Nikon D700 availability

Those are just some of the email I received in the past few days on the Nikon D700 availability around the world. I also got some conflicting info that a fresh D700 shipment is expected in Germany in 2 weeks. Here is the rest:

"I work at *** and the D700 is listed in our inventory program as "Soon to be discontinued, short supply".  Thought I could let you know since it seems the same thing is happening in Germany.  I will check on Tuesday if I can order it at all, I'm guessing I can but this message usually means we are down to our chains inventory warehouse and when we use that up its done."


"I travel a lot with work so often wander into the Dixon Store to see what gadgets are there to play with. I asked if they had a D700 I could have a look at, unfortunately they didn’t and a check on the stock levels of the Terminal 3 store, all national Curry Stores (the high street sister brand to Dixon’s) and the Dixons Warehouses should that they had zero stock. I asked if I could order one or if they would be back in stock? She replied that they had been marked down as clearance and that no new stock would be ordered. She added that this normally happens when a model is due to be replaced and this was also clear by the pricing, at £1699.97. Apparently products that  are priced XXXX.97 are clearance where as XXXX.99 are not."


"I asked them what hints they may have regarding any D700 replacement and they said that they can still get the D700. However, they tried to place an order for a few hundred D700's not long ago and were told by the Nikon rep that they could not supply that many. Nikon's reps etc. have all recently switched from Windows to Mac which they saw as a move towards video since video software is much more easily to come by / work with in the Mac environment than with Windows.  They also said that video is the hot topic with the (store) buyers etc. so that they anticipated that any D700 replacement would surely have video included. From their past experience, they said that they expected an announcement in the next month or two."

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  • zzddrr

    My bet is July 1, 2010

    • July 4th is a holiday in the US – bad timing for a product announcement (and I will be on vacation during that week 🙂

      • zzddrr

        Nope, it is going to be July 1. It’s close to some holiday in Japan as well. NR Admin, you may have to take the computer with you 🙂

        Look, the new management will start sometime in June at Nikon and they always have new cameras around their holidays.

        • I made sure the hotel has wireless Internet 🙂 I will be ready.

          • zzddrr

            As always, thanks for keeping us informed! 🙂

        • PHB

          I don’t think you can go by precedent. We know that this year is going to be the launch of the Nikon EVIL format. And that is going to be a vastly bigger deal for them than any D700s refresh.

          Oddly enough, I suspect it is going to be the EVIL format that eventually kills DX.

          Contrary to what a lot of folk here would say, there really isn’t an advantage to FX of DX, they are merely different tools with different characteristics. If you want a long focal length reach then you want a DX body. If you want to take ultra wide angle then the FX format is better. For low light you want FX plus primes.

          The EVIL format is going to have an even better focal length multiplier effect than DX and allow for much more compact bodies. It is also pretty obvious that there will have to be an F-mount adapter.

          The difference between DX and FX is really not enough to justify me carrying both systems. And the same is likely true of EVIL and DX, But the difference between EVIL and FX is going to be really very marked.

          • Anonymous

            why are there always people on this forum that need to explain that there are differences between dx/fx as tho none of us gets it? There is absolutely no need to even get into this discussion on this post and yet, there it is…

          • tobi

            The multiplier on the Sony NEX is the same as DX.. so the EVIL does not necessarily have a higher multiplier.

          • PHB

            Well some folk don’t get the dx/fx issue as they whine every time Nikon makes a lens for the format that accounts for 95% of their DSLR sales..

            I think Sony have made an odd choice. We will see how that turns out. The Nikon patents suggest a higher multiplier which I think makes more sense. It will allow a much more compact body and smaller, cheaper lenses with no loss of quality. The only thing that they will lose out on is low light performance.

  • I’m glad I got my D700 recently at an excellent price. I don’t need any video nor more megapixels. I’m enjoying now the wonders of iso6400 shooting…

    • JorPet

      My thoughts exactly. I got a screaming deal on the D700 and 24-70 in early March. Probably paid less for the “kit” than the D700 upgrade will cost, so it is win/win. Compared to the D70s that I upgraded from it is amazing.

      • Ronan

        Must have been one HECK of a deal then… *roll eyes*

    • rs

      I got a great deal too and this camera rocks, what an upgrade from the D200.

    • rs

      My guess is D700s in a few months from now. 2 year cycle. Add movie and a few small features, still 12mp. Next year D4 and D400 come out. Several months later D700 replacement arrives. Who knows what Nikon will call it.

      The D1,2,300 were always semi pro perhaps now that Nikon has gone full frame they may drop semipro dx camera. Wouldn’t that be funny Canon always trying to beat D000 camera and finally they come close with 7D and Nikon decides not to play anymore.

  • jules

    I’m very excited to see what Nikon is capable of producing in video. In my opinion their still cameras are better quality than Canon, i hope they surpass Canon with video too.

