Nikon rebates are now online

Update #4: I got some direct links for B&H (add to cart to see final price):

Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 VRII:

Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8:

Nikkor 24-120 f/3.5-5.6 VR:

Nikkor 18-200 DX VRII:

Update #3: Adorama now also has the rebates online:

Nikon D3000 combos:

Nikon D5000 combos:

Nikon D90 combos:

Nikon D300s combos:

Nikon D700 combos:

Nikon D3s combos:

Nikon D3x combos:

Update #2: I received some information that Amazon will not be supporting those rebates which could explain why they haven't updated their site yet. seems to have some of the rebates listed.

Update #1: as far as I know only B&H has the rebates online for now. My understanding is that multiple lens rebates cannot be combined with the purchase of one DSLR body (I am waiting for the official confirmation from B&H). Many readers could not get to the list of available kits - you have to follow the links listed below for the different DSLR models and then click on the red "View available kits" link under the camera picture:

The previously rumored Nikon rebates are now live @ B&H. This is how you can get to them: click on each of the models from the list below and then navigate to the "available kits" link for all the possible options. You must add to cart to see the final price after the instant rebate (this is not a mail-in rebate):

It seems that the previously listed Adorama combos do not have he rebates applied yet. Could not find anything on Amazon either, so for now B&H is your best bet.

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  • Jeff

    I don’t see the “Available kits” link, am I blind?

  • NikonShooter4Fun

    You have to close the link and re-open the B&H home website then click on Available Kits. It will then show you the available combo packages. I only see where you can buy one body and one lens. Hope this helps out.

  • NikonShooter4Fun

    I checked it again, at the link will work correctly now. Just click on Available Kits and you will see the options. It worked fine for me, I looked at the D3s link FYI.

  • JorPet

    The link keeps giving me a processing error. I’m ready to add it to my cart.

    The rebate is enough to make me pull the trigger on the D700 and 24-70 combo. I guess the D700s will have to wait a couple years for me.

    • JorPet

      OK, it worked off of the main list, just not off of the camera body page. I’m good to go now.

  • Felipe

    I guess the D300s with the 18-200mm VR lens does not have a rebate after all?

  • tolive

    No mix and match.

  • I want to buy 3 lenses, It look like you can only get the rebate on one.

    • woble

      1. Give your friends the money to buy the goods
      2. Sell the bodies and keep the lenses
      3. ???
      4. Profit

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, great idea. ! ! !
        Everybody should buy 3 old cameras, so Nikon
        gets rid of them and makes the profit. I think thats
        what the whole rebate idea is about.
        Except for the D3x all the recent Nikon-body-releases
        are a big dissapointment.
        Planing to surprise the market ! With what ? ?
        Staying constantly behind expectations ? ? ?

        • GlobalGuy

          D300s is a disappointment?? You’re nuts, that is a great camera for DX! It is loaded with features and a D40, D60, D70, D80, D90 owner would be well suited to upgrade. It lacks in megapixels and that’s it. It is a very excellent camera.

          The D3x is absolutely amazing and of medium format caliber.

          The D3s is an ISO click better in low-light than the Canon’s most recent camera and it is two clicks better than the infamous D700/D3. According to professional reviews, it can take pictures that are usable in the visible light spectrum where previously only infrared imaging was able to be used.

          The D5000 is somewhat disappointing for pro-hobbiests, but the price was kept to “approachable” on purpose as the step up from entry-level. And it is still very feature rich for its price.

          I don’t know what you are thinking when you are saying that Nikon’s recent offerings are poor. They are incredible feats of engineering and the only issue is the 12mp barrier that annoys some people and the 920p barrier which annoys others. But considering that film wasn’t even possible on DSLR’s before NIKON introduced it (Canon soon following), you need to cut Nikon some slack. And if Nikon wants to take 1 generation to focus on getting rid of noise, that is a serious consideration and respectable priority.

