Eyewitness report: Nikon D700 cannot be ordered in Germany

In addition to previous reports that the Nikon D700 is being phased out (see here, here and here), today I received another one (this time from Germany):

"I just went into my local store in ***, Germany today to check if they have a D700 in stock. Unfortunately, they did not and when I asked the employee to order one he ran into some problems. Apparently, he could not order new bodies nor the kit D700+24-70 from Nikon because the D700 was listed as "Auslaufmodell" which is German for something like "out of date" or a camera which is soon to be replaced. The employee told me that he will call Nikon on Tuesday morning (there is a holiday on Monday in Germany) and ask what is going on with the D700.  When I asked him about a possible replacement for the D700 (D700s?) he did not have any information for me. I will write to you on Tuesday when I have more information about this, maybe it is just an error in the stores ordering software..."

I've said already that I am not a believer of the "no D700 replacement in 2010" rumor (on some Internet boards this rumor goes even further indicating that no new Nikon DSLRs will be released in 2010).

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  • The invisible family

    Cool, D900 just in time !

    • The Visible Guy

      Why Not a D800??? are you hoping for Nikon to release a two generations successor???

      You little dreamer! 😉

      • qwerty


      • The invisible man

        Well, when I look a the “price jump” when Nikon release a new body, I really want that camera to be at least 2 generations a head !

        • Johan Krüger-Haglert

          When 550D was released the price was 7995 SEK, now a few months later it had dropped to 6695 or something such which isn’t much more than the 500D and the price it had before the release. So it catched up the same price level very fast.

          The D90 cost 8995 SEK I believe, maybe that was with the 18-105 kit lens, it was sold during christmas in some stores for 5995 (with 18-55? no idea) and lots of people sell theirs new in box for 4000-5200 SEK now.

          So what can I expect a successor to cost? Do they always become more expensive or do they fall down in the same price category pretty quick?

          I’ve been wondering about buying the D90 for the low price and get the successor assuming it will have as good movie mode as the 550D but I don’t know if I will want to spend 6000+ SEK to get it .. The 550D would offer that now already.

          Also what I really want is a big sensor EVIL/MILC with decent lens selection, but I assume that will take some time even from Nikon and Canon, if adapters show up really fast / immediatly, don’t ask me how, then I would be happy with Leica M-mount and CCTV -mount for now.

          (Lots of such lenses available, and I already got four Summicron 35/2, Summilux 50/1.4, Elmar-C 90/4 and Tele-Elmar 135/4 so atleast I could use the camera.)

          • The invisible cat

            If you can deal with the DX format (I hate it) then the D90 is the perfect choice.

    • Clicker

      After agonizing for 6 months waiting for a D700 update in order to upgrade from a D300 (D700, D3s or start over with a Canon 5d even though I have pro Nikon glass?), I just bought the existing D700 and after two days with this miracle I NOW REALLY DON’T CARE IF THEY COME OUT WITH A SUCCESSOR WITH DOUBLE THE PIXELS! This camera is great, clean, fast (esp. with the battery holder- 8fps), sharp as it ever needs to be (good lenses like the 70-200 are even better than on a D300) and am just sorry I waited so long. If you can find one and especially if its discounted, it will be a bargain, since any update will be more and will simply be diminishing returns for the extra money. Unless you care about video (which I don’t), which any upgrade is bound to have, you will be completely satisfied no matter what the so-called improvements. You’ll use it for years, happily.

  • CapFuture

    For those interested: “Auslaufsmodell” just means “discontinued model”… so things seem to point to the successer model of the D700 🙂

    • PHB

      The question is whether it is a successor model or a replacement.

      I think it is highly unlikely we will see a D900 this year. The whole point of the D300 and D700 is that you are getting the flagship electronics in a more compact body with very few compromises. A D900 would be completely orthogonal and make no sense to me at all unless it was intended to be a preview for a new sensor to go into the D4/D400 series.

      A D700s and D700x on the other hand are a racing certainty.

      Contrary to the sentiment on these boards, I don’t think a constant stream of new bodies is a good thing. Three years between major updates with a midlife refresh is more than fast enough for me. I bought my D300 six months after launch and will probably replace it six months after the launch of something that makes the upgrade worth considering. That might be the D400 or might not be till the D500. Or it might even be an FX model if the timing is right.

