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  • New wireless Yongnuo MC-36R 2.4GHz intervalometer for Nikon will be released soon. The device will allow you to remotely trip your camera's shutter with intervals, self-timer delays or exposure times of up to 100 hours. Different models for Nikon DSLRs are available on eBay.
  • Some Nikon patent applications from last week:
    • Some images from the Nikon-Walkley Photographic Award: the most prestigious competition for press photographers in Australia (warning: graphic images):

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  • f-stop

    Has anyone tried the Yongnuo products…how are they? do they last etc..

  • Isak

    I’ve got both RF602’s, YN460 and YN465’s from yongnuo.

    The YN465 is shady to say the least. It’s slow and won’t sync properly all the time, esp. used with triggers. Sometimes it won’t fire at all for that matter.

    The YN460’s are great for their price. But if you add a shaping tool infront of it that grains f stops like a double diffused softbox they are a bit on the weak side.

    The true GN of all yongnuo flashes except the YN460 II is 22 @ 1m @ ISO100.

  • f-stop

    thanks Isak! whats your take on their MC?

  • joni

    you can buy a new fresh D700 cheaper than that refurbished price 🙂

    • PJA

      Agreed! Plus the notes state “Nikon warranty” – be aware that on a refurbished product that is 90 days, not one year, and there is no provision for any ESC on a refurb.

  • Anonymous

    I guess this is maybe the surprise… new sensor tech … 3 times the resolution and 4 times better sensitivity

    • LGO

      QuantumFilm has the ability to harmonize those who one one hand want high-resolution, and those on the other hand want high-ISO performance.

      How about an FX with a 36mp resolution shooting ISO-400 like images at ISO 102,400??!! In 3 to 5 years, this may just be possible.

      CPU and storage manufacturers would all have to gain from here … imagine what size the CF and SD must be, plus the notebook storage must be to accommodate the high-mp RAW files from these new cameras? Nikon and Canon may also have to start working on the 70-200mm VR3 and 70-200mm IS3 sooner than expected. 🙂

      I say bring it on!

  • Zoetmb

    They should call that video of the photographic award winners, “The End of the World…and we also play Sports.”

  • Crabby

    Following the second bullet point posted above (on Nikon Image Authentication Software) leads to an opportunity to check out Nikon software for nearly any product. I looked at running the Coolscan V on Windows 7 X64 and was told merely to use another company’s product, e.g., Hamrick’s. Maybe six months ago, Nikon stated (hinted may be more accurate) that they were developing a driver for their scanners for X64 OS’s. Does anyone know anything more about this subject, please?

  • merkuree

    Wow. This is a slow month for DSLR news. What happened the momentum in February?

    • Very slow indeed – it seems that Nikon is strictly following their 2 years refresh cycle and nothing can change that. We did get two nice lenses in February.

      • MikeC

        Any whisperings on a revised 24-70 f2.8 with VR? There’s a rumor that Canon will be coming out with one soon, so I thought maybe Nikon might follow.

        • ArtTwisted

          id rather have a sweet 70-200 F4 ! got to try the canon one that some canon reps were showing off and god damn, i feel in love. If only i could paint the lens black and pretend it was a nikon… if only.

          • David Segura

            Get the 70-200mm f/2.8 and be done with it. You will be happy.

          • Maeka

            While a 70-200 f/4 would be a lighter weight option, Nikon already has an inexpensive stellar performer for those who choose not to get the f/2.8. It’s the 80-200.

            I don’t see Nikon putting 3 or 4 pro(ish) lenses in this category like Canon – it’s unusual enough to see Nikon offer 2.

          • dave

            Based on what nikon did in pricing the 16-35 f/4, a 70-200 f4 would likely be more expensive than the old 70-200 2.8 VR, although still a few hundred cheaper than the new 70-200 f2.8 VR II.

        • Anonymous

          VR is great, but personally I think a bit overrated in wide angle as the world isn’t freezing cause U have VR . . . which again can be very nice sometimes though.

