Nikon’s new President: Nikon will not have the same stable growth in the next ten years

Some top level changes happened in the Nikon's top executive level today. See the official details here and here.

The new company's President Makoto Kimura (62) said this in a press conference in Tokyo today (via Reuters):

"Nikon's imaging business has been expanding quite steadily over the past 10 years. But can it enjoy the same stable growth for the next 10 years? The answer is no. Growth for existing digital camera products will inevitably slow and they are set to move into a phase of saturation. I intend to keep dialogue open for everyone to decide what we should do to achieve further growth despite this trend."

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  • Chris

    As much as it will hurt me to do this, I’ll have to… If Nikon doesn’t come out with some enthusiast lenses, and a new body that has the features we all want at a more competitive price soon I might have to sell off my gear and make a switch. Something I REALLY do not want to do because I hate Canon’s AF on the 5D II, metering(especially their inconsistent and non-locking spot metering), and body ergonomics. Canon’s features, and lower price points along with cheaper “enthusiast” lenses are making it too hard when Nikon seems to be dead silent for too damn long.

    Nikon needs to release some pro DX f/2.8 zooms, and NOT PRICE THEM RIDICOULSLY like they have with the 17-55 f/2.8 I’d liek to see….

    11-16mm F/2.8 DX $699
    16-55 VR F/2.8 DX $999
    55-200mm F/2.8 VR DX $1299
    D90 update 4fps updated AF system 16mp native iso 6400 1080P HD video in mpeg4 or AVCHD codec $999

    24-105mm FX VR f/4 zoom $999
    70-200mm VR F/4 $999
    24-70mm VR F/2.8 $1499
    D700 update with 4.5fps 16mp native iso 12800 1080P HD video in mpeg4 or AVCHD codec $2499.

    • Gerry

      you demand a 16-55 2.8 DX when they offer a 17-55 2.8 DX, and a 24-70 VR when they recently released a 24-70 nonVR. ………. it is a good thing you are not the president of Nikon. And, if you recently bought a DSLR, you would have gotten that 24-70 for $1400 with the $250 dollar rebate. If you want “pro” lenses you should expect to pay “pro” prices.

      • ArtTwisted

        agreed, pro costs what pros will pay.

      • nick

        haha, I’m glad he’s not president too

        • Chris

          Yeah, I’m so glad too guys! Fuck having better lens & camera bodies at competitive price points, you guys are totally right. D700 for the next 10 years!!!!

  • That was the most stupid comment that I have ever heard from any Corporate President.

    It reminds me of the guy who wanted to shut down the patent office way back in the 1950’s. He said “We don’t need a patent office any more, because everything that can be invented has already been invented.”

    What about 100mp Cameras?

    How about lenses good enough to keep up with 100mp Cameras?

    What about super clean ISO at 25,600?

    How about “Better” everything?

    Stunningly STUPID!!!

    And Horrendously Apathetic.

    Fire him….. TODAY!!

    Bob Wilber

  • RyanTV

    Here’s an idea… release an update for the D700 and you can have 3 grand of my hard earned cash. Christ, this isn’t rocket science.

  • Ryans Photo

    The Nikon boss has to make his employees and customers feel that he respect and will consider their opinion.
    Why is it that people always like dictators like Stalin and the Austrian painter.?

    • That’s not what he is saying at all. He is saying that his vision for DSLRs is very limited. So limited that he will need to get suggestions from others because he just can’t see any way that these DSLRs can get much better.

      And yes, that’s not just horrendously stupid, it’s also amazingly apathetic. People with passion have minds that keep spinning with fountains of ideas. People who have no passion make statements like he did.

      Bob Wilber

  • Are you Saying that JAPANESE People SUCK????????????

    • How in the world did you get something racial out of this.

      Oh brother… here we go.

      Bob Wilber

  • randypandy

    LOL nikon is fading out heh ….

  • Anonymous

    If they werent all the time so late ,maybee It would never had happened ,CEOs and others executive always screw up the good company,and who is the stupid executive who send the manufacturing outside of Japan?With the red shirt problem,I m sure they can’t start a mass production right know!!!

  • Ben H

    No vision? GTFO! It boggles my mind how they select CEOs.

  • rhmimac


    go back where you came from: make a new FE2, a new FM2, a new FA, a new F65, a new F601, a new “film” rangefinder, a new F100, a new…

    Go back to you core and start a new film revolution!

  • Donald

    Well I am as impatient for the D700_/D900 as anyone , but , I just checked Nikon’s shares , they are going up despite the fact the Nikkei in general is falling.
    The market obviously realises the new president has a good grasp of current economic reality & future market prospects & is prepared to listen to his workforce on finding the best way forward. Better than sticking his head in the sand or giving unrealistic expectations……

  • Hey Guys, You have no right to judge the Person because of a RUMOR.