      • LGO

        I believe that Nikon will release a D700s no later than August this year. I expect that this D700s will have the same 12mp full-frame sensor as the D3s.

      • geoff

        “The whole point of the D300 and D700 is that you are getting the flagship electronics in a more compact body with very few compromises.”

        That might be true for those two cameras, but remember that the D100 and D200 didn’t share the same sensors as the D1 or D2. The sensor in the D700 is based on the D3, but that doesn’t mean that the D800 has to share the same sensor as either the D3s or the D3x.

  • mdm

    plenty of brand new D700’s on Ebay Germany from photo stores and “in stock” in other online stores (Amazon, Calumet, etc.)

    • CapFuture

      Hmm, eBay is not really a measure of all things… Those local photo stores only have a small number of cameras in stock and have to reorder more often than amazon for instance…

  • D700 can be easily ordered in many shops. Few of smaller ones stock it because of price, but Nikon dealers still deliver. Like Fotokoch, Photo Universal, Calumet, etc

  • The invisible cat

    What a funny world we are living in !
    When the D700 was announced, everyone was searching for that camera all over the world !
    Now, people don’t want to ear about the D700 being in stock anywhere !

    • Iceman

      …and as soon as the replacement body is announced we will be the most satisfied group of people on the planet….right?

    • iamlucky13

      Clearly the anticipation shows the expectations are high. Everyone remembers the excitement the D700 created and is hoping the D700x or D700s or D800 will be as much a jump in performance per price as the D700 was relative to the less capable D300 or the more expensive D3.

      Which means I’m not looking forward to the annoying comments on this board if (and in my opinion when) the successor to the D700 turns out not to be a generational leap. It may still happen, but I’m not holding my breath for the 24MP, 1080p60, clean ISO 25,600, breakfast-making wonder so many posters insist Nikon has to make in order to keep them all from switching to model that Canon apparently makes with all those features.

      In case the hint wasn’t clear to those who do so: the snarky comments about how Nikon is doomed because what they release isn’t an exact match for often unrealistic expectations have long since gotten old. Folks tempted to raise such complaints yet again should consider how many times they’ve said exactly the same thing before, then come up with something more creative to do, like getting up from the computer and taking some pictures with the perfectly adequate D40’s and D80’s most of us actually have.

    • Anonymous

      yeah today the D700 is a joke :no video,no 100% viewfinder more expensive than the 5DII it s suicide, and Nikon saying that their sales wont grow , what a nightmare!!!!;;;;;;;;;;

      • ?
        If the D700 is a joke, what is the 5D MII then? 3 fps for 2k $?!?
        Thats a joke, bro…

        • CE

          No, the D700, and its lack of successor is the Joke right now. The 5D MkII is a camera that makes sense, and is the camera everyone is buying. 21MP, 1080 24p video, manual controls. If you need speed, now that’s a different story, and you’re not buying a 5D because of the speed. So, “3 fps for 2k” is a fallacious notion.

      • The invisible man

        The D700 is perfect, feed it with a 24MP (same sensitivity as the 12MP sensor) and I’ll buy 2 right away !
        I don’t care about the video (I use a camecorder for video).
        I never liked the 100% viewfinder (even for a film camera) because when you print out your picture you will NOT be able to print 100% (you are loosing about 5% on a inkjet printing.)
        So I think a 95% viewfinder is safier.

        • Maeka

          Talk about poor logic? So a failure in workflow (inability to print 100% on your end (ever think of compensating for your inkjet’s issues preprint?)) means that a viewfinder limitation is GOOD?

  • Greenwood_Geoff

    When you mentioned AAFES removed it from their online catalog I checked. Indeed it was not listed there. When you order a Nikon from AAFES (maybe Canon also) it comes directly from Nikon. When they could not get a shipment, I knew it was not being produced for new orders. It may well have had some runs from previous mass orders that had to be filled, but no new orders were going to get placed.

    hopefully they get rid of 95% of the stock so they can announce the replacement SOON

    • fxed

      I have privileges at the exchange. Its been around a month since they took the D700 down. They had a 15% discount off all items except those beginning with “X” (computers). Picked up the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 @ $429-15% for my D700 and a 55-200mm DX VR @$149-15% for my D90. I wanted to pull the plug on the D3s @$4975-15%=wow. The budget didn’t allow for it.

