Another Nikon rumors recap

I put together a recap on the information I collected recently from multiple tips:

  1. It is possible that key subsidiary Nikon personnel will be traveling to Japan next week. I read somewhere that similar meeting happens in Japan every time before a major announcement.. Nikon even mentioned something similar on their Investor Relations site:
  2. "A new Medium Term Management Plan is scheduled to be announced in June 2010 by the new management team."

  3. I am not sure if you have noticed, but multiple European Nikon websites were down in the past week - not at the same time, which could indicate that this was not a technical issue. Nikon is known for bringing their websites down for updates before an official announcement.
  4. I was told that something will be happening on weekend between July 23 - 25, 2010. This is really weird because nothing happens on weekends, unless there is an event/photo show somewhere. Another tipster mentioned that 2 DSLRs, 1 prime and 2 zoom lenses are to be announced in July as well.
  5. New set of Coolpix point and shoot cameras will be announced in August (as usual). The Coolpix S1000pj is now discontinued in the inventory system of at least one major retailer. Expect a refresh. Hopefully the rumored “high-end Coolpix compact camera” will be released as well.

As everything else on this blog, those are just rumors and in this case I cannot even give you a probability rating of this recap since it was collected form multiple sources.

Coming up next - some very interesting Nikon EVIL patents. Stay tuned!

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  • Click

    Is it beginning to “Begin” finally……….

    • enesunkie

      Yes, but where does it end. A D90s and a D4000 or possibly D700s? I’m not optomistic that any new sensors will be used in those 2 DSLRs or any introduced later this year for that matter. Thinkin’ we might have to wait til 2011 to see the big improvements 🙁

    • JorPet

      It’s a treadmill with no beginning and no end…


      • enesunkie

        I hate treadmills!

  • zzddrr

    Is this have to do anything with pirates or volcanos? Darn it, we’ll have to wait more…:-)

    • Mikael

      No no, silly. It’s BP’s oil leak causing all the delays.

  • Ren Kockwell

    I sure know how to pick em. First a Cubs fan, now a Nikon fan. Misery is my destiny!

    • Be glad you’re not a Mariners fan! You think YOU’ve got it bad?

      • zzddrr

        here it comes again … just kidding ya 🙂

    • preston

      awww, it has been nice to live in boston recently 🙂

  • The visible woman

    I hope the Euro will keep going down, that will help make the cameras/lenses cheaper for us (USA)
    I haven’t heard anything new about the Nikon 3 sensors, acccording to my customer it was suppose to show up before the end of May (maybe for the Photokina, or maybe never !)

    • zzddrr

      The Visible Woman, where is hubbie? He at least was practical. Now, if the EU goes down that will take down the US as well when it comes to shopping sprees believe me.

      Did you give anything hubbie for fathers day? His B-days was on the 25th of May and since we have not heard of him. Did you do something with him? 🙂

    • Zoetmb

      I don’t see how the Euro going down makes Japanese photo equipment cheaper in the USA. It might make Leicas a little cheaper, but I doubt even that because they’ll raise prices to make up for it. (I was in London two weeks ago expecting to see some bargains, but everything was ludicrously expensive: even the subway cost $6 USD for a single one-zone ride.)

      If Nikon’s income drops from any region due to currency fluctuations, it could mean price increases (or higher prices on new models, which I think we’ve already been seeing) for everyone.

      The dollar needs to buy more Yen for there to be any hope of less expensive equipment. In 2007, a USD bought 120 Yen. Today it buys 91, but it’s been below 90. 90 is what Nikon is projecting as the average for the fiscal year ending March 2011. If it goes substantially lower, expect price increases. If it goes substantially higher, expect rebates.

  • anon

    I’m still waiting for my waterproof point and shoot.

    • Mikael

      Why? It’s a well-established fact that Nikon P&S are POS. Buy an Olympus instead.

      • Whatever you do, don’t get the Canon. I’ve got the D10. Not impressed. Some pretty cool features that no other underwater cams have, but it’s a bit bulky. And I’m not impressed w/ the pic quality. Compared to a friend’s older Fuji w/ an underwater case, the D10 lost (especially in video).

  • Jack

    Finally this news sounds more actual.

    D700 replacement, come on! This is what everyone is waiting here.
    Hopefully D700s with D3s sensor, although it’s not likely to be happened.

  • Thanh

    Many thanks Admin! You are the best. Can’t wait to hear the news about Nikon EVIL.

    • Aaahhh, the website that was the source for my EVIL post is down since yesterday – I guess it will be down the whole weekend before someone fixes it on Monday. I will keep trying.

  • brucem

    Go back to film. Will not have this problem.

    • ArtTwisted

      Just did, well partly.

  • Pat

    My guess:

    2 bodies : D700S, D4000
    Prime : AF-S 85 1.4
    2 Zooms : AF-S 24-105 f/4 VR ; AF-S 28-200 f/3.5-5.6 VR

    wanna bet on it? 😉

    • My bet is on D90 and D700 replacement, 85 f/1.4, new kit (zoom) lens for the new D90 and a new kit (zoom) lens for the new D700 – there were patents filed for both of those zoom lenses. I think the D4000 will come later that year. Nikon likes to announce important lenses separate from DSLRs – I guess they may have another separate lens announcement before Photokina.

