Possible Nikon announcement: April 27th or 29th, 2010

Nikon may have an announcement on April 27th or 29th, 2010. I have not received any info on scheduled press conference yet and until I do, this rumor will be rated @ 40% probability. If true, no DSLR are expected to be announced this time.

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  • JorPet


    The longer this goes on, the happier I am that I bought the D700 in early March. Better to be shooting with it than with nothing…

    • JimF

      Same here man.

    • ViperGeek

      I was just thinking the same thing!

      – Dave

    • enesunkie

      The longer this goes on, the higher the expectations are going to be for the next model ! The wait will be worth it if they make significant improvements, h*ll to pay if they don’t.

  • Jeremy

    The 85mm f/1.4?

  • Krzyś


  • Kwartjuh

    I hope nikon makes a 35mm F/2 AF-S G version soon. I like smaller, subtle primes for street and travel photography.

  • i pray for 85mm f1.4 afs

    • Marc W.

      Are you willing to pay about $1500-2000 for that lens?

      • Marc W.

        Current prices on B&H

        50mm 1.4D: $329.95
        50mm 1.4G: $439.95
        33% difference

        85mm 1.4D: $1229.95
        same 33% increase:
        “85mm 1.4G”: $1635.83

        If this lens will have Nano Coating, I’d expect it to be much more. Look at the 105mm 2.8G Macro.

        Luckily the 60mm lens only went up in price by 15%
        60mm 2.8D: $469.95
        60mm 2.8G: $539.95

        • GlobalGuy

          If it has VR — which many suspect it might, I would say you better be prepared for Nikon to match it to the 24/1.4 and 70-200 VRII’s price: $2 grand.

          85/1.4 D’s will fly off the shelf.

          I’m still waiting for a 135/2 VRII, as well.

          • longtimenikonshooter

            +1 for AF-S 135 f/2 or f/1.4 VR

          • For once, we agree on something. I’m definitely up for a 135mm refresh!

    • ArtTwisted

      ive got the current 85 1.4 and id say dont wait, at 1200 thats as good of a deal as you will get and just because nikon might announce that lens soon it doesent mean you will get it within the next few months. I needed a top portrait lens for some shoots this summer, so I just bought it.

      • “I needed a top portrait lens for some shoots this summer, so I just bought it.”

        And that’s pretty much the advice that everyone here should be taking in regards to equipment (esp. the should-I-buy-a-D700-or-wait people). If you *need* it now, buy it *now.*

  • I think they’re gonna announce that they are the best in the world!

    Now that would be cool, Right Guys?

    • GlobalGuy

      They are going to announce a price increase of 20% across the board.

      • Richard

        If they do that, they can take out their short swords and finish themselves.

  • David Hasselblaff

    Maybe not a DSLR, but it could be the F7.

    • ZeissGit

      hahahahahahahahhaha!! and they probably will!

    • Marc W.

      I hope so, but I probably wouldn’t be able to afford it anyway. I’d pick up an F6 then.

    • Photogradstudent

      That’d be awesome! I can buy an F6 instead of an F100 then

      • Rick

        The F6 Rocks !!! Once you move up to this film body you won’t regret it !!! After 2 years of use I still can’t find a single fault !

        • Marc W.

          The F5 has served me well the few times I’ve used it. I only got it last year and it’s amazing. I’m sure the F6 is even more so.

  • Iceman

    Give us something to chew on…the animals are hungry. Major shoot coming in June and the rental fee on a D3s would pay for most of a D700…what to do?

    • ArtTwisted

      buy a d700 , simple as that unless for some reason you need the d3s low light. Then again you could just rent a d700.. ?

      • Agreed. And if you’re a pro doing a “major shoot,” then you well know that you should have a backup. Assuming you’re already using something (D300?) since you don’t have a D700 or D3s. Buy the D700 for your summer shoot. Use it, learn it. Promote it to backup if a new body comes out that you just *have* to have. Sell your D300 when it comes time for the new-fancy-pants-body.

  • I hope for D90 replacement…please please please…2 years already

  • Philipp Hilpert

    no DSLRS?

  • dslr

    Its all about this:

    Nikon Corporation (KARIYA, Michio, President, Tokyo) announces that the board of directors decided today its recommendation for new appointments of Directors and Officers to be proposed to the ordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting on the coming June 29, 2010 and the Board of Directors Meeting to follow it.

    so… no new DSLR.

    P.S. but what about these 3 dslr announcement ?

    • The 3 dslr announcements could be their roadmap for their entire year instead of for a single announcement. I hope their make an announcement latest by May though.

      This could be the 200-400??

      • there was no time frame in the info I received, but I would also assume that those are the plans for this year

        • Thanks for the clarification Admin 🙂

  • Discontinued

    Amazon japan is listing a D400 Book as well as it is listed at amazon.de and several other german book shops. It is 5,210 Yen in Japan and 39,95 Euro in germany.

    There is no picture of the book anywhere, but they all have a description of it.


    I know this book has been up at amazon before and a long time ago already, but didn’t they take it of the shelfs again? First time it was on display, wasn’t it germany only?? And wasn’t it only amazon too???