      You are right though, Nikon and Canon is shipped from Japan from the warehouse of AAFES exchange, Yakota AFB. I wish they offered more Nikon equipment. The 70-200VRII was on the site for pre-order only. The day it came out it was removed.

  • blue
  • S. Diaz

    For those of you whom cannot afford to spend £2000 on a new Nikon body every couple of years, making the right purchase is vital. Though 2010 is going to be a good year for Nikon in terms of full frame and cropped frame releases. It is most probable that in July of 2011 we will definitely see the D4 & D400 with a new generation of technologies. (btw I have some juicy info regarding the DX D400, same high iso ability of FF d3s (12,500) but with more MP and better DR! A super AF system and shutter rated @ 200,000 actuations. Instead of paying thousands in 2010 for some d700s, why not wait and pay a little less for a d400 in 2011 that trounces the FF d700 s? I already have a d700, why would I wish to pay thousands again for the same dated AF, shutter life, sensor, etc that I bought in 2008? D700 s is just a minor upgrade even if it did have the d3s sensor! I’m waiting on my contacts knowledge and I’m happy to wait.

    • Nobody

      July 2011: Nikon changes the laws of physics.

      • Anonymous

        why should we believe you? you are nobody.

        • Louis Rosenthal

          nice one 😀

    • Kuv

      Troll wannabe?

    • S.Diaz, hope to hear more details on the D400. Dying to hear it, in fact!

  • nir.e

    Wow, NOW (!) with the D something your compositions will be perfect!
    This new camera is sooooo advanced you don’t have to press the shutter!!
    you put the “camera” in your pocket, wear glasses with a build in BT
    and shoots a 24 FPS video in 50mp resolution directly to the “camera” which just shoot everything you see 24/7 continuously!! It is amazing you got to have it! it cost only 700s/x or (maybe z) gazillion dollars!

  • Worminator

    Still available in Japan, but deeply discounted … 193,000 yen new body , and showing “limited number of stock” warning. I’d say replacement before the end of June.

  • Mike again

    Honestly folks, we are still in an economical crises and EU just got a BIG problem with Greece around its neck which has such a dramatical effect on the world economy it my affect A LOT!! And I really mean it, people the D700 was just too good camera when released having 99,5% of what D3 could offer, MY opinion is it’s still a darn good camera and a successor to D700 would be a D800 based on a D4, but keep in mind how long time after D3 the D700 was released! and that is what will see with a successor to D700 too.

    Nikon knows a Canon 5D mkII still is a very limited camera in its functionality, just the AF will destroy lot of competition from what the D700 could do, everything isn’t about MPix!

    And on a third thought, the D700 and its successors will probably never come in as many varieties as D3 came afterwards in like D3x and D3s, the smaller body ‘D3’ known as D700 will and always will be just a single model (my interpretation!) released ones as a ‘simpler’ slightly downgraded model to the future upcoming D4, otherwise there would simply too much of cannibalism within Nikon’s own portfolio. Logically that how I would at least look at it, just admit it to yourself Canon wont give 1Ds mkIV little brother before the flagship is released.

    ok, I might be wrong but this is how I feel Nikon would do from their POV. Fellows, I might be wrong, but a bit of healthy reluctance and Nikons POV wouldn’t hurt here. And rest assured Canon will not rush either, they know the lifetime cycle of each model MUST take up a certain time before a successor is to be released to keep up the gain margins.

    Finally be a happy Nikon owner, Nikon will NOT forget you!

    • Mike again

      Well guys, call me naive! 😉

      But of course, I do admit it never hurts to see the companies keeps up the competition! 🙂

    • Steve

      Agree 100% Every month or two there’s a “D700 isn’t available” rumor and it never pans out. I think the D800 will be the D700 replacement and it will be based on the D4. Simple as that.

    • Anonymous

      sounds like church!!!

    • Acend

      Well spoken, I agree totally. I would be very surprised to see a D800 before the D4, it makes no sense. I still hope for a D700s though, but then I belong to the minority who actually “needs” the video.

  • shivaswrath

    well, the D700s WOULD make the most sense at this juncture. . .especially since D3s’ are backordered for months, the D4 is due 1 year from now, the D3xs will be updated shortly, and the 5d2 needs a competitor.

