MP sensor people would not buy the D3x.

            I’m getting really sic of apologists for Nikons slackness, particularly ones that make debating “points” as spectacularly ignorant as this one.

          • Argh

            The apparent misspellings in the previous post are typos. I should have proofread more carefully. It’s a measure of how annoyed I was.

          • Argh

            Thanks for the edit, admin, and sorry it was necessary.

        • another anonymous

          hmm then why don’t you get high mpx advanced compact or evil camera? the main reason for dslr was always just right that big sensor with low noise i.e. image quality and new compacts had high mpx in common.. if you don’t need this picture quality why to spend so much money on dslr? sorry, it’s not quit clear to me – I also know your decision is your business not mine.. i’m just wondering a bit

          • Argh

            Assuming that was a serious comment, and not just a troll, you have misunderstood, and have your facts a bit wrong anyway. Firstly, there is no meaningful option for buying a compact with more MP than a 12 MP DSLR. There are a few with a bit more resolution on paper, but they actually _are_ strongly limited by diffraction at anything other than very wide apertures, cannot produce narrow depth of field even at wide apertures, are always _far_ more noisy than DSLRs, especially in shadows and even at very low ISO settings, and have far less dynamic range than DSLRs. The net result is that they cannot come close to the IQ you get with a 12 MP DSLR.

            I fully appreciate the low noise and high dynamic range of DSLR images. It’s just that I, and probably many others, don’t need low noise at ISO 6400, and there seems to be no appreciable difference in DR between 12 and 24 MP DSLRs. The 5d mk II and the D3x both produce beautiful, low-noise images with full DSLR quality up to at least ISO 800-1600 and that is enough. The D700/D3 are overkill unless you need to shoot action using available light. If you do, then fine, go for them, but it would be very nice if Nikon provided a non-absurdly-overpriced alternative that allowed us to trade off in the other direction, and it is high time that they did.

        • Jose

          Argh: How side are your printed pictures, How crop will you did in your pictures because if you print 6X4 and 8X10, 12 MP are the same than 24 MP? If it is the case what do I need to change my camera if the final products will be the same?

          • Argh

            Oh, 6 X 4 is much larger than I usually print, I try to stick to sizes no larger than 2 X 3. Feet. Or did you mean inches? If that is what you meant you haven’t been following my writing in this set of comments very closely.

            You don’t need to change your camera no matter how large I print. If you don’t print larger than 8 X 10 inches, 12 X 18 absolute max, and have no interest in keeping flexibility to print larger or to publish your images, then by all means take advantage of the incredible bargains now available on 6 MP DSLRs in the secondhand market. You’ll have a great time.

      • Anonymous

        Matthew Saville = 12MP fanboy

        • Jose

          Anonymous you are intelligent people from you I read one of the two reason for have mores Megapixel crop or big printer pictures.
          Again why you call fanboy to anyone who think different than you. You are totally free to buy 18 MP canon camera this year and you are totally free to regret next year if nikon have a new FX camera with 24 MP next year for less tha US 4000. Thanks god for the liberty of spend your money in the stuff you want.

          • Argh

            I don’t call people who disagree with me for rational reasons or debate things sensibly fanboys. I have not called you one.

            However, there are people who don’t do that. Instead of engaging in rational discussion they do things like:

            Accuse anyone who suggests that Nikon products may presently be less than perfect of being idiots who just want new shiny things,

            Try to raise objections or make points using things they clearly have no clue about, such as the comment about diffraction limitation elsewhere in this set of comments,

            Imply that _real_ photographers aren’t interested in equipment, they’re just out there shooting pictures (which IMO is a sort of fascinating comment, since it seems to say that not only is the poster’s target not a _real_ photographer, neither is the poster, since if he or she was a _real_ photographer, he or she would have no interest at all in this forum, would not be reading it, and would not have made the post).

            I would call people who behave in ways like the above fanboys because they fit the definition. See various definitions and discussions elsewhere on the internet.

    • Not going to happen. My prediction: 5D MKIII Q1 2011, D700 replacement Q1 2011 = no loss of market share.

    • Greenwood_Geoff

      12MP is so last year. They need to get with the program and do more than 12. I will be watching the Canon lineup as my money begins to burn a hole in my pocket. A 5d Mark III with decent AF (i dont need 51 af points) at a good price may make me change to Canon. I want FF and will begin to build glass. once i get FF glass i am not switching back to Nikon.

      I am sure they do not care about 1 person, however I am certain i am not the only one thinking this way.

    • Anonymous

      The switchers will always be switchers…….. they’ll be back again and again… They are probably the customers Nikon loves.

  • David

    Does anyone use the D3s and what do they think of it?
    I may buy one, don’t want to wait for ever for the D700 upgrade!

