Nikon’s PMA press release – nothing new

Update #2: also don't hold your breath for the Nikon press event in Japan next Tuesday - it will probably be similar to this one.

Update #1: I think Zoltar misunderstood this press release. In this announcement Nikon is talking about two DSLRs - the D3000 and D3s, but those are not new. I also got the time right (almost - I was expecting it @ 12 instead of 11 am, I still think the actual press event @ PMA will be at noon today).

I knew that there will be a press release about two DSLR cameras today from Nikon, but I did not expect them to have a press release about products that were already released! This is the story.

This just got published on Nikon USA press center - I guess there will be no new products. Sorry, I screwed up this time!

Nikon Exhibit Highlights First Look of New COOLPIX Line-Up, Nikon D3S, and Legendary NIKKOR Lenses

PMA INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION & TRADE SHOW, BOOTH # 2200, ANAHEIM, Calif. (Feb. 21, 2010) – Attendees of the 2010 PMA International Convention and Trade Show looking to experience the latest innovations in digital imaging will visit the Nikon booth where a vast array of award-winning digital imaging solutions will be on display. In addition to the impressive line-up of products, the Photo Imaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association (PMDA) appointed Nikon Corporation President Michio Kariya as PMDA 2010 Person of the Year. This year, Nikon will highlight seven new high-performance and stylish COOLPIX digital cameras, the easy-to-use D3000 D-SLR and the professional-grade D3S, Nikon’s first FX-format camera to offer HD video recording. In addition, visitors to the Nikon Booth # 2200 can also experience the popular COOLPIX S1000pj which is the recipient of multiple industry accolades, including the Popular Mechanics 2009 Breakthrough award. Also, the Nikon D3X Popular Photography Magazine’s 2009 Camera of the Year, and a selection of high-quality NIKKOR lenses will also be on display.

For nearly 40 years, Nikon has been a landmark exhibitor and brand presence at the PMA tradeshow. Nikon’s participation at PMA 2010 serves as yet another opportunity to interact with its retail and channel partners, photographers, journalists and loyal consumers about the latest trends in the world of digital imaging.

This year, PMA marks a momentous occasion for Nikon, as Nikon Corporation President, CEO and COO Michio Kariya was named 2010 Person of the Year by the Photo Imaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association (PMDA). The 2010 Person of the Year award was presented to Kariya prior to the opening of the 2010 PMA tradeshow to honor his dedication to Nikon and the industry for more than 40 years.

NIKKOR lenses and the extremely versatile Creative Lighting System (CLS) represent an integral part of Nikon’s complete high-performance Digital Imaging System featured at PMA. Visitors to the Nikon Booth # 2200, can experience a wide array of NIKKOR lenses, including the recently announced 16-35mm f/4 VR and Ultra-Fast 24mm f/1.4 as well as the versatile AF-S 70-200mm f/2.8 zoom and professional AF-S 300mm f/2.8 telephoto lens. Nikon’s series of CLS products, including the flagship SB-900 Speedlight and other lighting accessories, will also be on display highlighting the agility and overall effectiveness when used in-studio or on location.

Nikon’s complete line of digital SLR cameras, COOLPIX cameras and accessories, high-quality COOLSCAN scanners, world-renowned binoculars and other accessories will be accessible for PMA 2010 patrons. With a spotlight on Nikon’s series of COOLPIX digital cameras, Nikon’s “theater-on-the go” display showcases the capabilities of the revolutionary S1000pj camera, the world’s first digital camera with a built-in projector. Lastly, visitors can experience the complete Nikon imaging solution with instruction and demonstrations of Nikon’s Capture NX2 photo editing software.

As in years past, Nikon will bring to light some of the latest works and projects from its dedicated base of photographers. With images from various COOLPIX and D-SLR products, the Image Gallery calls attention to the overwhelming capabilities of the cameras and the creative possibilities.

Attendees are encouraged to experience Nikon’s entire line of photographic, digital imaging and optical solutions, including Nikon’s sport optics products, on display at the PMA 2010 tradeshow, from Feb. 21-23 at exhibitor booth # 2200. For more information, please visit

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  • tim


  • KT

    Well, if the non-announcement on Monday about the 2 new DSLRs got you down, perhaps you can cheer-up by reading about Canon’s new 32 MP 1Ds Mark IV coming out on Tuesday.

