Countdown mystery in black and yellow

This started yesterday and I did not think it was important enough to post it here (however, I did write about it on twitter and facebook). Today things got more interesting.

What do we have? Multiple reports came from France (in English) about a glossy mailing card that only had the number 8 on the front and the text "I am..." on the back:

Today things got even better (in English): a second card was mailed out with the number 7 on the front and the text "I am fun" on the back.

The word "Nikon" is not present anywhere on those mailings, the only link to Nikon are the black and yellow colors. It seems that only Nikon users are receiving those mailings (not confirmed yet). The blogger speculates that this may be the new Nikon EVIL (my information was that we should expect it for Photokina).

Now the best part: if you take week days only, the #1 card should be sent out next week on March 5, 2010 (Friday). Guess what? On Monday, March 8th, 2010 Nikon has scheduled a "Press Morning" in the UK!

Hey, it could be a coincidence of course, but I like coincidences!

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  • The only text that was on was “I am fun”. The blogger then speculates that this means it’s not a pro DSLR body (they’re not marketed as fun), nor a compact (because nikon wouldn’t do something that elaborate). Hence EVIL.

  • low

    whats this????

    • Artur

      F7 and F8 !

      There are still film users

    • joebee

      it’s the beginning

  • Anonymous

    Consumer video body

  • The Amazing Chen

    I believe it’s the upcoming announcement by George Lucas that will see a special edition of the Star Wars films released that will have eight Jar-Jar clones appearing in each scene to “improve” the story.

    • Anonimouse

      Meeesa thinks thats a bombad idea 😀

    • Richard

      Run away!!! Run away!!!

  • I did some updates on this post based on the latest translation I received. One of the links was also not working. Sorry.

    • PHB

      Fascinating that Nikon appears to have decided to work the net and the rumor mill this way.

      But what we really need to know is whether anyone else has been getting the mailings. It could be an advert for something French that has nothing to do with cameras.

      I agree that the launch of the EVIL camera is likely for photokina, but a new format is something that you probably want to give people a lot of time to think about and absorb. The logical time to launch the first generation bodies and lenses is for the Xmas market. Nikon needs to be able to gauge demand and work out manufacturing schedules.

      Launching the format at PMA and the bodies/lenses at Photokina makes sense to me.

      It is not going to be a replacement for the FX format, but it could turn out to be a replacement for consumer DX. If you decide that 12MP is all the resolution you need and ISO 1600 is all the light response you need, then an MX crop sensor is going to allow you a really spectacular system at a really good price.

  • As long as its not a D90 replacement, as I’m going to have to get 1 if I don’t get my D80s shutter fixed by the 5th March! Got two gigs that weekend, can’t not have a body!

    Wouldn’t mind investing in a Nikon Evil system as well…as long as the lens selection is better than the competition. And it has an EVF. Better be like a panny GH1, and not GF1/EP1. IMO, if your not going to put a grip, then make it fixed lens. Even the smallest interchangable lenses are big enough to make a grip insignificant.

  • kkdcool


  • marco

    d700 will be announced in 30 minutes

  • nick

    A Nikon EVIL camera with an F-mount adapter would be handy – particularly if I could sync my flash at 1/1000th or higher

    • Priceman

      that would be wicked!!! how does EVIL work BTW??? what is the crop sensor size? where can I find info on it?

        • Priceman


        • Richard

          I have begun to think that Nikon is “covering all the bases” on possible sensor sizes and is waiting to see what size is of greatest appeal to the market. (In other words they have something in mind for a variety of sensor sizes and will decide which one(s) to produce some time soon. The technology and general concept will be the same in any event.)

          Now that Sony has shown their hand, Nikon should be feeling some pressure to let people know what their “EVIL intentions” are. It could be something based on the patent sensor or a 4/3rds sensor or even an APS-C sensor as Sony have announced. I see room for two, but which two will Nikon choose? The mu 4/3rds movement seems to be gaining momentum, but does Nikon want to get into that fight or are they hoping to take them on with their proprietary sensor format?