    Ah Right?

    • zack

      Not right. It is about his official statement, not a rumour. Right?

      • Please do not hide that you are judging the CEO,

        PLEASE You have no right to judge XD

        • Right?

          • nick

            do you ever make sense?

          • The point is you have no right to judge a person.

            Either its a Rumor or a Statement


  • Gary

    I can’t believe the over reaction to these comments. The CEO is just stating the obvious and trying to set expectations accordingly. Plus, many CEO’s always try to downplay expectations…it’s the old adage of underpromise but overdeliver.

    As someone else pointed out, if you are a new CEO then you have extra incentive to set expectations lower.

    Also, the statement shows that he’s open to new ideas from his employees; that’s great. All CEO’s should be like that.

    This person seems to have great credentials and a great track record; let’s not judge him on one statement.

  • A CEO is going to be the driver of the racing car OK Guys?????????????????

  • Anonymous

    I dont find this a surprise…. After 10 years of digital cameras… They have gotten as good as it can at this moment. No new ground breaking FX bodies from the DX sensors they introduced. Basically it will be just upgrading megapixels and ISO. and upgradeing lenses. Look, 35mm film cameras took a part of 60+ years. Its basically saying.. “sorry that we got you so excited with digital camera era; But there isnt much more we can do majorly change photography in the next 20 years”

    always expect upgrades in lenses and bodies. but dont expect digital to change much since film stayed around for decades

    • +1

      Don’t Expect in the next 10 year, we will have a D30000 with a 50 MP.

      And with a 24fps speed burst in one second

  • tobi

    LOL There is NOW patents and current technology to build a DX sensor equivalent to 48MP, I am not even including stuff like dark silicon !

    • Oh, great….Now we could put a 6ft x 12ft standard picture frame in our small houses.

      Or we could even see a 6ft x 10ft wedding album XD

    • nick

      do you realize how crazy you sound? DX sensor equivalent to 48MP?

      A DX sensor is simply a CROPPED version of an FX sensor. What the heck is a “DX sensor equivalent” of 48MP?

  • I hope they don’t go the way of Nakamichi… which has become a lost dragon?

  • Chuck

    Sigh, so many options to goose the growth / sales. Too bad they can’t see it.
    But really how many people will pop 899 or 1399 or 2499 or 4999 for another few pixels or even higher ISO? Sure the rich gearhead, the measurbator, but even pros are smart enough to know when enough is good enough. Time for some out of the box Nikon, get going!

  • Bring out the 24mp D700x. Then you’ll get some growth. Nikon needs a 5d mkII beater.

  • stepper

    Here are a few ways I feel Nikon can expand their (camera) market. They will require big upfront investments but after that I think they could dominate!

    1) Botique Camera Market – Currently dominated by Leica. Make a camera line with a top notch full frame sensor in a basic/retro, all metal body with lots of knobs and dials. Re-introduce some of the classic manual focus lenses in all metal (no rubber, no plastic – ala Zeiss ZF). Have the bodies start at under $2000.00.

    2) MIrrorless Market – Make an FX or DX compact that offers full support for an aperture ring. Also allow the ability to mount lenses from other makes and formats via adapter ala M4/3 – 4/3.

    3) Aftermarket Lenses – This one is a stretch but NIkon is known for their stellar lenses so why not make them in different mounts? I’m sure camera body sales might take a slight hit but maybe the volume of lens sales can more than make up for it.

    4) Modular Body System – In a saturated market, consumers are more likely to update than to replace (given that the price is right). Make a system with an upgradeable sensor, detachable vertical grip, optional video grip, flash brackets, microphone brackets – everything that would allow the consumer to transform their camera from a basic body and lens kit into a event photographers rig with elegant flash brackets and such to a full fledged video camera with video cam ergonomics.

    just talkin out of my a$$.

  • I think in the next 10 years they should release a DSLR that could automatically produce a great picture buy just thinking inside your head


  • Play Where???????

  • Sanford

    I believe it is a sign for the Nikon R&D to work on EVIL or something like i-phone now. This CEO makes a very indirect message to his company that only way to keep the market growth is to follow the market faster. Otherwise they will not be able to compete with Canon & Sony.

  • Anonymous

    What they should do?

    1. offer 22+ mpix studio FF camera with full HD video without jitter for under 2000 EUR
    2. reduce starting price for future high end FF cameras.


  • Anonymous

    Dear Mr. Makuto:

    I agree with you nikon wont have a stable growth. But that is not due to the saturation of the market… no… It’s because every body in Nikon HAD BEEN SIT ON YOUR ASSES… doing NOTHING… I wanted to upgrade my Nikon but that was just not possible…. SO GOODBYE NIKON… I BOUGHT A CANON

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