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  • New discount for employees who work for Nikon camera dealers: Nikon D700 for $1,999. This offer is valid till April 30th, 2010.
  • Nikon Japan is introducing universal repair prices for its products starting March 1, 2010. Some examples: Coolpix S8000 will have a flat repair fee of 9,800 yen; Coolpix L series: 7,900 yen; Coolpix P series: 12,000 yen; D40 and D40X: 11,500 yen; D50, D60 and D3000: 13,500 yen; AF-S DX 18-55 F3.5-5.6G lens: 7,900 yen; AF-S DX 18-55 F3.5-5.6G VR lens: 8,300 yen, etc. It is not clear if this plan will be introduced in other countries.

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  • Matt


    • fats

      first fool eh?

  • Ren Kockwell

    Wow. Talk about a slow news week.

    • +1

      I can never understand how we can go from lots of news about a camera for months and have it come to a climax with no camera (D700v/s/x) and suddenly enter a “lull” of nothing right when several people suggested an update would more than likely show up (March 2010)…

      I realize that this IS a ‘rumor’ site, but it just goes to show how many people are talking out there _____.

      • Global Guy

        This is a typical weekend post.

        By the way, its not like rumors should be made up. Sometimes there are more, sometimes there are less. That’s the way it goes.

        • I know its the typical weekend post, I was just commenting about how many D700(whatever) rumors were going around in Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb saying March release was likely and now in March, its completely silent.

          Its the fun ride of the rumor roller-coaster.

      • HayPhoto, you have to look at the NR rating – when something is reported with a probability over 90%, it will happen (and as far as I remember every rumor with >90% did materialize). I also report rumors from other sites or tips with lower ratings and of course they have a lower chance to become reality. Regarding the March release – you must have seen that on another site – I went through my previous posts and could not find any reference of D700 replacement coming up in March. We did have the “Nikon press morning” on March 8th and I was clear that there will be no new product announcements on that date. Please correct me if I am wrong. And yes, it has been very slow on rumors this past week, which is an indication that new products are not coming anytime soon.
        The big question, which I have been struggling since I started this site, is what should I do with the down time – post other Nikon related news (non-rumors), or not post anything at all. Maybe it’s time to do another poll.
        Even when I publish “non-rumors”, I try to keep the posts very short – most of the time is just a link and few sentences in order not to waist any of your time.

        • Geoff_K

          I think it was tom hogan that said March, if memory of my past surfing is correct.

          • I think your right, however I don’t know if he was one of many or the initial generator of the rumor which snowballed.

          • Hogans 2010 predictions can be found here

          • TSH

            Thom Hogan has been predicting the D700 replacement since October last year. Now he says the replacement will come by Nov 2010. Sooner or later he will be right 🙂

          • TSH

            Oh yea, he also says D900 by the end of March – 2 more weeks left. So much for trying to predict Nikon release schedule.

      • NR Admin,

        I don’t fault you in anyway, you do a great job. My comments are towards rumours in the general photography community as a whole.

        Call it reflection

  • CadenceSF

    That’s a great invention by LEE filters for people who uses the Nikkor 14-24mm, especially for film shooters. However I don’t have much use for such an extreme wide angle lens. It’s probably better appreciated by landscape shooters, and those that don’t mind carrying a bulky outfit.

    • Banned

      Bulky is an understatement. This is ridiculously HUGE. Completely overkill.

      • Bob Howland

        Given the lens’ 14mm minimum focal length and the built-in lens hood, I don’t see how Lee could have made it any smaller. I’ll bet that the system and filters will cost a bunch. I was really impressed when he picked up the body and lens by the holder and shook it slightly.

      • Dr SCSI

        The 14-24 lens from Nikon ROCKS!!! Even Canon shooters have adapted it to their cameras, because of the edge to edge sharpness shot wide. This lens is the one lens everyone should be buying, if nothing else just to sit and wait till its no longer available, only to re-sale it for 3 times as much!! I have even thought of getting a second, just to have it in case I break the first, it is that good!! I have struggled quite often trying to figure out how to adapt a filter to it. I am glad that Lee Filters came to do the heavy lifting in developing something to fit this exstrodinary lens. Overkill its not, overdue, definitely. I only hope that there is no vignetting when shot at 14mm with the new Lee filter. Only time will tell…the video didn’t mention the possiblity of using polarizers, but I have my doubt about that capability.