    • Yay! More megapixels! One more reason *not* to buy Canon 😛

      (Yes, I understand that *some* people need them. This is aimed at the querulous lot that want ’em, but don’t need ’em)

      • zzddrr

        365 days Fried Toast, i want to know what you say when not 1 serious dslr manufacturers will have products below 15-18MP at the top line.

        Oh, sorry that’s just Nikon who stuck at 12MP

        • Ron Krapwell


  • Dweeb

    Nikon release products on their own schedule not governed by trade shows. If they can prolong introductions and keep retread product on the shelves until a few months before Photokina they will. I don’t see Nikon introducing product at an American trade show either. The barely ever release new items at JP trade shows. Hope you’re all still buying into their 12 is the new six slogan after Tuesday.

  • Anonymous

    Nikon & Sony are working together for the new DSLRs & EVIL cameras. Nikon need Sony & Sony need Nikon to compete Panasonic – Olympus alliance. One hour ago Sony just showed their new DSLRs & mock-up samples for mirror less camera. Good news for us is Exmor APS HD CMOS AVCHD sensor. I guess that Nikon will release new DSLRs (based on this sensor) in 6 month from now at Photokina with full HD movie. One of them could be entry level D4000/D6000 & another one D900.

  • Temple

    Canon Rumors are much better..!

  • iamnomad

    Seriously, I wish Nikon would re-evaluate their short/long term strategy. Enough with the zillion coolpix cameras – they can’t compete with Panasonic or Canon anyway. They should focus their efforts and tighten up the scope of cameras they offer; more is not the answer. The FX lenses are excellent, keep that moving forward, but why doesn’t Nikon introduce a Canon G10/11 buster? The pro’s I know all have a Canon in their pocket, even if they shoot a D3.

    • rhlpetrus

      They sell many more coolpixes than you think.

      • zzddrr

        The go and buy that crap coolpix. if they keep up doing the same then the entire dslr line will be the same quality as the coolpix!

        Don’t you think that too many of the dslrs had some quality issues? I couldn’t buy 1 nikon dslr that did have to go back with warranty.

        • rhlpetrus

          You’re just a bad luck guy ;).

        • Think you missed the point- they sell a lot of Coolpix cameras, so they need to keep up with that market. It might help feed the pro DSLR end more than you realize.

          • zzddrr

            then be bloody innovative in that segment and have pro-line Coolpix with for example interchangable lenses. Nikon could have done it years ago. Now, they are again behind others.

            OMG, years ago when Nikon actually had good coolpix many of us asked if they plan to make an adapter and a body so we can fit our dslr lenses. I aked the dudes in Torrance, CA when I picked up some lenses from cleaning whether they would do it. Still as of today the most light weight interchangable lens Nikon is the D40/60. All I can say that they have mental issues. I mean customers are telling you to make a small body with an adapter so dslr lenses can be attached and years latter you’re scretching your head? Only time this happens is when a company does not give a damn about the feedback.

        • Ron Krapwell

          You seem very angry about nothing. If you want more MP, get your hand in your pocket and go buy a D3X. Yep, it’s expensive because it’s the best and I couldn’t give ratshit for who actually makes the sensor.

          • zzddrr

            Perhaps that is how it came across. I am not angry. But I will not shell out the 8 grand for lazy Nikon for the D3x.

            I rather wait a bit and give my 8 grand to Canon if they come out with 32MP with reasonble quality because we will know Nikon will not match that 32MP until 2015.

  • alexcornes

    “Nikon has always gone the route of being slower to come out with new products, but always making sure to deliver the highest quality. It appears they are not going to change.

    They are not always going to rush products to market, chase the latest fads, whatever…but when they do come out they will have a world class product. For now, you can get their current offerings, which are still terrific, or wait, or switch to another brand that releases more frequently, but offers lower quality.

    Nikon is kind of like the Mercedes or BMW of cameras; nothing flashy, but incredible engineering and performance.

    There are always trade offs…it just depends on what one is looking for.”

    How many coolpix cameras have they got out now? I mean FFS.

    • Gary

      Clearly I was speaking of the higher end DSLR market, as that is what 99% of the readers on this site focus upon.

