“A great new DSLR” next month

I bought the May issue of Popular Photography online and found this note on page 6:

Of course it is not clear what manufacturer will be releasing the new DLSR, but Canon or Nikon will be high on the list (Sony is too busy with the release of their EVIL system next month, Pentax and Olympus will probably save their bullets for Photokina in September).

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  • TheIncredibleUlk

    Maybe the Sigma =D guess we will c

  • Jay

    You’re all missing the point. when is the last time anything but a “great” new DSLR was on the cover? If I buy a Nikon D3 (not “s”), to me THAT is a great new DSLR.

    We are all rumor happy – let’s all step out side and take in some oxygen!

    Have a great week everyone, and just when is that D4x coming? 🙂

  • sevenup

    for “a great new DSLR”, it could only be a flagship,so 90% it will be canon 1D Mark4, 50% a Nikon D3Xs

  • SimonC

    A Coolpix DSLR! 😉

  • Chuck

    Pss it won’t have a mirror!

  • bro

    It’s a D900 folks…
    Almost identical to the D700 but with a 16mp sensor and 1080p video, no 100% viewfinder unfortunately and a price of £1974.99.
    Looks like I’m buying a D3 as I really need that 100% viewfinder, oh well?
    No D4 until late 2011 and a D4s in early 2012 in time for the London Olympics followed by a D4x in 2013…at least that’s what I was told by “my man on the inside”?

  • I think Jay may have it. There’s a great new DSLR on the cover of PopPhoto almost every month. Chances aren’t bad that it’s just the turn of phrase to describe the normal PopPhoto cover.

  • ArtTwisted

    Spoke to a regional rep for nikon last night that btw reads this site, told me flat out no new dslrs till fall, wouldnt give an answer on the sb600 though or anything else.

    • nobody

      I hate to say it, but that is in line with what a German Nikon person let me know a few weeks ago: there is no high resolution D700 variant coming, and sadly, no 80-400 upgrade either.

      The good news: a 24-something f4 standard zoom should be coming. But I have no idea when.

    • A sales rep will definitely tell you that either way. If there’s nothing coming, they want you to buy what they have now. If there’s something coming, they want you to buy what they have now so they can clear back stock.

      In other words: never trust a salesperson at any level.

      • nobody

        Sure, but it wasn’t a sales person.

        • Anybody who didn’t design or assemble the lens is in sales.

  • Kyle

    I have been really disappointed so far by Nikon. I still have a D700 in my Amazon shopping cart since Nov last year and I have had a several friends coming to London who could have brought me the D700 from US (temporarily working in EU) and my big vocation month is coming up in June, I really regret my decision to wait for the D700x/800/900 and hundreds of times visit to this site, again, I am not pleased with Nikon and my own decision. So be it, I will try my best with my D80 and will rent a 17-55 DX for my EU trip, not going with 5D II even though it is still very tempting…you got my loyalty right Nikon!

    When it comes out eventually, I hope it is within my budget.

    conclusion, get what you deserve today.

    • Good lord, get a d700. It’s a wonderful camera. It ain’t gettin any cheaper any time soon. If you’re in DX land already, how about a D5000/D90/D300? They’re all incredible and will work much better than the D700 you DIDN’T buy.

  • Techdoctor

    Nikon needs something desperately to counter the Canon 550D. That is what this rumor is all about.

  • Mauricio

    Regarding the post I also think they are talking about a generic SLR rather an to point towards an actual, just to-be released model. See how the sentence is structured, it’s just too vague to really assume they know something that we have not heard anything about already.

  • kiefer

    i’ll buy whatever nikon makes if it’s >=12M FX DSLR with 1080P for less than 3K USD.

  • jason

    yet another nikon DSLR myth not that dislike nikon on the contrary i think there awesome but i’ll believe it when i see it ! until then i’ll just keep on shooting with my D3 which im keeping forever

    • andres

      that’s what is said about my d2x….then stepped down to a d90….and i actually stepped UP to a d90.
      you’ll sell…trust me.

  • Digitalux

    Come on… you all missed the point:
    Hale Berry = Hassel Blad. Obvious isn’t it?

    Please, don’t let the guys in white coat take me back to the hospital 😀

  • tracyd

    I am wanting a camera for Mothers Day 2010. I have my eye on the D90 and I do not want to buy it and than a week later a replacement come out and the price either go down or stay the same for a better camera. I did that with my iMac in 2005. Bought a G4 in December of 05 and than voila the intel machine came out less than a month later for the same price.
    I just hate to do that. Should I wait?????

    • joe

      Hate to burst your bubble nikonians.

      Sony is preparing their own EVIL camera to be announced on May 11, 2010.

  • Alex

    Being in the rental business, I would like to offer customers new DSLRs that are new and exciting. There isn’t anything, and it’s getting frustrating! I’m sure retailers feel exactly the same way. It’s fine for people to say enjoy taking pics with what you have, but some of us rely on having new products to offer.

