Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VRII sales halted on Amazon

Update: this lens is not longer "under review" @ Amazon.

Not sure what is the exact reason, but sales of the Nikon 70-200mm f/2.6 VRII has been halted on Amazon since yesterday:

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  • Paul

    Are people still complaining about the flecks?

  • to my assumption, it seems like its regarding the high amount of (previous) complaints with the “peeling” inside… nothing to be worried about with a refresh anytime soon (obviously)

  • achton

    certainly… & it just has begun, some guys on dpreview have now some electronical issues with the new 70-200 VR II… ;(

  • The invisible man

    I think Nikon should have his quality control done by Canon 😮

    • low

      i lol’d really hard on this one! thanks!!

    • Ronan

      So my lenses start falling off my DSLR’s? No thanks.

    • Johan

      Yep 2 recalls later on the 1Ds Mark III and it was never fully fixed. Great Quality control on an 8000 dollar camera. Great Idea

      • Anonymous

        I think Leica should check the Nikon’s quality control done by Canon o:

  • Dazzling

    I suspect the following user review/comment might indicate the problem :

    By J. Babaran “Nikon Lover” (Burlington, VT)
    I finally got my lens and the quality is EXCELLENT but got it from a reputable camera store. I learned my lesson buying this expensive lens from Packaging is poor (box is too small) and not properly cushioned inside and came from a local store somewhere in NH. No packing receipt found inside. Received the item from UPS with damage box. I could just imagine how it was thrown inside their sorting facility. Nikon boxes doesn’t have stickers or seals, so it’s hard to tell if the item is really new or was previously returned by a customer. But kudos to Amazon customer post-sale service. I was able to return the item with full refund. But I will feel sorry for the next customer if Amazon recycle this as new item and put them back in stock.

    • Banned

      Absolutely, I was going to point out the crappy packing from Amazon. I’ve experienced that before on other expensive pro lenses. Packing is done by low-wage workers with no knowledge even of WHAT they are packing. This is extremely likely to be the reason for this halt. I’m glad they finally recognize the issue. Will I be ordering lenses from Amazon again? I hope…

      • TheIncredibleUlk

        With that kind of low wage i wouldn’t care either…

        • ArtTwisted

          I have always said, minimum wage equals minimum work. If i was them i couldnt care less if your lens was in a million pieces when you got it.

          • Ernst

            Neither of you two are even worth paying minimum wage then.

          • TheIncredibleUlk

            Ernst, plz, if you don’t know what you’re talking about just simply say nothing. Minimum wage is nothing to joke about. We all want quality otherwise we wouldn’t buy Nikon products. You can’t expect steady quality if you don’t pay decent enough.

            Besides, in my experience amazon usually does a good shipping and have an excellent return policy, so i guess they have a reputation at stake.

          • Ernst is absolutely correct. Either you take pride in what you do or you don’t- regardless of your pay. If you can’t see fit to do your job for minimum wage, then I definitely wouldn’t hire you for a higher paying job. Simple as that.

          • The issue is that those who take pride in their work tend not to stay at minimum wage very long! (They get promoted or offered better jobs)

          • you seem to be confusing minimum wage and union labor. zing!

            I was feeling bad about the fact I bought the 70-200 about a month before the new one was announced, but now I am glad I didn’t know about/wait for the new one.

          • Bruce

            You get what (service, dedication, and attitude) you pay for.

            Minimum wage says you want and expect the lowest grade of all three. Simple as that.

            Like a Supervisor at my local Kroger grocery store said to me recently of the restocking workers “we don’t pay them to think”. The attitude in the U.S. seems to be we pay minimum wage and expect brain surgeons. That’s not at all reasonable.

            Personally I have had a couple if issues with Amazon and who really knows what this issue was about. The quality of service is after all only as good as the weakest link in the supply and distribution chain. It’s not rocket science.

      • c_driver

        I agree, that amazon does crappy job at packing boxes and this is coming from a courier driver.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks fot the comment on that when i am going to the USA i am not buying there i want to buy the 100-500 or 200-400 mm soon with d3s or d700s better a bit more exps than no service at all Dazzling

    • Apeman

      Just goto B&H and you are set.