      In the high end DSLR market, Nikon is like Mercedes. Obviously, they have to play in the P&S market to make money, but at the high end they are fantastic.

      • alexcornes

        I am aware you were speaking in regards to their dslr development, I see you point and agree with much of what you have said.

        My own point was they have spent a lot of energy, money and time developing coolpix cameras.

        You don’t see mercedes releasing a whole series of budget cars now do you? They have spent their time developing their core products, such as their C and S class cars, as well as top end products like the new SLS car – much like Nikon should be focusing on what I would consider their core product. ‘Cameras’. Not point and shoots. Fortunately I know a thing or two about cars since my dad sells them. 😉

        • rhlpetrus

          Different depts inside Nikon for those models and dslrs. And they sell a lot of coolpixes every year, keeping the system working for the development of high grade lenses and bodies.

          I think there’s a lot of second guessing and armchair MBAs around here telling Nikon what they should do. Thom has said they are doing better than expected for a very complicated year in the camera business.

          • alexcornes

            Sure. Who knows what the finances of Nikon. Coolpixes could be making them vast profits for all we know.

            Different departments is sort of irrelevant. Nikon as an entity has a certain budget each year for development and by commiting resources to coolpix, that takes some away from thier DSLR development.

            I realise it is more complex than this, but at the end of the day the way we can definately see it, is Canon have mid range DSLRs out and Nikon do not have anything to reasonably compete with them.

            In any industry that is foolish and particularly in an industry that relies heavily on consumer loyalty.

          • Alex, if you read up on Thom Hogan’s site, he often reports on Nikon’s yearly financials. That will give you an idea of how each section impacts Nikon’s bottom line.

          • zzddrr

            The problem with your argument Petrus is that you don’t milk a cow until it gets bloody (or the cow dies). You nurture the cow! Extend the lifecycle but check out the quality of the coolpix line. seriously, canon, pana, and sony models don’t feel as plasticky. Nikon is taking advantage of its name and reputation. It is not a sustainable business model.

  • ways

    I think Nikon should correct this lamentable situation…
    because next will be bad news…or no news

  • Prosumer

    Nikon did the job for high-end & entry-level. Now, it’s time to fill the gap for midlevel market (D900, D400 plus some compact midrange f/4 or variable ap. zooms). This mark represents the tools for low-income pro & enthusiasts.

    • rhlpetrus

      They will, maybe not when some people want them to do it, but alas, all have their problems. Canon people are asking for a D700 type body, with pro-level AF and seals, for ages. The D700 is still selling very well after almost 2 years.

      • Simon

        And Nikon people are asking 5D2 type MP and HD video which is selling more units than D700.

      • zzddrr

        What the hell are you smoking? As far as I know the D700 does not sell very well! In many places the 5DII outsells 1 to 10!!!! So tell me, with a sensor at 12MP with original design from 2004 what do you expect? Give me a break. Nikon’s only fricken luck that the F mount is the same and whover has 1 Nikon glass will 95% buy Nikon product. Go and do a little market research about how consumers switch when it comes to costs and brands!

        By the way, why are you constantly defending Nikon?

        • rhlpetrus

          The D700’s sensor is from 2004? Get your facts straight before getting nasty.

          Yes, the 5DII certainly outsells the D700, no doubt about it, it has some advantages for the mid-market they live in, 10 to 1 is a bit overstating it, and you know that. Myself, given the choice to get only one for free, woud get the D700. Better body, much better AF, no banding in low ISO … ;).

          Finally, actually I’m just trying to put forth some arguments against this sort of manic obssession about new models that now and then flare up here and in other sites. If you think that’s defending Nikon, so be it.

          • zzddrr

            Petrus, (can I call you Petrus, I assume that’s your first name), with all due repsect but the D700 12MP tech is based on the D2x sensor manufacturing tech.

            I understand you, but there is no maniac obscession with new tech (at least from my side). If I had the chance and swap the sensor the same way we were able to do with the film then you wouldn’t see these type of posts here.

            What is happening that Nikon established more control by making sure its gonna be harder to switch.

  • Anonymous

    Enough of it, 5th or 6th repeat on this site. No more please !

    It’s a pasted F100, some sort of pun.

  • stm93

    D900 my ass. Here’s a 100% crop from 25.1 MP image from D300 (NEF conversion) ! Who needs a new camera??

