Tomorrow. Noon (EST). PMA. Anaheim, CA. Two new DSLRs from Nikon. I hope I am right.

Update #2: Nikon Sweden & Nikon France web sites are down!Β (screenshots)

Update #1: Nikon Germany press release web site is down!

Ok, I will take a risk this time and I will "predict" that Nikon will announce 2 new DSLR cameras tomorrow (February 21st, 2010) @ PMA. The announcement should be @ 9:00am PST (12:00 noon EST) time. This time I have no source or link to show, there will be no probability rating, etc. - as I said I am taking a risk with this "prediction" and I could be completely wrong. Just stay tuned tomorrow!

Lenses and Coolpix cameras are already announced. Only the DSLRs are missing. I cannot believe that Nikon will release more lenses @ PMA, even though the latest rumors point to more glass.

Zoltar told me so...

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  • John C

    Fingers crossed. Either way though, thanks for your consistently great reporting.

  • Erik

    Any guess on the specs of the DSLRs?

  • freezerburrn

    I will be very surprised if Nikon released 2 new DSLRs at PMA, although it would be great.

    An update to the D700 & a D90 replacement would be awesome.

    I’m really hoping to see some new primes…especially an 85 1.4

  • Ren Kockwell

    Good on you Admin. Go bold or go home. Here’s hoping your gut is right. D900 baby.

  • I really have no idea this time. One of it will probably be FF – maybe D700 replacement or a completely new model. The second one may be the EVIL system or a DX DSLR. For the first time I have no clue!

    • iamlucky13

      Perhaps this is just evidence that the rumors business has become obsessive, but I’m actually finding the lack of info available to you as the most interesting part of this post. Maybe you’ve gotten too good and Nikon is cracking down?

      Which would be potentially counterproductive in my opinion. The right amount of rumors mixed with the right amount of speculation can be superb for publicity, as Apple has demonstrated many times.

    • I want to agree that the timeframe is right, but… I just don’t think this is going to be it. I think it’ll be later in the year (late summer?)

      No facts to back this up- just *my* personal assumptions.

    • If this isn’t on their standard release schedule (as some have said; I personally don’t know) then I’m not sure it makes sense for them to announce DSLRs. I don’t believe that the incremental improvements we’re seeing in DSLRs would justify breaking tradition–IF tradition is indeed being broken.

      I agree, though, that they’re unlikely to do p&s or lenses twice (and I haven’t heard rumours of new lenses here). Much as I’d love to see a 12mm dx f/2.8 non-distorting or a dx equivalent to the 24mm f/1.4 for less than $2200 I am not holding my breath.

      Given that, I’m going to mumble “EVIL”. If EVIL is already selling well, then Nikon _must_ announce that they’re working on their own in order to keep the moderately-faithful from jumping ship. Even if it’s more than 3 months out, it’s not Microsoft-grade vapourware if they have one in the works.

  • again, maybe there will be some lenses bundled with those 2 new DSLR tomorrow, I really don’t know…

    • Global Guy

      I like how you are actually STARTING a rumor this time.. lol.

      • Louis Rosenthal

        i feel like it’s rumor-like enough that with a little thought you could reword it ever so slightly and make it straight up trash talk about some “hoe” πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

    • rhlpetrus

      You’re saying “with those 2 new dslr”. So you have info there are 2 cameras coming? If not, why this sudden wild guess?

      • Louis Rosenthal

        i was thinking the same thing – perhaps he needs to be 100% certain no source is in jeopardy….

  • rico mambo

    based on old records..
    1) d700 – announced july 2008 (18 months ago)
    2) d90 – announced august 2008 (17 months ago)

    average duration for nikon replacement dslr models = 18months approx

    theres a big event for camera announcements tomorrow >>
    >>PMA, february 21-23, 2010.

    other camera makers already laid down their cards (new models). there is nothing sweeter than announcing their new nikon dslr bodies anytime soon (hopefully tomorrow!).

  • I hope you are right.. I have been waiting for whatever is going to replace the D700 and I am hoping that would be one of the announcements. I just hope that I can afford whatever they do eventually announce.

  • Alex

    websites down, I guess that’s a confirmation, thanks Admin! It really really has begun, and I am excited!

  • Jay

    d95 and a d700s lol

  • F-stop

    They better release two camera …ill be at if they dont it will be a waste of money

  • Enrique

    Too early Anahiem time. I would say something like 11am or after lunch,

  • Anonymous

    how a combo lol

  • longtimenikonshooter

    They can’t even make enough D3s to meet demand. How long do you have to wait to get whatever coming our way?

    • F-stop

      this is true!..

    • Still supply-constrained? I don’t think there’s anywhere here in Japan that is in short supply. Heck, I saw a used one this weekend in Tokyo!