    • Tomaocron

      Check my reply to your last comment…

      • Tomaocron

        ….umm I guess it’s the second last comment, not the last one.

  • docdiamond

    Received today a comment of a european-NIKON rep. that there will be the 1.4 85mm release in due course and a 1.4 35mm definetely before years end. There will be no 1.4 28mm – there is already the 1.4 24mm. He told me to count already my money…

    • David

      No newa on new DSLR’s?

      • docdiamond

        Didn´t ask him. I asked for the missing fast primes. Camera Line-up with D700 and D3X is pretty good for me.

  • Phillip

    It still seems very odd to me that Nikon hasn’t (yet) announced a D700x, a D700 body with the D3x sensor. The demand seems to be there. As far as I can imagine, there are only 4 possible reasons:

    1) Nikon’s management is really stupid
    2) They did some market analysis and decided the ROI is too low to develop it.
    3) They’ve tried to develop one, but ran into technical or resource problems.
    4) They believe they have something better up their sleeves that is worth delaying for.

    With respect to (1), incompetence is always a possibility in any organization, and Nikon’s schedule of lens releases suggests some disconnect from what the market wants.

    With respect to (2), I have no idea what the numbers are. A substantial number of D700x purchasers would be customers who would have otherwise bought a D700 or a D3x, but a D700x would likely have a higher profit margin than a D700, and a larger sales volume compared to a D3x; many potential D700x purchasers have otherwise bought a Canon 5D Mark II or have bought nothing. The only plausible explanation in this vein is that they have very limited engineering resources which they’ve dedicated to another product that they believe will bring higher return on investment than a D700x.

    With regard to (3), it seems like much of the necessary engineering has already been done in the D3x, D3s, and D700. Adding video would be the major technical hurdle. I suppose that they could be having terrible manufacturing problems, accounting for both the D3s shortage and the absence of a D700x.

    With respect to (4), we’ll only know if and when Nikon announces such a wonder-camera.

    I don’t have any interest in a buying D700x right now- I shoot mostly at ISO 800 and above, so I’m hoping that a D700s with the D3s sensor is released along next month- I just wish Nikon were a bit more clear on their path forward for the prosumer FX bodies- right now it’s like reading tea leaves.

    • zack

      Why do I not think it’s no.4?

      • Phillip

        It would be a surprise, but there have been past rumors that Nikon had tested an 18MP FX sensor for the D3, but went with the 12MP sensor because it gave cleaner images at higher ISOs. If they have improved the 18MP sensor so that it is at least as clean as the D3/D700 sensor (although not as clean as the D3s sensor), then Nikon would have something they that fits between the D3s and D3x in both resolution and image quality at high ISOs.

        I suppose it’s also possible that they’ve decided to ditch Sony entirely for their FX cameras and have developed their own 24+MP FX chip, but that is a lot less likely.

        Both of those scenarios are pure speculation though.

      • sk

        Because that seems more true.

    • Jose

      I suggest you take all your research, storm Nikon’s board of directors (preferably with a Israeli commando team) and force them to implement the D700x by year’s end. You will have all the support of the people interested on compact body HR FX on NR.

      • SGN

        +1 on that. 😀

      • Greenwood_Geoff

        If there was an email to Nikon that was easily located I would send them an email. If enough of us send one, they may get their head out of their butt and put out a camera with more than 12MP that is not a boat anchor (weight and size wise)

  • zack

    Nikon is now officially the slowest company on the market.

    • Kozłowski Artur

      Hey, don’t forget Leica…

      • zack

        Yeah, but they don’t employ underage labour. 🙂

    • Deltaur

      You’re not kidding. I’ve already bought a Panasonic GH1 to use in combo with my d300 until the d700s turns up, if it ever does. That money would have gone straight to Nikon if they weren’t so far behind the pace.

  • Kingyo

    A quote from Cartman: “No…Noooooooooooooo!!!” (yeah, that sums it up)

  • The invisible man

    I’m the invisible man with a invisible D900, a invisible 300mm VR, a invisible 18mm, and a visible 24-70mm f2.8.

    • Carlos R B

      And a invisible 3 layer nikon camera…LOL

      • Invisible woman

        Not 3 layers, 3 sensors, Red, Green, Blue.

        • Carlos R B

          3 sensors…sorry, when it will become visible?….

          • The invisible man

            Photokina ?

    • Anonymous

      “an invisible”

      • Carlos R B

        Sorry, im not an american….but its good to learn always…specially at a blog dedicated to english teaching….first time?