    • Mike again

      well, if the D500 (D300 successor with 20 Mpix..?) is true then we might see it soon.. you know guys, but not in the FX area, high Mpix don’t very often need high ISO in studio and landscape shooting milieu, does it? :S

      • 20 mpix on DX.
        Very likely.

  • Daf

    It could just be that this 1 shop has pre-emptively stopped stocking + ordering D700

    Dixon Tax Free (airport shops) stopped stoking the D700 many months ago as reported on here.

    Here’s hoping though – really want to buy a new SLR.

  • JorPet

    Why would Nikon try to sell out the D700 stock prior to announcing a replacement that won’t be available for 2 months? That would seem to be a very poor business model. Seems more likely to make the announcement and then drop the current price to clear out inventory at a rate that would take it to near zero just before actual delivery.

  • none

    There’s an easy rule when it comes to Nikon bodies: The oldest body will be replaced next – since the D700 is currently the oldest body it will be replaced next. When – that’s the only question.

  • Zoetmb

    In New York, B&H, J&R and Adorama all have D700’s in stock (but in most cases, only the body, not the Nikon kits.) Now since these retailers push tremendous numbers of units, they stock large quantities and the fact that they have them in stock doesn’t necessarily mean that Nikon distribution still has any.

    As Thom Hogan has reported, Nikon is terrible at keeping product in stock, either because they can’t predict demand or because they’re having production issues or because they may not want to invest in manufacturing lines that don’t return quick cash flow, although in the past, this has applied more to lenses than to bodies. As he reported, there’s also the issue of the conflicts in Malaysia (is the D700 manufactured there or in Japan?).

    So it’s hard to say whether the inability of one retailer to obtain product from Nikon really means anything. It could be the local Nikon organization didn’t maintain appropriate stock levels. It could be that Nikon didn’t expect to sell as many as it did and didn’t want to do another manufacturing run, even if it means that D700s will be gone long before a replacement is due. Or it could mean that a D700s or x is on the way. Hard to tell… The fact is that there’s nothing stopping Nikon from taking whatever would have been the D700s or x and calling it a D800…or vice-versa. Product naming is largely a marketing game anyway.

    If Nikon does release a D700s, there will be the usual complaints from those who say, “why should I upgrade?” The answer, of course, is that you shouldn’t – such a revision is intended for new customers. And if Nikon releases a D800 at a higher price (with the Yen at 89.97 to the USD, they probably will), they’ll be complaints about the value proposition. Sometimes I feel sorry for companies like Nikon. Life was probably a lot easier before forums like this one.

  • Bertie

    Nikon Australia is offering $200 rebate – for D700
    ?? pushing old stock out = then new model!!!

  • zzddrr

    It is true, Angela Merkel said that the D700 has Greek parts in it (somewhere) for that reason the D700 now is banned from Germany. 🙂

    • TheIncredibleUlk

      Maybe Nikon cams are banned from taking sharp and therefore unfavorable pictures from Merkel. She prefer blurry shots taken by Canonistas. Now said it aloud it makes sense, doesn’t it.
      Maybe Thai-workers are busy otherwise.
      Maybe somali pirates dried up the trade route to ol’europe.
      Maybe it’s just usual: aliens (and their distinguished taste).

      • Anonymous

        Maybe French gvt use them to take picture of Carla Bruni !

  • Stepper

    Who knows… Maybe there isn’t going to be a D700 successor or an “x” or “s” version at all!

    We need to remember that when the D700 was introduced it just came out of nowhere. There was no previous model and there was hardly a designated category for it either. Even the “D700” naming convention seemed to come out of left field. Maybe Nikon never intended to create a new category line with the D700.

    • Pat

      That’s not exactly true. Nikon long had a tradition of down-trickling flagship technology to lesser bodies (D2X->D200->D80 for instance, D1X->D100->D70, etc) So going from D3 to D700 is just like from D2X to D200. Although the D700 is much more D3 than D200 as a mini D2X.

      Although I have to speculate that the very presence of the Canon 5D might have been a catalyst for this mini-FF line.

  • Gary

    The only problem is that this store being out of stock could mean nothing…as Thom Hogan pointed out, sometimes Nikon is not the best at keeping inventory flowing.

