Card #1: “I am looking at the world”

Update: a maybe better translation of this card would be "I am an eye on the world" or "I am a way to look at the world".

Card #1 "Je suis un regard sure le monde" which should translate to "I am looking at the world" (thanks for the translation Mistral). This is it - the last card on Monday will probably say "I am Nikon".


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  • tbscope

    I think a better translation would be “I am a view to the world”

    • I would propose “I am a gaze upon the world”.

      • Pataro

        I agree with you.

      • And so do I.

        • canon user

          i hate canon

          • canon plug

            I plug canon users

          • Ray

            I am better than a canon.
            i am not a canon
            I am looking at a canon
            i am better iso performance than canon
            i am… i can go all day LOL!

    • Luc Lavigne

      … Or, “I am a window to the world.“

      • No, “I’m a Mac to the world”

    • It mean “I am the one who’s looking at the whole world”

      • Hey-nonny-mouse

        The spirit of the message is more along the lines of: “I am an eye on the world” which is similar enough to your translation and is consistent with the “reportage” style photograph.

        “I am a gaze on the world” is the literal translation, but then doesn’t really make much sense in English.

        • IAM

          I am a cupboard.

        • It would be more like “I gaze upon the world”.

    • “At the heart of the image”?

    • Anonymous

      I am a look at the world, would be more exact ,meaning of course, a point of view of the world!! trust my french I m french lol!!

  • The shadowy form behind the numbers are intriguing. Looks like someone holding a DSLR in most of the cards.

    • JimF

      I think that’s the reflection of the guy taking the picture of the card – it’s a glossy card.

      • Which would explain why it looks like the guy is holding the camera in his right hand and pressing the shutter button with his left. Unless its a new cam for left-handed space travellers!

        • Mirror mirror..

          C’mon, look your self in the mirror and you know how it looks like when you take a picture of your self!

  • zseso

    Admin – check the end part of this blog, do you know this text?:)

    • thanks, I will give them to my legal department 🙂

  • Card

    I think its written “sur” (on/onto/to) instead of “sure”.

  • helloman

    … and I am helloman …

  • Invece io credo che una traduzione migliore sarebbe “Io sono una finestra sul mondo”

    • bla

      Non finestra, ma vista .

  • venancio

    most intriguing… can’t readily equate a coolpix to neil armstrong per card #2 (unless it is for capturing the first baby steps on the photo) or to a war correspondent on card#1 photo… the gnashing of the teeth begins in anticipation of next week’s events… the build up has succeeded… let’s see if there will be an explosion or just a sorry deflation of what was inflated by the ad campaign… the whole thing was exciting and fun, though…

  • zseso

    I am…fun, sexy, innovative, Marco Polo, Hollywood, Neil Armstrong, view to the World…

    I am a new CAM. or I am an Ikon.:)

  • niels

    fun and could mean new compact cameras, marco polo and innovation, a completely new DSLR, Hollywood could mean for a DSLR with special movie mode, and Neil Armstrong and I’m looking at the world, NASA. my opinion is that it will be a bunch of coolpix + the successor of the D90, it’s to early for a successor of the D3000, D5000 and the D3X

    • jason

      could be a D3xs ………………..? just a hunch
      i think its just a promo of nikon so far ! and maybe an insight to what there is to come from the great company ?????

    • David

      I think the Marco Polo means one of two things:
      1) A reference to travel photography, or
      2) A reference to GPS in a device (ever play the game Marco Polo, which is about finding someone’s location?)

  • niels

    on the carts 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, and cart 2 is constantly a yellow dot that moves a little clockwise. (I know my English isn’t very good)

  • Full Frame Freddie

    I AM a Nikon shooter with cash in hand trying to determine if I am going to wait for the D700 replacement or buy a D700 now…..

    • tim

      If you waited so far, I suggest wait for replacement. Unless you are cameraless and need one right away.

    • MM

      Im in same situation as you. Buying a D700 now or wait… but i dont wanna be spend another summer with my old D40…


      Buy a D300(s) now and wait for the replacer for the D700.

      WHAT SHOULD I DO???!!?!!”!#!”¤”!#% I gonna go crazy soon. 😀

      • tim

        Again, dont worry your stealth. Im shooting a D2h and am waiting. Just take pictures. That is the point of photography?

        Im relay hoping for a D700s. I dont care about MP and video gimmicks. Just solid colors and ISO.

      • Robin Edgar

        Well since you asked. . .

        I would suggest buying a new or lightly used Nikon D90 as a stop gap measure until the replacement for the D700 becomes available. The picture quality of the D90 is as giood as or better than that of the D300(s).