    I would love to see good AF in movie mode, but i don’t think that will happen for a few years. I would be happy for the same picture quality available from the d700 with good video features.

    It is not an essential thing as i am a hobbyist i just think HD video would be fun to play around with.

  • video video. how you can record video without gadgeting your self with screen viewfinder, ultraprecise focusing hand, some carying system and other things is beyond me…

    give me sun readable screen and two card slots! Some high res update would be nice too.

    • PJS

      Another nice feature would be changeable focus screens…

      • Anonymous

        They are changable. I changed mine several times.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Another vote for video on the D700 update. If you don’t want it on your D700, then just don’t use it. It’s not a huge cost-driver from a production standpoint anyway.

  • Jason

    I work for a local camera retailer and the nikon rep explicitly told me that on the two year cycle nikon has been working on there would be nothing to expect till January. Another of my coworkers was told that we should expect to get more D700’s though ‘new york type places’ wouldn’t get them. We did get a small amount in stock after running completely out, but I don’t know what our reorder status is.

    • Joey

      Uh. . . . my D700 shipped on July 24th, 2008 and if memory serves was announced on July 1st. There’s your two year mark, not January.

    • ZoetMB

      When you say “New York places” wouldn’t get more D700s, are you referring to the shyster tourist trap stores or the reputable dealers like B&H, J&R, Adorama, etc? If the latter, I fail to understand why Nikon would give these amazing independent retailers lesser service and access to product. I believe that B&H is the largest independent photo dealer in the U.S. Why would Nikon screw them?

      Except that all of these dealers still have D700’s in stock. (No Nikon kits though.)

  • Erik

    Hmm… I’m on a 5000 USD upgrade path for better lenses. At this moment I really don’t want to spend money on upgrading my D700.

    • PHB

      I really doubt that is going to be attractive. I have a D300 and I really don’t see cause to upgrade to the D300s for a SD card slot, video and an extra ISO stop.

      The D700s will be a similar deal. I certainly wouldn’t buy a D700 at this point unless the price was really good. As far as low light goes, the D700 is just a D300s that requires much more expensive lenses. Its might make sense to people who already have lots of pro FX glass, but mu glass from the film era is nowhere near as good as the modern DX glass anyways.

      I really think it is important for Nikon to do video. I don’t think it is important to be an early adopter. For $550 you can buy a Canon Vixia RF11 at Costco which weighs less than most lenses and is essentially a broadcast quality HD camera. There are much more expensive beasts out there naturally, but the current ‘pro’ models were still based on obsolete tape storage systems last time I looked. And regardless of what minor improvements they might offer in picture quality, there is no way I would mess with tapes again.

      Looks to me like the DSLR video thing has basically smashed up the pro end video market before the DSLR products are ready for prime time. Why would anyone invest in new models for the $5000 plus video systems when they are going to be inferior to DSLR video systems by 2012? Once Nikon and Canon start making dedicated video bodies for their SLR or EVIL ranges its going to be game over for the old pro video lines.

      My take would be that as with the D300s, it is going to be a mid life refresh for people who want a new FX body this year. If you have a D700 the smart move is going to be to wait till 2012 for the D4’s little brother to appear.

      • You may not value the dual card slots or the extra ISO performance, but wedding and other freelance professional photographers GREATLY do. Dual card slots was something I thought I’d never, every achieve with Nikon in a “mid-size” camera body. (I like the veritcal grip sometimes, but not ALL the time, which is why I hesitate to invest in a D3.)

        Until you have a memory card go south on you, you’ll probably never grasp the full value of the dual card slots. In my opinionated opinion, it’s a HUGE step in the direction of, well, crushing Canon’s competitive edge with the 7D / 5D mk2. More and more, Nikon is becoming the wiser choice for serious (but value / size+weight conscious) professionals…

        I do agree that Nikon seriously needs to step up their video imaging, though. Even though I couldn’t possibly care less, personally, I know it is an important feature if Nikon wishes to stay powerful in the industry.


      • @PHB

        I think you’re being overly-simplistic and either misguided/misleading about the differences between the D300 and the D700. I have owned both the D300s and the D700, and I can say there is a tremendous difference in the quality AND ISO performance of the D700 compared to the D300s. I see a little improvement regarding ISO when using the D300s compared with the D2x, but using the D700 beside the D300s shows a pretty big leap up in image quality. I can shoot the D700/D3s in environments where I’m pushing up to 1,600, 2,500, and even 3,200 ISO with high expectations of usable, full size images; whereas I don’t feel safe pushing the D300s past 1,000 ISO for the same quality, and really only feel comfortable using it at <800 ISO.

        Even at 5,000 and 6,400 ISO, the D700 is usable and decent. There's no hope for the D300s in that realm. This may not seem like a huge difference when doing the math, but I can say in the real world, it's night and day.

