The waiting game

11:09 pm - I guess that's it for today. There should be more, in few days.

11:05 pm - Coolpixes announced.

9:52 pm - Nikon Norway again: in the Press Room the new 300mm 2.8 VRII and the teleconverter are listed twice - maybe a placeholder for the upcoming two new lenses?

9:32 pm - A good list of missing Nikon product numbers (lenses) can be found here. Let's see if we will fill some of those up tonight.

9:24 pm - A reader just emailed me about a broken link on website: the link is in the lower right corner and it reads "Important Message" (Viktig melding). If you click on it, it will bring you back to the main page. Not sure how long this link has been there.

8:32 pm - nothing yet. I say check your local Nikon site and your favorite online retailer and look for something new and unusual (broken links, blank pages, down websites, etc.) Something must show up! Now is the time.

10:20 am - I got more than 20 emails this morning asking me what will be Nikon's surprise at PMA. I have no information about a potential surprise. Of course everything is possible, but I will not go into speculations at that point. The only report about a surprise was from Hiroshi Takashima and I think he is referring to the rumored Nikon EVIL system that is expected @Photokina.

9:35 am - This is the final list of the new Coolpix cameras for tonight:

  • Nikon Coolpix L22
  • Nikon Coolpix S3000
  • Nikon Coolpix S4000
  • Nikon Coolpix S8000
  • Nikon Coolpix L110
  • Nikon Coolpix P100

8:43 am - I will do things a little bit different today: this post will stay on top and will be updated throughout the day with the latest info. I will also create a separate entry for every update that will be listed below - that way all RSS, email, Twitter and Facebook subscribers will get the latest updates and direct blog readers will be able to have a discussion in one thread (if we have problems with the server, the latest info will be available on multiple sites).

I expect the official announcement to be today @ midnight EST (in the past we had also announcements @ 11pm).

All timestamps are EST (UTC/GMT - 5 hours).

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  • Very Surprising!

  • alvix

    here in italy its 1 AM, and —as always.. I’ll wake up with some surprises.. I cannot witness it in real time :((

  • Hmmm seems like it’ll be Coolpix only after all (which I’m hoping against!)
    Since there was no confirmed news on the rumoured lenses, they being released with the Coolpix will be some sort of a surprise 😀

  • GAH I can’t take it!!!!!!

    Its tuesday, I’m going to go see a movie.

    Crossing fingers for a D700v

  • David

    In the meantime, Fuji sizzles with 19 new cameras, and Olympus announced a cheaper E-PL1.

  • huh

    wasn’t the 100-500, 85 1.4 and 35 1.4 also in the pipeline? whatever happened to those ? maybe that’s the surprise.

  • I am still here – unfortunately nothing to report. I am monitoring several Nikon sites and a bunch of online retailers known for publishing products online before an announcement…. nothing

  • ikonic

    Sorry guys, but it looks like Canon will most certainly be receiving their new DLSR camera announcement this time around (yes another one!), but there is nothing in it for Nikon users.

  • derek

    another 4 hours to go, i am in Malaysia and now is 9am here, i am happy to see what coming up after these.

  • NikoDoby

    Looks like I’m going to be late to this party admin 🙁
    I’m just stopping by now to drop off the beer kegs and pretzels. I didn’t bring any glass containers just in case a riot breaks out.

    Do we have any crazy bets going on for this party? How about if Nikon doesn’t announce anything tonight you have to do a Nikonrumors Giveaway tomorrow and the winner gets your new 70-200 VR2? 🙂

    • How about some ThinkTank giveaway to start? It’s all setup already – I just need the smoke to clear and will pull the trigger. Did I mention I have also few book to give away? Stay tuned!

    • My 70-200 doesn’t have the “non-existing issue”, so it is a very rare piece 🙂 I am not giving it away.

      • NikoDoby

        Oh come on you’ve got to make some kind of fun bet. It’s tradition remember 🙂
        How about if you are wrong then everyone gets to join the Nikonrumors forum for free? 🙂 And if you are right then adamz gives you the recipe for his polish sausage 🙂

      • fxed

        Gee chief sounds like you think the folks with the “non-existing issue” are full of cr@p!

    • W8n4D900!

      So the bet is: No new lenses, no new cameras, just the toy “coolpix” items?

  • Zorro

    Why all the excitement? A bunch of Coolpix cameras, and possibly a couple of unaffordable lenses, and a hinted “surprise”!

    Of course, if the “surprise” turned out to be a D40s, that would be exciting.

    • Who said the lenses would be unaffordable? Not everyone lives in the poorhouse 😛

  • Are the lenses still 100% (99%)?

