Weekly Nikon related news/links

  • New gizmo: SteadePod, "a patented camera steadying device".
  • Rayqual will produce adapter for the Sony NEX cameras (Sony E mount) that will allow attachment of Nikon lenses (source).

And as usual the videos are after the break:

  • Nikon D3x shoots BMW commercial with Katarina Witt in the cold:

  • Andy Rouse has several ads for Nikon D3s, D300s and D5000 on Youtube:

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  • Click

    NO rumors ???????

    • it’s the WEEKLY NIKON NEWS. relax.

  • Conan

    Third post!yeah!

  • Splutzer

    SteadePod. Cute idea. I’m not sure I’d like having it tied to my belt while photography someone. It might make things ‘unsightly’. I did, however, enjoy her video taking skills from the knee… with the lens cap on.

    • A piece of bungee cord or silicone surgical tubing (think slingshot) would be way cheaper and probably easier to pack in a bag or pocket. Though slightly less convenient to attach to any camera. Even then that would hardly replace a tripod for any shots longer than a few tenths of a second. And what happens when you let your foot off the cord? Does it shoot up and smack the camera right out of your hand? (That might actually be funny.) Sorry, can’t see this being that great.

      • James

        I saw someone with this design a few years ago. Except they just used a nut with a long piece of wire attached, that you put on the ground and trod on, then pulled against to help steady the camera.

        • PJS

          I’ve been using that method since the 60’s with fishing line instead of wire. Works great!

    • yeah I saw the video camera pan with the lens cap on too, that was hilarious.

  • rad

    I knew Canon was the devil!

    • Canonknight

      we burn devils in the dark side!

  • Anonymous

    hey i checked the website and the sigma 70-200 is only for preorder and is not in stock….

    • danpe

      Yes, and it’s going to be a while since no shipping date is set. http://www.sigma-photo.co.jp/ usually has shipping dates a week or two before it happens. Only two of five lenses announced for PMA are out, I wonder if they plan to announce anything on photokina 😉

  • I_want_a_D700X

    Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 OS for $1699? 1699? What’s sigma been smoking?

    A good used copy of Nikon’s 70-200 f/2.8 VR1 is probably a better way to spend the money.

    • ArtTwisted

      agreed. I was in the market for there non HSM 70-200 but decided to wait and buy the stabilised one instead but at that price I may aswell buy the VR1 nikon or spedn the extra 800 and get the VR2. I would have been willing to pay 1300 max for the stabilized sigma.

    • stepper

      I like Sigma and I think their price (although a bit high) sounds reasonable.
      But until we see some solid reviews we won’t really know…

      By the way, Sigma has won my attention in the past by offering free re-chipping of lenses for later Nikon body compatability. To me that makes them a class act.

  • Dan
    • Anonymous

      In my backpack no D700 neither !

      • Jose

        LOL =))

    • ashley dudd

      i have one for you.

    • randini

      Oh yawn another nikon store in Chile. Vilamar, the Nikon importers here, are crooks. They charge 2x MSRP for stuff that’s outdated. As Dan pointed out the website still has no D700, but they do a D200. You have to contact them for a price to they can add you to their spamming lists, but I’ll bet the D200 is listed at about $3000USD (or more). For example, the only price they actually have listed on the site is a used D100 w/grip (no lens) for 350,000 pesos (that’s just shy of $700 USD). Add another $700 to get the 24-120mm VR to go with it.

      Like I said, Yawn, another nikon store in Chile. Thanks but no thanks. As in the past, I’ll be getting my next camera from abroad thank you very much.

      Now, how about that Nikon MILC…

  • Chris

    LOL Who the fuck is Sigma kidding with that price?

    • all those who pay for their 50 and 30mm new lenses. Better then before, more expensive then original, but worse!

      • Rasho

        Sigma 50 1,4 is better tha AF-S Nikkor 50 1,4.

        • optically yes, durability, exposure precision, focusing precision no. Sadly.

          • I wouldn’t even say optically. The very center is sharp at every aperture. 65% of the frame is mush until f8 on FX though. At least compared to my 50/1.4G. Considering the complex optics, I have trouble believing the Sigma lens is so bad. But my experience with one sample is backed up by all the testing online.

            Sigma does update their lenses relatively often though, so maybe they can fix whatever makes the corners so bad and come up something better. As is, the corners suck. I wouldn’t call that superior. My Nikon 50 is just super even across the frame.