  • SNRatio

    The missing D700x: I don’t think they would have abstained from re-using existing technology, in sensor as well as body, if it had worked for them re video. Nikon tends to recycle as much as possible, that is company policy. And I don’t think they drop Sony sensors just because they want/need to make their own. I think there is a dual problem underneath: The need for supreme video capabilities, and the need for a more clear-cut enthusiast body, which costs them and sells for less than a similar D700-equipped body would have done.

    Nikon seems to have very little in their existing models on which to build such functionality: They clearly have lacked the video competence, and the D90 is probably not a good basis for an enthusiast FF body, nor is the D700 with its more expensive components.

    I’m not sure Nikon has a fully fixed release schedule for their lenses, as field testing may uncover issues – this may be the reason for different signals about the 35/1.4. And I really don’t think it is profit-enhancing for Nikon that they still don’t haven’t got the 85/1.4 AF-S out the door.

  • Azmir


  • Jay A

    well… saved some dough then for this month

  • Ron Scubadiver

    Get a life, there is nothing wrong with the D700 and don’t expect a replacement until next spring. Its clear to me that Nikon considers it a mistake that they made the D700 too equivalent to the D3 and now they will keep it a step behind their top tier cameras. With some luck the next new lens will have broader appeal than the $7k 200-400, and they might have enough 24 f/1.4’s to go around next production run.

    • Greenwood_Geoff

      you state that there is “nothing wrong” with the D700. I (and others) clearly disagree and point to the 12MP wall Nikon has crashed into. Someday they will be tall enough to climb over the wall. the question is, how many of us will care by them.

  • Marc Ruby

    Nikon earnings are down by 100 million yen and their going through some management restructuring. It wouldn’t surprise me if we’ve seen all that we’re going to see this year.

    • Greenwood_Geoff

      If they stay at 12Mp I hope many heads roll there so we can see someone with vision step up to the plate. ;- >

      • Anonymous

        Agree. Nikon stuck at 12MP since June 2005!!! This is exactly 5 yrs now. I think it is enough. F**k Nikon. Give them a 30 days notice and move to camera companies who value their users with more than 12MP.

        Sorry but the D3x does not count. I rather give credit for this for the Sony people who spent years developing the base sensor. It is always easier to build on an existing base and that is what Nikon did with the D3x. So f**k you Nikon lazy slow bastards.

  • great rumor the best

    At that point I think it is safe to assume that there will be no new product announcement this month (June).

  • Leaking Starfish

    I STILL have a monkey in my ass, It must fly out soon to end the agony.

  • BenS

    Well at least Nikon is being consistent … being consistent with no new DSLR announcement. I just hope when they finally do it better be an awesome new FX camera. Until then I will just stay with my D80 and attach the new 24mm f1.4 to it. Staying loyal to Nikon.

  • Anonymous

    The next camera out of their sleeves better be a good one… and soon.

    I’m holding back my Nikon lens purchase (preparing for Canon if it turns out to be a goose).

    • Greenwood_Geoff

      You and I are in the same boat.

  • chuck

    yawn, shoulder shrug.. basically much FUD about NOTHING. Get over it there is no FX camera annoucment coming this year. It will be a D3000 and D90 annoucment this year. You heard it from me Chuck is the man!

  • cirtap

    WHAT THE CLUCK is going on here? NIKON…U people Across the Sea of Time…have NOT been reading my thoughts..I will try this one more time…

    I am not buying the ULTRA over Priced D3X. IT is 3,000 Grand over done.
    I am NOT buying the ULTRA LOW MP D3S….
    AND I am NOT buying the D700 or when the 12.1 MP D700X, OR S or SUV…comes out…
    Dear Nikon…For me to buy another Nikon Camera it must do this…NOT have Video…A True photographer would never use it your wasting my time… 18-22MP FULL FRAME…GOT IT….Ok…NIKONIANS…Get your crap together and YOU only have ONE MONTH to do so…..

    • jimmy

      If you need more than 12 megapixels, you are making billboards and can afford the D3X.

      There is nothing ‘ULTRA LOW’ about 12 megapixels, actually its quite reasonable with the current technology. Nikon brought out the highest megapixel camera they could which still worked exceedingly well in low light. As the technology becomes better so will the MP. I think they did a much better job than the ridiculous 5D mkii whose megapixel count exceeded the technology to deal with the noise it created.

      I am well aware most film cameras shot at 50 – 100 iso, but i think that was a limitation rather than a really interesting and great feature. I don’t think Canon going back to that era is a step in the right direction.

      • Greenwood_Geoff

        They could drop the high iso and give me MP. I dont and wont shoot at 12k ISO, so no need to even have it. I would get more use from 18-24MP than super high iso

        • Jose


          You mean you prefer more megapixel than have the posibility to shoot at 800 ISO during dusk or dawn with out tripod or to shoot indoor, during a weeding with out a flash?