      • aetas

        Same boat here. Money in hand. Waiting for a new d700 or buying current d700. Before I have to hear it I am taking photos with my current camera D80 but looking to move up to full frame for the advantages it gives me for my shooting. Hoping that new cam will be reasonable priced.

        • Vladi

          buy d700 second hand (or new) and when new upgraded fx nikon comes out one day, just sell it and get the new one. if u lucky u dont lose any money on this, d700 keep their price very well, selling just a bit under retail price even when they are used for more than couple of months.

    • jason

      ditto ! but wait the D700 is a great camera just like the D3 there dont just stop producing great images when an update is released but i have FF and im delighted with so im now looking for a second camera id like the D300s but because there wasn’t a sensor update tells me the life span of the d300s maybe short as nikon is working on the D400 sensor so hold out my fellow nikon shooter for the D800 it’ll be everything the D3 was that the D700 didn’t have and more ?

  • 8ocemb

    What if it says “I am Canon” in the end? 😮

    • jason

      then it wouldn’t be on here

  • regardless of the outcome the marketing is working because we’re talking about it.

    • Geoff

      working for the 50 who pop by here. nobody outside the camera world that surfs the net has a clue, which means if it is a coolpix they failed in marketing.

  • Ren Kockwell

    I’m curious about who is receiving these. That should tell a lot about what it’s for. Ostensibly, I doubt the average joe coolpix buyer would give a rat’s ass about Nikon being used on the moon or in combat photography. The last few especially seem to be geared toward professionals. Overall though, it appears to be the launch of a more pervasive campaign that will sweep across amateurs and professionals.

    • iworm

      Absolutely. I live in France, have quite a bit of Nikon SLR kit registered with Nikon France, and entirely fit a demographic of “Nikon SLR shooter who buys stuff”

      Yet I’ve not received any of these lovely looking cards in the post!

      I don’t think these relate to any SLR-type kit.

    • Kon Reckwell

      I agree my brother.

  • alux

    I would have understood that as “I am a way to look at the world” rather than a view or a window…. anyway that’s sure that when you walk on the moon you have another way to look at the earth !

  • twoomy

    I am on top of the world
    looking down on creation
    and the only explanation I can find
    Is the money that I’ve found since the D900 ain’t around
    My saved money put me at the top of the world.

  • timo

    first there where 8 cards that means an 8 number camera D800
    Second it could be they miror less system you read stories on they internet for they last few days
    third it could be a coolpix 🙁

    • fourth, it could be a website/portal…. which i’m 99% sure it is


    Nikon has been for a long Time the brand which represents (with Leica), REPORTAGE photography.

    But in those times, no aps sensor was used therefore, neither compact sensors. (impossible to get proper doff & useless with film). If the ad is correct, this would mean that Nikon is coming out with a FF RANGEFINDER !!!
    (but I dont think so…) . At least, it should be a nice mirorless APS camera.
    If it is a coolpux, I puke on Nikon & their useless ads.

    • jason

      really is there any need

  • rsm870

    wow. didnt nikon use to make rifle scopes…?

    • Richard

      They still do.

  • Bernard

    I live in France too, have a lot of Nikon stuff, and yet, no card in my mail box ! Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh ! I’m frustrated !…

    Seriously, I think (hope) it’s an equivalent of a 1970 Leica M with 40 years of new technology in it, at an affordable price ! Hear this Nikon ??????…

    • Zouk

      That’s 7 cameras – there’s one missing? HD video in the P100, what teenager wants DOF and manual adjustments anyway….

  • Louis Rosenthal

    and damnit if it’s not a D700_, D4, numerous coolpixes, and A BUNCH OF GRADE A+ LENSES – I’M GOING TO GO INSANE!

    why on earth SO MUCH BUILDUP?
    coupled with the D3s having dissappeared from the swiss market….
    about a week ago there were well over 20 sellers listed on, now there are 3, and ONE OF THEM shows in stock, at CHF (=USD) 700 higher than the price it was at!!!

    Nikon KNOWS it’s driving the pro world mad with the lack of a D700_, so why would it be implausible they announce something now??

    • JBL

      I bet it’s only about a new website. Remember that huge countdown tamron did few months ago? made everyone wondering about what kind of new lens they were going to release.

    • nick

      they don’t care if you and a handful of photographers are itching for new technology. they’re a business, and the best way for them to make money is by marketing their coolpix line to average consumers.

      and stop driving yourself crazy, nothing is coming out soon. grab your camera and go out and shoot some pictures. stop worrying about your gear.