    Also, it’s been predicted that as a result of the European economic problems that many vendors will pull stock from Europe and send it to the US and other markets for sale.

    Until we see retailers across the board, including the big names like B&H, Adorama, etc, running out of the D700 then these anecdotes about a store here and store there running out of stock are just that, merely anecdotes with no pattern.

  • Just a reminder that this post is not about the D700 “in stock” availability but about the rumor that certain stores cannot order it from Nikon any longer.

  • qoo

    hope new FF dslr quick released!!!

  • Here we go again?

  • chunkee

    D700 replacement will be 2010 based on the usual timeline….
    I thought Nikon will use it with the World Cup 2010 to gain market share…
    consider they already come out with TC-20EIII and new 300 f2.8
    I thought it would be nice to go and see the World Cup with a D700 replacement with the above set…
    I guess not…
    If it’s not within the next 2 weeks…then it should be out around October…
    I am dying to get the replacement

  • Anonymous

    I wish camera got an update every 10 years… in my opinion they have surpassed film and film was good enough for a looooooon time. I make a living from a d3 and d700. So if it is good enough of someone of my caliber than it is better for 99% of the photographers out there.

    • longtimenikonshooter

      but people want to have 1080p video too.

      • No, people dont give a shit on 1080p Video.

        • roland


    • Anonymous

      Hey man there is some new kids on the block ,that shoots beter than old guys after only one tear of learning ;Its the 21st century man ,go buy a leica fyuwant ….

    • aetas

      I enjoy people that tell us they are better then 99 percent of photographers out there and dont even use a tag/name. I am a good shooter but I dont claim to be the best, sometimes you dont have to be the most arrogant to make a statement.

  • Carl

    Yes, Yes, Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • kevin

    LOL at 1080p who seriously gives a crap. If they did make a d700x it wouldn’t have video anyways and you’d all still buy it. Video is just a gimmic in my opinion.

    • Mike

      There are plenty of people out there, that feel there are some great dslr’s for video that have that picture gimmick thing.

  • Kiki Lavier

    The truth be told that the D700 has been nearly 2 years on the market. That makes it pretty long in the tooth.

    I cannot imagine Nikon discontinuing the D700 and not replacing it.

    That said, could it be that by withholding supplies that Nikon is helping the dealers to jack up prices? I don’t know, but I would rather believe that a replacement is soon to come. The time is right this year.

  • The biggest retailer in Norway, japanphoto.no have the D700 and the D700 kit in stock 10+ of each, and my friendly salesperson told me that she didn´t know of any replacement nor of any limited supply.

  • I’m very much hoping there’s a ring of truth in this rumour. I’m about to upgrade my kit from an EOS450D for a particular publishing project and the advance has to be spent on something or the taxman will grab it.
    Good as the 450D is, I’ve had the use of a 5D MkI for the last few months and there’s no doubt ( to me, anyway ) that FF puts out shots with the kind of feel I’m after. The 5D II is an obvious choice – I need the MP to allow for the option of very heavy cropping – but the D700 appeals to my desire to have a piece of kit that’s ‘go anywhere, do anything’ ( like my old FM2 ).
    What am I hoping for? Not a lot – extra MP would probably seal the deal, video would be nice but I doubt I’d use it much. Hope the popup flash stays, I find it very useful – but the real killer for me will be how the live view works via computer control.
    Ultimately though, I have a job to do and I won’t know what kit will suit me until I get it in my hands in a shop ( I bought the 450D over the 40D, it just felt more responsive ). I may yet end up with a 5DII, but it’s not a choice I want to make until I’ve seen what Nikon can do.

  • AHC

    In Aus, theres a $200 cashback offer for D700.. pretty useless since it’s overpriced here anyway and it’ll still be more expensive after rebate compared to other countries.. but at least its a sign that sometimes coming up. And remember that Nikon’s President, Makoto Kimura, said that this year will be the year of surprises? Woohoo! Can’t wait to see whats coming!

  • j0elc

    Bring on the d3xs and d700xs release, that would be a surprise!

    • anonymous

      bring out a new crop sensor (2.7x) camera with smaller mp (1.3) and no video, with a tartan pattern. That would be a surprise.

  • brec

    I’d like to believe that there’s a replacement for the D700 that competes with the 5DmkII anytime soon but apparently it won’t be in stores this year. Next up is the D90 replacement which is so soon in the future that the sales reps already seem to know about it.