          Very interesting

          • Victor Hassleblood

            Imagine this Jose,
            not everyone is a wedding photographer and some of us even run studios that are not lit by candles. Would be nice, if Nikon could occasionally remember this. And have you ever heard of tripods? There is more to it than just supporting cameras that lack high-iso (like composing a shot spot on for instance).

          • Greenwood_Geoff

            more than 800, but no where near 25k ISO with more MP (18+) would be fine and dandy with me.

      • Anonymous

        “If you need more than 12 megapixels, you are making billboards and can afford the D3X.”

        Sorry but what a stupid statement; say the opposite then, if you need anything more than ISO 1600, you must be a greedy wedding photographer who asks $1000 for a session.

    • preston

      blah blah blah. Heard this too many times – it’s getting old. Nikon knows you want this, but they’re more concerned with getting it RIGHT than with releasing it as soon as they possibly can.

  • Anonymous

    Look, Nikon now officially sucks, Even if I shoot with nikon

  • Be patient… 🙂

    • Exactly!

    • tanaka

      Dude, it’s beyond patience.

      we need to stop being apologists. Nikon is completely messed up.

      They aren’t responding to demand. Their upgrades are untimely. And they can’t keep their existing bodies and lenses in stock. wtf.

      • Anonymous

        and all of their cameras are at 12MP. The bloody NEX has 14MP at fraction of the cost with better video than the mighty D3s flagship. I think it is a shame.

        30 days Nikon and canon will get my money.

        • Dude – have you seen the reviews of the NEX?????? Dpreview scored it 65%. I don’t think anybody serious about photography will be buying one – they are dumbed down cameras made to be a bridge between point and shoot & the DSLR world where Sony is concerned… They are no second body choice for me, in fact I’m trying to work out where they hell they really fit in the world and whether Sony missed the mark completely (which maybe they did).

  • tanaka

    Other companies release two iterations of upgrades before Nikon releases new bodies?

    Nikon can’t even stock the existing bodies and lenses they’ve produced?

    I’m beginning to regret my choice here. It reminds me of when I bought the atari lynx, even though everyone else owned a gameboy.

    • I agree w/ you on half of that.

      Other companies’ two iterations? Perchance talking about Canon’s D series upgrades? Was speaking to a 50D owner recently and she wasn’t too thrilled about the multiple upgrades. She definitely felt like Nikon was spanking Canon. Guess the grass is always greener, eh?

      As for keeping crap in stock… that is a problem. Someone needs to get trussed up for this one. In a downturn economy you prevent people from buying your product? Someone needs to be shown the door.

      • Greenwood_Geoff

        Agreed on firing whomever decided to let inventories dwindle. Way to send people to other companies.

        Not releasing new cameras isnt as likely to send people elsewhere, however not having your product IN STOCK is more likely to do that.

        • preston

          Geoff, judging by the comments on this site it would seem that you were quite wrong. How many times have you heard people comment “I went to Adorama’s site today and they were out of stock, so I’m switching to Canon!”

          We get SEVERAL threats to switch on every thread recently that if Nikon “doesn’t release a new model with exactly my dream specifications within the next 30 days then I’m switching” (see cirtap’s comment above)

          • Anonymous

            preston = another 12MP lover

          • Greenwood_Geoff

            if some P&S mom or dad decided to upgrade to take pics of his son’s sports and went in to pick a DSLR …. how many times do you think soccer mom/dad is going to pick 18MP over 12 ?

          • Geoff, that depends on how good the salesman is. If the salesman is good and honest, then the soccer mom will probably leave with a 12MP cam. If uninformed, she’d probably switch over the MP misconception and leave with an 18MP cam. And remember, we’re not talking a pro blowing up to billboard size; I assume we’re talking about an 18MP Canon and a 12MP Nikon. In the end it depends on:
            1) Soccer mom’s knowledge (or lack thereof)
            2) Salesman’s knowledge (or lack thereof)
            3) Soccer mom’s previous thoughts regarding Canon & Nikon (ie- if she thought they were quality or not)

            I don’t think this is a simple assumption that she’d leave with 18MP just because it’s larger.

  • Kinghorn

    I’m currently using a D200 and I’m holding off to decide between a D300s replacement or D700 replacement – I’ve held off this long and I’m now reluctant to jump in and buy something when you just know something new is long overdue.

    • tanaka

      I’m in the same position. It seems like EVERY nikon user is.

      If company should recognize this rising frustration and, at the very least, stop being so secretive about their time table. We have to rely on whispers and stolen screencaptures of nikon bodies with gaffer’s tape over their model #. this is bullshit!

      I’m completely convinced that Nikon Japan has lost touch with their customer base – and that’s a bad sign for the future.