        And for all the video naysayers, I can say the video on the D3s rocks, and blows clients and colleagues away time and again.

  • Ninon+Cakon

    Nikon, Please don’t release anything that is better than Canon…

    Can’t stand trolls comment ” Thats it.. i am switching over to Nikon “… ” Selling Me 5dmk4 “… ” Wish i could,would,should, have waited for this instead of buying my mk7″…

    • Global Guy

      It would be nice to hear those words again. Then again, lots of people saying it about the D3x and D3s.

  • D40-Owner

    Well, I wonder what will the gimme-more-Mpixel people say if the new model is a D700s, with the same sensor as the D3s.
    I would be jumping up the walls, saving money to get one, that’s for sure!

    • Ronan

      Same. I shoot with a D3 and D300. I would sell the D300 and cough up $$$ to get a D700s which is a D3s in a D700 body in a heart beat.

      THAT would make my summer!

      • D40-owner

        Oh lord, that’s my wet dream at night…….
        To just take a DX physical crop of the D3s sensor and stick it in a D90 (or even D40) body…… Droooooooool…… Would also pay D300 price for that!

        • iamlucky13

          A DX crop would end up being right around the D40’s original 6 MP. That would definitely be a sweet camera.

          I personally wouldn’t mind more resolution, but I’d seldom be hurting for want of it.

          • Yeah for the purposes I’d use such a camera, 6 MP would be all I’d ever need. (casual personal photography, when lugging around a D700s or D3s isn’t practical…)

            Imagine, a ~6 MP sensor in the D90 achieving clean ISO 6400 and 12800 for small prints and web, with the relatively light and small 50 1.4 AFS, at a family gathering or outing with friends… YES PLEASE!


    • i would pay d300 price for 1fps 6-8Mpix FX in D90 body 🙂

      • kendoka

        I would pay D700 price for D3S-sensor 10fps 12Mpix FX in D700 body 🙂

      • fork()

        Me too, I would easily surrender megapixels for noise performance. Such a frankencamera with a one-stop improvement over the D3s would give me a perfect camera dedicated for handheld night shooting. 🙂

        • Jose

          Dear Friends, I am glad to hear you will sacrify megapixels for better high iso performance. I think that is the way better high Iso performance before more megapixels. The only way that nikon assure us more megapixels with the best high Iso perfomance.

          • No doubt that this is the correct path for a company concerned with quality first. Nail the ISO/image quality, then tackle the moderate megapixel improvements with time. After all, who needs billions of pixels if they all every one of them look like puke?

  • Ron Scubadiver

    I was in a Houston camera store that is a Nikon dealer. They only had the D3000 and D5000 on display. When I asked they said they had sold a bunch and had no display models to put out. I did see one D700 box behind the counter. They did have a wide range of Canon DSLR bodies on display. When asked about a D700 replacement, they said check here, LOL.

  • m

    i am sure..d700 upgrade would be something similar to d300’s. additional sd/ compact card, video that sucks, 100 % view finder coverage, burst rate of ch-6 to 7 frames and a few minor tweaks here and there..priced initially at $2900-$3200 that drops by another $300-$500 within couple of months after launch of canon’s 5d m2 upgrade ..

    • First of all, the D300s video is as good as the shooter, in my opinion. And the D700s video would be expected to mirror the D3s video, which is better still. If you’re not getting good video from the Nikon VSLR’s, then you’re doing something wrong, methinks.

  • low

    i think its about time for me to switch over to canon…(for the fourth time this year already)

  • guasch

    yes! im sure ill be part of the 2nd-hand-gear food chain when this hits around july! but sadly somewhere around the bottom of the chain, but hell yea, still great. D300s come to meh

  • i think Nikon is already winning the game with their bodies and zooms
    primes – this is the field nikon is loosing, very slow on new lenses and very limited range in general
    i wish they released 35/1.4, 50/1.2 and 85/1.2

    • Jim

      didn’t the 35mm f1.4 already get release?

      • ArtTwisted

        The 24 1.4 was not the rumoured 35 1.4 although I can dream. It would be the perfect companion to my 85 1.4 and the perfect wedding duo.

        • ditto.

          but af-d f2 is not that bad. if you dont have it, check it out, maybe it is all you want. would sure like af-s update too, as good as 24 wide open

          • Anyone who says the Nikon 35 f/2 is “not bad” is of course speaking the truth, but has obviously not handled the Canon 35 1.4 L…

            Nikon’s is decent, but the Canon just makes you realize how much MORE you could have.