          Personally, I would not have wanted Nikon to have 30mp bodies and the noise of the previous generation of bodies. And I understand that Nikon innovated video on DSLR’s — but they are not a camcorder company. Canon has always been a camcorder company with an entire division devoted to camcorders.

          Let’s keep things in perspective. Quite frankly, I believe that Nikon is the company which keeps innovating and its quite clear that Canon’s imaging division is just following this generation.

          • Anonymous

            Nice talk. Sorry, I’ am Nikon-user since 1992 (started with two F4-bodies) but I’ m still not a Nikon-FANatic, like you very much seem to be. I’ m a photographer and use different systems for their different advantages and purposes (including HB). I really don’t want to get into this annoying and completely pointless Canon-Nikon-Fanatic-talk. How come, that you start this anyway. Did I mention Canon at all ? ? ? Nope ! ! ! As a D300-owner I was just expecting a bit more from a next camera, than the D300s delivers. Since you bring it up, I might as well reply: Take a deeper look into the history of releases and you’ll very often find, that Canon was ahead in the point of meeting pro-needs.
            Take their Shift-Lenses as an example. Who was first and who has an amazing 17mm released. Must be Nikon according to you. It’s stupid talk like this and it’s people like you, that sometimes make me wanna switch. The only
            reason I probably never (or at least no time near) will actually do it is, that I simply don’t like the Canon-design at all (besides: the 9 Nikkors and 3 bodies I have and the loss of money selling them are another good reason).

  • shivas

    not yet working with the multiple lenses. . .hmmm. .

  • Talked to B&H, Rebate on one lense only, that’s too bad.

  • EJR

    At Crutchfield you can buy one body and get the discount on multiple lenses. Unfortunatley Crutchfield prices aren’t that good. I’m going to wait a day or two and see what happens at B&H and Abes of Maine. I hope to get several lenses when I buy the D300s.

  • Is there a d5000 and 70-200 combo? I did not
    find it.

  • Hodor

    These are US-only rebates so far, right? Henry’s here in Canada doesn’t seem to know anything about rebates.

  • Brad P

    These rebate “discounts” are a joke. B&H is listing the D90 for 900 dollars with a 50 dollar rebate. Adorama has it right now for $750 with free shipping and no tax.

    If you really want some good prices, try using or even google shopping.

    • Anonymous

      I would not buy from any other retailer than B&H. Amazon is also good, but you got to watch out for those 3rd parties. Sometimes the cheapest solution will cost you more on the long run.

      • Brad P

        @ Anonymous:

        Are you actually trying to tell me that Adorama is NOT a reputable company to deal with? That is stinking hilarious!! They are just as trustworthy as B&H. One good thing about is that they list peoples reviews/ratings for the different vendors. So you can see how many people have bought from company “XYZ” and what their experiences were. To think that B&H is the ONLY camera place that is trustworthy enough to buy from is ridiculous. You must work for B&H…

        @Skin like winter: thanks for the tip, I did not realize that the prices worked that way. I still think it is somewhat misleading that their website would list the “suggested” price and the only way to see the “actual” price is to put it in your cart. Not very customer friendly, and really a waste of time to force you to jump through hoops just to see actual prices.

    • Skin Like Winter

      Hey Brad – Add the D90 to your cart from B&H and you will get the actual price of $739.95 with free shipping and no tax. As B&H Websites states the $899.99 is the suggested price and not the actual price.

  • shivas

    crutchfield has them right now, and i’m just getting it with a D5k since it’s about $599 there. . .maybe I”ll return it after, not sure if they allow it. . .

    regardless, came to $1999 for 70-200 vr2 and $1599 for the 24-70, which isn’t bad consider the cheapest I could find them for was $2200 and $1739, respectively (so savings of $341. . .

    Not the $700 I was expecting, so I’ll wait for amazon to get the pricing right. . .not in a rush, probably will have to sell equipment to fund these anyhow. . .

  • dave

    At B&H, If you add the D90 to your cart, it is $739.95.