    • Pat Mann

      Exactly. 16-18 mp, same low-light performance, in either format. I have no objection to video. The video from DSLRs looks unbelievably good even at 720p.

      If a fast 16mm or 18mm DX prime, an 18mm PC DX, and a 50-135 or 55-150 f/2.8 DX has come out, it will be DX. Otherwise, probably FX.

      • zeissgit

        The HD video on my huge-screened Canon G9 is quite awesome but theres no zoom control when its rolling. If people are desperate for vid they could get a second-hand G9 and attatch it to a hat and use a remote release or something. I think video is only really useful if you can switch instantaneously (i.e via just pressing the shutter release) and suddenly take hi-rez when doing social or wedding photography. Personally i wouldn’t like to use vid without a steadycam-type harness, but maybe being laden down with gear negates amatuerish video.

    • Anon

      I’m in the same spot, sort of. I’m tired of cameras that have unacceptably noisy images above ISO 400, or need to be sheltered from every raindrop; I live in the Pacific NW, so good low-light performance and great weather-sealing are absolutely essential (I hunt, hike, and play in whatever weather we have). I’m not a professional photographer (yet, anyway) but I want something rugged that does well (focusing, for example) with fast moving kids or critters in any condition, even overcast and rain. Example: today at 2 PM the best shutter speed my current camera could manage for my kids playing is 1/50 sec at f/2.8 and ISO 400 (any higher than that and the noise is unacceptable) and the focusing was abysmally slow. A D700s upgrade with decent video, and leaving everything else about the same (maybe even a slight improvement on ISO or frame-rate or shutter speed or similar) would make it the must have camera for me, personally. I think the built-in flash is great, but doesn’t work when shooting something 300m away (say, the deer I saw while going for a walk yesterday). I also don’t want to carry around a separate video camera for capturing the occasional things where it’s the action and words that need to be immortalized, not just the freeze-frame (kids singing while on the trampoline in the rain really needs video). 98% of the images I shoot will mostly be screen-saver stuff for family or myself, so 12 megapixels is more than enough, and it’s also enough for the few pro-ish things I need to shoot, where the priority is on being really clean and vivid, rather than huge. So, a D700s with decent video would make an instant sale of a camera body, and at least three lenses (to start with).

      Just one amateur’s opinion.

  • thefunk

    Nikon don’t really care about a hand-full of people mouthing off.

    Put your hand bags away and take some pictures.

  • No new DSLRs in a year is unusual for Nikon. But it is what it is!!

    • jimmy

      it is ‘the year of surprises’.

  • Heinz

    In the past Nikon released several DSLR’s during summer:

    – Aug 23: D3 and D300

    – July 1: D700
    – August 27: D90

    – July 7: D300S and D3000

    So I’d expect the D90 replacement in July/August, two years after the D90 release. Probably also the D300/D300S replacement.


    • David

      I’ve decided to go with the Nikon D3s, can’t wait for replacement to D700.
      Telephoned round several photo shops, apparantly no one has any in stock, waiting time for stock around 2 weeks

      • Nicole

        Only 2 weeks wait! Wow, you are lucky. My D3s arrived today after a 3 month wait. But it was worth the waiting, it is an amazing camera. 🙂

        • David

          That’s what they are telling me, but deep down I know it will be longer, bar a miricle?

  • How long will Nikon continue with 12mp fixation. Look at the page, there are varieties of them but only one 24mp (with a monsterous price & size). Did you notice? 🙂

    For lens page, did you notice how less Nikon can offer compared to the competitor’s. Nikon may be good at pro zooms, but they can’t simply offer anything in the walkabout zone (28-XXXmm VR), ultra-wide or compact-tele primes 🙁

    • Anonymous

      Nikon officially sucks. I sold off couple of my old Nikon lenses at higher price than I purchased them. That is because Nikon is always out of stock. Now I just have couple of left and Nikon has 30days to deliver something that does not require a forklift to carry with you at a price where you do not have to sell your organs to pay for it and it is 20+ MP. Otherwise after close to 20yrs loyalty will end with Nikon. But I have doubts about that the Nikon people even can read. Nikon became a greedy crappy company. BTW the new iPhone has better video handling than the D3s.

  • Geek

    Nikon seems to ignore medium budget photographers. I mean semi-pros, and photo enthusiasts.

    They are either interested in needs of high professional market or entry level dslr together with coolpix.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe because the best profit comes from these groups…

  • arturo

    I need a Nikon alternative for the Canon’s 17 TS f4 L

    I am an architectural photographer and i want to keep working with Nikon

    I cross my fingers for the next Photokina…

    • nobody

      Be prepared for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong wait !!!

    • With any lens wide enough, you can try the software solution by Photoshop’s transform>perspective & filter>distort>lens correction functions.

