Update on the latest Nikon D400 book listing

This the response from the publisher regarding the latest Nikon D400 book listing:

"Wir hatten aus einer in der Regel sehr zuverlässigen Quelle die Information, dass Nikon demnächst eine Kamera mit dem Modellnamen D400 ankündigen wird. Dementsprechend hatten wir ein Buch dazu bereits fest eingeplant. Bislang hat sich das leider nicht bewahrheitet und uns liegen keine neueren Infos darüber vor, ob und wann Nikon eine Kamera diese Namens herausbringen wird."

Google translation:

"We had a usually very reliable source of information that Nikon will soon announce a camera with the model name D400. Accordingly, we had a book about this already scheduled. So far, unfortunately this is not true and we are no recent information on whether and when Nikon will release a camera that name."

The author and photographer Klaus Kindermann did not know anything about this book - it seems that the publishing company created the entry without this knowledge.

Thanks to all readers in Germany who helped me on this topic.

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  • D400

    D400? i don’t think it will release so soon.

  • EJR

    It would make my day, I hope it gets announced in March.

  • ArtTwisted

    The d400 before the D800 and D95? doubt it

    • Considering the newly announced 550D I expect to see an improved D90 camera with the same 12.3 Mpx sensor but with better HI-ISO. They could call it D90s.
      I’ll buy one.

      • rsm870

        perhaps they would announce the d400 and “d95” [or whatever it will be called] together. and perhaps they would use the same sensor again for both classes.

        or perhaps not. they MUST announce the d400 FIRST if the cameras will use the same sensor right… and the d95 [prolly d7000; sounds nicer] will be a 550d eater. hopefully. but in the sense that it is a cheap, clean camera with hardly any noise [instead of having pro video on a cheap body, pro images instead, on magnesium alloy mid range]

  • When publishers get ISBN they tend to get them in blocks, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they entered in some Title etc without actually knowing what the book is nor anything about the camera (I think one can change ISBN info later). It may simply be a way to block the title from being used in another book, I don’t know but those are my thinking on why they would have a book about a D400 before it potentially was written.

  • Bob

    That would be a surprise!!

  • Mehmet

    yeah, make the D400 a fullframe at about the price of d300s, lets say 1700$ and discontinoue d300s. It would be awesome !

    • Geoff

      as long as it was at least 18MP i would grab one and be a happy camper

  • ich bins

    There was an announcement one year ago and I called the author, who lives in my city. He laughed when I asked him some questions about it. So I think he knew something. Could be, that Nikon in the meantime changed the figures – Dxxx instead of D400.

    • rsm870

      Wow. anyway wasn’t there something about “nikon expanding their dslr range in the near future”? heh.

    • Lolly

      I think the publisher is ludicrous. First the publisher says “very reliable source of information that Nikon will soon announce a camera with the model name D400” and then says “we are no recent information on whether and when Nikon will release a camera that name”. Is the “source of information” reliable or not ?

      • nick

        to answer your question: no. it’s not.

  • Anonymous

    the comment sounds like the publisher had been told to say that in exactly that wording. They definetely know something we don’t. I suppose Nikon forced them to deny the existence of the camera after the publisher had accidently leaked the name to Amazon. There is something in the bush guys!

  • Toadie

    It has vanished.

  • Talk about putting the cart before the horse. (I wonder what the photographic equivalent of that saying would be? There is a “What the Duck” panel in this somewhere.)


    • Geoff

      Flash before the shutter ?

  • rsm870


    • Joda

      it is happening right before your eyes, the D400 will be announced together with the book!!!!!!!

  • Vladi

    I don’t see D400 earlier than 2011. Possibly together with D4.

  • zen-tao

    It’s not likely Nikon co. is going to launch a new prof. or prosume camera in a new future. There is a huge economical crisis in Europe mainly and things are not up to split hairs with new performances if they are not planning to recoup investments. Besides Nikon had made the choice on a segment that doesn’t need sophisticated improvements. I’m still looking press photographers with a D2, D100 camera D-3 was the top. The future for Nikon is in video performances in order to make the war to actual video production. The photo market is already full

    • Mynameisdave

      Crisis is everywhere, not only europe. But as a firm you have to deal with your competition. If you have something really new to offer – it doesn’t matter if its useful or not e.g. flips – you are able to create your market. Better quality, HD-movies, 4/3rds,…

      • zen-tao

        Sorry I felt pessimistic today, Thanks

  • ArtTwisted

    only reason i could see a d400 soon would be if the d700 line and d300 line are being merged into a 2.5k is lighter pro camera /serious enthusiast camera but i doubt it.

  • klavierkonzert

    May have something to deal with 7D, most hopefully a next-generation focusing system with cross-type points on fringe.

  • verikoko

    How about an articulating LCD screen, so one could make use of the live LCD. Give me that plus the refinements of the D300 and I’ll be trading my old D200 in!

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