  • Chris

    I’m very happy with the current Nikon bodies, I just wish they would come down in price a bit. Especially the D3X… when that hits $6,000 it’s mine. 🙂

    • There’s a used one in Tokyo right now for 470,000 yen 😀

  • Why not 24mp in D700 shape for about half price? Plus you get a more compact, yet pro body. One can make it bigger with the battery pack, but not the other way. Only compromise would be 100% viewfinder vs 95%.

    Even if they gave a D3X for $3500, I’d hesitate to buy because only the body weighs about my D300 + 18-200mm together which I sometimes wish (hanging on my neck for a daytime) it could be made smaller without losing quality.

  • Nikondreamer

    Hahhahaha people are still disappointed. If they indeed release same people gets disappointed. Complainers and whiners. When are you going to actually make a nice pictures with a camera that you have? Stop dreaming of something that doesnt exists.

    Ken Rockwell already said no new DSLR from Nikon and no one believed him. So sometimes this guys that you dont like atleast said something true this time

    • God forbid anyone here actually take to heart what you said!

      They’re too busy lusting over 5DmkIIs! They don’t possibly have time to actually *take* a picture 😉 And take one with their existing equipment? Out of date! Oh, the agony!!

  • Tabitha Green

    Sadly, this empty Nikon announcement is far less disappointing than Sony’s advertising their withdrawal from the serious enthusiast photographer’s camera market. :/ Hopefully Nikon or Canon never follow suit! D:

  • Anonymous

    thank you Admin for all your efforts.its not your fault anyway.
    its just that my patience towards Nikon is running out and I am almost on the edge to buy a Canon 1Ds Mark 4 so i have both the brands(nikon d200 is still working well)

  • Zorro

    Oh well, the D40s remains a rumor for now.

  • sgts

    not your fault admin, my nikon pitchforks are now available.

  • sgts

    sony withdrawing from serious dlsr market with 24mm f2 zeiss lens ? EH ?

    • Tabitha Green

      Look at the supposed a700-successor: still no D300 competitor from Sony, and working towards removing the things that made the a700 handling great. :/

      Of course the 24mm looks nice; I’ll sure it’ll great.

  • zzddrr

    Did you just see the new Sony evils? They will use larger sensor than the m4/3. It is clear that this new segment will kill the cheapo nikon dslr sales for sure. The d3000, 5000 range will become like coolpix. No wonder Nikon did not announce anything. Simply they have no sensor. Idiots, they buy they sensors all over the place and can’t get larger than 12MP

    • Tabitha Green

      An APS-C-sized compact is of course quite welcome. 🙂 It will be interesting to see how those pan out, now that everyone is doing that (yay! competition.)

    • Ron Krapwell

      24Mp is the biggest sensor. And stop talking shite about the D700 sensor being the same and/or upgrade of the D2X – it’s not.

      • zzddrr

        same manufacturing technology

  • Nikondad

    Man! I was up all night thinking about how I’m going to get my wife to believe the D700 replacement I was going to purchase is the same D700 camera I secretly planned to sell.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, PMA is over and Nikon nearly did nothing.
    Nikon did give us a BIG SURPRISE.

  • Geoff

    Nikon, I fart loudly in your direction. ;-P

  • Really, Nikon – When are you going to step up with some serious HD? I’m chomping at the bit and about to jump ship. If the D700 doesn’t compete on a professional level, I’m a pro who’s going to change systems. I’m tired of waiting. I have three major upcoming projects that combine stills and video. Come on, Nikon. you’re killin’ me…don’t you realize the importance and market value of a hybrid system? I know major commercial directors that are shooting national ads with Canon!

    • inteliboy

      So true. Am tired of waiting too.

      And what’s with their Coolpix lineup?? How many friggen models to Nikon need? So confusing.

      • zzddrr

        all at 12MP and if we are lucky then some extra 720P jello

      • James

        Go buy other brands. What are you waiting for? Sell all your nikon gears to ebay.

        • zzddrr

          You don’t get it do you? James, when you invest over 10k in lenses then you expect that you’re not going to lose job just because your favourite manufacturer lags behind the competition by 2yrs!

          My problem is that I will lose money on selling my Nikon gear but what the heck. If Nikon does not want my money then let’s what will canon bring out.