      • JBL

        I totally agree.. no matter how much we care about technology, it is to the company’s advantage to get attention without releasing new technologies.. if nikon had the monopoly on digital SLR and digital photography, we would be at 6mpx still.. The only motivation to offer better products is competition

  • JBL

    I’m not a pro translator but I’d say:

    I’m a peek over the world.

    maybe “peek” is too weak to refer to “regard”

  • Mike again

    I will bet it’s a D4 or the equivalent of G11.
    A D700 successor would logically be released after D4 one thinks, maybe to summer.

    • nick

      it won’t be any of that stuff.

    • JBL

      I disagree with your reasoning.

      a D700 upgrade would be released after a D3 upgrade… that means after the D3s.. We already got the D3s, it’s time for the D700s or D700x… even a D800 You don’t need the D4 to introduce new technology.. look at the D90: first dslr with video.

      Also, we won’t get a D4 right away, the D3s is still new.

      However this annoncement is either for a website or for coolpix.. they won’t annonce a D800 this way..

      We will see the D800 in early summer 2010

      • Anonymous

        IMO if Nikon released a D4 now after the D3s it would be a somewhat similar feel to when the D700 came out…. Look how many people sold their D3’s after the D700 was released because they jumped on the first Nikon camera with amazing noise handling and rightfully assumed you would have to pay more of a premium to get it.

        But I doubt it is a D4

  • Dave in Paris

    “I am a way of seeing the world”
    Regard has two meanings in French. Literally, it’s a glance. Figuratively, it’s a view or an opinion.

    • I tend to agree with your translation. or “looking at the world”

  • Anonymous

    Je suis le nikon D800! Parbleu!!


    putain, ils nous le sortent ou quoi ce FF parfait ???!!!

    • Louis Rosenthal

      j’pense vraiment pas qu’ils le sortent mais je l’aimerais quand meme….

  • Alex

    I am Nikon and I approve this message?

  • venancio

    Okay, Okay, we get it… the ad campaign was in FRENCH
    FRENCH is the language of LOVE
    but you can’t hurry LOVE…
    Yeah, we know, we have to wait…

  • Buck

    Could it be the first real wifi-capable camera? With option to download pictures and video directly to Flickr or YouTube so friends and family can view live?

    • Louis Rosenthal

      or 3g or similar with free access to certain sites so it can be done virtually ANYWHERE?? doubt it…

      • wifi to transfer a small size copy to your cellphone. I would like that.

  • bob

    I am a letdown.

  • Nash

    It could be just that theyre reinventing the Nikon Brand, rather than a new camera.

    1-8 could be characteristics of Nikon as a brand… Kinda like saying we have something for everyone… The new websites coming up would also support this.

    SO lets see…. we’re almost there.

    Im just hoping theyre doing this by releasing a revolutionary camera.. a camera to change everything…

    Hoping for the D700 upgrade.. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  • JF

    It should be: “A look upon the world”

    There is no action in “Un regard sur le monde”. It is a concept, not the action to “look” at the world as it is suggested in the title.


    • marco polo

      u r a fox!
      D300x = d900
      D700xs = d800

      D900 is the new d90 but the body will be improved a lot! Guess what!? The red rubber strip on the camera will be yellow!
      Think! It’ not going to be called d9000!
      Nikon is a evil! LOL

  • Anonymous

    Hey Admin,
    Every one of these posts about the “I AM” postcard campaign has received more negative votes than positives. That’s negative as in “dislike, don’t post again” (your words). Why keep posting? Better yet: Why have this voting system at all?

    • anon2

      And how many of the negative votes did you give?

      I imagine that those who voted “dislike” would complain bitterly if they missed out on some info because the admin didn’t post it.
      At the end of this campaign we will all know if there is something “new and exciting” or not. Until then the postcards are all we have.

      Some people just can’t be happy, no matter what happens.

      • Anonymous

        I voted once. You?

        You’re awfully presumptive and judgmental.

    • Hey Anon,

      The voting is there to give me feedback. Based on that feedback I will decide what to post and not to post. Blogs are not user generated, forums are – so I still have the final saying on what goes online.
      It is also pretty obvious that the high amount of negative votes comes from the disappointment of not having a new product. Those cards (you like them or not) are a rumor and they will be covered. To make it easier on readers like you that are not happy seeing those “I am..” images, I did not display them on the main page.
      Anyway, tomorrow everything will be over.

  • Got my photomagazine (Kamera & Bild) in my postbox today, which will not come out til next week here in Sweden. There is an ad with the text “I am Neil Armstrong”. The ad is for the new Coolpix S8000. More info will come for the Swedish website

    • Actually, the s8000 is now on the Nikon USA site.