            Nikon makes a 35 1.4 AIS, with plenty of sharpness and great bokeh; and I believe they’ve got a patent for a 35 1.4 AFS though I’m not sure…

    • Unfortunately Yury, if it is f/1.2 and un-compromisingly oversized primes that you crave, Nikon will never be able to do exactly what Canon can, because of the lens mount size. If you’ve ever looked though the back of any of their fastest mid-range lenses, the 35 1.4, 50 1.2, and 85 1.2, you’ll see just how insanely close their tolerances are. Then try and hold an 85 1.2 up to a Nikon lens mount, and see how it will simply never fit. Or if Nikon DOES one day make a 1.2 lens with AF, I can 99% guarantee you it will still NOT have the same bokeh characteristics. The size of the glass is what does the trick.

      Personally, I’m satisfied with the performance and quality of what f/1.4 has to offer, especially with the new Sigma 50 1.4 that has almost equal bokeh to the Canon 50 1.2, but without that 1/2 or 1/3 stop extra physical aperture…


      • but what about nikkor 58/1.2 and 50/1.2? they both fit and have outstanding bokeh 🙂

        • Yes, and for that reason there can be a faint glimmer of hope for Nikon users. However those lenses are both manual focus, and Nikon pundits have often gone on record saying that the F-mount is simply too small to perform the same feat and include AF.

          I personally believe it CAN be done, but I have my doubts about the bokeh quality. I dunno, I’ve just seen too many Canon lenses that take beautiful bokeh to a whole new level. The 35 1.4, the 50 1.2, the 85 1.8, the 85 1.2, the 100 f/2, the 135 f/2… If you’ve shot with any of these lenses, you’ll know what I mean. They’re just buttery on a whole new level. I’ve personally shot with the Nikon 35 1.4 AIS, 50 1.2 AIS, 50 1.4 AFS, 50 1.4 AFD, 50 1.4 AF, 50 1.8 AFD, 85 1.8 AFD, 85 1.4 AFD, and the 105 f/2 DC…

          Honestly? They ARE good enough for me, and I totally prefer the smaller size and weight of the Nikon 1.4’s over the Canon 1.2’s. So I’m happy to stay with Nikon forever. But when people hope and pray so dearly for Nikon to make a lens like an 85 1.2, I think they might be better off just buying a used 1Ds mk2 / mk3, and an 85 L, and calling it a day…


          • thanks for explanation!
            i would have stayed with canon (i used to own 450D) but I don’t like their full frame bodies, i don’t like that scroll wheel… that’s why i got d700…
            so…no more better bokeh? sad

  • Though nothing is for granted yet, but I’m hoping. To see something.

  • Eric Calabros

    1080/60p? oh my god 🙂

  • Wow, maybe now we Mac users won’t get the short shrift from Nikon and get our Mac software way after Windows software is released? Hope that’s true.

  • nobody

    IMO, the only interesting point in a D700s type upgrade would be that it may come with the missing f4 standard zoom, say 24-105mm. High class optics, AFS, VR, and Nano coated, of course, but not as big and heavy as the 24-70.

    • I am keeping my fingers crossed for that.

  • Hey… try to buy a D90, it’s too expensive. Or not in inventory… or not too many… D90 is low in warehouse. Try it.

    • Kite

      D90 is having no prob with availabilty. Onlything is that people expect update/replacement to it. Rebates are still there. Amazon still have stock.

  • Z-B-A

    I very recently bought a D700 in the UK from Currys web store as they had a good offer on. I was shipped a one that had a ‘history’, probably an ex display. I contacted Currys about this as I wanted a new one. They could not offer a replacement as they had none in stock and didn’t know when they were getting any in stock.

    I asked about swapping in store, and they checked my catchment area (of 4 stores I think). 3 had 1 instock, which means display models and a PC World/Currys mega store had 2 prestine in stock, which is where I changed mine for a new one. I was willing to drive the 30km as the offer was too good to pass.

    2 weeks more and none of Dixons, Currys nor PC World have any in stock on their web stores. PC World is known as PC City in other parts of Europe. These stores are all owned by the DSG Group.

    These are not your typical dedicated photography stores in the UK, usually overpriced, but worth watching as every so so often they do have a gem of a deal. I bought my D200 from Currys a few years back saving a favourable amount. As an alternative Currys recommeds a CANON EOS 7D Digital SLR Camera with 18-135mm EF-S Lens as an alternative. 🙂

  • Rob

    18mp. Defacto medium format quality.
    They’ll bring out harder smaller better variants of this for for ever.
    A classic.
    Dreams are free, this dream could be reality.
    Go Nikon.

    • Triplet

      I think a D700s with the sensor/processing/video of the D3s is more likely than a camera that takes middle ground between a D3s and D3x in a D700 package.

    • Me

      >18mp. Defacto medium format quality.

      Except that medium format is 60 MP. Google is your friend sir, use it.

      • 18MP is not medium format quality.