          • Ron Krapwell

            Bye bye Mr. Angry. Oh and I do get ‘it’.

          • zzddrr

            Ron, you are clearly a piece of tool. Now tell me, what value did you add with your primitive sentence? That is your low subcultured level to call others with names. Ron, if it made you happy then call me names.

  • dude

    come on nikon! D4 please.

  • ways

    only bad news from nikon…

  • learn to shut up

    I think most of us would appreciate NR Admin’s work
    but sometimes you need to learn to shut up
    you hear rumor, let us know
    no more prediction and comment posts please

    • Tabitha Green

      Honest miscalculation. 🙂 Don’t fret!

  • zzddrr

    Hve you guys noticed how many people are complaining about Nikon’s inability to at least match the competition? I wonder what type of discussions they have in the boardroom.

    Here is an idea;

    Toshi – whazzup with the a-holes?
    Toyo – nah just too many Budweisers
    Toshi – ok then we’re fine

  • zzddrr

    What an a-hole. Read this from the press release:

    “This year, PMA marks a momentous occasion for Nikon, as Nikon Corporation President, CEO and COO Michio Kariya was named 2010 Person of the Year by the Photo Imaging Manufacturers and Distributors Association (PMDA). The 2010 Person of the Year award was presented to Kariya prior to the opening of the 2010 PMA tradeshow to honor his dedication to Nikon and the industry for more than 40 years.”

    Now when these awards come basically it tells you it is time to retire. i guess this dude caused enough damage so far this year so send him a beer. It is crazy, I cannot believe how crap this press release is. It is unbelievable.

    Gosh, these associations are nothing else just a bunch of lazy corrupt people. I mean, what is more momentous that you don’t have competitive products. Even what they make cannot be purchased whenever you wanted. I mean look at how many lenses are backordered. WTF. Get this dude a bloody Wustoff knife from Germany so he can stuck it into his fat gutt so he can understand that delivery is what it counts not the bloody award a corrupt organization gave you. I think we have a serious problem with Nikon.

    This is just shocking!

    • DC

      I have it on good authority that, following the successful announcement of “new” bodies which have already been released, that Nikon is planning to announce the F3 and the F100 at their next big event.

      • zzddrr

        Make it even better, let’s release the same products this year. For many from dpreview would even cut the trick. I do not think they would even notice while they’re sitting in the same boat.

        Hey, let Nikon reuse the same press announcements no matter what.

        For me when i see a nice written corporate bs, i think one thing: trouble!

        My apologies to the Nikon CEO who was awarded but if they serious about an award then they do give the respect and have a separate announcement. The dude worked his a.. off for Nikon now he is hidden between 2 paragraphs os coolpix. No, that’s not how you give respect and value people.

  • DC

    Nikon have certainly lost the pixel war. They are struggling to bring out a competitor to the D5 Mk II and Canon already appears ready to move on to 32 mp thus pulling the rug out from undet the D3x and also the D700x if it ever appears.

    • zzddrr

      Yep, and watch out nikon! See how many of us may test that 32MP.

    • zzddrr

      What pixel war? Since 2004 Nikon is at 12MP. i guess they often re-loaded? 🙂

  • nick

    really? thats it?
    no d700s? no d700x? no d800? no d900? no d400? no d7000? no d90s? no d90x? no d95?

    a lot of rumors…

  • zzddrr

    This is the best, check this out what a hypocracy from Nikon’s press release:

    “….Nikon’s complete line of digital SLR cameras, COOLPIX cameras and accessories, high-quality COOLSCAN scanners…”

    What scanners? They only 1 the 9000 which for about 2,500 GBP! Do they actually know what crap they sell? I mean, the Coolscan 5000 is not longer available so what are they atalking about?

    Ok, I rather go and sleep on this one announcement. 🙂

    • Ron Krapwell

      I wish you would. You have a serious case of verbal diarrhoea.

      • zzddrr

        You may want to learn using the spell checking tool. Ron, that is exactly what you have in your head.

  • L0re

    I was hoping for the d700x . Technical Advanced
    , Best quality for à affordable Price … Now i think
    i will get the 5dm2 . Hoping for somthing New cant take Pictures 🙁

  • rsm870

    Wow… nvm, [NR]Admin. I’ve been living on Canon Rumours and I found the T2i quite amazing… and I thought I trusted Nikon more. Not even a D700 replacement :[ (not that I’m into the full frame line) but really… 3 years…

    Oh!! And where is the T2i rival? Nikon! Do something!!