    I think this a little bit more this time. Maybe Nikons often quoted plans “to surprise the market” are less the technically unexpected rather than a sudden approach end of april/beginning of may. At least the book is announced for may.

    • TheIncredilbeUlk

      Maybe it’s just a placeholder. When (it’s not an”if”) Nikon release the D400 the book will be released. Most content of such a book can be prefabricated anyways, because surprise, it will be a DSLR with improved but known features.
      But seriously: May? When they going to announce it, it will sure take it’s time when they’ll surface for real.

  • waiting to replace my D300

  • Ed Nafzger Ret RNLMC

    May be the 100-500 mm vr 3

  • Darin M.

    Besides some lenses, will they announce the mirrorless system now instead of pre-Photokina, because of the recent Sony announcement?
    Hogan hints at the possibility in today’s post on his web site…

    • Anna

      I’ve been waiting for that for months!

  • dslr

    Lots of people wait for d700 replacement – me too ofcourse, we need it to be like Canon 5DMII – FullHD, 21MP etc… most of my friends sold nikon and bought 5DMII, and I’m afraid I’ll have to do it too. I always thought about Nikon to be my number one, but for now I dont think Nikon is thinkin about me same way – its just how long do we have to wait for d700 replacement? Foto and film its not my hobby – its my job – and I have to earn money. Where is the nikkor 24mm 1.4 ? everything sux by now…

    • Mark

      Well I’m glad you are not teaching grammar! But I’m sure nikon corp will read this and release a D700xs with 24.5 MP 1080 Video and 100-12800 iso just for you!

      • Grammar Lady

        Speaking of grammar…
        * Nikon should be spelled with a capital ‘N’
        * When following “Nikon,” the abbreviation “Corp.” should be begin with a capital ‘C’ and end with a period
        * There should be a comma after “24.5 MP”
        * “Video” should begin with a lowercase ‘v’
        * There should be a serial comma after “video”
        * ISO should be written in all capital letters

        • Should probably have a comma after the 12 in “12800” as well.

    • Cedrik

      I agree with you dslr. I’m seriously thinking about selling my whole Nikon stuff. The 5d is really making a huge difference on the market now and if Nikon doesn’t respond by July I’m done with it.

      Mark: stop trolling.

      • ArtTwisted

        and then nikon releases all there new bodies.. everyone complains canon is a year behind.. everyone whines that there switching to Nikon.. everyone that keeps switching keeps losing money while people who choose there brand and are doing fine quality work with there brand of gear keep on saving and making it.

        The only reason to buy a 5dm2 is if you NEED the shallow DOF video, and thats the only reason right now compared to the d700.

  • Mauricio

    I have decided. If by May 3rd I have no idea when the D700 replacement is coming, I am going with either the 5D or the D700. Enough waiting. Although now out of sheer annoyance I might go for the Canon.

    So much for me switching to Nikon.

  • dslr

    so maybe nikon counts on it… they’ll piss you off, and you’ll have to buy d700. And they are happy cause they can control your choice.
    I am about to choose dr. House system… he chose 5DMII, so maybe its good marketing… definitely better than nikon’s…. or maybe 5D is really great and worth buying it. Sorry to say goodbye to nikon. Sorry nikon but I’m f****** pissed. I know that you are busy with political announcments but there are lots of men waiting here…

    • Mauricio

      Whoops I meant, the 5DII. I thought that it was a given but no, I was not thinking out of the 5D, but the 5DII.

      However what annoys me even more is that in the hand, the D700 actually feels better. I want to go for the Nikon product, but I want the video.

    • Gerry

      See you later! At least Nikon Rumors will have one less person that complains on it.

    • GlobalGuy

      To OP — if a perfectly nice girl asked you on a date, would you reject her because you are waiting for a supermodel?

      It makes no sense. You have lenses, you have the desire the take pictures, go buy a damn D90 and make pictures WITH VIDEO. When the camera you really wanted comes by, wish her adieu and move on.

      Its such a simple choice: An excellent D90 in the meanwhile, vs. NOTHING, while waiting. Get the damn D90, even a D5000 for goodness sakes!! When the D800 comes out, BUY it, and when your order is confirmed, sell the D90/D5000.


      • Or a D300s if the D90 just doesn’t cut it.

        Regardless, no one wants to hear you whine about it. If you need video, then go buy video. If you don’t want to switch, then suck it up and be a man. Patience is a virtue. Whining is something people generally associate with babies.

  • Im still WAITIIIIIIING!!!!and my d300 to….need replacement quickly…

  • Absurd Burglar

    My B-Day is the 28th, so they may be announcing my present to myself that day. 😉

  • nicolaie

    i’m using a D700 for weddings for a year now. sadly, i HAVE to shoot Jpeg. 2 weeks ago i bought my D700 brand new, and did a wedding shooting raw, no flash mostly and nice primes. i got blown away while reviewing the RAW images in Capture ONE.

    i dont know what the hell you guys are talking about, selling the D700 to get the (IMHO) modest 5D2 just for some extra megapixels and video, the D700 is a killer machine.