  • Prophet

    I see eeee eeee eeee 3 new DSLR from Nikon


    tell me more god of lenses… me see the futue

    okay, you say, okay…

    • Alex

      how about
      D7000 with 12mp FF sensor (replaces D90)
      D900 24MP FF with 1080p

      • Prophet

        I guess you should search for it at….

      • Anonymous

        And how do you expect this “D7000 with 12mp FF sensor (replaces D90)
        ” to replace the D90? If I put a DX lens on it, does it do the same as a D90 would? NOOOO, it is neither a successor, nor a camera complementing the D90. Also, remember the D700, did it replace the D300? πŸ˜‰

        • PHB

          This is just the FX fanboys wet dream. They are getting even more irritating than the Canon fanboys.

          I have spoken to several professionals who use their cameras ever day and have full and crop bodies. None of them think it makes much difference AT ALL. It is different the way f/2.8 is different from f/4. Which is different, but rarely necessary. And most important of all a DX body with great glass is worse than an FX body with poor glass.

          Nikon has just updated the D300. There is no way they would do that and then discontinue the D90. The D90 is their best selling model on Amazon.

          An FX replacement would not be acceptable to most D90 customers as they don’t have the glass to use with it. Even if there was a complete line of f/4 zooms it would cost a minimum of $2800 just to cover the range 16-120mm – and that is assuming that there will be a 35-120 lens launched. In contrast, an 18-200 for a D90 costs just $650 and the 18-55/55-200 combo about $200 when bought with a body.

          If there was going to be a plastic body FX it would be a D9000 and a completely different model to the D90. But there is no way that Nikon would drop the price from $2500 to $800 (price of D90) in one go. And no way that they would replace their best seller on Amazon with a model that requires $2800 in new glass to use.

          Given the covert nature of the announcement, and the fact that the EVIL system is something that will need a lot of explanation, I think it rather likely that it will be announced at PMA. We have not had a new format launch by Nikon since F-mount fifty years ago (OK there was one other). If it was me I would launch on the show floor, keep the gear under a cover for a day or so first. Create buzz.

          If this is DSLRs, I would suggest an update to the D90 and some sort of rev for the D700 are in line. Could be lenses though, splitting the announcement into wide end and long end. If so, I would expect the 85 f/1.4 and a 35-120 f/4.

      • Geoff

        I would be thrilled with an 18MP FF for 3k$. THAT is my price and MP points that cross into the buy this realm.

  • Tom

    The Olympics are only half way finished. An announcement tomorrow would allow Nikon to “unmask” all the gear they shipped to Vancouver and give them some great worldwide publicity for the new body / bodies / glass….

    • F-stop

      great point!

    • Anticipator


    • Dee Tee

      AFAIK the Official Olympics camera is the Panasonic Lumix…

      yup sad. Very slim chance of a D7000, D900… hope I am wrong.

  • mnm

    Pete – are you expecting an announcement on 21 or 22 Feb at 12 EST? Based on the posting date, I assume 22 Feb but then the sites shouldn’t be down already???

    • it should be today – February 21st unless Zoltar was in a different time zone πŸ™‚

  • mnm

    Ken Rockwell is at PMA – he is saying there is no D700x:

    • Yang

      Is there anybody else out here who seriously takes his words?

      • iamlucky13

        Sort of. It tends to be a hash of reasonable advice for less experienced users, common sense, nonsense, and humor. He honestly does make some good points from time to time.

        I certainly don’t expect major insights into upcoming releases from him, however. I read the claim of no D700x as meaning he hasn’t seen one, rather than an authoritative statement that there isn’t one.

        • Geoff

          I like that he shows images when he compares camera’s and find some information from his site useful.

      • DC

        Yes – Ken Rockwell

      • Jay

        The day the D700 was announced Mr Rockwell totally slated it. Now its the best camera on the market.
        He knows his stuff but why does he still not allow people the right to reply on his sight? I would love to see someone come up with an (Right 2 Reply 2 Rockwell) site. or blog for that matter. I just think that lots of people would like to reply to his wisdom and anecdotes.
        Apparently he gets 6 million hits a month so monitoring those comments would be a lot of work.

        Its by far the most visited Nikon site.
        But you still have to take what he says with a pinch of salt.
        You’ve got to wonder why Nikon don’t give him cameras to test and review…

        • nick

          Ken Rockwell is an expert on what point-and-shoot tourists think and what point-and-shoot tourists SHOULD think.

          He is the embodiment of the average joe who wants to learn the bare minimum about photography, yet still own a DSLR because it is “fun.”

          If you view his site through that lens, you can understand
          1. why its the most popular site – (most people are average joes)
          2. why he’s so dismissive of amazing glass and technology

          I think most frequenters of this site do not fit the mold that KR caters too so obviously he’s going to piss us off

          • +1 internets

            Everyone has their own thoughts & styles about how photography should (and does) work. We’ll never all agree on those terms. He’s at one end of the spectrum. Many at the other end are definitely going to take affront at his super-saturated wisdom.

