ThinkTankPhoto backpack winner announcement

The winner of the ThinkTank backpack giveaway is Tom V. from Iowa. Congratulations!


I do not have any new rumors to report and I do not want to report questionable rumors. There has been some online chatter about a potential Nikon announcement in April, but at that point I do not know anything about it (last year Nikon announced the D5000 in April). We can all take a few days break, I can post other Nikon related stuff or I can do another giveaway. You decide:

In the mean time you can check or NikonRumors Forum.

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  • The invisible man

    First !!!

  • The invisible man

    The 3 sensors Nikon DSLR will be for the next contest !

    • Photokid

      As much as I would like to believe you, this sounds like your pulling our leg… where’s the photos you were going to post today?

      • The invisible man

        I never said I had pictures of the camera, I’ve only seen the video.
        I gave all the informations I received today to Admin, that’s his decision to post it or not. Anyway it will be to expensive for 99% of us (including me).

        • Carlos

          So Nikon doenst have anything to go against Canons news offer and their release will not be affordable by normal, regular D300, D700 customers? Once again i ask you, this waiting on an answer, why Nikon wouldnt release new Dsrls for their users base? why Nikon would shoot themselves on the foot releasing only non affordable cameras by their own users?

          • The invisible man

            The 3S is a very expensive and specific camera (from what I know about it).
            I have NO informations (and never had) about other Nikon cameras, I don’t work for Nikon and I don’t know anybody who work for Nikon.
            The 3S will probably not be release before Photokina, they have to fix software issues.
            As I said I don’t know anything about Nikon’s project for other DSLR.
            Like everyone here, I’m waiting for a D700x/D800/D900.

        • Carlos

          So Nikon doenst have anything to go against Canons new offers and their release will not be affordable by normal, regular D300, D700 customers? Once again i ask you, this time waiting on an answer, why Nikon wouldnt release new Dsrls for their users base? why Nikon would shoot themselves on the foot releasing only non affordable cameras by their own users?

  • NikoDoby

    Are the Nikon D750 rumors starting to heat up again?

  • Zoetmb

    I’d actually prefer if you post Nikon related material on the main page, but only if there is something worthy to post. There’s no reason to post every day if you don’t have anything relevant to post. In other words, “if you don’t have anything to say, then don’t say it.”

  • Me

    International comp eh. Iowa winner eh. Nikon rumors usa. mmm.

    • this is how the winner was picked:

      ThinkTank is paying the s&h, why should I lie to the readers?

    • NikoDoby

      I had no idea where Tom was from. Nor do I know who Tom is. There have been international winners for some of the previous giveaways.

      • Me

        Fair enough.

  • on your what to post when nothing is really happening… personally I would open up to photos…. cool photos by nikonrumors users…. who doesn’t like looking at pics… maybe with metadata…. also live chat would be awesome. just a thought. 😉

  • Photokid

    I can’t imagine it would cost more than the d3x, but I guess if this really is new breakthrough technology, I can see how it would be extremely expensive. Thanks for at least sharing your info wether it’s true or not, we are in need of a big juicy rumor.

  • I’d be happy for other Nikon news to go on a second page, as long as it was still tweeted. 🙂

  • zzddrr

    Gosh, this is a pretty bad sign if NR Admin does not have anything to post. I mean, this means that any new stuff is months away. 🙁

    • NikoDoby

      No it just means that the people who do actually know something aren’t talking.

      • Anonymous

        Most likely there is no PR work done yet such as packaging, product brochures, and ads. These take time to be completed and that’s when some leak can come out even without final details. Now, since it’s quiet then it possible that Nikon does not have anything ready.

        Interesting that the sony rumours are also gone. So maybe sony is not ready with a sensor therefore Nikon does not have anything. Nikon is becoming really pitty since they cannot do anything without sony.

        • NikoDoby

          The D3(S) and D700 were done without Sony and I’d say that went pretty well for them.

  • EAJ

    I like the “Page 2” idea – something similar works well at macrumors.

  • Tabitha Green

    I enjoy the Nikon-related posts. I’ve found lots of interesting content via those, and the discussions in those posts have also been enlightening and/or enjoyable. 🙂

  • Congrats, Tom. Man, you will enjoy this wonderful backpack!

  • Kwartjuh

    Please do remember that option 1 and option 3 are basically saying the same thing: People don’t want non-rumor stuff on the front page 🙂

  • Michal

    Why not to open the “second page of rumors” and when nothing is currently going on, drop in some stuff from e.g. Fuji – it is somewhat related to Nikon. Me personally, I’m waiting for the HS10 to be released as I think it would be a perfect addition in my bag -> HD videos + 1000 frames per second shots.
    If anyone knows anything about HS10 release date, please answer 😉

  • jsa

    Option 1.5

    Keep worthy rumours and news on the front page, don’t blog on quiet days.

  • Banned

    Admin, I think having a second page for other news and a main page for rumors only is a great compromise. I think it will make everybody happy. Don’t forget to separate the RSS feeds as well. Thanks.

    Where is the blurb posted by this guy Tom the winner? I’m just curious what his story was.

    • Banned

      Ohh found his post:

      “It’s been a tough week……this would really make up for it!

      Thanks for your consideration.”

      It’s too funny, some dorks posted tell-all novels about their lives and this bloke here just dropped 2 lines and he won. hahahaha, -1 for the dorks!

      • Tom

        First, I just want to thank NR and ThinkTank for the great backpack. I have a D700 and a D200 along with 80-200 f2.8 and a handful of other lenses and have outgrown my current camera bag so this will really come in handy.

        Second, to Banned….my “story” is just diagnosed with a kidney stone the size of a marble. Needless to say it won’t pass so surgery is slated for next week. Very painful!

        • NikoDoby

          Hi Tom thanks for posting and sorry to hear about your surgery. I hope the bag put a smile on your face. Good luck and here’s wishing you a speedy recovery!

          Banned I did read through the comments but there were so many that choosing one was tough. So here’s how I decide on the winner

  • Carlos

    Admin, somehow i double posted a reply ( trued to correct my english, but even interrupting the page download , it got double posted) , so sorry for that…

  • IMO I believe stuff like CS5 on April 12th should be on the first page. Now, you dont want to be a rumor site for everything but this is a fact and it affects most nikon users soooo put that stuff on the first page. 🙂

  • PJS

    Am I to believe that 40% of this poll do not care about quality? The way the questions are worded, only #1 really says it all. Quality vs quantity? Is there really a choice?

    • Banned

      Agreed, polls are really not a good way to determine the direction a site should take. Admin, you should really do what YOU think is best. People answer polls in random ways.

  • The invisible man

    ” What do you want to see on [NR] when there are no rumors to report? ”
    I want a direct link to my Ebay TC (just kidding :o)

  • If possible, I hope there’ll be another giveaway. I’m going to try my luck again :p

  • harhar

    Post Canon news when there’s nothing Nikon related to post!

    • NikoDoby

      He already does that. It’s called

  • Bruce

    It’s a simple rule…

    If you don’t have something meaningful, focused (actual rumour), and relevant to post then don’t post anything at all.

  • Ian

    Consider that, although more have so far voted to put non-rumor material on the main page than any other individual option (37% at this time), more people have voted to keep at least the main page pure (28% to keep the site pure + 23% to keep the main page pure, for a total of 51%).

  • EB Miller

    That’s a lame way to pick a winner of such a nice item. The give away rules said “be creative.” What was the point in being creative when the winner was simply picked at random? Bogus!

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