  • Edward Nafzger

    Wouw have you all seen the new sony 500 F4 lens loks beautiful but i want my nikon 200-400 vr updated or 100-500 vr3

  • VanSmak

    I agree with Mauricio, I read this more as a “generic” comment in regards to their departure from the norm (featuring a DSLR on the cover each month) rather than focusing on any specific upcoming new release. I doubt that Canon or Nikon would tip their hats to Popular Photography magazine. But then again, what do I know……

  • Thomak

    D90 with fx sensor please

  • Anonymous

    Sigma SD15 !!!

  • Philip

    Nikon’s self-proclaimed aspiration of ‘meeting needs and exceeding expectations’ seems like a bunch of corporate spin to me, as does its commitment of ‘communicating well.’ A hint to the marketing and R&D teams who are sitting on and/or masterfully plotting the timing of the next D-SLR announcement – communications means listening too, and if you had your ears to the ground you would know people are delaying purchase decisions and sweating photo holidays for the next D-SLR.

    Are you or are you not sincere in your aspiration and commitment to customers, Nikon? Five minutes in any forum will tell you that you are falling short of both.

    • Anonymous

      Well said Philip

    • ArtTwisted

      Die hard users post on camera forums, nikons largest market is the lower end and those ppl just dont care what we think. Nikon does not make much money of DSLRs and especially not the higher end ones which tend to last awhile, and most people that do buy a DSLR at all dont even buy a second lens for it. On the other hand the 220 coolpix was the best selling camera in 09, my store sold hundreads for every couple dslrs and I saw the margins on those, a hell of a lot better then the slrs as well.

  • ways

    nikon D900 is ready and Nikon in spain (DPI) has the camera.
    D3X sensor.

    • Ways, you have posted that several times here. Can you please give us some more details? How reliable is that info? Email me if you want privacy. Thanks.

    • S. Diaz

      *Ways*, as with yourself, I am also informed on the Nikon D900 release. Expect it to see first light in October of this year. I doubt if they will push it for the summer, for ‘other’ reasons. Yes, it has the d3x sensor, expect the price point to be just over half of what the d3x costs today on release. I really shouldn’t say more, but I don’t feel I am doing Nikon any injustice, so in addition, the D900 will have the D700 style body, same 150,000 cycle actuation shutter life, same battery as the D700, same autofocus, though tuned for 1080p video. It has an ISO ability of 100-3200. Dust and weather sealing is equal to that of the D700. In-fact, as I’ve observed, the D900 is cosmetically identical to the current D700.

      • Canonknight

        ISO 3200 only!!!
        Nice rumor:-)

      • ArtTwisted

        October sounds right from what ive heard from the nikon folks.

      • S. Diaz, thanks for the info but again in order for me to post this online, I need some proof, since I have not received any info from you before. I get all kinds of rumors – from a D10 to D900 and they cannot all be true.

    • Ways, I am sorry but I do not believe you. Just 3 weeks ago you posted this:

      D800 is coming…
      D3X sensor.

      as a comment to this post

      • so what is it going to be D800 or D900?

        • ways

          admin I only try to share my information.
          I suppose nobody makes mistakes at nikonrumors and nobody update their information.
          I don´t say my information is ‘the truth’. Never on this page.
          D3X sensor

  • Click

    I will take a D900 right now!!!
    24mp sounds great… Hope he is right…

  • dude

    i hope to see d4 instead. iso 819,200 .

  • I will stay till midnight tonight and on Wed. just in case there is an announcement.

  • Zoetmb

    I haven’t read every post, but I think this is all ridiculous because magazines have long lead times, especially for the cover, and if Popular Photography knew about a new Nikon (or any new camera for that matter), it would have leaked out already.

  • Am I the only one that is remembering the red Scarlett is expected in the next 60-90 days??? And I’ve heard sooner…

    It’s the Scarlett, the game changer.

    HELLOOOO modular… Wave of the future… For pros willing to drop 10k+

    • Son Of FE

      Rhett (to Scarlet):
      “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

  • Nikkor

    Well.. I doubt anything new will come out from Nikon.

    I remember reading the January (or Feb) Pop Photo.
    They were predicting $1500 Full Frame (FX) camera will come out this year.
    Hmm.. really?

    • Mark

      I read some talk of Pentax taking the full frame camera to a lower price ($1800 mentioned???). If it will make Nikon get a move on then I am all for it.


  • Ren Kockwell

    Well, i have three small travel video shoots coming next month that demand low-light and shallow DOF, so I will have to break down here and get the GH1. Not a big deal, as I can use my Nikon lenses and sell the GH1 when Nikon finally decides to get 1080p done. When they do, I really hope they make the video usability more like the GH1 and less like the clumsy Canons. The 5D Mk II is beautiful in low-light video but not much fun to operate without a full complement of Zacuto gear.

    I’m more than willing to wait for Nikon to get it right, but after all this time, I hope they realize that expectations will be very high.

    • achton

      Well, today I went to the same conclusion & bought a nice small T2i from Canon as backup of my Nikon pro gear. This is a gem of a camera, the WB is much better than on the Yellow Nikon side, & the Movie mode is absolutely fantastic. I would recomand the T2i over the Panasonic G2 Gh1 & Gf1 because of the PAL – NTSC mode (ideal for travel) !