        Having said that, 18MP full frame + 1080p h.264 or better? I’d tap that. (I can dream, can’t I? Or, hey that’s right, there is something like that already, it’s called the 5D MkII! Hoping I don’t have to jump ship, though, really…)

    • They don’t change the resolution of a camera in an s version, only an X version.

    • Rob

      Pity if they don’t up the MP.
      I think 18MP + will be a medium format killer. Hence I call it defacto medium format.
      I base this on the D3X which is already a medium format killer and 18mp is stuff all difference especially if the ISOs and quality keep climbing.
      Yes I realise there are 60mp medium format cameras around. Using Google I found the first digital medium format back came from Leaf systems at 4MP (which I’m sure still takes beautiful pictures).
      Doesn’t matter if they don’t up the MP in this round. One day I Nikon will make a higher MP fullframe DSLR that is lighter than my D90 and I’m saving.

  • RussB

    Like the guy above, I bought a D700 on 1st May from Currys in the UK too – I got my free battery grip which arrived from Nikon within 10 days and I got a big discount against the latest retail price. Since then, the lowest available price in the UK that I can see on the net has already risen more than £100; I think that says something about supply and demand too. I couldn’t be any happier….I upgraded from a D90. ISO is off the chart and product is unbelievable quality. Upgrade? Not interested.. I used video once in 15 months on my D90 and it was a total waste of time – I’m a photographer not a movie maker, I still don’t understand the obsession in forums like this with video. Is this the You Tube effect – surely there are already cheap good quality digital video bodies out there without having to buy a DSLR if you’re that interested?

    • Gonads

      “surely there are already cheap good quality digital video bodies out there without having to buy a DSLR if you’re that interested?”

      Short answer is: no. DSLR video is a revolution that Nikon is largely missing out on. The 5d mk2, and Panasonic GH1 are capable of amazing things, the video quality far surpasses anything that is possible with a camcorder, and anything that is possible with a video camera that costs less than $3000. So, you’re being naive if you think video in DSLR’s doesn’t matter. If you don’t like it – I don’t care, but I do care when people moan about things that other people would like to see. Why don’t you just campaign for the features YOU want to see, and not for the features that other people are interested in.

      • iamlucky13

        I think you’re both right. The video quality of a DSLR, especially in low light, can be superb.

        A lot of people get excited about this. I doubt, however, that many are doing much with it. To that end, I side with RussB that people are getting too excited about video in DSLRs.

        I don’t claim that as an absolute, though. I’ve heard some folks suggest they’re going to use it to improve their wedding photo/video offerings. I’m sure some independent film and commercial makers will consider them a good investment. It’s awesome that the cameras have the versatility for this. Most of us, however, just get excited about a new feature we don’t have real plans for aside from making a 30 second clip of changing focus at F/2.8+ from a wine glass to a fire in a dimly lit room to post on youtube to show how awesome the camera is. I know I’d love to try it, but I don’t think in motion picture. I think in stills.

  • scarmic

    I think Nikon will continue to sell D700 for along time: is one of the best cameras ever. Canon 5Dmk2 is not so good at high iso.

    I’m waiting for mine from about 3 months. (from 1 of March): there are a bag of demands, the production is in crisis. It would be stupid for nikon exiting now with a new camera!

    My 50 cents. Sorry for my bad english 🙂

  • GS

    Hi Rob 18Mp is a very capable camera indeed but in no ways “de facto” MF quality.
    I shoot on both Hasselblad 22Mp and a hired Canon 5D mkII and the difference is big.
    Should you one day have in front of you two files, one from a 22Mp MF and one from a Canon or Nikon for that matter, at equivalent megapix count and have retouch it at high magnification and view it at 100% you’d surely tell the difference. I am not talking about, will all due respect, to on-line image comparison. Go to your store, ask nicely and set a second hand Hassy h3 22MP and a Nikon D3x. Go back home and take a look at your files at retouching views magnification. Remember MF files are 16bit and on much larger sensor using great optics and DSlrs are 14bits at best on a much smaller sensor. see here if you wish to see what I mean
    I can assure you once you are touching up images on a screen all day it makes it a pleasure working on a better file, contrary to what most imagine.
    The only advantage I see on equal file size between MF and DSlrs are:
    a) higher ISO available although on newer MFs you can go all the way to 1600
    b) smaller sizes therefore weight, but once you start going on D3X or Canon 1Ds and prime lenses or high quality ones even that advantage is lost.
    c) video capabilities.
    My suggestion if MF quality is what you NEED for your work then MF is what you have to buy. No shortcuts there and if you consider some older H3 bodies are becoming on par to Nikon D3x bodies then…
    All the best.

    • Kevin

      Right and this is why the D3x is actually rated higher than some medium format cameras. The only way you’d ever tell the difference between a D3x shot and some medium format stuff is when you start printing really large files.

