Tomorrow. Noon (EST). PMA. Anaheim, CA. Two new DSLRs from Nikon. I hope I am right.

Update #2: Nikon Sweden & Nikon France web sites are down! (screenshots)

Update #1: Nikon Germany press release web site is down!

Ok, I will take a risk this time and I will "predict" that Nikon will announce 2 new DSLR cameras tomorrow (February 21st, 2010) @ PMA. The announcement should be @ 9:00am PST (12:00 noon EST) time. This time I have no source or link to show, there will be no probability rating, etc. - as I said I am taking a risk with this "prediction" and I could be completely wrong. Just stay tuned tomorrow!

Lenses and Coolpix cameras are already announced. Only the DSLRs are missing. I cannot believe that Nikon will release more lenses @ PMA, even though the latest rumors point to more glass.

Zoltar told me so...

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  • rhlpetrus

    Since everybody’s guessing, mine is: zero, zip, none, nada. At most some intention or roadmap for the Nikon Evil system and/or for new lenses. No actual product for immediate shipping.

  • If bodies are announced, it’ll definitely surprise me, and I hope to be surprised…

    • WoutK89

      Good part, you will be even when nothing is announced 😉

  • Anonymous

    Come on Nikon no update D700 pls. Give me a D900!

  • preston

    admin, i hope you’re not getting me all hot-n-bothered for nothing. . 🙂

  • all right

    so now the web site is called
    everyone can guess what will happen without any ground

  • all right

    if you know nothing then shut up
    nobody’s blaming anyone anything

  • Steve

    If there were a new camera, it would have been announced prior to PMA. I don’t think you’ll see anything else this round.

  • wadda
    • fa12

      thats a stupid sticker………. -.-

      • WoutK89

        Please add that link to the spam folder 😮 it is so annoying to see this for the ?5th? time in this thread

    • Lolly

      I believe it’s the F100

  • dustybin

    I know the details of the next DSLR
    1. It’ll have a shutter
    2. It’ll be able to accept F mount lenses.
    3. Auto focus
    4. Resolution measured in megapixls

    I cant tell you any more. It would spoil the surprise.

  • 50mm f/1.2G – come to pappa!

    • Nikgun

      I am sure that they will annouce a new camera. I just spent my camera budget on a used D3.

  • low

    im all in with you admin…

    if true, lets stick it to canon baby!!!!

  • prometheas

    Even if Nikon has something to announce, they will do it on the day that Canon makes its announcements in order to divert attention . So I would not expect anything for today (and definetely not a DSLR)

  • After the 24/1.4 february might really become expensive for me 🙂

  • Not Ken Rockwell

    It’ll never be as good as the D40 Ken Rockwell uses.

  • grumps

    So what happens if they release a D4 with state of the art HD video and a D90 replacement? Since a lot of people are just in wanting of a D700 replacement… personally think no matter what, we have nothing to lose, since the rest will follow in the course of time.

    Personally though, I’m still hoping for Nikon to complete the range of new fast primes, instead of middle of the road zoom lenses where the current ‘N’ zooms are already fantastic!

    Isn’t Canon rumored with the new 32mp FF 1Ds MIV?

    • Bob

      apparently so…

    • frank

      My bet its a D700x @ 24 MP with 1080p video. I also think that the apparent move to VR lenses is really important to handheld video; If your shooting stills with a D3s the VR on wide lenses aren’t as important.. and most still shoots love having 2.8 our faster…. so these wide zooms rated at f4 with VR are really important to shooting video where it looks more “filmic” if you can stay close to a 180 degree shutter (around 1/50)…

      so my take is nikon moves on video with a 700x… people that just bought a D3s will by this as a second body… the D3x is at the end of its life, but want be replaced for some time… nikon is about 1.5 years behind canon but in the end make a better camera…

  • another possibility – the event today @ PMA is under closed doors and NDA, just to show the new stuff to the press and the selected few and then make it official on Tuesday

  • Nikon just issued a press release:

    from Nikon Press Center

    Nikon Exhibit Highlights First Look of New COOLPIX Line-Up, Nikon D3S, and Legendary NIKKOR Lenses


    No new products mentioned.

  • Which one do you prefer?

    1- 24mp D700-type body FX with a Sony sensor same or similar to D3X (base ISO=100, 11mp DX crop, perfect at low-ISO with superb DR, good high-ISO performance but not as D700, 720p video), street price= $4000 with bundled walkabout lens

    2- 18mp D700-type body FX Kodak sensor similar to Leica M9 (base ISO=200, 8mp DX crop, low light performance not short of D700, 1080p video), street price= $3000 with bundled walkabout lens

    • frank

      with the new cool pix shooting 1080p i’m betting on a 1080p 700x.. and it needs to compete with the 5d2 price

  • Bob

    Here are the PMA trade show hours

    Sunday, February 21 10:15 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

    It is only 8:15 on the west coast. Ken Rockwell has probably not been in the building yet

  • Bob

    I’d be happy with a 18mp, 1080HD (15 record time) DX is ok for under $2,000

    • Anonymous

      and 10 years ago what would you say you’d be happy with then?? probably a whole lot less than what is on the market now…

  • idunno

    Its 9:04 AM!

  • Bob


  • zoltar

    admin, please stop putting words in my mouth that is not what i said,


  • Simon

    So you are wrong about 2 new dSLRs which is not a surprise. I find Nikon Rumors often get over optimistic and overstate Nikon’s potential complete opposite from Canon Rumors which which tend to be more critical about itself, conservative about release rumours and less likely to indulge in fanboy fantasy.

    This site shouldnt be predicting releases based on a hunch.

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