    • rsm870

      But anyway: is this the end? Or are we to continue waitin’? 😀

      • Mark

        I Think its Bundled with Doke Nukem Forever 😉

      • Bob

        Not much longer

  • Anonymous

    Where’s NikoDoby for long? he/she would know something about this subject 🙂

  • Hendrixx

    hate to jump bandwagons but i am deeply dissapointed in nikon.

    as much as i dread it, i think i’ll be going back to canon in the next few months.

  • zzddrr

    The problem I see right now that if Nikon waits until the usual next release window they will miss a huge portion of the people who need a camera for the summer holiday. I will not wait, I will take a close look at the 32MP Canon beast because this will take a lifetime for Nikon to match. My guess is that if Canon comes out with that 32MP Nikon will need another 4 yrs to get to that level.

    • Hendrixx


      but do you guys know why nikon doesnt make their own sensors? i mean its a huge company and very techonlogy advanced, making microscopes, telescopes and many other things. why cant they manufacture their own sensors? it seems odd.

      • Markus

        They make their own sensors, the’re just not produced at a Nikon facility.

    • Ron Krapwell

      Go for it. What’re you going to do with your 10K worth of Nikon glass you joker? I’ll give you 50 bucks for the lot. Can you then f*ck off to Canonrumors and pester endlessly about how short Canon are in terms of MP’s and why you need a 50MP, 200000 ISO, 20fps camera for less than a grand? Thanks.

      • zzddrr

        Ron, you crossed the line! You’re are not only rude but offensive! I would like to ask you to leave and never come back with that tone.

        Thank you

  • Wow what a bunch of losers! Do you (the ones groaning and screaming like this is 9/11) actually take photographs?

    • anonymousse

      Dude, who said anything about photographs, these people are serious about cameras, nobody ever mentioned photography 😉

      • zzddrr

        try to take picture without camera. 🙂

        • Simon Sez

          Judging by your comments above, I’m guessing you don’t take too many. Too much time spent whining on the internet about cameras it’s likely you can’t afford or would have the wit to utilize.

          • zzddrr

            Simon Sez: You just managed to describe your own simplicity with your own comment. I wonder, since you do not know me how do you know that I do not take pictures? Supersmart people like you who constantly call others whiners just bacuse they raise valid issues are the obstacle of proper development. If it depended on you most likely we would be still in a cave! You think exactly like a caveman.

            Besides, I did not ask your advice. Man, I did not ask you to judge my comment and of course you did not even say anything new.

        • anonymousse

          There’s a world of difference between taking photographs with a camera and being completely obsessed by spec sheets, especially specs which, unless you’re going to shoot billboards in the abyss, you’ll never even utilize to their full potential; you seem so completely obsessed by these specs, in fact, that it seems like you would have been at a complete loss with any camera that ever came before to ever take a single picture, so kindly can it with the incessant whining, and fucking go out and shoot.

          • zzddrr

            1) I did not ask your advice what I should do
            2) If you could read most likely would have noticed that I was talking about very limited specs
            3) 12MP is enough for all of us because mighty Nikon determine that while others have options that does not cost a fortune
            4) Being primitive as you demonstrated will not make you look smart.
            5) I still cannot understand what new you were trying to say, I guess it is because you’re not equiped to come up with original new thoughts but my apologies if I was wrong about this

            BTW, thank you for your comment.

          • anonymousse

            And by something new, you mean jamming again more pixels and iso sensitivity (as usual) in a rarely if ever overhauled camera design from the 40s, on a format that has been standard since the 60s, gotcha

  • alexcornes

    Nikon. 12 megapixels for 6 years now.

    Need anything more be said.

    • Dog House

      Yes. I think you should say ‘cupboard’.

      • Hen House

        No, no, no. He should say ‘crab apple’.

        • Shoe Box

          Clearly not. The word is ‘cat flap’.

          • Tired Insoles

            ‘Colostomy bag’.

  • WR

    Three new Coolpixes(S6000, S4000, S3000) were announced in Japan.
    No DSLRs.

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