Weird snapshots from the Olympics and PMA

The first one is a joke from dpreview's PMA 2010 sneak peek (this is a F100 with a D900 sticker).

The second one is from - what's up with the orange "N"?

Now you are entering Photoshop country.

The third one is from the Olympics and probably a PS job - the delete button is on a different location, but the red card format sign is still on the same spot (click on image for full size):

Two more after the break:

The next one is also from the Olympics - not much to see, just another taped Nikon body with only a "D" on the strap:

The last one is another Nikon D4 fake from a Russian forum - some of the buttons on the back are PS-ed:

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  • Eric L

    Photo number 5 from the same CNN set also shows the yellow “N” on the body…

    • Enrique

      Notice that also.

      • Global Guy

        But what’s with the weird Flash foot bracket cover?

        My D700 has a “push-in” type cover. The ones on these cameras look waterproof and cover the entire thing!

  • Joe

    Photo number 3 from the first set of photo’s and has the Comment “Beck has shot photos for more than 50 Sports Illustrated magazine covers.” The photographer isn’t using a vertical grip. so it’s probably either the D700 or something new!?

  • NR is really busy the last few days. This just feeds my addiction.

  • Jay

    hey those cant be pro’s cameras ken rockwell says no pro would use stock neck straps lol.

    • Global Guy

      According to Rockwell, pros don’t use digital cameras either. They use “real raw”, lol….. Cuz nothing is more professional for up to the minute news reports in a global world-wide media era than waiting for your film to get processed.

      Man, those amateurs at the Olympics don’t know what they are missing!

      • Me

        Well, Ken would probably use his D40 to cover the Olympics.

      • Joe Boston


  • Gra

    I’ve a feeling that the orange N signifies the cam belongs to a Nikonian (as in, one of us guys from the website with the same name)…same colour…

  • Pretty weird range, if you ask me. It should be more like 24mm~

  • The champagne is still in the cooler…..
    At least, Nikon’s cameras have a better quality control than the Nikkor lenses !

    • PimpMasterFresh

      Haven’t you switched to Canon yet? Spilt milk, stop whining.

      • I have around $6500 in Nikon SLR/LENSES how much money will I loose selling it now ?
        It’s a pain having to check if a brand new lens is working fine, but after 2-3 try you may get a good one !
        And have no experience with Canon, I don’t know if they would to better thank Nikon about quality control.

        • Global Guy

          Prices just went up last year by almost 20% in some cases — you will probably MAKE money. Unless you trashed your gear, I guess..

  • Anonymous

    Robert Beck is a nikon die hard. When I saw the CNN story yesterday I looked up the exif info of the pictures in his SI gallery. The exif was removed. Is that a standard procedure for pro publications?

    • rhlpetrus

      Yes, all Getty and other pro photo stuff posted in the net has EXIF removed.

  • cree

    sweet! that guy’s packin CLIF bars!! ^_^

  • Anonymous

    The DPR joke could mean two things. Either it’s a complete joke or it is a hint for Tuesday.

  • Roger

    I’m guessing that the Orange N is a way for that photog to mark his own gear.

    Kind of like marking your golf ball.

    • Enrique

      Good point, but the Orange “N” seems too bright.

      • Global Guy

        Maybe its fashionable to have neon orange N’s in Canada. I hear they also drink milk out of BAGS up there…….. so who knows!

        Some people like milk in cartons. Others like neon orange Ns.


    • Alexander

      I was thinking the same thing!

  • Bob

    The top of the camera in the first picture looks like a D3s

  • Jackc

    I konw this is a Nikon site and I am a Nikon guy too…
    but I want to share this with you guys…

    yesterday I was lining up in a Japanese noodle (Ramen) restaruant in downtown vancouver and guess what… the two japanese guys behind us were holding a Olympic pass saying “Camera Technician Canon”!! one of the guys has a big back pack with him… i was like “damn, the back pack must be carrying the 1Ds Mk4!”… haha

    I wish i can see a guy from nikon in here….. then i will keep following him to see if he is testing the gear…. haha

  • Alfamatrix

    in the photo with the oranges “N”s the flash bracket looks watherproof..and there are also no pop-up flash..this make me think is more like flagship than a d700 replacement…

    • Segura

      It is the Nikon BS-2 Replacement Hot-Shoe Cover for the D3 and D3X D-SLRs

      This hotshot cover does not allow a pop-up flash to open, so it would not be on a D700 type body. This is a D3s at the Olympics guys . . .

      • Digitalux

        May be don’t take for granted that the D900 will have a pop-up flash… that might be for the D700 s or x or xhatever. Wouldn’t you like a D3-type viewfinder (looking a bit like a F100) ?

  • I’ll repeat this comment: Nice dual metering pattern switches!

    Chopped poorly.

  • JBL

    I bet the orange N is only some custom mod (by mod I mean… highlighter) to identify his cameras.

  • HJJL

    I can tell you this that the SI guys are using the Nikon D3s and Canon Mark 4 at the olympics

  • dude

    yes D4!!!
    ISO 409,600 please!!!

  • Alex
  • Alex

    Maybe it’s just the uber bright screen on my Vaio, but the image above has been altered – you can see pixel inconsistency over where the D3 should be on both the body and the strap. It’s circular and two dimensional.

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