      I’ve achieved professional-grade results with the method above, including stitching of 4 frames to increase resolution for architectural photos. No one could tell the difference whether it was originally done by tilt-shift lens or from an ordinary lens.

    • Victor Hassleblood

      at arturo,

      Nikon’s 24mm came ages after the Canon’s too and I’m far from defending Nikon,
      but the 17mm Canon is almost useless on FF. Just saying, in case you didn’t know.

  • Hexa-bokeh

    We all want new Nikon D700 replacement mainly because its OLD (in terms of DSLRs). I found this post on Canon Rumors below. Funny how some of them want what we have (fast AF, unmatched high ISO in D700 and D3s) and folks with Nikon rumors want higher MP and better video! ‘I see what other people have and I want that-itis.

    “Canon needs to borrow from Nikon and make a camera with the 10-12 mp sensor that takes beautiful high iso images…I’m tired of them pumping out these 15+ mp cameras.

    I’m perfectly content with the 10.1 and 12.8 of my 40D and 5D respectively…I’ve NEVER had any use for anything higher.”

    • so true…so true

    • Victor Hassleblood

      “what other people have”

      Do you really thing that everyone is that stupid ? ? ? The idea that different fields of work require different equipment has never occured to you?

      Right now Nikon serves only 12MP-high ISO-lovers that don’t care about full HD.

      • Hexa-bokeh

        Sure, but then you gotta buy a Canon! Go at it!

        • Victor Hassleblood

          Oh this is just such a smart comment.

          I’ll use this on my wife and customers too: “Shut up or leave”. I’m sure this will make everybody happy. Would make a good campaign too. Much better than “I am Nikon”.
          But no worries, I will go eventually if Nikon’s ignorance lasts and I’ve the feeling not to be the only one.

          • Hexa-bokeh

            D3X not high enough resolution? Obviously that costs too much or you wouldnt be waiting for something new. If not, Phase One and Hassie would be happy to talk to ya! Want mega pixels, etc but not to shell out the cash. Always something to take the joy out of life isnt it?

          • Victor Hassleblood

            Again, very smart comment. Even philosophical and playing the psycho doctor this time. Are you just a little fanboy by any chance?

  • FakeKenRockwell

    I love my 5DMkII. Now that I jacked it up with the new firmware, everything mostly works in the center. Just point and shoot! The 5DMkII is even better than my D40, especially for landscape photographers where nothing is moving much, not even the photographer. High megapixels is silly except when I am shooting the 5DMkII, then it is the Best Thing Ever. If you really want resolution, shoot Real Raw, like me with my 5×7.

  • Nobody Special

    Looking through the new catalog, and being primarily a Leica – Pentax67 – and Nikon user – I really find it satisfying that Nikon actually still has manual focus lens’ available. System support is a great thing in my world – especially as I wait, and wait, and wait,,,,for the Leica FF R solution…..

    I’ve used and been mostly happy with Nikon, but now I think it’s time to proceed further into the system.

  • Anonymous

    NR Admin, can you put up a simple poll with the following question:
    Are you satisfied with the speed Nikon delivers new product(s)?
    a) Yes
    b) No

    I am curious what % of the people are happy with the current rush.

  • Nikon Formulates Medium Term Management Plan for Fiscal 2011/3-2013/3, released today:-

    • Anonymous

      They are planning a 14mp Coolpix that can project to wall, and a 12mp DX D4000 🙂

      • MK

        Their sales forecast says that their volume of C-DSC will stay the same ’10-’11, and the market for SLR-DSC will increase more significantly for that period. Not quite sure what these terms mean, but i think SLR-DSC are more advanced cameras? Does this mean expansion of semi-pro/enthusiast cameras?

        As in possible EVIL with 1″ sensor? PULL THE TRIGGER NIKON

      • and wearable headset type of gadgets.. “Innovation” and “Fun” seems to be important keywords. The graph for DSLRs look interesting and consistently up, although it doesn’t seem to be the case currently.

      • zzddrr

        F**k man, from this sh**ty plan made me laugh let me quote:

        “Realizing unified and quickresponding organizations.”

        What an earth are these a**holes smoking in Japan? Ok, here is the next one:

        “Strengthening business functions and innovating processes”

        Finally, these f**kn’ a**holes realized that Nikon is at least 1 generation behind Canon. Jeez, all they should have done is to actually read some of the postings here.

        Slide 4: “Appeal Nikon brand’s strength ‘spirit of innovation’ added with ‘Fun.’”

        I am sorry but I cannot find funny that Nikon only has 12MP cameras and no new product is in sight. Also, I cannot find it funny that most of the Nikon shit is out of stock. I am telling you guys we have to go to Japan because what these dudes at Nikon smoke is brutal.