  • JimF

    So… does the D700 discount to dealer employees mean anything? Effort to purge stock before something new? Please?

    • Incognito

      No not at all. This is typical year round just someone posted the actual price. I think I got my d700 at this price a year ago

  • A set repair fee for their flashes would be cool, get some more certainly when having camera issues is generally a good thing,

  • Gordon

    Wow I’m excited about the new holder from Lee for the 14-24mm lens, it’s a shame I upgraded to standard Lee size recently from Cokin-P 🙁 I wonder how many landscapers who still use the 17-35mm lens will now just get the 14-24mm instead of the recent 16-35mm?

    • Dweeb

      It’s unlikely the holder will work below 18mm as you would have to chop the shade down. They don’t seem to mention that — or the price. You’re really better off just spending the money on the 16-35 instead of those Rube Goldberg filter contraptions that lock you into huge expensive grads.

      • Steve

        The folks at Lee say it will work down to 14mm. There was some Q&A e-mails I saw on another site. If you take a ruler to it, 150mm is wide enough to cover it (so long as the filter is close to the lens).

      • woble

        You can achieve no vingetting at 14mm with X-pro filters as well, which are 130mm. So 150mm filters are more than enough to prevent vignetting.

  • kyle

    That d700 offer is not new its at least 3 months old.

  • NikonShooter4Fun

    Not very sure what the Employee Discount means but you would think that even Nikon gives their employees the “Employee Discount” at Any Time of the year. Most companies give their employees a discount year round.

    Is it possible that the “world wide recession” has created these recent Rebates and Combo discounts in order to boost or spur sales? It could also mean something new is going to happen this summer (YEAH)!!!!

    Only time will tell, hopefully as we go forward, technology will continue to improve and lets all hope that the prices will remain about the same. I am confident that as soon as something is in the pipeline it will be leaked, and we will probably all know about it, right here @

    • kyle

      Nikon gives employees who sell their devices a discount on DSLR, lenses, and point and shoot it is year round, it changes when new things come out.

  • dan k.

    I work at a nikon dealership and that’s ALWAYS been the employee pricing from nikon for the d700!

  • f-stop

    So the 14-24 came out when? and this filter is just coming out now!.. dam things move fast….lol..

  • T140Rider

    House of Lords Trip

    I was one of the lucky ones to go on the trip. There was a lot of D3 & D3S users plus at least one D3x. Put my D700 to shame though.
    The lighting is very mixed. With daylight, Incandescent and Flourescent. I gave up with flash and wound the ISO up to 3200.
    Here’s my best piccy of the day.

    There were a lot of restrictions about what we could’nt snap. The Throne was a real no-go area.

    • Banned

      It’s a little disappointing, looking at the photos from that day it looks like all you could snap was a bunch of isolated statues and small details, but nothing more encompassing. Wide angle shots of the entire room would have made it more interesting, and of course the throne. Why it was forbidden is lost on me. At least you were lucky they didn’t summon the police and accuse you of terrorism!

      • T140Rider

        You had to be very creative. There were a lot of challenges and overall, I was pleased with the piccies I managed to get. The upper parts of the chamber were the best.
        The palace of Westminster is a stunning building inside. So very few people get to see it which is a real shame.
        The bits of the chamber you see on the TV really don’t do the place justice. The windows, columns & roof are just stunning.

        There was absolutely no fuss with security with all the camera gear. Actually it was less hassle than you get at many airports these days.

  • MarkusW

    Announcements are not rumors, that’s why i voted “dislike | do not post again”.

    • WoutK89

      So you know the meaning of this posts it seems, …NOT, as a regular NR reader you would have known this is a weekly post for news and rumors that didnt make it to the front page, because they are either not worthy of a separate posting, or dont have sufficient basis to make them real rumors 😉

    • Zoetmb

      So you only want to know about the things of interest that are probably NOT reality, instead of the things that are?