    It has surprised me that you can find the D300s just about anywhere for around $1500 (or a little more) for quite some time for a camera that is supposed to retail for $1799. This makes me think Nikon USA is trying to milk as much as they can as quick as they can out of it before the next camera body in that line. I think the last time Nikon had these body+lens rebates, some new SLR bodies were not too far behind. So perhaps this bodes well for those of us waiting for the real D300 upgrade, althoughthe comments about a better balance make me think it will be higher resolution without any increase in high-ISO IQ (and perhaps even a little less high-ISO IQ)

    • Anonymous

      at B&H you have to add to cart as admin said to get the final price

  • Mendipcaver

    I wish we had rebates in England, I am shopping around for my D3S now….

  • Stevens

    All that I can get is this error:

    We are sorry!

    Due to some technical difficulties, our server has stopped the progress of this session. You may be able to continue by using the “back” command of your browser.

    For best results, close this session and log on to again.

    Thank you for your understanding,

    The B&H web team

    • JorPet

      Go to the main SLR page, restrict to Nikon and then under the body you want click on the available kits link. I ran into the same problem earlier this morning. The kit is now in my shopping cart.

  • Skin Like Winter

    Just printed off my return to Amazon for the Nikon D90 and 18-200mm lens I bought thursday. I went ahead and bought it from B&H today. In the end I’ll save $272.45 (minus about $13 for shipping back to Amazon).

    Nice to be able to put the $250 towards something else.

    • Zorro

      So if someone else has it cheaper next week, will you return your B&H purchase?
      Great customer!

      • Skin Like Winter

        Ouch Zorro! No, I don’t return items often I’ve been buying items from Amazon frequently for the last three years and this is only the second return I’ve done with Amazon. Seriously though you think I’m a bad customer because the day after I bought the camera and lens I found it $272 cheaper somewhere else and returned it? If so oh well.

  • tonu

    I have the strange feeling that they will run out of stock on some of those lens kits very quickly – the D3s is already out of stock.

  • nikonianil

    Thanks Admin! Again, great job figuring this one out. Nobody has that info online yet 🙂 I guess it is not even official yet and I can buy my D300s kit now for the discounted price, LOL.

  • DC Wells

    The normal price of the D700 w/ 24-70mm lens appears to be quite a bit less Amazon (new and without the rebate figured in) than it is a B&H with the rebate. Assuming Amazon recognizes the instant rebate, the total should drop to $3839. B&H seems to be offering that kit at $4289 with rebate, or $450 more.

    • DC Wellmaybenot

      Hmm, you must not be looking at the same B&H as everyone else. I just put that combo in my cart, like it has been stated many times above, and my price comes to $2829.90 – a thousand less than you post bashing B&H stated.

      • Jake

        $2829.90? I get $3884.90 after rebates for the D700 + 24-70 kit at B&H. That’s less than what DC Wells quoted for B&H, but nowhere near your amount.

        Additionally, it appears that B&H’s $300 rebate is more like a $255 rebate, because the D700 alone is priced at $2399.95 and the 24-70 is $1739.95 for a total of $4139.90.

        Also, B&H’s $400 rebate for the D700/70-200 combo is more like a $340 rebate. The kit with rebate is $4378.95, but when you add the items separately to the cart it’s $4718.95.

        • ray

          I came up with the same numbers for D700/70-200 kit as well. Where did the extra 60.00 come from? Nothing on the kit page says there are extras included.

        • Guy

          B&H Photo is being sneaky and dishonest. The rebates are not coming up to the full amount. If you add the individual items into the cart and subtract the the rebate you will find 50 to 100 dollars is missing. They also just raised the price of the D90 from 739 to 779. I thought these guy’s were on the up and up but they are showing me a side I did not think I would see from them.

  • EJR

    WTF??? What’s with this rebate? B&H will allow one rebate per DSLR purchase, Crutchfield will allow multiple lens rebates with a single DSLR purchase and the Nikon site has no information at all about the rebate.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think the Crunchfield deal is true – think about it, if you buy all 3 lenses and save $950, it means that you can get a D90 for free and then sell it.