        • SeanS

          Steve Huff is even worst than Ken Rockwell – he likes everything he reviews – this is BS! He gets free loaners from Leica and tries to convince the world that they are the best thing since sliced bread.
          Oh yes, he also has a growing family that he has to support and he is constantly asking for money…. at least the NR admin has not asked us to support his growing family yet πŸ™‚

      • Mynameisdave

        He did predict that 4-3rds is the big thing this decade and dsLr are the past…
        Depends on what your expectations on photography are. I am not so sure about his.

  • Kevin Y

    i hope your predictions come true. it would be awesome, but not likely for me to purchase anything as my camera still works just fine

  • Gordon

    If this is true, Nikon have done an excellent job at keeping everything hush-hush. Looking forward to tomorrow then for the announcement.

  • F-stop

    Kenrockwell could just be apart of the cover up lol………….

  • JSV

    Looking forward to a new FX camera…I hope it drives the price of the D700 down to more reasonable levels for us mere mortals.

  • Anonymous

    D 9000
    D 700S
    D 4

  • That’s too risky to predict something like that Admin :p
    But I hope you’re right!!! Since you’re starting a rumour, might as well write your guesses for the specs as well πŸ˜‰

    Gimme a D400!! Wishful thinking…

  • L0RE

    Nothing new in German. The Complete Link is still working
    Just the Link to Press dont work

  • L0RE
  • Anonymous

    i think no new dslr for nearly 90%

  • Zorro

    Could it be, at long last, the rumored D40s. Yippee!
    Maybe a couple of DX pancake lenses?

    • Harry M

      No, please. Learn a bit more about optics before asking for pancake lenses. An old fashioned, not well performing lens design.

      • Zorro

        Yours is an old-fashioned view. Learn a bit more about optics and have a look at the Photozone tests of the Pentax pancakes.

        • Harry M

          Thanks for proving my point. An old optical formula, from a once-was company. No-one is offering these lenses now except Pentax because they can’t do R&D anymore.

          • The Amazing Chen

            I have to agree. Saying “Ohhh, Pentax ” is a bit like John Candy in Plains, Trains and Automobiles trying to bribe the hotel concierege by flashing him Casio watch.

  • Confuzzled

    How can there possibly suddenly be an announcement of two new Nikon bodies eight hours from now when we haven’t seen the regular flurry of random leaks that always precedes a body releases in the weeks leading up to the announcement? Isn’t this out of the blue?

    Oh, I know: NikonOS and F7.

    • Chris Crpwe

      Perhaps the staggering of announcements was part of the coverup?

      • Louis Rosenthal

        the man DID say they plan on SURPRISING the market! πŸ˜€

  • Captain

    Now there’s a good idea. A DX 24mm f/2.0 or DX 28mm f/2.0 pancake lens on Zorro’s rumoured D40s would make a great combo. Perhaps Pentax should make their pancake lenses in Nikon F-mount.

    • M Bella

      Please no. Pancakes used to return from the grave every two dozen years or so before their last iteration in the mid-80s. The reason why they are not used is because they perform poorly. Yes, they’re compact and can and do have a place on P&Ss but they flat-out don’t scale up well.

      • Zorro

        The last iteration is much more recent than the mid-80s. Have a look at the Photozone tests of the Pentax pancakes. Olympus and Panasonic have recently released pancakes that perform very well.

  • Captain

    Or even f/2.8.

  • absolutpat

    admin… we need a countdown clock! please nikon, please : D700xyz !

  • Zorro

    Is this a party? Will it turn into a wake?

  • andy

    d900 picture is posted here. I hope it’s real.

    • nick

      I hope you’re kidding.

      Thats a nikon film camera with a stupid sticker on it

      • andy

        oops. hey i just woke up!

        • Louis Rosenthal


    • Lolly

      It looks like like F100 with model label changed

  • Chris Crpwe

    Why do these things always happen when I am going to be away on business and offline for a couple of days?

    • Captain

      Don’t worry, it’s not going to happen.

    • It’s not like you’ll never have a chance at seeing whatever’s announced outside of this window of time πŸ˜›

      Go be busy and be happy that you’re not sitting at home frothing at the mouth hitting F5 waiting for a page update πŸ˜€

  • nick

    I’m thinking a D35. 4MP APS-C. no popup flash. only works with DX lenses, doesn’t fit FX lenses. Max ISO 400. Shutter priority mode and Manual priority mode only!

    Dream Rig!

