It has begun! is down

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  • Segura

    Sorry . . . I’ll bring it back up.

  • Ground Rat

    I hope they shock us all with something unexpected!

  • Astrophotographer
  • Jeff Tucker

    Is it beginning to Begin, or has it really really Begun……..

    Any chance of a new D700 replacement…… Please new FX with 1080 recording.

    Canon is coming out with some great new products, I hope Nikon blows off their doors this time…

  • Bob

    I’m not counting on much

  • Anonymous
  • Rafael


    not happy until I see an update for the 85 f1.4

    • Bob

      AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR
      85mm f/3.5G ED VR

      It says new.

      • another anonymous

        it’s a bit harder to set f1,4 there.. it wants more force to screw it up

  • dude

    D4 please

  • donde?

    They really must have a good CMS when the whole website goes down as soon as you put up new content.

    • CMS??? It’s all done oldskool in notepad or vi.

  • Joe Fish

    D800 that fits my MB-D10 grip please.

    • and my wallet 🙂

      • Sash

        Don’t worry. Price will be 2099$…

        after you deposit adittional 2000$


  • Woody

    Are you kidding…..all this anticipation and no news to speak to the fact that Nikon’s getting their asses kicked by Canon in the DSLR market. If something doesn’t break soon, Nikon’s DSLR market share is gonna get wripped away from them.

  • Bob

    So when is the next BIG announcement?


  • SimonThornton

    Are they bringing out that new digital film for Nikkormats yet ?

  • Pixelke

    When will there be a new D90???

  • So what was the additional surprise that was supposed to come after the news of the 2 new lenses? Did I miss it? Did I miss-understand?

  • Bob

    Canon’s new $800 DSLR is pretty nice. Nikon I know you can bring out a new camera. Lets get with the program

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