  • shivas

    BH still not working for me. . .

    Crutchfield still too high, savings are poo. . .I thought it was supposed to go live today?

  • tony

    Okay, maybe I am blind, but I am on the BH homepage and can’t find a link for available kits. any help would be appreciated


    • Anonymous

      you got to use the links Admin posted, you won’t find the rebates listed on B&H main page.

  • tubino

    Amazon dropped the price on the D300s, body only, by $50 to $1,449. Would be cool if the price watch page showed that stuff.

    I’d like a pony too.

  • Anonymous

    Type in your address bar to go to the b&h home page. From the home page click on the dslr link then narrow your search by clicking on nikon. This will give you a list of nikon cameras each with a link to available kits. Just click on the link then add to cart to see the discounted price.

    • tony

      thanks for your help

  • ntony

    I think this is a great deal – get them while they have them in stock!

    • Geoff

      I am hoping these discounts mean they have the replacement in the pipes and we will see if by summer. I am holding out for 18MP plus so will just use what I have until summer to see if Nikon gets over the 12MP it seems to be stuck at
      (excluding the too-expensive D3x). If by summer they are still pushing the 12MP at us, Canon will get a strong look-see and maybe my $$.

      • Gary

        Just keep in mind, Quantity does not always mean Quality!!

        • Geoff

          While I fully agree that it is not always the case, I would be happy if they kept the quality of the D700 and just bumped it to 18MP.

          The D2x at 24MP is a very nice camera, yet way over my budget and I would rather add a grip when I wanted to over having the extra weight of a built in one all the time.

          I do not need iso 12,800 or higher. Give me clean iso to 6400, 18MP and 5fps and I would be happy.

  • Gary

    I went to the Scott Kelby Photoshop event in Wash DC today and there were reps from both B&H and Adorama present. Both reps confirmed for me that the Nikon rebates CAN be combined! I’m looking at a D3S with the 24-70mm and the 70-200mm, both B&H and Adorama told me I would get the combined $700 rebate.
    However, they weren’t sure if this option would be on their websites. Both told me to contact them or call if I wanted to get the combined deal.

    • Tom

      I would like to call that rep from B&H! Yesterday I attempted to order the D3s with two of the rebated lenses from B&H by phone, and I asked for the rebate on both lenses when purchased with the body. The salesman put me on hold to check with a higher authority at B&H. The answer was that you could only get a rebate on ONE lens per new body bought. This contradicts what you were told. Can you publish the the name and phone number of the representative from B&H that you spoke to who said it is indeed possible to get the combined deal? This is very frustrating…

      • Gary

        I will contact the B&H rep I spoke with and ask her to clarify. I’ll also ask her if she is ok with me publishing her name on this site. I understand your frustration. More to follow

        • Tom

          Thanks a lot Gary. I’ll look forward to your next posting here.

          • Gary

            I exchanged email with the B&H rep again today and she confirmed the following:

            You can combine rebates for the different lenses. If you want two of the same lens then you only get one rebate. Example: A D700 plus the 24-70mm and the 70-200mm lenses would get you $700 in rebates. If you wanted two 24-70mm lenses, you’d only get a $300 rebate.

            I asked the rep if I could post their contact info and they requested that I don’t. But I think that’s ok, the rep is from marketing not sales and with every question I asked the rep conferred with their manager before giving me an answer. They told me that if I have any problems with dealing with the phone order department to ask to speak with the SLR department. The rep told me these rebates are the Buzz right now and that everyone should be up to speed on it.

            Also, as I mentioned yesterday, the rep from Adorama told me the same thing. The Adorama rep is a senior, experienced person from the company as well as an accomplished Nikon photographer. So, I feel comfortable that this info is accurate.

            I hope everyone gets what they want!! Cheers!

        • Guy

          Gary – Do you know the B&H rep’s name or what he looked like?