      • JimF

        Actually, I recently purchased a D700/24-70 from B&H and was surprised to find how poorly it was packed. It was stuffed in a small box with little cushioning. For the amount of money I gave them, I would expect that they would spring for a bigger box and a little more bubble wrap.
        Although I’ve had no problems.

        • Theodore Paradise

          I’m really surprised to hear that. I order from B&H a fair amount and things are always double boxed in very beefy boxes with lots of those air cushion bags.

    • nick

      Adorama is very safe too

  • longtimenikonshooter

    Too many exchanges and returns because of the initial issues of the lens. Amazon has suffered financial loss selling this lens because Amazon pays round-trip shipping costs if a buyer returns it as a defective product.

    • What initial issues? The supposedly stuff inside the front that turned out to be a non-issue?

      • longtimenikonshooter

        You need to email those Amazon shoppers.

      • Ray

        It is Nikon that states this is not an issue. Owning a lens that has this non-issue I think differently. If there isn’t an issue I wonder why all the newer version of this lens appear to be clean inside. I still feel having received a product in a substandard condition. There are a lot more people that feel the same way.

        Sticking your head in the sand doesn’t make this ‘non-issue’ disappear.

        I bought my 24/1.4 in a shop and broughta flash light & a loupe. This will not happen to me again (something else might but not this :)).

        • How many photos were affected by this “problem?” Were shooters out of jobs for this? How many people looked at them out shooting and said, “EEewww, you have an icky lens!!”

          Please! It’s a non-issue. It’s not overtly noticeable and it does not (that I’ve seen evidence of) affect performance whatsoever. If it caused problems, then I’d be 100% behind you. But it doesn’t. And you have to find actively search for this “problem.” That doesn’t make much sense to me.

          I’ll be out shooting with my VRII while the rest of you sit inside waiting for Nikon to “fix” the “problem” on yours.

          • Ray

            You don’t get the point, fine. I vote with my wallet and will be scrutinizing every other purchase from Nikon and obviously so are others.

            This discussion has been done before, the future will tell how this eventually will be perceived by the market.

            The fact I am shooting like before has not much to do with it. And the definitive answer on how this will impact future performance has yet to be answered.

  • Anonymous

    This was probably due to multiple complaints that the lens isn’t a true 200mm at close range.

  • low

    see it was amazons fault about the pixie dust NOT nikon!! carry on now, your lenses still take fantastic photos!

  • CS

    I think the packaging issue has been resolved. Yes, in the past, i have ordered lens from Amazon and was amazed how badly they were packed. But in the past year or so, the packaging has really improved. Much more bubbles included and the boxes are no longer beat up inside. They also ask customers for packaging feedback now.

    That said, i am sure the high returns for the flaky inside caused this action by Amazon. I bought my 70-200mm from Amazon….it also appeared to have some flakes inside…but i was too busy do shoots that i didn’t have time to return it…IQ wise, i don’t see any problems…lets hope it stays that way!!

  • Dean

    Anyone know if this is real:

    or already been proven fake?

    • nick

      looks fakety fake fake

    • the viewfinder/prism is a dead giveaway, there’s no way that D300 they photoshopped it from could adequately cover a full-frame sensor at 100%.

      • alvix

        its old fake …of maybe 1 year ago..

        • Anonymous

          It’s even been on [NR] two times before!!

    • Eric

      Can’t possibly be real. A 100 percent viewfinder would be bigger. Triple card slots? Theyre nuts. Flagrant exaggeration is the main proof of this rumor being flase.

  • Dan

    Yes, I heard that the focus ring is getting stuck causing unwanted acceleration which can lead to injury and possibly even death.

    • Discontinued

      That is good one. Really enjoyed it. Even tried to pictured it. Made me laughing even more. Thanx.

      Looking forward to Nikons next EVIL-release. Maybe a camera with a shutter that turns out to be a cutter, slicing fingertips with 9cps while one tries to change lenses?

  • I JUST ordered a Nikon refurb from “The Shutterbug” through Amazon.