      • GS

        Hi Kevin and thanks fo your reply.
        You state:
        “Right and this is why the D3x is actually rated higher than some medium format cameras”.
        I am curious, by whom and where and compared to which MF cameras.

        and again:
        “The only way you’d ever tell the difference between a D3x shot and some medium format stuff is when you start printing really large files”

        Surely but if all you need it for is printing 16″x20″ what on earth you need anything above 16 and what are we discussing here, a,d what are all these people waiting for. They may as well, rather than wait, buy the D700.

        All the best.

        • Kevin

          I print 32″x48″ prints from my D3x files with ease without doing any specific enlargements. I also print 32″x48″ files from my D3s. The fact is both look similar and many people refuse to accept the reality that more MP doesn’t necessarily mean your printed images are going to look drastically better.

          If anything right now medium format is in serious danger with the advancements both Nikon and Canon are making. It will get to the point very soon where Hasselblad will be competing with Nikon.

  • roos

    Will Nikon realease DXXX camera with a sensor that is better in every way than on their DX line? Hardly, thay would never kill off the high end line. If there is a new DXXX coming, the D3x will still be the king of mega pixels and D3s will still be the queen of darkness. Where does that leave us? Well, we might see a D700s with D3s’ sensor or a D700x with the sensor of D3x. The former is even likely in my opinion. The alternative is a new sensor, with as good low light capabilities as D3/D700 and a resolution between D3s and D3x. There will ofcourse be improved video, too. Another variable they might fiddle with is the crop factor. The fact that Nikon doesnt have a mid crop sensor for now doesn’t necesserely mean it has to be like that forever. A 1.2 crop sensor would allow them to bring up the specs a little without making the D3:s redundant. So if You hope for a big leap in the DXXX segment a mid crop D700 replacement is propobly what You should wish for.

    • jules

      I really think a 1.2 crop sensor would be a step in the wrong direction.

      Loss of sharpness/iso performance without any significant gain in reach.

      No dedicated fisheye either.

      The two sensor types Nikon have is useful, 3 (like canon) is not.

  • Scubabubbles

    All the signs point to a depleted supply of D700 units…….so it prompted me to get off the fence and upgrade my D80 to a D700 along with the new 16-36 MM zoom at a great price from B & H. Waiting on UPS to deliver it today. I have a very nice HD video camera that will make outstanding videos if I desire, so waiting on a new body that will possibly have video capabilities is of absolutely no interest.

    • Great call. Think you’re going to be overawed jumping from the D80 to the D700.

  • Donald

    Re Video & DSLRs , have you never been in a position where you wanted video & stills of the same subject ? I have several times , most recently it was Bears fishing.
    It is very hard to juggle a SLR & a Video & chances are when you try you will miss things. A DSLR with video would allow me to concentrate on the subject knowing I could pull a high resolution still from anywhere in the video stream, a game changer in my book (when they get video sorted , hopefully this summer).

  • Temple

    According to Willian Lee , Manager Asia Technical Office, Singapore. There will be no D700 replacement this year.

    • Do you have a link? I am keep getting those rumors mainly from Europe. I think those are created by sell reps. in order to meet their quote and I don’t believe them, unless it was an official statement.

  • Zorro

    The D3000 is the model that most needs a replacement.

  • Acend

    I’m just about giving up waiting for a D700s. I’ll head to the bank for a loan and try to get a good deal on a D3s. A little bulky, sure, but other than that it’s all I’ll ever need.

    • Mikils

      yes. I did the same last monday. Looks it’s the only way to board my airplane for iceland end of june with a camera equal to the trip challenges and to avoid being awarded with a doorstopper in few months. for the higher MP and HD video will wait D800 hee hee heee

  • Triplet

    a dutch web retailer has ‘m out of stock for some weeks now, asked today and they replied they’re expecting to have the D700 back in stock first week of june. Think of it what you want 🙂

  • mishima

    C’mon ! Quickly get a launch on the D700s OR rather D800 etc etc…
    The Canon 5D Mark II has been a great cam both in pictures and Full HD video. Nikon got to really get something new fast on track! ;(

  • Kevin

    No they don’t. The fact the D700 is low on inventory should show you something. It’s outselling the 5D Mark II. You know why? It’s the better camera.

    • GS

      or simply since Nikon is not restocking suppliers.

      Kevin are you aware that Nikon has recently declared massive losses this year? Not a sign of success to me!

