Weekly Nikon related news/links

  • Adorama also various rebates on SanDisk (search their site for more).

  • BorrowLenses now has the new Nikon 24mm f/1.4 lens available for rent.

More after the break:

  • New product: electronic camera leveler (available only in Europe).
  • Several Nikon websites in Europe were down last week.
  • Nikon distributor in Bahrain on the D700 replacement: "announced by end of June, in Bahrain by end of August". They recently reduced the price of the D700 and like the poster mentioned they never reduce pricfes in this part of the world unless there is something new coming (source).
  • I was told that selected target stores have the Nikon 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 lens on clearance for $412 (last week they had the SB-600 on clearance for $174.98)
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  • The invisible man

    Primero, first, premier !

  • iDunno

    ooh sigma 8-16 vs tokina 11-16!

    • The 11-16 is SHARP! Good lens. Owned one before I went primarily FX. I’d either buy the Tokina today or wait until you can try an 8-16mm for yourself.

    • jsa

      5.6 vs 2.8

      Different purposes.

      I have the 11-16, if the 8-16 reviews well I’m keen to give it a go as well

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait for Sigma 8-16mm!!!

  • Sloaah

    This is outrageous. UK price for the 8-16mm is £799 and the US price is $699???? How is this acceptable? We have long lived with bad exchange rates, sometimes even touching on 1:1 rates (when it should be 1.5:1 at the moment, or an average of 1.7:1).. but now??!! It’s even worse than 1:1!

    • ArtTwisted

      Everyone in the world gets worse rates then the united states. I live in canada so often have to pay a bit more, not nearly as much more as you do of course but still the trend continues. The question is , does the price have to do with Sigma milking profits, or does it have to do with your government ?

      I should note I also can get steals in Canada at lower then US prices once in awhile if i watch out for them so not all bad for me.

      • Sloaah

        I’m certain it’s not to do with our government – it’s just Sigma trying to milk profits. What shocks me is that they can think that they will get away with such a price difference. Especially recently, with the bad exchange rate, prices have more or less levelled out between the UK and the US; a Nikon 24-70mm here costs in the region of £1,200, while it costs $1,700 in the US (around 1:1.4 exchange rate, not awful); but this is the equivalent of charging £2,000 instead of £1,200!

        • actually it is cheap, because in case of Sigma you are in reality buying two lenses, one for each year of required 2 years warranty.

      • deez

        Does teh UK have VAT? Is that built into this price?

        • Yes, the UK price is all inclusive of taxes, so the price you see is the price you pay. If you’re a business that’s VAT registered then you can claim the VAT (17.5%) back. Presumably the US price is exclusive of taxes, so that does help fill the gap a bit, but it’s still ridiculous.

    • The invisible man

      And with the airplane traffic down, it will be even more expensive !

    • US$866 here in Japan. The fact that I can sometimes order something new in the US *and* have it shipped to Japan for cheaper than I can buy it at the local camera store simply blows my mind.

  • YouAreCorrect

    Those Zeiss cine lenses for F, EF and PK mount are going to change the game when it come to flexibility and adaptability of future lenses whether from Nikon, Canon and other big player in the market. Now Nikon need to come up with full HDSLR to support the growing market of video/still photographer in the market. I hope those lenses don’t cost a fortune.

    • kk

      You should check how much each of those sells (~$3800 on B&H).

  • Totally pro

    I bought a Nikon D3x camera and was told it’s 100 percent pro. Thought it would be nice for impressing the ladies because of it’s size, but I ended up returning the camera. My cellular takes better pictures than that camera! All images either had totally wrong colors or they were too dark.
    My neighbor who’s some sort of tech wizard told me I had to change the aperture or something to get the colors right and I looked it up in the manual. All I could find was that the camera only had an aperture during live view!
    Now I am back to using my P&S and it works without all that gizmo stuff. If Nikon is coming out with a new camera they better have one that works. I still have the D3x though. Kind of like the way it looks.

    • LOL. Made My Day. =D

    • TheIncredibleUlk

      I really hope you made a joke. Can’t really tell from what you wrote. Otherwise i would suggest you get a porsche or some other enhancement (or a banana, that’s cheaper).

    • TheIncredibleUlk

      I really hope you made a joke. Can’t really tell from what you wrote. Otherwise i would suggest you get a porsche or some other enhancement (or a banana fo your pocket, that’s cheaper).

    • Hah, nice. The sad thing is, you’re probably describing a person that exists out there.

      • Actually, I think it’s probably fairly common. Of course you see it more on the low end, what with people whining and shouting and crying that Nikon MUST!!! release X, Y, or Z camera if they want to avoid going bankrupt and ruining the world.

        I mean, what camera company could survive not offering cameras that have higher megapixels and therefore provide 20% higher effective resolution, a resolution jump that I simply cannot do without when photographing the flowers in my backyard.

