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  • It seems that the Nikon D3s is hard to get: Adorama, B&H and Amazon are all out of stock. If you need one Ace Photo currently has 3 in stock.

The big question is whether the price adjustment at Adorama, B&H and Amazon will be based on their current prices or on the MSRP.

Also you can mix and match lenses and one body: "purchase all three lenses with a qualifying camera and save $950."

  • Nikon Coolpix S220 tops European sales charts.

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  • Another empty placeholder showed up briefly over the weekend on Nikon US website:

  • Nikon @PMA 2010 (video):

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  • Vladi

    still waiting for D700x/s announcement!

  • EJR

    Looks like I can buy one body (D300s) and get the rebate on two lenses (70 – 200 & 18 – 200) and save $650 – I hope that works. With no D400 on the horizon this would get me to go for the D300s..

    • PHB

      It is quite a reduction on the 18-200. Not so much on the 70-200. Looks to me as if it is bringing the price down to closer to the price before the new version. Probably means that they have run through most of the older stock in the channel. Suggests to me that the price reduction may become permanent in a short while.

      Interesting they can make the 18-200 for so little. There is a huge amount of glass in there for the price.

  • Paul Davis

    The Nikon USA ‘place holder’ is actually a CSS float error, sorry to disappoint.

    I see this thing almost every day (full time web dev).

    • Paul Davis

      It’s caused my the 3rd line of text, where the others all have one or two.

  • chuck

    Hmm nothign like sold out to suggest two things.
    1) Nikon can’t make the sensor fast enough
    2) Nikon miss juged the desire for more pixels in their recent stupid a$$ executive interview 🙂

    • Hear hear! I hope Nikon ALWAYS has at least one of the LOWEST megapixel cameras on the market. There will always be a market for such a camera, and it will always be at the cutting edge of low-light performance. I just have to laugh at now this has turned and bit Canon – They can’t go backwards now and make a 12 megapixel 5D mk3, or a 3D or whatever, because they’d get laughed out of town. While I thoroughly enjoy the D700 and EAGERLY await a D700s with dual card slots and the D3s sensor. 😀


  • TK

    If you really want a D3s you have to just pre-order. I had ordered mine through B&H and it shipped in about a week and a half, never having been “in stock” on the web site. They get more pre-orders then they can ever ship at once, so you’ll never see it in stock. (until the demand drops)

    Of course, right after I pre-ordered, Adorama got 3 in stock. But if you want one, and are waiting to see it “In Stock” you’re going to be waiting a while.

    Just an FYI.

  • Alexander

    Just tried to go to AcePhoto and the site is down for maintenance… dunno if that means anything.

    • Anonymous

      Just called AcePhoto; they are upgrading their servers for the site and I just took their last D3s 😀

  • Mehmet

    There is a video test of 16-35 f/4 on D3s

    • Global Guy

      Awesome video. That is a darn good video and look coming from that combination.

    • WoutK89

      He just doesn’t have a strong presentation talk at hand, repeating a lot 😛

  • plug

    S220 the top seller in Europe? Nikon making lots of money to help the development of what we SLR users want. Don’t knock Coolpix. Anyway my wife loves hers, and the pictures are very acceptable. Now bring on the D700x or whatever!

  • “It seems that the Nikon D3s is hard to get”

    And I can find ’em used here in Japan 😀 This place had 2 last weekend. I do believe the one in stock as I write this is a different one as the price is different. Price generally differs due to condition.

    The place is in Tokyo. I try not to visit often because my money has a way of finding its way out of my pocket.

    To use the site, select the 4th item in the 1st drop-down box (ニコン) which means “Nikon.”
    Then go to the bottom drop-down box and select the # of results you want to show at one time (I always choose 100).
    Then of the two buttons below that, click the Left one. Instant access to toyland.

    Might want to lock your credit cards down ‘fore visiting 😉

  • Simon

    Nice prices at B&H for D90 + 18-200 vr ii. $1,272.45 after rebate Bargain!

  • kpuo

    I asked Nikon Singapore if I would be sorely disappointed purchasing a D3s at this moment with all the speculation of the D4 coming out, and I actually got a reply suggesting to wait for the press release.

    Take what you want from that, but I’m assuming they don’t want to be held accountable for any customer dissatisfaction and would rather play it safe than suggest I go ahead with my purchase…

    • Bob

      So when is the next scheduled press release?

      • kpuo

        No idea, the person replying said they don’t get info till a few days from the date.


      Sounds like wind to me.

  • Jabs

    Hey Administrator,
    Please investigate this!
    Nikon and 3D photography at the Olympics at Vancouver, Canada.

    • yes, I posted that in the links section yesterday. I will try to get more info.

      • Jabs

        Yeah, I saw your reference just after I posted.
        I would love to see some photo and video examples, if available.


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