      I say this being a Nikon person, to the point that on a professional use I hire either the D3x when I can or else the 5D mkII, but one has to retain objectivity. If Nikon doesn’t come up quick with the goods, meaning a very competive (also in view of Canon’s own upgrade of the 5D mkII to mkIII) camera equivalent to the 5D, things will unfortunately get even worse for them. The Nikon D3x is an excellent camera but how many people can buy it? On that size of DSlr sensor Nikon needs an equivalent to the 5D MkII, it’s where Canon is making truckloads of money, not to mention on the more amatorial cameras that are always driven by the image/prestige of the Pro cameras.
      Not to mention the movie capabilities. You personally may not need them but that is the way the market is moving professionally and amatorially also due to iPhones, iPads, LCD screens on public transport…try take the tube in London and now recently in Paris too and you will see where professional photography is heading…moving images. And where professional photography is heading a top of range camera needs to go too.
      All the best.

      • ZoetMB

        Nikon declared losses as a total company, but the imaging division made money and exceeded their forecasts.

        I did an analysis of the number of bodies released since 1999 and the number of lenses released in the last three years and Nikon exceeds Canon in all respects. You might not like that Nikon hasn’t released a lot of f4 lenses or hasn’t replaced many of their primes or hasn’t done 1080p video on the high end yet, but you can’t accurately state and Nikon is releasing fewer updates than Canon.

  • I_want_a_D700X

    If the D700 is really selling that well, NikonUSA would not have a 3-month long instant rebate on D700/D300S with some of their best lenses (16-35, 24-70, 70-200VR2)

    Apparently D700 and D300S are NOT selling that well!

    • ZoetMB

      How do you know the rebates aren’t primarily to push more lenses out there?

  • Anonymous

    I hope either Canon or Nikon goes out of business then we can all sleep at night since there is no other choice…. lol

  • harry

    B&H has them Adorama has them. There is nothing new or strange happening.
    Don’t get too excited again. Admin is just throwing crumbs out there again as he usually does when there is really nothing new to report.

  • Alex

    There are plenty of D700s in the stores of HK

    • Gonads

      D700S, you say? :O

  • Kevin

    Yes the D700 is selling that well. It’s sold out at both B&H and Adorama multiple times over the past few months just because of the rebates. Last time I checked even with the Rebates Nikon prices are still higher than Canon which really must show you something. I’m still a believer that we will see a D700s however I am fairly certain it will not have the D3s sensor.

    • GS

      Sadly for us waiting just goes to show Nikon are being not very good at their job!! and this not based on discounts that don’t prove much but on their annual report that talks loud and clear !!
      This is a quotation therefore factual statement not I’ve heard or I believe:
      “due to the significant impact of the Group’s weak performance during the first half, net sales for the consolidated fiscal year decreased by 94,220 million yen (10.7%) from the previous consolidated fiscal year to 785,498 million yen, operating loss was 13,854 million yen”
      and also:
      “Under these circumstances, with respect to digital SLR cameras, there was a steady growth in the number of units sold due to solid performance by D3S, a flagship model offering ISO 12800 sensitivity, and new popular model products such as D3000 and D5000.”
      As you see they are making a very considerable loss but they experience growth due to the D3s D3000 and D5000.
      The D700 is an excellent camera but is outdated when compared to some Canon specs.

      • Kevin

        It also doesn’t take a blind idiot to figure out that sales would go down seeing as the entire world was embracing a recession and sales with just about any major company were off. The fact is everyone expects both Nikon and Canon to cannabalize their flagships by giving in to people who either don’t need this level of camera or are just too cheap to invest.

        • GS

          It also doesn’t take a blind idiot that Canon despite the recession is doing very well. The Canon 5D mkII doesnt cannibalize an effing thing. Just expands the selling reach. The 1Ds mk III was never meant to be sold to hundreds of thousands. The 5D mkII covers the public that can’t afford the flagship camera or specifically needs video.
          Professionals who can afford it will get the flagship camera and the 5D mkII as well, as the 1Ds MkIII and the 5D mkII are different cameras and built differently. But that is an important issue when working with cameras and I am starting to believe that will not be a concern to you. I am back to work and wish you to have fun with your cameras!!

          • Kevin

            You’d be an idiot to think Canon is doing well. They are having issues selling the 1D Mark IV and for some reason a lot of their pros are still publicly switching to Nikon and buying D3s bodies. Do you not find that odd. I guess Nikon is losing out on all the Canon pros changing over.

            The problem here with Canon is that so-called fringe professionals that doing photogrpahy for a living that once upon a time would be looking at buy a 1D series body are now just saying the 5D Mark II will suffice since they think MP means everything. They will have issues selling both the 1D Mark IV and the 1Ds Mark IV when it arrives. I do believe canon is delaying the launch of the 1Ds Mark IV so they can see what Nikon is going to do first. They weren’t exactly happy when Nikon stole their thunder on the 1D Mark IV.

            Nikon has no issues selling cameras so why should they do what people tell them to do.