  • Erik

    D3000X (D3000 + D5000/D90 sensor)
    D700S (D700 + D3S sensor)
    D700X (D700 + D3X sensor)
    D4 (new sensor)

    Big surprise:
    FM3D (FM3A + D3S sensor)

    Very big surprise:
    F7 (35mm film)

    PS. I have no information, just speculating πŸ™‚

    • Zorro

      I hope that D3000X is not in lieu of the rumored D40s.

      • Erik

        Is the D40S the same as the D40 II? πŸ™‚

        Big surprise:
        D40 II (D40 + new improved High ISO / Dynamic Range 6MP w sensor cleaning)

        • Erik

          Coming to think about it, this is probably the D40 II

          Big surprise:
          D40 II (D40 + Fuji S5Pro sensor)

    • Anonymous

      almost corect !

  • Joshua

    Sites all re-work, no announcements, no D900, no D300x, no D4, …

    • Prosumer

      It’s early yet.

  • Tom

    Awaiting the announcement if the there! For several months, these sort of speculations, dreams from different corners come and go. I suspect this time too..
    …a pessimist from experience!

  • Spoke to a Nikon rep in Tokyo today (was in for a D700 sensor cleaning + question on my 70-200 VRII). He gave me a couple tidbits. Will email you later with those.
    Long story short, sounds like a lot of lenses in the pipeline. Very vague/I-don’t-knowish about bodies (I asked about a D3s sensor in a Dxxx-sized body).

    Got some hands-on w/ the new 24mm f1.4 as well. Will post those on my Flickr acct later this evening (& send you the link as well if you’re interested).

  • drkbl

    What is PST and EST? Could you simply use GMT and everyone calculate their own local time?

    • peter

      This site being in the united states, and PMA being in PST (I think) it would “simply” be easier to use PST and EST. We’re not in the military…

      • Louis Rosenthal

        GMT is a reference everyone outside of the US makes, same as km, kg, liters….
        “twelve-hundred hours” is military….

        GMT makes more sense even if YOU don’t understand it.

        • Louis Rosenthal

          i guess we can be happy the speed limit signs in the states aren’t changed to kmph – there would be a lot of REALLY FAST DRIVERS!

        • Geoff

          GMT only makes more sense if I am outside the US. ;-P

          • Louis Rosenthal

            which loads of readers here are….

  • IF there will be new DSLRs they’ll pretty likely pair it up with something right? Like new lenses and/or flash? They already released 2 new lenses.. if they didn’t have any new ones left for today they would have introduced both the 24 1.4 and 16-35 together with the new DSLRs today (they could have just waited a week or 2 back then). This leads me to conclude that IF new DSLRs are introduced, they will also introduce NEW lenses. Follow my logic? (the rumored 85mm 1.8 and 24-105mm perhaps?).
    I think it’s strange that they wouldn’t wait for 2 weeks to pair them up with the new DSLRs, unless they have something else up their sleeves.

  • Tim

    Nikon usually announces products separately from this type of events (PMA, etc.) so I think you are completely wrong on this matter.

    • Hmm.. I’m not that familiar with Nikon product releases yet so I guess I must be completely wrong on this matter.

  • thoms

    i want a 35mm sensor in a d90 body

  • sgts

    hmmm nikon needs to feed their growing family, so i’m sure they’ll release something – if they don’t i’m selling nikon branded pitchforks………

  • Zoltar told me I was a sure thing to win the Florida lottery two years ago. That didn’t happen and I am still waiting for B&H to send my D3s (s). Might as well cancel that order and put one in for a D4. Could explain why D3s is not available.

  • Valadice

    lol, I’ve been waiting for a D90 replacement. Maybe this will be the answer.

    Why are lots of people calling it D95…and not something like D90S?

    • Erik


      • xcm

        D7000 (with 1080p24, full manual control, high bitrate)

        • WoutK89

          1080p like in the CoolPix πŸ™‚ it is becoming more real by the minute

      • D90FX would not surprise me.

        And it might fit the “surprise” that Nikon’s been talking about as of late.

  • peter

    The only thing I’d really buy/be able to buy right now are a SB-700 and something like a 28 1.8 DX lens.

  • Bob

    It might be the D4 I think … Over at Canon rumours they are speculating that Canon will anounce a 32MP 1Ds4 …… so it might be a 3xMP sensor that is new.

    P.s How long does it usually take from announcement to release for Nikon and Canon Cameras??

    • Why a D4 relatively close to D3S release? I think D3xs would be more likely than a D4..

      • Bob

        yea i guess it wouldnt make sense for Nikon to release a d4 yet……..
        so how long does it take from a nikon dslr anouncement to a release? Is it any different to canon anouncements?

        • WoutK89

          it takes a week to 4 months, does that help you, or do you rather buy one that is already out now πŸ˜‰ No one knows how long it will take with the soon to be announced cameras, until the official release

  • Nikon

    check this topic.

    he seems to be kidding but…….

    • Louis Rosenthal

      hm. interesting….

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