Nikkor AF-S 24 mm f/1.4 and Nikkor AF-S 16-35 mm f/4.0G ED VR only tonight

Those are the full names of the two lenses for tonight: Nikkor AF-S 24 mm f/1.4 and Nikkor AF-S 16-35 mm f/4.0G ED VR. Nothing else will be released.

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  • matt s.

    Fingers crossed for the zoom to be FX.

    • if it is a real full name, then it will be for FX because there is no DX on the name. cool! I hope that the price is reasonable!

  • Lardinio

    I expect the 24/1.4 to be a whole lotta money, but the zoom may have a keener price.

  • Lars

    If those are indeed the “full names” does it then mean that the 24/1.4 is not a G type lens and it has an aperture ring? !…

  • NikkorPM

    No “N”?

    • WoutK89

      Is never in the name, only on the lens

  • Mike

    Things happen in 3’s yes? CoolPix last week, these two lenses (as far as we know), tonight. Nikon still has this “suprise” that is not expected to be announced tonight. Everyone is really anticipating the release of these two lenses alone, yet Nikon is telling us that these lenses are not as big a deal to them as this “suprise”. I can’t imagine what this suprise is going to be. This whole micro (4/3) format stuff doesn’t excite me, so I don’t anticipate a Nikon version to do so either (It took me ’til this year to get to FX, why go smaller than DX now?). That said, the hype and speculation surrounding the suprise is being built up to sound revolutionary. I don’t think the Nikon masses will be happy unless an FX camera model is released that competes with the spec with the newly announced Canon TS2!! Anything else, I fear, will be a let down to those that read this forum.

    • Agreed, Nikon needs to release a lot of things in the DSLR, its been very much a vacuum from them for so long in compared to Canon releasing blockbuster DSLR after DSLR spec wise and no rebuttal from Nikon’s camp.

    • Richard

      The “surprise” may be that Nikon is unprepared to meet the competition. Sony released a 14 MP APS-C last fall and now Canon ups the ante. It could be a dry spell for Nikon. 🙁

  • nir.e

    Here comes the death of a legend in the name of Nikkor AF-D 28 mm f/1.4..
    If you had one, and were smart enough to sell it, with no attachments
    now you can buy a Nikkor AF-S 24 mm f/1.4 and D700 for the same money (just)

    • victor

      LOL !! If they can make 24 f1.4 look just as similar as 28 f1.4’s finger print, I will not sell mine 28 f1.4 but buy another 24 f1.4 LoL keep on dreaming !

      • nir.e

        keep on LoLing,
        it is pure anxiety from were I see it..
        realty comes knocking on you door.. bummer I understand
        after the 24 1.4 comes out,
        you will see the price of your lens, on eBay, go down, down…
        keep on dreaming getting those 3K$ (or more) you could get
        couple of months ago..

        • Victor

          no, I wont sell my 28 1.4, no matter it goes down to 1000 or up to 5000. I wont sell it as this lens is just unique. I just placed my order on 24 1.4 BTW

      • Anonymous

        When Nikon releases a 24mm 1.4, the price of the 28mm 1.4 is going to plummet. New Nikon lenses are always significant improvements over past models, and there’s no way the 24mm 1.4 will be over ~$1800. I’d expect the used price of the 28mm 1.4 to drop below $1500.

  • Vladi

    Really looking forward to 16-35 f/4.
    Nikon 70-200 f/4 in autumn pretty please.

  • Finally, I ordered mine already

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