          • GS

            Firstly, usually people who feel the need to call idiots other are the idiot theirselves who have no solid arguments to offer.
            Second: fringe photographers? Are you vaguely aware of the number of top notch movie directors who own and use the Canon 5D mkII ? If Nikon has the same attitude as you do no wonder they are in trouble.

            you say and quote:
            “Nikon has no issues selling cameras so why should they do what people tell them to do.”
            As mentioned earlier, go read Nikon annual report. Quite a large loss. Canon as any camera maker also experienced loss due to recessive economy but did not report a loss.

            For anyone to judge. Again try and base your statement on facts.
            Good luck!!

  • Chunkee

    Sorry guys…
    D700 is well in stock in Hong Kong and Macau…
    I guess it will be out 4th quarter this year as predicted…
    I was wrong thinking that Nikon will give me a surprise to put the D700 replacement out early…
    I have faith…
    I wish Canon will quit playing the ” I’ll hold on to mine until I see yours” game and bring out the 5Dmk3 now… So Nikon have to bring out the D700 replacement~~~

  • PM Buck

    Hey guys, what about this possibility:
    *Do away with D700 replacement because new model would most likely impact D3S sales, D4 in 2011(right around the corner)
    *Instead of D700 replacement they come out with the Nikon Evil either FF or DX
    *14 mp sensor similar to the new one in Sony’s NEX
    *1080i video
    * ISO performance on par with current D700
    I don’t know just a thought, I think if there was going to be a D800 or whatever launch this year, we would have heard of some more concrete rumors/leaks??? I hope I am wrong!!!!

  • SNRatio

    GS: You have clearly missed the discussion on Nikon’s report. The imaging division did very well, increasing profit and unit sales even on decreasing revenue – that’s competitivity. All the loss was from the industrial division.

    The reason D700 is in short supply now may have to do with some spec weaknesses, as you point to. Soon two years would normally imply time for upgrading – but it may happen in two steps – a new higher res version first.

    • GS

      I think you are equally missing the point.
      Here we are specifically talking about the D700. Nikon’s report says what and have to quote yet again:
      “Under these circumstances, with respect to digital SLR cameras, there was a steady growth in the number of units sold due to solid performance by D3S, a flagship model offering ISO 12800 sensitivity, and new popular model products such as D3000 and D5000.”
      So the imaging division is growing but thanks to the D3S on the pro range and on the D3000 and D5000.
      Nikon are stating this,not me, not much more to interpret, they simply do not list the D700 as one of the driving forces of their growth.

  • Why in the world would Nikon offer back to back to back rebates for a D700? You would assume they are getting rid of stock before a release for an upgrade. Instead of looking wayyy to far into it look in front of your face…Its coming within the next couple of months and we will start hearing rumors about specs very shortly. 🙂 Although I guess they could continue the rebates until 2011.. What does history say about this? What happened when the D300 got upgraded to s? IMO I think it will be D700s; dual card, video and thats it.

    • Me

      If that’s all in the offing, I’d just buy a D700. I think the problem is that Nikon has rather painted itself into a corner at the top end. What I think will happen is this, in this order:

      • D700 upgrade
      • D300 Upgrade
      • DX00
      • D3x and D3 replacement with a new autofocus module geared toward full frame and what ever else. This way the market buckets are well differentiated and they can continue to charge for the high end. The sales cycle would also therefore not step on each other.

      The trouble with all the people saying that all that is needed is to put a 24mp sensor into the 12mp body is that they haven’t thought the matter through. The CPU and I/O need to be upgraded as well. Those may well be rather snugly placed inside the D3S and some rework may be needed to fit into a smaller body.

  • Anonymous

    I think Nikon will extend the rebates until July-August. They do not have anything before that otherwise we would have heard something by now.

  • jon usa has 454 d700 in stock at the moment.

  • Canon 1D Mark IV SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scubabubbles

    All the chatter about the D700 being replaced or updated with video pushed me over the edge….B & H just had UPS deliver my new D700 with the 16-35 wide angle zoom. All I can say is wow……it is so far advanced over my D80…..the images are outstanding and the ISO in low light conditions just blows me away. For the life of me I can’t understand why I didn’t order this thing earlier. 12MP with the FX format is enough for me….could not be happier with my decision. And now I can stop my daily watch of the rumor mill as to what everyone thinks is coming. I will check back in about 2 or 3 years…..maybe some new DSLR will make an appearance.

  • I read somewhere, (probably on this site), that the canon 5DmkII is outselling the 700 by 5 to 1. Speaking as a D300 user, i am desperate to upgrade to something that will match or better the 5DmkII but without spending silly amounts of cash. I keep hanging on and on as i know that if i succumb to the D700, then a replacement will come out the following week knowing my luck. The perfect camera for me would be 18mp or more and with dual card slots. I couldn’t give a stuff about video and wonder why camera manufacturers think it’s such a big issue. If i wanted to be a videographer i would buy a video camera.

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