          • Rasho

            Sharppnes of both Nikkor and Sigma is pretty much the same, but Sigma isbetter in few very importanrt things, Bokeh , AF speed and contrast wide open. From F2,8 I will use Nikkor 24-70, for F1,4-2,8 definetelly Sigma.

  • Nosfuratu!

    Ha! The SteadePod is a great invention, been doing this with a metal washer and some twine for a while now. But if you watch the video on their website the woman demonstrating how to take smooth videos doesn’t take the lens cap off!

  • Photogradstudent

    Interesting idea with the Steadepod. I wonder if the length is adjustable.

  • disco


    I’ll be damned if I get a coolpix for father’s day! sheesh!

  • I cant wait to get the voigtländer

    • SZRimaging

      Ditto. I love my 20mm.

    • nikkor_2

      Have you seen a review of the lens yet?

  • In the coolpix bts video, they are filming with a D700 size body at 1:59, everywhere else they show and mention the D3s. Can anyone identify if that’s a D300s? Why would they use a D300s when they clearly have D3s on set? Perhaps this is a glimpse of the D700 update with video.

    • Jonas

      It is a D300s, the eyepiece looks like a D300s-one and the prism house is nog high enough to be that of a D700.

  • Nikon Canonieer

    It doesnt sound like a begunning to me.
    When does it come so far?

  • Andrew

    I love the SteadePod™ video where the girl is taking “HD Video” with the lens cap on, brilliant!

  • The invisible man

    Tomorrow is May 25th…..and no D900.
    Ok, I’ll take a D3x.

    • Happy birthday!! 😀

    • Happy birthday! 😀

    • enesunkie

      They were a little early. Happy Birthday! I was hoping you would take a D4 thought. I have one pre-ordered for ya! :~)

      • The invisible cat

        Thank you guys for all your messages, well, I guess no new FX camera for me this year !
        But I received a priceless email for my ex-girlfriend in Europe wishing me a happy 42th birthday (I turn 43 today), that must be because of the time changing bettween France and USA 😮

        • The invisible cat

          By the way, depending on witch computer I’m on, I’m the invisible man, visible woman, invisible kids and also the invisible cat.
          But I’m sure many of you already figured out 😮

  • Greenwood_Geoff

    The sigma is about 540$ less expensive than the VR II model. It is about what a used VR I model is running. I just wish there were test reports out there on this Sigma lens. Comparison shots would be nice.

    • in case of sigma, reviews and new owners are usually not that bad. it is just few months later you get burned. would be nice to have some competition but sigma, no thanks.

  • Martin

    I think i wait for the d800sx
    Then i will not be frustrated yet

  • Sergey

    I’m getting the Sigma the moment it comes out. For those that don’t know, Sigma has been producing better-than-oem lenses since around 2007.

    And yeah the lens is not in stock. It has been availble for pre-order around 2 weeks ago.

  • nikkor_2

    In the BMW video featuring Witt, what lens is used? For example, see near 1:41 (min: sec).

    Is this the 24-70?

  • fxed

    NR, thanks for the news stories whether they be rumor related or not. To those who complain, please go back to posting angry replies on dpreview.

    Sure Sigma here’s $1700 for your pro line (EX) lens that has no rubber seal at the lens mount but I guess the gullible think it is a good deal since you have the lens price jacked up on your site and on amazon or bh, etc., it looks like a great deal.

    • GlobalGuy

      Its definitely the angry DPReview crowd, haha. Although, I found that DP is getting friendlier lately! 🙂

      • Maybe they all came over here so they could threaten to go to Canon? 😉

  • ArtTwisted

    Insult to injury.

    The new Sigma lens in Canada at Vistek, one of the stores that always has competitive prices in canada has it priced for 1,999 and the nikon VRII for about 2,300. Why would I ever buy the Sigma for about 3 – 4 hundread less then the price of the top of the line nikon version of that lens.

  • taurui

    Seriously – as far as I recall, optics for the 70-200 OS remained unchanged. So we get an optically inferior (softer!) lens with worse build quality for the same price as the nikon 70-200 VR1.
    What is Sigma thinking? I really have no idea who’d buy it – and that comes from a guy who owns 2 sigma lenses (10-20 and 1.4/50).