          The one that seems most obvious (perhaps to everyone but Nikon) is an APS-C EVIL camera (hopefully not as chunky looking as the Sony prototype). It should be warmly received. If Nikon were to produce an APS-C based body with 15-18 MP resolution and low noise to at least ISO 3200 in a package the size of an M9 or a bit smaller I believe that Nikon would have trouble producing enough to satisfy the market demand. I know I would want one. (Toss in an adapter that takes F mount lenses with full electronic integration while you are at it, please.)

          • disco

            it that ever comes out, i’ll wet myself

          • i am the nikon

            I saw the new nikon evil!!! OMG it s a bit smaller than lieca m9 and it has a sensor size 1.3 crop!! not bad!! but only 12 mp. can t tell you more but i ll send you a link soon!!

          • i am the nikon
          • i am the nikon, if you are referring to the image in this link – it is fake, I covered it already here few months ago

  • martin

    Tasty rumor! Love it! It’ll be like a cristmas countdown from no on 😉

  • The 3 sensors (RGB) DSLR is coming soon…
    Told you guys….

  • lincoln

    wait a minute…Are we yet sure that the black & yellow card is 100% Nikon, what if it is a promotion for…your guess?

    • No, we don’t – this rumor is based only on the colors and the press event in the UK.

      • preston

        whatever company it was must’ve paid BIG $ for that advertising campaign! I’ll bet it’s Nikon (cause they know their fanbase will actually SEE it) and the news to follow will be WHAT WE’VE ALL BEEN HOPING FOR!

        Thanks for posting this admin!

      • Any other brand on the internet squawking about these letter?

  • D”8″00?

  • If it is Nikon I think it would point more towards the “800” than the Evil. Does the number “8” mean anything in Japan? (Quick Google says change/achievement). I still think Nikon’s evil would also be good, but it has to do F-mount, have a decent sized sensor and of course full HD (1080p @ 30fps etc).

    Again I still think Nikon has a DSLR on the horizon, and I can’t see them holding off until after the start of the wedding season in North America.

    • WR

      In Japan, “8” ofthen implies development and prosperity (”Suehirogari”).

  • I am a 135 DC?

  • bonnar

    I think you just like to hear yourself talk. Maybe not talk, but type. I don’t get it. This site is becoming more irrelevant by the day. Sad but true

    • Anonimouse

      The site is becoming irrelevant? Or some of the nonsenical responses that people type in? I think the site is still relevant.. There are just many pointless posts in the comments section… “1st…” and “it has begun!”

      who cares if you are the First to comment?

      Great work here, Admin. Keep it up!

      • Which part of this rumor don’t you like? Constructive criticism is welcome, the rest will be marked as spam.

      • I will do some clean-up

        • j0elc

          Don’t take that comment to heart, it takes .2 microseconds to scan past 1st and it has begun.. In fact it has begun adds atmosphere to the comments cos it shows people are excited or anticipating something they wanna see….

          • Highlight

            Huh….the fun has begun!

          • Buck

            Exactly. Everyone should listen to j0elc.

    • Anonymous

      Relax guy. Just because you think this isn’t irrelevant doesn’t mean it isn’t irrelevant. This site is called Nikon Rumors, and to me it looks like we are dealing with a rumor.

      How was your day? Bad commute home? Is the wife leaving you? Any actual reason to be obnoxious?

      • preston

        no, just anxiety from not having the update NOW!

        I understand, I feel the same way too (but try to to take it out on fellow rumor-followers)

        • preston

          * that’s try NOT to take it . . .


  • GP

    EVIL it is.

    It has begun.

  • why start at “8”?
    did a “9” go out to someone?
    Why french, then english?

    I’m calling BS

    Plus, I’m not a fan of fun.

    • It could be a prank, but why go though all that trouble (pre-april)?

    • disco

      the number 8 is lucky.

      8 french
      7 english
      6 chinese
      5 japanese
      4 hindi
      3 spanish
      2 russian
      1 korean

    • i am the nikon

      They don t have 90 in France!! the sey 4 times 20 plus 10!!! ahahahha

  • ytt

    Give me D800!