    • Yes, I am still confident about the lenses – if we don’t see them tonight – Nikon will announce them few days later.

      • Okay then… 4am will hurt but I’ll stay up. I wanna see what lies ahead. Woo Hoo!!!

  • Zorro

    [NR] admin

    The posting order has been wrecked. Have you deleted someone’s post – the problem usually happens after you do that.

    • yes, I did some “cleaning up” earlier today, I will research this and see if I can come up with a fix.

      • I think this is happening when I reply to comments from my admin console and not when I delete comments. I will try to answer directly in the thread from now on.

        • Zorro

          Thanks for your good work.

  • ABC

    I think a lot of people are waiting for the D900 or what ever they are going to call it. Nikon really needs to compete with the Canon 5D 2 which is holding it’s price. The D700 is getting cheaper to purchase lately…..hmmmmm …….I wonder why???? Phasing out maybe???

    • W8n4D900!

      ABC, hope you are correct!

  • ABC

    I think everyone is patiently waiting for the D900 or whatever they are going to call it. Seems like the 5D 2 is holding it’s price while the D700 is dropping…hmmmm….I wonder why???? Maybe their phasing it out??? Well we can all hope!!!

    • W8n4D900!

      Still hope you are correct! 😉

  • I think we will get a D900 (today or later this year), because Nikon says that it will be a surprise for the market, a D800 would not be a surprise but an evolution of the D700.
    The D900 could have any of thoses inovations : 3 sensors (one for each primary colors), vibration reduction sensor, live HD video through the viewfinder, wireless internet connection to transfer the pictures (good for news reporters).
    Anyway, I’m afraid that it will be priced $3000 to $4000.
    3 more hours, I’ll have to find a very long movie to watch.

    • W8n4D900!

      Invisible Man,
      If you are correct, (and i hope you are), I am out 3-4K dollars. 🙂
      Wireless transfer, wouldn’t that be a hoot!
      Hope it has HD video and a built in grip, dual card slots 1 for images, 1 for video!
      is there anywhere we can watch the news?

      Surprise me NIKON, Knock my socks off and treat me like the customer I am!
      W8n4D900 (orD800)

    • David

      On the other hand, a D800 will signal the arrival of D4, which means it could be revolutionary instead of evolutionary, while D900 would seem to be a continuation of the D3 technology.

  • Jon Luc

    oh hai! did i miss anything?

    i am desperately dying for a nikon dslr, 1080p, 24p, 60 frames/s, full manual control. is that what we are hoping for? am i rite?

    fingers crossed!

  • Jon Luc

    if this is a new body with full manual 1080p video mode… i will undress, get naked, and run down my street in the middle of the night, screaming at the top of my lungs, waking everyone up.

    that is how excited i will be.

    if its not a new body as mentioned above, i’ll just fall asleep.

    • enesunkie

      uh, you don’t live near NY I hope!

  • Ubiquitous

    Ubiquitous has landed 🙂 to the end. I see that even Thom (I’m assuming Thom Hogan has joined us as well, at least for one message.)

    What do I expect from mighty Nikon? I have no idea, maybe the AF-S 24mm f/1.4 G N (with other letters as well.) Now, I find myself in a quandary. I got a used copy of the ZF 25 as a stopgap until Nikon got off their hands and released the 24mm f/1.4. This is the lens I’ve been waiting for over two years!

    The ZF 25 has turned out to be better than good – it is superb! I pair the ZF 25 with the ZF 50 Planar f/1.4 (they travel together.) There is no way I’m selling it. I do not think I’m going after the AF-S 24mm even if it is f/.95! That’s what happens Nikon, when you sit on your hands.

  • enesunkie

    Refresh …refresh …refresh…..

  • Nikonuser

    Bunch of Coolpixes were just announced.

  • Mitchell Cardno

    Press center has released information:

  • sigh…. 58 minutes till…..?

  • johnny

    11:05 pm – Coolpixes announced

    Yay, Coolpixez!!!1!one!! (sic)

  • Tony M

    New 300 and teleconverter are already up on Nikon Imaging

  • Tony M

    New 300 and teleconverter are up on

  • johnny

    11:09 pm – I guess that’s it for today. There should be more, in few days.

    Agreed. Normally by 23:00 EST, Shun posts the official press release on the Nikon subforum of

  • enesunkie

    Nikon appears to be updating the Coolpix page. Non of the cameras are being displayed.

  • ikonic

    DPREVIEW has just posted some of the new coolpix cameras…

  • ikonic

    DPREVIEW has just posted some new coolpix cameras. No DSLR… No lenses. Just another few compacts…

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