        Now this is where Nikon really sucks: “Growing fields with high social needs” Do they want to become facebook or shit like that? Holy crap, this company has one the worst warranty and product policies and now they want to get into the deal of social needs. Nikon, first fix how you deal with your customers. People over here spend more than peanuts on your equipment if they can actually buy it.

        Now this tells me everything (imaging company): “Create markets through development of nextgeneration products” This means that they are nowhere. Basically they cut their r&d and now they are trying to play catchup.

        The bottom line here is that this report is basically worse than a fairy tale. It said nothing.

        • Zorro

          NR Admin
          Unnecessary and inappropriate expletives in post above.

        • Marc Ruby

          I don’t think the swearing is necessary. Or even valid. Nikon still makes the very best Hi-Res SLR, and the D700 persists in holding its own against Canon cameras with higher megapixel ratings. And Nikon lenses, no matter how old, are still setting the bar for everyone else except Leica.

          Does everyone seem to think that, if Nikon comes out with something new, they will become better photographers? I can satisfy all my needs with what Nikon makes now. I wish the company was a bit more responsive but I can live with what I’ve got.

          • zzddrr

            Maybe the swearing is went a bit far, however all I see in this management report is BS.

            Marc, the only reason Nikon did not lose more market share against Canon and Sony because people are locked up with the tons of Nikon glass. If lenses would not be an obstacle then Nikon would be nowhere with its 12MP cameras.

            Go to their product website and throw up! All you see there is 12MP and 1 24MP which so expensive that Canon engineers are still scratching their balls and laughing their head off because you can buy 3 5DIIs from the price of it.

            I mean, this management report convinced me that the Nikon people in their headquarter in Japan live in a bloody incubator. They are so far from being friendly, communicative, and actually valuing their customers that I cannot find the words to describe it. This management report clearly demonstrated that.

            Just one example, see the demand for iPhones. What the Stevo do? Well, they posted a proper date when they will deliver the orders. What did Nikon do, even their own sales reps have no clue about when and what product they announced long time ago will be available.

            Marc you asked that “Does everyone seem to think that, if Nikon comes out with something new, they will become better photographers?” My answer is that there is a reason why we switched from using stone hammers as the neanderthal to sledge hammers. 🙂 Yes, better tools enable you to do a better job. (Of course you have to know the basics but I assumed that we passed that level)

          • Peter


            Apple manufactures their products in CHINA while Nikon on the other hand manufactures their high end stuff in JAPAN!

            Nikon needs to step it up though. Im fine with my D90 looking closely at purchasing a future FX camera. 1080p or 2k video would be lovely. Saving up for quality 2.8 FX zoom lenses and so on.

          • zzddrr

            Peter, you may want to check out for example 105 Macro lens where it was made. Yes, it is now made in China. Guess what, did you notice price decrease no. Ok, no price decrease. Do we still have isssues with its availability? Yes, nothing changed.

            What do you think why?

            Answer >> Nikon has no good relationship with its customers. If they had good relationship then Nikon would better predict how many items they have to make.

            This management report is fully loaded with statements from Nikon that is not supported by their actions. many of them are not new. Now that’s the problem.

          • Peter

            Yeah man I hear you…though

            I got my 105mm micro for a couple hundred dollars more than the retail price. Why? Cause I got one made in JAPAN. The last of its kind.

        • Anonymous

          You’re right, this report is full of weasel words.

        • Marc Ruby

          It just seems to me that if you don’t like Nikon cameras and lenses, and you don’t like the fact that they’ve increased research and development spending, you probably would be happier with Canon. Not me, I was very serious about switching to Canon not all that long ago and then I actually tried their equipment for a while. They certainly aren’t better than Nikon.

          I suggest you also look at the Blads and the Leica S2. They are very fine, high mp cameras. Of course they are 4x the cost of a D3x, but there’s a lesson there somewhere. All manufacturers make mistakes. Canon has committed some whoppers recently in their rush to have high mp cameras. And then there is the Leica M9, an exquisite camera that makes no sense.

          I use nikon because I can’t buy a better digital 35mm camera. If I could, I would.

        • Argh

          It is a perfectly normal management document. None of them say anything useful, they are always compilations of motherhood statements and weasel words. Nikon is no worse than anyone else, in fact I actually found it much easier to read than many. It is still rubbish, but relatively high quality rubbish.

  • From the catalog you can really see which lenses need update for decades!

    135/2.0 AF-D -> 135/2.0 AF-S VRII Nano
    180/2.8 AF-D -> 200/2.8 AF-S VRII Nano
    300/4.0 AF-S -> 300/4.0 AF-S VRII Nano

    All the other tele lenses are already 3rd or 4th AF-S AND VR generation!