  • Daf

    As well as this being posibly from just 1 shop.

    It could be that it’s the *KIT* that the shop or even Nikon itself are stopping.

    Every time I’ve looked at price comparison sites the kit has been more expensive than buying the body + 24-70 separately from other shops.
    Something I always thought was very strange since making the jump DX -> FX is a possible brand change opportunity. Neither Nikon or Canon seem to subsidise these kits.

  • Leaking Starfish

    My grocery was out of Ma Renfro Peppers and I was pissed. Manager said they are being upgraded.

  • Henry

    BFD, more of nothing.

  • Kevin

    If you ask the guys at Adorama they’ll tell you the D700 has been outselling the 5D Mark II. They’ve had their stock sell out multiple times over the past few months. If you think the D700 doesn’t compete with the 5D Mark II then get out of the world of photography.

    YOU DO NOT NEED MORE PIXELS. For some reason I am absolutely able to shoot as a pro with a 12mp camera and do prints that are 24″x36″ in size with absolutely no problems. You people that think resolution is everything are absurdly mistaken. See here is what it boils down to and listen to this and don’t be stupid.

    The Nikon D3 is 10x the camera that the 5D Mark II will ever be. The Nikon D700 is 95% of what that D3 is. Like I said we see many pros shooting D3 and D3s bodies that do absolutely fine so stop this BS you need more pixels.

    • megan box

      since you made a good 24×36 inch prints from 12mega pixel and you can make excellent 24×36 inch print from 21 mega pixel. Open your mind fanbois, it is time to justify smelly 12 mega pixel! why are you pretending you are a blind.

      • Kevin

        Megan sorry I have a D3s and a D3x the print quality is near identical when you enlarge the images properly. Maybe people with a higher level of intelligence is needed. This is why canon keeps pumping out cameras with higher megapixels simply because they know there are a lot of misinformed photographers out there that don’t know megapixels only mean so much.

        Seriously I’ve seen billboard sized advertisements that were done using a 12mp D3 so give me a break stop the misinformation. I’ve owned the 5D M2 and the camera was an utter piece of crap.

        • TheIncredibleUlk

          A billboard maybe because of the resolution needed due to the greater viewing distance but not if we talking about 300 dots or higher

        • Greenwood_Geoff

          I hope it is ok to link an quote a source ….

          Since I have to do all these things right in order to enlarge, it seems that until I manage to master the art of photography “I” would benefit from more MP.


          But let’s get back out to the main point I’m trying to make: if you set up a shoot correctly (exposure, camera settings, shot discipline, etc.), use the base or next ISO value of the camera, manage the post processing correctly, do only modest up-sizing (if any), and pick the right options from your printer driver, then you should be able to get that good or excellent print out of virtually any of the currently available DSLRs on the market at up to the maximum size the desktop inkjets can produce. Many of us manage to do better than that. I’ve produced and seen 36″ prints from a 12mp camera that look excellent, though it takes a great deal more control over every variable from shoot-to-print to do that with any consistency.

          Yes, if I’m shooting a landscape with my 12mp D2xs and JoePro standing next to me is using his 39mp Hasselblad, I’m going to have a harder time producing a large print, and even when I do it might not stand up perfectly against JoePro’s. After all, he’s starting with 3x the pixels I am (though that’s not as big of an advantage as it first sounds, as he doesn’t even get twice as many pixels across the width of his image than I do; geometry is a harsh mistress ;~).

          • sure you can link – just keep in mind that Thom’s stuff are copyrighted

    • Alan

      Kevin, you say “YOU DO NOT NEED MORE PIXELS”, but shouldn’t that really be “I DO NOT…..” Let’s at least give others the dignity of making decisions on their own requirements, even if we happen not to agree. If you’re happy with the results of enlargements using less than 120ppi, who are we to complain? If others wish to print to a different level using 300ppi, who are you to dictate their needs (or wants)? Of course viewing distances make a big difference, so clearly there cannot be one standard for everything – some photographers will obviously have different requirements. Just a minute though…..I wonder if that’s why Nikon produce 12MP AND 24MP versions of the D3?

  • pethunia

    Two large(st) photographic shops/webshops in The Netherlands appear to have NO D700’s in stock right now.

