Sorry, I am on the road and those updates are coming from my iPhone.
The two new lenses will be released in few days (Google translation sucks). Tomorrow is a "Coolpix day". As previously expected, Nikon will have two press conferences. Not sure about the exact day. I will know more later.

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  • Killa

    So, tomorrow Coolpix day, and day after tomorrow – Nikon DSLR day. 🙂 Personally me waiting for D90’s successor.

    • Mi.le

      Well, everyone of us is waiting for our current model’s +1 class up successor, eh?

      • Killa

        May be. But for today I don’t have any camera (and didn’t have before (exept in mobile phone). 🙂 It’s true. I’m good in theory, but I don’t have practice. Any way I’m sure I’m ready for D90’s class. I read about photographi about 10 years.

        • Killa

          photography (mistake)

        • enesunkie

          Youv’e been studying photography for ten years and don’t have a camera? The replacement for the D90 will be a great featured camera but please get a cheap used P&S in the mean time. It’s a beautiful world out there and some things come around only once in a lifetime, if that.

      • GlobalGuy

        Yup — and I heard that D3s & D3x guys are waiting for D3sx now too.

        Hell, even Nikon is so eager for the next generation they are skipping D800 and going straight to D900… :-}

  • WoutK89

    How many people are going to be pissed, no new 80-400, but they do get a 16-35/4.0VR. Lets wait and see what else they have up their sleeves.

    • nobody

      Agreed! Having VR in a 16-35 zoom, but not in the 300mm f4, that’s ridiculous!

      • Kerni

        yep, it really is
        and it’s also time for 35mm f1.4, 85mmm f1.4, 135mm f2 and 80-400 VRII…
        if this wide zoom lens would cost almost the same as the 14-24 it’s even more ridiculous…

  • Google Translation sucks a lot less than having nothing (keep your priorities straight 🙂 ), but that being said, I’ve had better luck with, which has been around for 10 years or so.

  • 100%

    There is no such thing as 100% rumor

    • I know, I know – I wrote about this in another post. Got too excited… again.

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