Weekly Nikon related news/links

  • Nikon cashback in Belgium for June and July: €75 for a D90 (or kit), €150 for a D300s (or kit), €200 for a D700 (or kit).
  • "I am Nikon a D90 fatbox" in Germany (I know, you probably have enough of those rebates but they represent the current Nikon strategy world wide).
  • I was told that Costco (US) will stop selling Nikon D90 cameras - they may still have some in their stores, but I got a tip from their corp office that they will no longer order any D90.

Cool video after the break:

  • Check out the cameras and lenses on the International Space Station @ 2:45 in this video (actually the whole video is worth watching):

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  • stepper

    Lol… Just kidding.

    That budget shoulder mount looks interesting for the price. But what about the ol’ Bushhawk for DSLR video use?

  • Rob

    nice none of the sample images from that lens work, bandwidth exceeded lol

  • Canonknight

    Third post! Hehehe
    I am waiting for the Nikon EVIL patent:-)

    • I have hard time accessing this website in Japan. I will try again tomorrow.

      • Are you over here in Japan? Welcome to the Land of the Rising Sun 🙂

        • Magnus

          I believe NR is just having trouble accessing a Japanese website (the one with info regarding Nikon EVIL) not that he/she is in Japan.

          Me, on the other hand, is on my way to Japan (Tokyo/Chichibu/Yokohama/Fuji/Kyoto).

          Considering buying a used D700 in Tokyo – to use while waiting for the D700S/D800.
          Any tips on good second hand camera stores in the Tokyo area?

          • Fujiya Camera in Nakano (head West out of central Tokyo on the Chuo line). Finding the store can be kind of tricky the first time, so you might want to drop me a line later.
            They seem to’ve had some in at all times on their Used page, but looking now, I don’t see any. They come and go. Generally ~178,000 yen.

            Softmap in Akihabara (where I bought mine). Slightly diagonal across the street from Don Quixote. There’s a stairwell next to the Softmap electronics store- go down and then swing back around into the back.

            Map Camera in Shinjuku. I haven’t been there for awhile, so not sure how their availability or prices are, but they’ve generally got lots of stuff to drool over.

        • no, I am in the US – the website is in Japan

  • PHB

    The Costco info could mean anything. They don’t always have every model in stock.

    • JorPet

      I should check with a friend of mine. He manages most of the buyers at Costco and would know or could find out the reasoning. More than likely it is a product that isn’t moving as well as other cameras so they aren’t as interested in carrying it.

  • The visible woman

    ça arrive, le nouveau boîtier Nikon D900 avec un capteur de 24 millions de pixels est en route…..

    • Kzeon

      I wish…. at which price ? 4500$ ? 😉

    • ArtTwisted

      I really hope so but doubt it. ALSO damn that space station is big and looks like a pile of fun. Screw science, those guys are just having fun with cameras, microscopes, rockets and there 0 gravity fun house

  • It’s happening in Romania too http://www.f64.ro/products/description/Nikon_D90_Kit_18_55mm_VR_Cupon_Cadou_200_ron/index.html . 720 euros for D90+18-55mm VR + ~50 euros cashback coupon.

  • Holy crap – If my mother walks in that ISS station – that whole MESS would be so freaking organized! so many shiz would be moved LOL.

    Scientists sense of organization is of a 10 years old kkkkkkk

  • Yoggi

    Strange, still no info on the cashback at Nikons website.

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