    Has it begun? 😉

    • It began a long time ago. We just never knew it until now 😉

  • Jack

    Eyewitness report, sounds official. Another worthless post. Are you kidding me
    Admin. This sought of stuff is nothing.

    • Alex

      In case it hasn’t occurred to you Jack, this is a rumors site. The admin, just reports rumors! That means reports of things that may or may not eventuate! If you only wan’t to read about official Nikon announcements, go to http://www.nikon.com. But once it gets announced on there, we will already know about it. 🙂

      Thanks Admin! Most of us appreciate what you do, so keep up the hard work!

      The people who don’t appreciate it, please piss off, I don’t want to read about your dissatisfaction. This website doesn’t owe you anything.

  • Richard

    Is the D700 assembled in Thailand? The political situation there might be affecting production so that there are none available to replenish the stock.

    • litebyte

      No it is produced in Japan.

  • CE

    IF Nikon doesn’t came out with a Full Frame camera that does 1080 video with proper manual controls, I will be so revolted I’m going to take half of my nikkor glass that I use on my 5dMkII and throw it on the fire and film it with the 5d and a EF 50mm 1.8. Then I’m going to also burn my F6 with the 50mm 1.4 AF-S Mounted on it, and that’s going to look great filmed at 24p on the Canon 85mm 1.8. I’ll make the shot head-on. I’ll post this video on Youtube as a way to express my rage and disgust at Nikon for being so *&^#$@ stupid and cowardly and I’m sure I’ll get so many views that SOMEONE over at that Nikon hole will actually feel for it. And then I’ll vow to never buy anything from then again, and will pray they go bankrupt.

    • polly

      truly terrifying.

      If your 5dmkII is so good why are you so obsessed with a (possible) future Nikon camera?

  • Geraud

    I see the future, and i’m not happy with it, come on Nikon change your word… So easy to predict.
    So, this summer, as everybody want, a D700X with same iso than D700 but with a 18megpix, and 720p (so sad…no 1080P)
    Next year 2011, A D4 and D400. The D4, same Iso than D3S with 1080P (2 years late, hope no more mjpeg codec please…), and a 18 or 22 mpix. D400 will be 1080p and 18 mpix with very good iso.
    2012: Finally a D800… 22mpix and 1080P, same iso than D3S.
    Hope I’m wrong and want to see the D800 tomorow with Raw video codec but … dream dream dream…
    So sad…. don’t want to buy a 5D mark2… or mark3…

    • Alex

      I’d be really happy with 1080p/24/30/60 options in AVCHD

  • My_CR


    don’t be too existed. I went yesterday as well in a German shop. They had all the Canon stuff and in the Nikon area they only had the cheap ones (D3000, D5000, D90) no D300s and no D700. A shop assistent looked in his computer and saw “A” for “Auslaufmodell” (out of date) for both Slrs. But then he told me that Nikon delivers very slowly and the “A” does only mean even the main stock (the same one for many shops) hasn’t been delivered yet. So nothing to get really exited.
    But let’s see, maybe it has already begun and no one knows it yet.

    • Last week I got the same reports from France, Germany and Canada.

  • Broxibear

    I really don’t understand this obsession with Nikon’s “new” dslr ?
    As others have stated, unless you’re printing massive prints you’re not going to see the difference between 8mp and 24mp…the largest print I had at an exhibition was 20 x 24 and even at that size there’s little difference.
    If you need a dslr right now to shoot with then take advantage of the free MB-D10 if you buy a D700…if you can wait then wait and see what Nikon replace it with. But be warned the D700 replacement will be far more expensive than the D700 (just look at previous replacement prices) and could take months to actually get here after being announced.
    There’s no point in constantly chasing the next piece of technology, it’ll drive you nuts, cost you thousands for no real reason and will distract you from taking images…remember why you wanted a dslr in the first place…to take images.
    There’s no way it’ll

    • it will not be that much more expensive. what i am afraid of is that it will be crippled canon style….
      I would rather stay at 12mpix then have camera like 5dmii for same price

  • Kevin

    I bet you the next D700/800/900 will be bare minimum $1,000 higher than the current price tag or around there. You think they are going to release it at $2399. Not a chance in hell. Hell the D3x is down to $7,399 which is a practical bargain.