      If you go to Apple rumor sites (, they post both, as I believe they and this site should.

      • MarkusW

        Perhaps not reality… yeah, that’s what the word “rumors” means. I know posts real things as well, but that’s nothing to do with the word “rumors”. I can read announcements of real products everywhere. Rumors sites don’t lose anything if they concentrate on good rumors.

  • The D700 at $1990 for Nikon retail’s employes until April 30, that’s sound like a good way to quietly get rid of the D700 before a D700s/D700x/D800/D900 (I like the last one better)

    • WoutK89

      You like the last one better because? Its just a number so far, who knows what the D800 will bring, or even the D700x…..

    • ArtTwisted

      We were getting deals like that long long ago, i can get a D90 for under 700, and a D3 for a grand off easy, they limit you to one body a year though but infinite lenses and flashes. Price of the SB900 through our store rep from nikon is 400 even. I think the next D700 price is many a hundread less then what we could get it for before, it wont do much difference.

  • Donald

    Nikon UK’s casback offer on the D90 & D5000 finishes 30th April as well…..

  • Sunday it’s Pi day , Pi is very helpfull to calculate you’r lens circumference.

  • Mikael

    Personally I’m VERY excited about the AF-S DX 18-55 F3.5-2.6G VR. First Nikon zoom at greater than f/2.8? 😉

  • Prosumer

    From Thom Hogan’s 2010 Predictions:

    Something not called a D700x: announced by end of March 2010, and probably called something like D900.
    D700-type body, new Nikon FX high resolution sensor
    more than 18mp, probably 24mp
    Best video yet in terms of specs for a Nikon DSLR (not that this is of much interest to anyone reading this site)

    • 3 sensors (RBG)

    • Darren

      It is for myself and many others. If you have a car do you carry things in it? Because they are mainly for driving places… I think anyone that buys a car to carry stuff is silly! Does anyone actually know the bene of shooting movies on a camera that can use a 1.2 aperture lens? Stop with the ignorance.

      Back in the days of film you could control the depth of field really easily with wide apertures. With digital camcorders you lose the ability to have a shallow depth of field. Digital cameras bring this back and at a fraction of the price.

      Please stop with these silly comments. Don’t do this or you are dumb if you do that… the day you give me a digital shoulder mount camcorder for the same price of a d300s we’ll talk.

      • I have a D90, never made a movie with it (except the first day just to make sure it was crapy video quality)

        • humenbean

          If you stick a random person behind a $15,000 camcorder it doesn’t mean they will produce good quality films. But if you stick a Hollywood director behind a $1,000 camera he will produce good results. This has been proven many times.

          Quality is relative to the person trying to achieve it.

        • Geoff_K

          I also used the video once when the camera came home. It is not a major selling point for me, however I wont gripe if the next-gen D700 has it.

  • Donald

    Not to mention you can’t shoot a SLR & a Camcorder simultaneously & with certain subject eg Kids, Animals , I want to be able to do that.

  • Wow that is not a bad price for Nikon Employees.

  • Kevin

    Could you all stop with the D900 crap. It’s not happening any time soon. IF you are all waiting for it come to out then I highly suggest you stop and move on with your life because it’s not. It simply boils down to whether or not Nikon will release the camera before the D4 and I find it highly unlikely.

    The best bet right now is on a D700s.

  • “New discount for employees who work for Nikon camera dealers: Nikon D700 for $1,999. This offer is valid till April 30th, 2010.”

    Anyone know anyone who can help me out? Rats…the offer ends at the end of April…we don’t get back from overseas till the summer…now why doesn’t Nikon offer this price to regular consumers? That’s Sony A850 territory and what I’ve been hunting down for quite some time. Not even used D700’s go that low on Fleecebay.

  • Zim

    The rebates for camera and lenses are over March 27th. The D90s will be announced on March 29th. Maybe the D700s. If not I’m getting the D300s

  • Geoff_K

    Zim, so you need the 51AF points on the D300s ? DXO rates the D90 better. I am just curious is all. ;- )

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