      • bob

        thanks for saying that….dying for a D90 with better video (1080p 24/30/60,stereo rec), higher burst(5-6 fps) & ISO and may be with an articulated LCD.

        tough to resist the temptations of 550D/7D….NEX7 & GH2 coming before photokina….. may be a 60D from the aggressive Canon…

        let’s hope for Nikon….

      • ArtTwisted

        If its the D90 replacement ill be in the though spot of either getting a new d9X and using my d90 as my backup or getting a D700. Depends on how good the D90 is cause the body size is perfect , if only it was metal.

      • Pat

        agree with D90 – about DX zoom lens – what more DX zoom lens can Nikon introduce? The only one who really need a replacement is IMHO the 17-55. Wish Nikon would introduce a 16-50 f/2.8 VR DX.

  • xcn

    bring in the 70-200 f4 VR

  • Click

    What about a Nikon 24-70 with VR?????

    Rumor has it Canon may announce their 24-70 with VR or IS soon, also a possible refresh of 50mm F/1.2 & 85mm F/1.2 & 135mm F/2 IS .

  • Anonymous

    Admin, Can you consider an automatic ban of anyone that says “first”. I (and I’m sure others?) find it very annoying.

    • preston

      i don’t. just skip to the next post buddy.

      • John M

        You will. Just give it time.

    • Greenwood_Geoff

      they do not do provide anything to the thread, so maybe delete them ?

      *to keep on thread

      I HOPE we see some new DSLR;s show up. If they price them too high for me, then the D700 jumpers will hopefully offer some good deals on their slightly used camera’s. I won’t jump for a used D700 unless it is a super deal though, hell I won’t jump for a new D700 unless it is also a super deal (compared to current pricing)

      • ArtTwisted

        For a gently used D700 when the replacement comes out I wouldnt pay more then 1800. For one used by a pro with a little more wear maybe 1600. Look at the D300 and D300s, the D300 can be bought for about 1,000 dollars while the D300s goes for over 50 percent more.

    • Zoetmb

      I agree. Anyone who posts “first” or “And so it begins” should be BANNED. This is a total waste of everyone’s time. Anyone who is so lame that they get some idiotic thrill out of posting “first” and contributing absolutely nothing to the Board should be banned forever. I suspect this is a consequence of living in the age of Twitter where people feel the psychotic need to send meaningless messages hundreds of times a day.

      These people need to get a life.

      • Absolutely. When I see posts like that, I imagine some prepubescent 13-yr old sitting at the computer pumping his fist and saying, “YES!!” after getting a “First.” No adult I know would even CARE about that sort of thing. What does it matter?

    • I usually delete them, but I am not aways fast enough. I can ban the word “first” but this will ban also every comment that contains this word. I am sure there is a complicated solution somewhere but I like to keep is simple.

  • prime:300/4 VR
    2 zooms:24-105/4 VR Macro; 70-200/4 VR
    2 bodies:D7000;D4000

  • Greenwood_Geoff

    My prediction is they will upgrade the D90 and D700 to 1080i video, and the Nikon world will be in an uproar about the lack of MP (i’ll join them) in their newest camera.

    My “WAG” is it’ll be 2011 before we see a new camera that has more than 12 MP from Nikon.

  • Nadestyle

    Yesterday I went out buy a Canon 550D for a friend, paied 690€. I thougth cheap thing… But when i took a closer look… 18mp and iso 6400 for that price….

    Nikon needs to do something in my opinion.

    I still haven´t lost faith in an 16 or 18mp upgrade of the D700….

  • longtimenikonshooter

    It looks like D90 replacement is just around the corner. Maybe we will get D700 replacement in Oct?

  • I don’t expect the S1000pj was a big success, was it? does anyone have some numbers regarding sales?

    • did anybody except nikon weird PR thought it would be hit?

    • ArtTwisted

      From what ive seen it sold horribly and no one could ever get them in stock.

      • That statement seems contradictory to me. If it sold horribly, then there should’ve been a ton of the things in stock. If they’re not able to get them in, that speaks of either rampant demand or production problems.

  • Who gives a pix about a new coolshit?

  • NikonDamus

    The comment no replacement for D700 this year = update to D700, the D700S

    The D90S & D700S will launch with dual card slots better video and other nick-nacks. Same MP/Sensor.

    • enesunkie

      I’m thinking we won’t be getting dual card slots in the D90s. Yeh they have to improve the video on it (to the dismay of those that don’t want it). It the one thing that the D90 gets hammered on. Besides that , I’m not sure where its weak spots are. A stop of ISO and some more focus points? I’d be happy with things like a battery charger with flip up prongs and no cord or an IR sensor that works equally well from the back as the front.

  • SNRatio

    My guess is that the “proper” D90 replacement will come a bit later, in August/September. Now they will “replace” the D300s, but with something somewhat slightly lower specified and more aggressively priced. Next, they will do the same with the D90. And the “D700 replacement” will be the FF companion body, same AF system etc. Dual card slots would be a good idea – that’s typically something they can cut down on in the “proper” D90 successor.

    I don’t think they can optimize video ergonomics, stills capabilities and price at once. Because stills capabilities is the obvious to reduce, they may choose not to call the new bodies “pro”, like the D200, D300 and D700.

  • jona

    You’re deluded, you can wait for the next D whatever it still isn’t going to make you a better photographer, no matter how many mp the new D8xs will have, or if you can shoot at 56 million iso?
    Buy a camera, take photographs and stop all the nonsense.

  • June 29, 2010 The 146th Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting
    June 18, 2010 Medium Term Management Plan


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