    • The money and trends are all leaning towards zooms these days, that’s probably why they got the 200-400 out before this lot…

    • Anonymous

      You can add 20mm f/2.8 to the list too.

  • Wierdo

    i think nikon is reading this and once they read everyone is switching to canon they will release something amazing and laugh their pants off that everyone regret their decision… lol

    either way i rather have 12mp than half assed focusing system. 🙂

    • livefree

      I agree with you…
      Nikon’s focusing system rules… 😀

      • I do not have a Canon but I hear all the time that the Canon focusing system is subpar to Nikons. Without having to spend a lot of time, can someone explain why that is the case? Its good to hear this from diehard Nikon fans like us here.

      • Anonymous

        There’s nothing wrong with Canon autofocus. After I’ve read all the complaints about 5D II problem focusing, I wanted to give a try. It was about the same level with my D300. Maybe FX AF is a little better, but modern systems are more capable than anyone needs.

        Imo, the lens is more important for autofocus performance, than the body. eg: 24-105mm IS was better than 24-85mm, like 50mm 1.4 focuses better than 18-200mm. 50mm focus is quick and always spot on, but sometimes with low contrast subjects the 18-200mm may hunt and then stop somewhere that green ok light keeps flashing or completely off.

        The important weakness with 5D II was the smeared subtle details possibly caused processor’s noise reduction seen even at ISO 100. At least D300 gives sharp result even it may be a little noisy. Plus, 5D series lack built-in flash.

        • jimmy

          I agree with Ken Rockwell on this, Canon’s AF is faster but less accurate. Therefore Nikon’s is slower but ‘dead-on’ a lot more often than Canon.

  • Emanuele

    Hi, I suggest this link
    where you can vote, comment and find out what the web thinks about Canon 7D vs Nikon D300s

  • Nadestyle

    If you read the main page, you can see that they say nikon and canon work together for the timing of releases, I would say this is very probable.

    So, the only thing we can do is sit down and wait.

    One thing is clear you can’t blame anyone for his needs, some need more mpx and others higher ISO.

    patience is the mother of the science, I hope nikon will reward us with something like the D3 back then.

    • zeissgit

      We don’t need half-measures. The D3s ISO is beautiful and revolutionary but why should every image i take in the next 4-6 years+ be unenlargable past A1? Digital is worse that grain film when enlarged. I don’t need18mp… i need 25+++ or lower the D3X price. I’m not specifically an art or landscape photographer but i want ONE camera that’ll help me do my work.

      • zzddrr

        zeissgit – you are absolutely right and i’ve been saying the same for a long period of time but the truth is that if you want more than 12MP then these clowns will say you are stupid and don’t need more. Unfrotunately that is exatly the mentality at Nikon. They know much better what we need. Sad, very sad.

  • studio460

    By the way, I really enjoy reading these blogs, and have quickly become a big fan!

    Though this news is disappointing, in my view, unfortunately, none of this was that unexpected. However, I’m still very hopeful for a new AF-S VR Nikkor 85mm f/1.4G to be announced this fall. It would be telling to know how may four-color brochures were actually printed.

    Looking at the D700 timeline, put in perspective with the past Nikon flagship body releases, even though it’s been two years, I am now fully convinced that that a D700-whatever will not arrive until 2011. I’m not even hopeful that it will arrive by Q2 2011.

    In one of the posts above, I believe the reason lies in “#4.” That they are devoting their limited engineering resources to newer models, and possibly becoming burdened by excess engineering overhead for enabling enhanced video capability in either their current form-factor D-SLR bodies, or for an entirely new form-factor product. I have been hopeful that Nikon may be working on a video camera form-factor type product, but that’s probably pure fantasy. But f it’s not, then NIkon may in fact be devoting significant resources to such a product. If true, then a D700 or D3 body without 1080p video capability would continue to be a viable product in the marketplace and may have its product life cycle significantly extended.

    About the megapixel thing . . . I’m sure that noise and dynamic range are continuing constraints on increasing pixel-count. At least for me, I’ll favor low-noise, and increased dynamic range any day, but consumers seem so easily seduced by the “more megapixels = better” mantra, that its probably become a significant marketing issue for Nikon across their entire product line. Because of this, the pixel-parity issue probably has to be resolved no matter what.

    • enesunkie

      I wonder how long before they plan on announcing a body like the D4 and D400 have Nikons engineers have been working on the new technolgogy. Could they have been working on the the D4 since last fall after they finished the D3s? Is it the marketing dept. that decides what technology gets trickeled down to the consumer level bodies? It’s been a while since the last DSLR and a while before we’d expect a D400. Hopefully they are working on something big!

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