    • Cedrik

      “Just video” is an opportunity for me to double my revenue if I’m good enough at it. Nikon is, indeed, pissing me off as well. Don’t want to sell my great prime lenses but I’ll do so if I have to.

    • Why do you HAVE to shoot jpeg? That’s just wrong! 🙁

  • Todd

    Ed Nafzger

    I really really really hope it’s the 100-500mm or something very similar. It’s been 10 years of the slooooooooow focusing 80-400mm. I’m done with it and so are most. Come on Nikon!!!!!!

    • Ted

      Ditto the replacement for the 80-400mm. If they don’t release one soon, my hard earned cash will be soon invested in a Sigma 150-500mm that will do very nicely, thank you.

  • enesunkie

    Has it begun !?

  • Zorro

    First DSLR this year should be the rumored D40s.

  • Alfredo Fernandez

    It would be GREAT a 500mm F5.6 or 600mm F5.6

  • zack

    Possibly, they will announce that there will be no growth in the next 20 years.

  • I don’t think so. Neither of those days are auspicious in the Japanese Calendar and the 29th is a particularly unlucky day. Nikon (and Canon too) tend to make most of there major product announcements on the Daiin (Taiin) which is considered the most auspicious day to launch a new venture.

  • Misasi

    D800 please…
    D800 please…
    D800 please…
    D800 please…
    D800 please…
    D800 please…
    D800 please…
    D800 please…
    D800 please…

  • Anonymous

    Are you guys really not happy with your D700? I am sick of seeing people who are saying “I am leaving Nikon and killing all the babies if Nikon won’t release the camera in a week.” I love mine, and I think it is still the best camera for me out there. Nikon can take as much time as they want to come out with the replacement. I want to see D700 with D3s sensor. I could care less about 1080i video.

    • Gerry

      If you dont have video in your DSLR, then how are you going to be cooler than your friends?

    • I could’ve written the same exact statement. In fact, are you my long lost clone?

  • sleepy

    April 29th is the starting day of a long holidays (golden week) here in Japan, dude.

    • I’m one of the unlucky few that have to work on the 30th (>_<)

  • Eric

    No announcement from 29th: Japan is off for one week (Golden Week). 27th would be latest.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Eric – I did not know that. I did not feel comfortable with this rumor – this is why I rated @ 40% probability.

      • I was logged out – the above statement is mine

  • ArtTwisted

    I laugh because of all the people complaining about video, only a very small percantage of them actually knows how much it takes to produce good video. Lighting costs alone will run you more then a new body, then a good way to record audio which is more important the video and many surveys and statistics support that. Finnaly a follow focus with rails, a fluid mount tripod is a must if doing any static shooting. So yes buy the 5dm2 and 10 grand of other stuff and do that pro footage, if not get yourself a sony handycam or a d90 and it will do just as good of a job. Pro video only turns out pro if you know what your doing. A bad photographer with a p65back on a mf body will do just as bad with that as with a point and shoot, same rule goes with video.

    • Cadence SF

      @ArtTwisted: So true.

    • Stop. Don’t burst their bubbles. Then they won’t have anything to complain about (oh, wait… that’s a GOOD thing!)

    • Event Horizon

      Well just like still Photography went through an adaption phase there are artists wanting to use video features that were up until very recently unavailble except for commercial pro’s. No eveything breaks down into the professional -consumer dichotemy that the brands push.

  • Tombow Nicolei

    I think that the announcement on April 29 is impossible.
    Because the 29th is a national holiday in Japan.

  • Kino13

    Ok, I am tired of so much discussion…

    I am waiting for the D700 replacement, not because I am waiting for it to buy it, but because I am waiting for the D700 to be _cheaper_
    I enjoy photography as much as everyone else’s here. I have an amazing D90 now, and very proud of it.
    But I want a BIG viewer and I want the little advantage in the DOF. That’s it. No video, nothing else. I just want an affordable FX camera.

  • Ceiling Cat

    Ceiling Cat is watching you all cry and throw your D700 out of the pram when all they announce is… more CoolPix 😀

  • Kenny

    beside all the cool feature, I wish the USB 3.0 port exist to DSLR soonest.. It’s help on the transfer image to PC more faster…

  • Move2BC

    Key to Nikon’s long term success will be their ability to sell more DSLR bodies. Developing class leading products at attractive prices needs to be the priority, even if that means lower profit margins. Once DSLR sales near a saturation point lens sales will be the future. Once a Nikon man, always a Nikon man!

  • ways

    nothingelse to say.

  • D90

    If theres an announcement of replacement of D90, wat wil happen to the price of D90 ? any credible estimate? is it worth waiting for a month?
    I’m a newbie. hobbyist. wanna buy a D90. 🙂

    • broxibear

      I’d hang on if you can…check here for latest prices http://www.camerapricebuster.co.uk
      I’ve been waiting too as I’m looking to upgrade to a FX body, either D700 or D3…but if Nikon announce a new FX body then prices will be affected ?
      It’s a pain in the rear but I’d wait and see.

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