    • …and some other P&S’s. But nothing with HD1080, only 720.

      • NikoDoby

        The new COOLPIX P100 has 1080p at 30fps HD video.

  • Julien

    “I am a window onto the world”

    • Pierre

      Yes kind of close. If you could blend “a point of view” and a “view point” together it would be even closer. This term usually refers to an innovative, personal and/or a different way to look at the world, perhaps carrying some emotional, nostalgic or philosophical load.

      We also say “avoir un nouveau regard” or “un autre regard” which mean to have “a new look at” or a ‘new (or fresh) way to look at something” from an angle not considered before.

  • iamnomad

    I AM not wanting to play this game anymore.

  • Quick and easy question, in the last card (CARD #1) what camera is that guy holding? That looks like a mighty big for being just a P&S, especially the P6000 series (the one not updated). AND he is looking though a viewfinder, so its either the P100 or DSLR (unless the evil has a electronic viewfinder but I think a report before said they didn’t like EVF at this stage)! However it does look a little small to be a Pro-DSLR.

    Unless they are using stock photography (which would be bad form) I think the range of images shown to us leans towards the capability of a DSLR vs. a P&S.

    Again it could be a general “I Am Nikon” campaign, but its an odd time to start one when you announced all your products over the last 2 months and beyond this site, doesn’t seem to be a “big deal” or even “a deal” on nikon forums etc beyond those shooters eating up anything the rumourmill spits out in hopes for a DSLR.

    I’m just saying, if this is suppose to be a major campaign to support Nikon in general, it has failed to excite anyone but those waiting for particular product announcements to be made (and we shall be disappointed if this is not linked to a product announcement). Nikon promised a surprise in 2010, and so far has failed to excite – but we still hope.

    • Lad, that picture is from the Nam war. There weren’t many digital cameras in the hands of PJs in the 60’s and 70’s 🙂

      There’s no way to tell what he’s using, but it might be a little rangefinder, or some SLR – they were much smaller when they didn’t stuff computers into them. The point of using that picture isn’t to show off a new camera anyways – it’s to put things into perspective, show that Nikon cameras have been and are being used by PJs all around the world.

      Or maybe they’re trying to show us that they’ll reintroduce the S system with a digital fullframe rangefinder. Wouldn’t have a problem with that, either 🙂

  • Dafil

    Is that Darth Vader on skis coming out of the helicopter?

    • As a matter of fact, that is me! 😉

  • dude

    D4 please

  • Pat

    I somehow wonder if it might be the D900 (or D700X or D800) plus the G11-competitor lumped together in 1 annoucement?

    Nikon never did that before, but they’ve changed the way the release things quite a bit lately. They might be for a change this time.

    I need a video capable FX camera in D700 body/price range, damn it , nikon, bring it on !

    • “I need a video capable FX camera in D700 body/price range, damn it , nikon, bring it on!”


      • ArtTwisted

        When pigs fly

        • well, funny story…

          • Geoff


      • Anonymous

        Last week I went to one of the major photo shop here in Geneva. The owner just received a dozen of D700 boxes… then he told me that he finally ordered those because Nikon Switzerlnad promised him there will be NO new FX body this year : “There will be some new pro lenses but no pro bodies”.

        That’s it.

        Card #0: “I am now looking at Canon”

        • I think that would be teetering on market segment suicide if they waiting until 2011 for releasing a new Pro Body/

        • I am getting bored with looking at the world, I want to be looking at my new camera.

  • Zorro

    The rumored D40s on Monday?

  • M!

    not sure if this has been posted.
    but nikon has the “I AM nikon” theme song in their commercials already:

  • dislike

    to be exact


  • Kon Reckwell

    I am bored. Time to get the D40 out.

  • Ren Kockwell

    The best camera in the world.

  • Wen Kockrell

    Without a doubt.

  • Len Wrockwell


  • Bob

    Going to Robert’s camera today. Going to give the D300s a close look. A local new photographer I know was working yesterday. He is using a D300s and is getting 3 more.

  • Anonymous

    I saw it!!!
    it s the new d900!!!
    Fantastic, c’set magnifich!!

    even the style!! it has a yellow rubber strip insted the red one. And It has the IZ software! (intelligent zoom)

    • MM


      • Anonymous

        yes it is,
        It is the gratest camera ever made…
        when you hold it, you feel like, you can shoot the unshootable, like you holding a machine that makes possible what you have only imagined, and then you suddnely realise that this is not photografy, this in not and action, it a real life experience, this is nikon

        • ZinhaEq

          And I am Barbie.

          • Polo

            Je suis Marco Polo

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