    • Guy

      Welcome to Live Chat at the B&H Photography Department. Please wait while we connect you to an agent who will be able to assist you…You have been connected to Dan W.Dan W: Hello Guy. My name is Dan. I see your question, “Nikon Instant Rebate. Interested in buying one camera body and two lens. Each lens should have the Nikon Rebate. Could you tell me how I can do this?” and I will be glad to assist you. Please give me a few moments to begin working on your inquiry.

      Dan W: Which camera and lenses?

      Guy: D90, 24-70 and 70-200

      Dan W: just a moment?

      Dan W: Sorry, you can only get 1 rebate for the lens.

      Guy: Purchase any Nikon DSLR plus any of these lenses and get the corresponding savings:
      AF-S DX 18-200mm Zoom lens— Save $250
      AF-S 24-70mm Zoom lens— Save $300
      AF-S 70-200mm Telephoto zoom lens— Save $400
      You may also mix-and-match: purchase all three lenses with a qualifying camera and save $950.

      Guy: Here is a note on a forum: the Scott Kelby Photoshop event in Wash DC today and there were reps from both B&H and Adorama present. Both reps confirmed for me that the Nikon rebates CAN be combined! I’m looking at a D3S with the 24-70mm and the 70-200mm, both B&H and Adorama told me I would get the combined $700 rebate.
      However, they weren’t sure if this option would be on their websites. Both told me to contact them or call if I wanted to get the combined deal.

      Dan W: It definitely can not be done on our website.

      Dan W: I am checking with a manager to see if it can be done on a phone sale…

      Guy: understand – Can I call in and get it

      Dan W: I am checking with a manager to see if it can be done on a phone sale…

      Guy: Nikon seems to allow it

      Dan W: Do you have the name of B&H rep in DC?

      Guy: Sorry The forum did not include it

      Dan W: What did the B&H rep look like?

      Guy: I was not there – this note was posted by another person

      Dan W: 2nd hand info then.

      Guy: Notice this web site –

      Dan W: 1 rebate per lens

      Dan W: Can I help you with anything else?

      Guy: Do you price match Crutchfield

      Dan W: We can not make price adjustments through chat or email. Please call us at 800-947-9920 or 212-444-5000 and we’ll help you.

      A salesman will check with a manager to see if we can match the price.

      As a general policy we will only attempt to match authorized dealers when both B&H and the competitor have the item in stock.

      • Tom

        Thanks for trying, and posting your chat session here, Guy. He said “1 rebate per lens” but from the context I think he meant “1 rebate per body”.

        As for negotating with B&H, I think you have to be a *huge* customer to get any additional discounts from them. Yesterday I asked the salesman by phone to price a D3s, 14-24, 24-70, 70-200 lenses, and a SB900 all together in one order. He put me on hold and talked to the pricing department. The answer was that the pricing department said they couldn’t go lower than the prices on their web site, even for a big bundle like that. I think what’s a big order for individuals is a small order for a dealer.

  • benS

    It is now inevitable ! The new camera body / bodies are coming soon ! yahoo !
    Nikon Shooters hail Lord Nikon !

  • Bob

    I don’t want any of the rebate offers.

  • Chris

    These should just be the regular prices…. A few months ago before Nikon’s price hike these were.

  • janeboyd

    it looks like nikon wanted to reduce 70-200 vr II stock so they can put its amended ones.

  • janeboyd

    and 24-70 VR version will follow!

  • Jim

    Guess my comments are being deleted, but not sure why. I searched about a dozen photo selling sites yesterday for the rebates. Besides B&H, I found one other site offering the rebates.

    • No, I deleted only “first” and “has begun” comments. If you did add links, the spam filter probably caught it. I will check.

      • Anonymous

        That probably explains it. I did include the site name with the “.com”. Besides these 2 sites, no other sites seem to know about it.

        You are now deleting the “first” and “it has begun” comments? Where is the fun in that? I kind of like the it has begun comments. 🙂

        • no, we can still have fun, but when I have 10 identical comments “it has begun” it is a little but too much 🙂

  • EJR

    Why aren’t these rebates posted on the Nikon USA website? It seems that would clear up any confusion.