        Seriously, how can one expect me to get the shot I need when after cropping 80% of the picture, I’m still not close enough to really show the detail I want?

        MORE MEGAPIXELS FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Didn’t you know, cropping is the new macro?


          • iamlucky13


            Changing topics – the supposed Target closeout deals are almost certainly an extremely rare find. I checked out three Target stores in my area and none of them appeared to have ever carried either the SB-600 or the 70-300, much less had them when I wandered in.

            They all had exactly the same camera display with exactly the same products (for Nikon SLR’s only the D3000 and the 55-200 (non-VR)). Any stores that had the SB-600 or 70-300 apparently have some unique leeway from the regular product lineup.

  • B&H has the Seculine Action Level Cross in stock in the US for $68. Looks like a neat gadget!


  • Me

    These Zeiss compact primes that have interchangeable mounts (PL, EF, F) – The EF is a Canon mount and the F is a Nikon mount – what’s the PL?

    • PL mount I believe is for Arri video cams (pro stuff, very $)

      • Me

        Ok thanks. Any idea how this mounting system works? Would you purchase the lens with one chosen mount and then purchase a different mount separately – and then simply detach/attach, like an adaptor?

        • ArtTwisted

          Im guessing the mount is attached permanently on the lens so each lens would have the F or canon mount. and PL is video mount by Arri for 16 and 35mm

          • While I wouldn’t be shocked, I would be a bit surprised if you couldn’t change the mount with a minimally invasive procedure, say removing a handful of screws. These are manual focus lenses, right? So no electronic or mechanical parts that are camera dependent….

          • Paul

            There are still cpu contacts to send aperture information and for metering purposes. Changing mounts is typically not user serviceable. You introduce dust problems into the equation as well.

          • cameramanben

            PL is short for positive lock. It is the most common mount for movie cameras whether 35mm film or 35mm video. If you want to know what expensive means google ‘Master Primes’ – Arri branded lenses made by Zeiss. T1.3. Movie lenses use ‘T’ stops instead of ‘f” . T is the actual measured light transmission whilst f is the calculated. The Zeiss website lists the CP.2 lenses as mostly T2.1 which would probably be equivalent to around f1.8. You can bet they’ll take a good picture though!

          • cameramanben

            The other thing is that with primes for movies the flange depth is particularly important. At the price I would expect the focus rings to be individually calibrated so that a focus puller can take tape measure focus marks. Shooting wide open on a fairly wide lens for something that is to be projected on a big screen the best way to get the focus is distance rather than eye. The point is you probably wouldn’t want to change the mounts yourself!

  • Anonymous

    any idea what the zeiss lens cost?

    • Eye, arm, leg, first three offspring (delivered live), and your right hand side gonad.

      In other words: slightly less than Leica glass.

      • hey, do not badmouth Leica. Ok, ok, it is much more expensive then anything, but on other side, quality is not that much worse than any other pro glass.
        You see, it is like Apple.

        • It’s like Apple? What? You mean Leica doesn’t have USB ports?!

  • optimaforever

    those Zeiss lenses look GORGEOUS ;-D
    BUT they also look big? (like , say, a 85 1.4D?)

    • Paul


  • Discontinued

    Nikon D 400: books are now available for pre-order in germany and expected for delivery in may. I found several advertisements/announcements including amazone (a link has been sent to admin yesterday).

    I guess the D 400 will finally become pretty much everything that the D300s has been rumored to become before (but then didn’t): 1080 video and an MP-improvement of probably 4 more MP up to 16 (just a guess). And of course, it will stay DX. Everybody considering a D300s, I think, can be pretty certain now, that the replacement is lurking just around the next corner.

    I know, it doesn’t really belong to “Nikon related”, but who is going to read the 427th comment on “Rumors started to flow: 3 new Nikon DLSR cameras in the pipeline”, where it would belong ? ? ?

    • Discontinued

      Makes me more and more curious what the other two cameras will be ? ? ? I am still hoping for something like D700X.

    • I have covered this book multiple times in the past 12 months – check the D400 history. It was just a guess on the publisher’s part.

      • Discontinued

        OK, next time I check NR-history before I post such a thing or send rumor tips.

        This 2nd book being false alarm again would mean, that the publisher made the same mistake twice, wouldn’t it. Maybe this time (new ISBN, new author) it’s the real thing ? ? ?

        Whatever, c’mon Nikon.

        • with d300s DX is pretty much over. I dont understand what people want more from DX. Anything higher and even 24-70 starts looking worse and for the kind of photos DX is prefered (macro, sport journalism) is 12Mpix more than enough.
          FX is still open book as we seen on D3x
          Then i would want f compatible square eFX 36×36 as was rumored or at least 4:3 36x27mm

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