          To David Segura,
          a typical fanboy comment, isn’t it? If Conan sells both why can’t a Nikon-user demand something of half the weight and price? Not everybody can afford or want to carry a 2.8. I don’t have tested the last version (supposed to be great), but I can tell you that the old Nikon AF 80-200 2.8 needed some serious down-stopping anyway – just a heavy piece of shit not at all worth carrying it. Ever since it’s release a 4.0 is missing (Sad but true: 20 years by now).

          Be it VR in 24-70 or a 4.0 70-200 or a 700X. Let’s just agree that we want to see the company moving – not resting on laurels and fanboy-talk.

          • Maeka

            If you need to stop-down the 80-200 beyond f/4 you either have a bad sample or other issues.

          • Anonymous


            1. “other issues”
            Since I sold all the early 1990s AF-crap I don’t have issues of any kind.

            2. “bad sample”
            mmmh … I recall the lens didn’t perform tests all to well either. I thought it’s Nikon and therefore it must be good and bought it anyway. You see where this leads. There must be more than just one bad sample of it.

            3. “an inexpensive stellar performer”
            Currently there is no such lens in the Nikon line-up. The 2.8 70-200 VR and VR II are the only lenses around (apart from DX Zooms). None of it is getting any lighter or more compact if stopped down to f 4.0

            I can’t believe that people can be fan-boy-ish enough not to grant ArtTwisted his 4.0. What if Nikon actually announces it in 4 to 8 weeks from now. I tell you what happens. Something that (according to fanboys) no one needed, cause Nikon didn’t have it, all of a sudden becomes something that has been made for a very good reason. Just as good as the reason for making a 4.0 16-35.
            Now tell me ain’t you silly ? ? ?

          • Maeka

            1 – Irrelevant.
            2 – You recall incorrectly.
            3 – I already conceded the f/4 would be lighter in a post above. You’re picking fights which do not exist.

            If we’re going to stoop to the verbal masturbation of wildly speculating about how people MIGHT react if Nikon MIGHT release a 70-200 4.0 then there is nothing left to talk about. Silly indeed.

  • Jeff

    Quote from Admin “It seems that Nikon is strictly following their 2 year refresh cycle and nothing can change that”. According to a major online review website, the D3 was either announced or reviewed on or about April 2008 and then the D700 was done on or about July 2008. Isn’t a 2 year refresh due very shortly according to that timeframe and not to mention that Photokina is in September right? Hopefully thier will be a slew of new products from everyone.

    Hopefully some rumors and leaks will pop up before much longer. Dog gone it, this is as slow as it gets, everyone is thawing out from the coldest winter in 20 years.

    The Canon 7D is looking better and better every day to meet my needs but I really would like to buy a Nikon that would offer comparable HD video and make the Video very accessible and effortless when switching between still photos and video like they did with the 7D. Another words a dedicated button like they used just for video. A new AF-S 85mm F/.4 with all the latest and greatest would also be a bonus as well. If I am going to dream, I might as well Dream BIG right… Have faith everyone, I think Nikon is going to surprise us with something GREAT, hopefully they are hard at work for us !!!

  • Cadence SF

    Thank you for sharing the Nikon Walkeley Photo Awards. That was inspiring to watch, and really get out there and get into it. It make me think of going back to something simple to do the photography part, something light, sharp, and small. That way I can get in there and look at life, while the camera takes a step back.

  • This posting is related to Nikon…

    • Anonymous

      nice finding indeed. Funny ! ! !

      On the other hand, who would not admit to switch to Canon without a moment of hesitation if one just would get the same deal of sponsorship this guy obviously did get from Nikon. It really must be nice to be allowed to choose all the prime bodies and lenses you’ve ever wanted all at once (and still sealed too) from which brand ever.
      Still a nice and funny finding, worth to look at. This guy really knows how to run his business. OMG, what a good laugh (and a good business-lesson too).

  • LightingRumours

    I’m pretty sure the Yongnuo MC-36R is indeed new. It’s the newest product listed on their Alibaba page, and it’s only carried by one seller, yespainting, on eBay. In the past, yespainting has released some Yongnuo items before anybody else (e.g. YN-04 triggers).

  • LightingRumours
  • Everything is slowing down these few days…hope rumours pick up very soon.

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