    The other reason there is low stock right now is because they are doing their annual count and when this is going on you’ll notice they don’t ship any stock out so a lot of stores tend to run out of or run low on inventory. It also still shows just how strong the D700 sales are. So why in the world would you want to wait. $2,399 for that camera and in some cases less is a very good deal.

    And as said before print quality you won’t notice a significant difference until you start doing some massive prints that are in the 32″x48″ area. IF you have cliental that seriously need prints that large then honestly they shouldn’t be hiring somebody that is bent on being as cheap as possible when it comes to their camera bodies.

    • Clicker

      Kevin, I agree completely. See my earlier post about my regret in having waited until now to buy this great camera. Not only is the present D700 a lot of camera and incidentally a good value but you can also save up to $400 (until ehd of May) on the new VRII 70-200 or the crisp 24-70! And no, I have absolutely no connection to Nikon. For the Mpx wonks out there (and I was one) consider why Canon reduced the Mpx in their G11, which is reportedly sharper and cleaner appearing (forget all those lab tests) than earlier versions.

    • Broxibear

      Here are the best current prices in the UK…
      Nikon D300s Body £1129.00
      Nikon D700 Body £1759.00
      Nikon D3 Body £2960.99
      Nikon D3s Body £3499.99
      Nikon D3X Body £4777.00
      I needed a full frame and 100% viewfinder and managed to get a new D3 body for £2800, the extra £700 for a D3s wasn’t worth it for me as I don’t use video and the extra stop isn’t vital…and the extra £2000 for a D3x was out of the question.
      I don’t see any D700 replacement being under £2100.

  • September this year is Photokina – the worlds biggest camera equipment show, and there’s no way that Nikon wouldn’t have a range of new kit launched at it.

    Here in the UK there are deals on D700 with the battery grip – so my guess is that they are clearing stock of the D700 and the grip – to start again fresh at Photokina.
    Photokina last time – 2008 – saw the debut of the D90 – 2006 saw the D80 and 2004 saw the D2x…. and 2000 saw the D1…

    Amazing to see the huge changes over just 10 years.

    Nikon have, at every Photokina shown a few consumer compacts and bridge cameras – so I’m sure we’ll see a few of these too…

  • Kevin

    The timeline doesn’t make sense though which might be the problem. I am convinced there will be no D700x or D700s and we’ll be waiting for a D800 after the D4 is released. The D4 my guess will be announced anywhere from September to November and will differ from the D3s. My bet is it will have higher resolution but not the same ISO performance of the D3s. More like a bridge between the D3x and D3s.

    • Broxibear

      Don’t see a D4 until summer 2011 considering the D3s is just out ?…a D3X Body is selling for £4777.00 which means the D4 will be over £5000, not many are going to pay that ?

  • Kevin

    No the D4 will not be that high. The D4 is the replacement to the D3. The D3s was a simple update to the camera and not a new body. Speculation is that the D4 will be a 16-18mp camera with similar characteristics as the D3 and it will not share some of the strengths the D3s has which means both cameras would be viable and profitable for Nikon. I would be absolutely shocked if the D4 announcement wasn’t made by November.

    The D4x when it does come out will be bloody expensive and honestly I don’t know how easily Nikon will sell the body seeing as it’ll be hard to make most photographers upgrade from the current D3x.

  • SNRatio

    Some hypotheses:
    1. Demand for D3s is quite a bit higher than expected, and D700 also holds up better.
    2. Nikon is setting up the production line in Japan for a new FF model, to be available soon after announcement.
    3. Nikon has an over-conservative inventory policy, and, therefore, tries to relocate stock to most favorable markets, currency-wise when fluctuations are big. Which is not EU at the moment.
    4. Nikon will make more money on the new model than on the D700.
    5. Nikon doesn’t want to sell too many D700’s with the original sensor now.

    Could be that a new announcement isn’t that far off?

  • Broxibear

    I don’t know what’s going on in Germany but here in the UK all the major camera sellers have the D700 in stock. wether anybody will buy due to a possible replacement is another matter?..

    Jessops.com £1764.00
    Amazon.co.uk £1764.00
    Jacobs £1764.00
    Warehouse Express £1764.00
    Dale Photographic £1764.00
    Mifsuds £1802.99
    Calumet Photographic £1805.99

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