    • ABC

      ytt…I’m with you…if they don’t release it soon I’ll just jump ship and purchase the Mark 5II and be done with it.

      ….not really

  • ArtTwisted

    Either a EVIL system or a dslr with a strong focus on video which is seen as “fun” thats if this is nikon to begin with.

    Either way I wont be happy, especially if its a 2.5x crop, many companies have proved a large sensor can be fit in a small body, and the lenses can still be small for all but crazy long ones. What do people want to do with these cameras, go on safari?

    • I travelled Europe with mine.

    • Mynameisdave

      Cuz EVILs are small, handy, in reach, easy to use, inexpensive quality is good enough for most people and it draws less attention than heavy artillery. Need more arguments?

      • ArtTwisted

        That doesent tell me why I can have say a 2x crop, or a 1.5 crop on my evil instead of the worst in market 2.5 thats rumoured to be in this thing. Like i previously said, you can easily keep the lenses small unless your going for 800mm lenses, which no one would use a evil system for unless they were desperate (in most cases). I wouldnt use my Fmount glass cause its huge so that makes the camera pointles as that, that means for portabilitys sake Nikon has to have better iq then the competitors and better pricing or atlest equal pricing or why not get a few other brand lenses, they wont work on my dslr no matter what anyway. I just hope they pull out a lot from this sensor, fingers crossed or I dont see it being relevant to most people, and this last part here is coming from a camera salesman, as soon as canon releases there version of this most common folks will buy that.

        I love nikon, but i see how this could go wrong. could also go right but we will have to wait and see.

      • Highlight

        What a disappointment if it looks like a R1 (sony).

  • Mynameisdave

    qui suis je?
    Sounds like some viral marketing gag. It’s most likely a consumer product, what kind ever. You just don’t make such fuzz about progear.

  • Joe

    The first 3D camera from Nikon with front 3D projection

  • Bernard

    I’m a French Nikon fan and owner, and I haven’t received anything like that in the mail so far… This is typical of the car industry type of advertisement overhere, but anything is possible these days like a new cell phone, Internet contract, or else…

    • Bonjour Bernard !
      I remember when I started photography in France (about 25 years ago), cameras and lenses were sooooooooooooooooo expensive !
      There was 33% taxes on photo, video, Tv, audio, etc..
      To buy a 300mm f/2.8, it was cheaper travelling Paris-New york-Paris to get a 300mm f/2.8 !
      So, believe me, I enjoy living in USA, no taxes, better pays (well, when you’re able to work), nice girls, the only thing I’m missing is a good camembert !

  • zzddrr

    Check this out:

    What a prick! I cannot believe that this guy said this: “So we just need to tell them we have a great value, and we have Ashton to do that for us, and we have — as you can see — fabulous products.”

    Duh, in the meantime people will not notice that you want to trick them? I think this was not a nice interview with ANOTHER NIKON EXEC! Gosh, these execs just popping up like new girlfriends of Tiger Woods. Every day…

    • Geoff

      While it would be nice if the MP race was truly over, I doubt it is. I would be a very happy person with an 18MP FF clean 6400 iso 5 or 6 fps for 3k$.

  • disco

    wha? after he apologized to Elin? what a prick!

  • Hm… 8 March ~ D800?!… 😀

    • The D800 has been discontinued long time ago, D900 is already shipping in USA an Europe, wake up !

  • Pat

    The link from the original post says it is for thursday 4th of march. It has been mailed to the author’s place and to a nikon school location where folks are taking some lightroom course sessions. According to him, the font and color used in the ad are similar to nikon’s so these are significant pointers for an upcoming Nikon product. Not a pro product though apparently (i m fun). I’m french and this is my understanding from what i have read. Thanks for your work Admin I hope this helps

  • Theoretical

    What if they sneakily decided to steal Panny’s AND Leica’s thunder by building a full-frame EVIL? Make it a no-compromise professional system.