    • Rasho

      Optic formula od Sigma 70-200 OS is brand new, there isn’t any similarity with current version.

  • Tim

    screw this, i just bought the D700, this means there will be a new model tomorrow 🙂

    • Greenwood_Geoff

      I am close to doing the same thing. I keep slapping my fingers as they start to click buy.

      I just know as soon as I make the jump a new model will be announced that has 18MP with video (have not used mine on the D90, but think it is a nice feature for a quick clip grab) and similar iso performance.

      then I think they will ask 3500$ for it, which would put it out of my comfort zone. i do this for fun, not for a payday, so spending 3500$ on a camera plus a couple grand for a lens or two starts to make me rethink changing from my D90 to a D700 replacement.

      • Tim

        Well ive been looking for a FX camera for 4 months now, cash in hand.

        Now the summer is here (my primary working time) and i just could not hold off a update any longer (shooting a D2h).

        Just took the first 200 snaps.. and i could not be happier. Sharpness is amazing (primes) and ISO is more than i need. 6400 is no problem, specially with the new CS5 correction.

        About the price issue. I gust got mine for 1900€, wich is probably a steal considering the new model is likely to go in the 3000 mark.

        If you need it, dont wait!

        + you can score some nice delas, like free grip.

        • ArtTwisted

          I agree. Luckily for me im a photography student or soon to be anyways full time which means I can loan pro gear from both Nikon and Canon sides free all year long when I need better then my D90 / FM2N but If i was a working pro Id just buy the 700 and not look back.

  • Anonymous

    NR Admin, post something new please. This is getting really boring.

    • I may have some news later on today or tomorrow – still working on it. I am not in a rush to post something, as some readers suggests. The quality of the post is more important than the quantity (I can write about non-rumor, Nikon realted topics all day long).

      • Anonymous

        Then cut the “weekly” Nikon news in smaller pieces. I think in that way people would find some new topics. When you leave the same post up for 2-3 days, it gives the impression that you abandoned us. 🙂

      • amunk

        what you are doing is fine


    Please keep doing what you are doing. I enjoy reading your site because of things like the weekly news/links and the underwater SLR from the Navy a couple weeks ago. Sure it’s nice when there is a big announcement that might get leaked, but honestly “real world photography” stuff related to Nikon equipment is what I like most about this site.

    Ignore the trolls, YOU ARE DOING A GOOD JOB!

    HOPEFULLY SOON WE WILL REJOICE “IT HAS BEGUN!” but until then keep it up and ignore idiots.

    To the idiots: Keep the comments to yourself, moaning and complaining will not make credible rumors appear out of thin air.

    • Anonymous

      Wandy, you are an idiot! All I said was that instead of posting 15 links when the time is quiet, it is better to post 1-3 a day from the same type of news. Obviously you cannot read. So go back up and read my post.

      • Ed

        Why you think he was talking to you!? :S

        • Anonymous

          Because I was the one who said that maybe less but more frequent posts would make it more interesting when rumors are slow to come.


  • zzddrr

    Hey, isn’t that sad that Rayqual will produce adapter for the Sony NEX cameras (Sony E mount) that will allow attachment of our Nikon lenses. I mean it is good in certain ways since Nikon cannot produce something that matches this Sony NEX. I kind of like the concept since it’s a fairly small camera. On the other hand, WTF is Nikon doing when a $500 pocket cam will outperform the D3s when it comes to full HD.

    • ArtTwisted

      My $700 panasonic HD camcorder will blow both out of the water, but why does that matter ? No one is buying the D3s to do video, they want the crazy low light stills.

      • zzddrr

        Nooo, my point was that the NEX looks like an interesting camera at fairly affordable price. Also, we’ve been asking Nikon to produce a very small interchangable camera. (Even with adapter). I mean, sometimes it’s good to have a small camera with you. Now, on the top of this NEX can shoot better video than the D3s. I don’t need video in a D3 class (that’s just me) that’s why we have pocket cams.

        • Just because some people online have been asking, doesn’t mean it’s in high demand or that it would make sense for Nikon right now. They do very well with DSLRs. The companies that don’t are the ones who have launched other product lines to try doing something “different”

          Also Art, good luck matching the low light performance and shallow DOF that can be achieved with video on a FX sensor lol

  • Gaaaa!

    I want the Voigtlander so much, yet the asking price is absurd for what the lens does… I know it’s apo, but c’mon.

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