  • Alexvaib

    From Thom hogan stat,, May hasgreat record for a DSLR body, it could be a Nikon if the mag comment is right.

  • anonymous

    Thom Hogan just reviewed Nikon AF 35mm f/2D lens on his site. Does that mean we’ll see AF-S 35mm f/1.4G soon?

  • Andre

    You guys are a bit slow of the mark with the latest news.


  • SCrlt_pimpernel

    In answer to why rent which was a fair few post ago because the job i’ve been doing requires me not to use flash but to still give stuff that will print at A3+ even tho ive had to shoot at 6400iso and at the time i couldnt get a d3s for love nor money and decided on jacobs as it comes off the final purchase price so after having spent £2000 on rental over the last 2 months guess why im having to wait on jacobs getting the camera in stock so un fortunalty im tied in

  • Philip

    how about a question rooted in reality – once Nikon announces a new DSLR, how long does it typically take to be in stock at local camera stores (not the pre-ordering scrums on Amazon or B&H, just in normal stock)


  • I was just going to buy a D300s to replace my D60 (3 AF XD ARGH)
    but now i feel like i should wait! hope it falls between the D90 and D300s in specs or price

    • Lol me too. I have been shooting all the images on my site using a D60. It’s fine for landscapes and still life, but for action it’s crippled.

      I’ll probably get a D300s for my upcoming trip of a lifetime in June, but I hope there’s something coming up before that! 😀

      3 AF is unbelievable…I can’t believe that even the D3000 has 11 points! xD

  • Matt

    Canon AE-1 Program Digital?
    27 April 2010, Tuesday

  • TheIncredibleUlk

    Well, canonrumors found the new GREAT dslr…
    c 4 urself
    😀 😀 😀

    • TheIncredibleUlk

      As on guy stated that he’ll wait for the Chuck Norris Edition.
      Second that.

  • JON

    admin.. amazon does not list d700 body as a store item anymore even though can be ordered from 3rd party.

    also seem to be OOS on a few other online retailers. any indications d700 being discontinued soon?

    • yes, this has happened before – I think it is because of the ongoing rebates. That’s the whole idea – to sell them asap so they can announce the next model 🙂

      • JON

        ic..thanks..also amazon is offering 24-month 0% APR on expensive items incl d700..spreading $100/ month for 2 years may not sound bad..too bad OOS..

  • broxibear

    Something’s happening today acording to Thom Hogan?…
    “New York City
    April 28 (tease)–If you’re in and around New York City on Memorial Day, you may want to hold your afternoon open and check this site more frequently later today. Or, if you really are interested and don’t want to be checking the site constantly, then just subscribe to @bythom at Twitter. Let’s just say that the last time I mentioned something like this on the site, if you blinked it was no longer available. That’s all I’m gonna say for now ;~). ”

    • Anonymous

      his regular BS – when was the last time he had something important to say?

      • TheIncredibleUlk

        Quoting from his site:
        “–If you’re in and around New York City on Memorial Day and can make it to B&H, get yourself to their Event Space signup quickly and you’ll have a chance to grab one of the 60 or seats. The talk is free. But it’s also first-come, first-served, so don’t delay in signing up. Here’s the pitch:

        Everything I Know About Photography Fits in a Triangle (and two hours!)”

        So i guess everything he knows about photography fits into those two hours.
        I really don’t know what to say…

        Nah, just kidding. He knows more than that (I think).
        But it’s a funny way to canvass.

    • broxibear

      Thought he was going to let the cat out the bag about a new dslr…turns out he’s in NY and you can come and meet him?…I’m not in NY so won’t be going…even if I were in Ny I wouldn’t be going lol…sorry Thom, nothing personal you understand.

      • trent

        It’s just another cry for attention (and traffic) – “and check this site more frequently later today”…
        How about you update your site Thom? It is 2010 already. Then maybe I will visit it more often.

  • Rafael

    I’d be expecting to see a d90 update or substitute. D90 has been on the market for 2 years or so, and should be on the end of its lifecycle.
    Although the canon 550D is similar to the D90 in some features, i think it is still behind on others. However, The canon 550D is new, and that alone. draws attention.
    On the other end, D90 is still the best in its level, even on the end of its suposed lifecycle.

    If a new release is about to come, i’d bet on a D90 update, maybe with an upgrade of the LCD Display (maybe one similar to the D5000 display). An update on the RGB sensor would be very interesting. D90 only has a 420-segment rgb metering system.
    I’m not a fan of the video mode, but for those who like it, tha AF would be nice.
    A more resistant chassis would be also nice. Maybe an Mg Alloy?

    Or maybe it’s just too much to ask!lol
    Regards, everyone

  • Alan Yue

    It is SONY EVIL. No doubt. Pics of the product are already released.

  • btw… any news on d90 replacement?

  • Rafael

    They don’t reveal dates, but can only hope for news…

    Regards everyone.

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