    -Quietly optimize the old SP 35 mm lens designs for digital sensors and release on mini-F mount. 35 mm doesn’t have to be bulky when there’s no mirrors to accomodate.
    -Have an F-mount adapter that provides truly full functionality and backwards compatibility.
    -Offer it with the either D3s or D3x sensors
    -Pro-grade quick contrast detection AF
    -Rangefinder-type body with a great EVF

    This setup could attract a LOT of attention very quickly, especially among landscape shooters, journalists, and wedding photographers.

  • Nice logic Admin 🙂

  • F-stop

    More Games!….you know you if they want to play I can play too…..I’m letting everyone know right now that I F-stop will be releasing a New DSLR sometime in the near future…..if could be named the F-stop 700s or the F-stop 800 or even The F-stop 1000x+x which equals 1500sx lol….see we can play this game…and its week I’ll mail out letters labeled 699+1x=?

  • kpuo

    Hmph, bugger it if this doesn’t pan out in the next week I’ll just bite the bullet and get a D700. There’s always Genuine Fractals 6 to scale up images for those retarded art directors requesting last minute crops 1/10th of the frame just because they don’t have this thing called foresight (or any concept of proper pre-production for that matter).

    “Just fix it in post”

    How about I fix YOU with a post.

    • “How about I fix YOU with a post.”

      LOL! Comment of the day 😀

    • bakka

      Tea over keyboard incident…

  • Phil Wilson

    The 8th is the first Monday of the UK trade show “Focus”. Nikon is a big player at this event.

    I have just bought a new D700 so it’s bound to be the D800.


  • Loic
  • Mistral75
  • disco


    Nikon’s coming out with colored DSLRs!!!

  • tbscope

    I guess card #1 will read “I am evil”, but that’s an english word, not a french word.

  • wow, alot of noise in those pics, chroma especially, are those made with a mark IV canon ?

    • har har.

      …no, they’re made with the new 50mp square format Canon.

  • Morten

    it will be an evil-system with optional colors. good news, of course, so i don’t have to buy a pen (with new lenses). i will get a baby-nikon for daily use and be able to skimp furthermore on d7800xs.

  • Anonymous Coward

    I wonder…..Nikon and the PR agency (if these are behind the campain and no other company) seems to have snail-mail adresses of registered users. I’m not shure, registered users, i suspect that regular P&S user will not register their P&S camera with Nikon, most often this will be pro users / prosumers. So Nikon seems to think that this announcement is of interest to that segment (probably the prosumers part) of the market. I can’t imagine Nikon would spam that segment for a P&S in 10 funky colors…..

  • tony

    A couple of points that occur to me. a) Why would a company issue something in France if the release announcement was to be made at Focus on Imaging in England, surely even the Japanese know the two countries don’t exactly see eye to eye to say the least!
    b) Nikon aren’t going to make a major, global product announcement at a small photography show in our beloved, but virtually third world bankrupt country!

  • Mistral75

    Colours look pretty much as those of the new Coolpix S3000 series, supposedly available in March. Their motto is also “I am sexy”, see:\fr_FR\news_article\data\BV-PR-WWA1002-COOLPIXCameras&sParamValueLbl=Nouveaux&sParam1ValueLbl=Nikon+optimise+sa+gamme+COOLPIX

    • Gordon

      Give this man a medal 🙂 Looks like it is nothing more then Coolpix propaganda as the above link demonstrates.

  • Anonymous Bastard

    most likely another countdown to a let down…….

    • jim bo

      For sure.. More lamepix waste of time…

  • Phil Wilson

    The first Monday of “Focus” (UK Trade Show) is always Nikon Press day. Nothing new there.

  • Who does nikon employ for publicity in france?

  • Boring 12MP Twat

    More mediocre Crappix marketing by the looks of it.

  • martyn

    It’s a countdown and the yellow is getting steadily brighter but contained within some yellow electron thing flying around the outside in a circle, like in a lens. If that’s the diameter of the standard lens, what kind of body would it have?

  • Coolpix related… doubt it’s anything to get too excited about.

  • mjm

    Nikon have just started an “I am….the night” ad campain in the UK press today. I’m afraid it’s for the Coolpix S8000, nothing more exciting.

  • Bryan

    A Countdown to another Blues Traveler Concert. YAY!! LOL

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