  • Guy is down. I contacted Adorama and they still do not know anything about this rebate.

    I called Crutchfield to see if they would price match B&H and they said they did not price match.

  • grumps

    Thing is B&H is still the No.1 choice in my camera purchases after spending tens of thousands of dollars there. However, these rebates from NIKON are really pathetic, so don’t get too excited or let this swing your emotions about buying based on this. Your call!

    I had previosuly made purchases with prices that reflect these rebate costs, so to me, consumers buying now are not really saving anything and I would be thinking this Nikon rebate is misleading consumers. Conclusion, shop around!

    Also the person who suggested about buying an DSLR with three N lenses and getting no discount is absolutely right. This is with most if not all stores, and you’ll be really lucky if you did. Unless you’re probably buying ten of each, then I think you can expect only a very small discount, since even 10 of each at full price will clear easily for individual consumers in the short run. I’ve offered this in the past and even suggested a pushing a corporate (400+ employees) discount to a smaller business, only to have described to me how hard it is for them to make any profit, even if all 400 employees shop with them in the long run.

  • Jim

    I See that oncall has the rebates $250 with purchase of select Nikon Digital SLRs and Lens

  • Lars

    B&H Kit price for D3S at $5199.95 + 24-70 lens $1739.95 = $6939.90 – $300 Instant rebate= $6639.90. When you put it in the Cart, it says $6684.90, $45 short of the $300 instant rebate as advertised. The shipping is free.


  • MarkC

    Why would Nikon have a rebate for the 70 to 200mm VRII lens which is relatively new? Is it something to do with the problems they were having with it?

  • Anonymous

    Just bought D300s + 18-200 kit last week from Amazon.

    I was thinking about ordering another one from BH to return to Amazon (and keep the original camera). The problem is Amazon will charge restocking fee even for a new, unopened package.

    I guess I’m SOL.

  • Anonymous

    It seems that BH has raised the prices before applying the discounts. Shameless.

  • David

    Careful – some of the ktis with rebate are actually more expensive than buying each item separately. This is true with some of the d700 kits. The price of the d700 has dropped, but I think they jack it back up to full retail when the put it in the kit.

    • you have to add to the cart to see the final price

  • Lars

    I think part of the $300 rebate that B&H has for the 24-70mm is paid partly by B&H and partly by Nikon. B&H then partly recoups this loss by increasing the cost of the lens by $45. They dishonestly make you think you are getting a $300 savings, when actually it is only $255.

  • N Dawgg

    Just checked the price for a Nikon D90 + 18-200 DX VRII at B&H and it had jumped $70 in the past 3-4 hours (from $1242 to $1312).

    • fluteboi

      wow…in another word…they are keeping $70 of the rebate

  • chuck

    No free lunch, trick u into buying what you don’t need than in 3 months spring a new camera and more lenses on you to make you buy more. ha ha. Nikon wins and wins again!

  • Lars

    Adorama has their D3S + 24-70mm lens priced correctly at $6639. Plus free shipping. A total savings of $88.25 with Adorama. I’m glad the sales rep at B&H told me to shop around and they can change the prices at anytime.

  • EJR

    These prices are a BIG disappointment! I spoke to a Nikon employee and to get a better understanding of how these discounts work. They are instant discounts to the dealer and the dealer may choose to pass along as much or as little of the discount as they want. Not much of the discount is being passed on. Some prices before the discounts were available:
    D300s: $1500
    18 – 200mm: $765
    70 – 200mm: $2250
    Total: $4515
    After $650 in Discounts, should be: $3865
    Best Price I can find: $4300
    What happened to the discount??? The store is keeping it!!!

    • Tom

      I found out from a retail/mail-order store that the Nikon rebate to vendors is applicable to the Nikon-determined Minimum Advertised Price, which means if the item is already discounted below that then the effective rebate will be less. Makes me long for the clarity of good old-fashioned mail-in rebates.

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