    I’m going to cross my fingers that since it’s a Nikon refurb, it’s perfect.

  • Joe

    Hopefully Nikon can make a new batch of this lens soon and return to business as usual.

  • Cache

    Besides the inner peeling problem, does anyone encounter anything wrong with the rubber zoom ring on 70-200 VRII? The rubber on the zoom ring of my 24-70mm lens starts to expand and loose. I found this is a common issue with this lens. I’m hoping the same thing will not happen on the 70-200 VRII lens.

    • CS

      I had the same rubber zoom problem with my 17-55mm and 24-70mm. I took it to Nikon and they fixed it for free…that’s if you bought a US version, still under 5 year warranty and live in the US.

      • ArtTwisted

        Canada also has a 5 year warranty, thats why i buy my expensive nikon stuff new if not i woudlnt bother.

  • Donald

    still on sale @ amazon uk fwiw.

  • Marine ed ret rnlmc

    Yes the rubber is a probleme with nikon and i think more because of temperture diverenses all the time i live in south america and my D200 /0-300 and my proffesional photografer fiends D2xs has the same it starts mostley after 2 years prox

  • Marine ed ret rnlmc

    due to rubber probleme have you heard about fix it dear henry?super glue fixes everything

  • yrsued

    This is so stupid that it’s not even funny. I have owned this lens since Black Friday. I have shot over 25K Images for different jobs and I haven’t had a single problem with any of the images done with this lens. Most of the problems stated on different threads are pure nonsense. I just ordered a second one and it’s just as good as the first one. I have yet to see any problem with the lens.

    • ArtTwisted

      people like to complain, dont spoil there fun.

    • achton

      why didnt you order 5 ??? Buy more & be cooler !!!

      • yrsued

        If I needed 5, I would buy them, but two of my most used lenses is what I usually do. I can’t justify going on a shoot and being a lens down, for some weird reason, when a client sends me on a shoot, they expect me to give them good images and they won’t take “my lens broke, but pay me anyway” as a valid reason for not getting images.

    • Exactly. It’s a slow news day if there’s no ghosts to complain about 😛

      Love mine. The only complaint I have is that a crow pooped on it. Nikon needs to fix that!!1!

  • Roger

    They’ve stopped selling it because their CRM software detected a problem with an excessive rate of returns.

    And they got caught selling returned as new. Liberal return policy FTW? They probably complained to Nikon who told them tough.

  • Anthony

    oh-oh….seems like for this issue, it has re-begun!

  • They probably just got caught up with the inside “chipping” problem.

  • luckily, i decide to stay with my trusty Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 II HSM Macro 😀

    • Luckily, that keeps another 70-200mm VR II on the market for professionals who demand the best.

      • Yep, those professionals already learned that if they want a perfect tele, they should get Canon. Incredibly, the same pros learned to live with the Canon colours and the noise at the never-used ridiculous high ISOs.

        • abc

          LOL who are you kidding
          just take a look at the beijing olympics press stand, what use to be dominated by canon is now replaced by at least 50% with Nikon.
          Not to mention that was only 6 months after the D3 was released.

  • alex

    isn’t amazon the owner of dpreview, the most fanatic canon website?
    i won’t be surprised if they kick nikon’s butt for a while

    • Discontinued

      Yes, sure …

      They are rumored to be illuminati too and I can tell you that this in fact is true. I was one of them. On my B.I.P.P. diploma it says: To Knowledge By Light. I ‘ve been threatened several times to give up on Nikon and then been excluded (’cause I didn’t).

      So I lost touch to the inner circle, but I can assure you that the american, chinese and russian governments are run by amazon as well and that they are all against Nikon. It’s their utmost important concern to support Canon.

  • shivas

    i received mine a month ago.

    no flecks.

    amazing contrast.

    sharp as a santuko knife. But I purchased from Adorama.

  • MB

    Item under review now removed, and the price is a bit better…

    • Anonymous


  • stm93

    70-200mm version I is still the best

  • Dweeb

    There should be lots more re-furbs available. They’re the returns with the pixie dust contamination.

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