Unofficial response from Nikon Norway

This is the response from Nikon Norway to a nikongear forum member. I have the feeling the official response from Nikon will not be much different:

"There are no error or defect in your lens.
What you see inside the lens from the front are not threads, but a flange that prevents light reflection inside the lens. In the flange there are some very small holes, closest to the "pores" that occurs natulig during a casting process because of the fine print of the foam used in molding the forms. This does not affect the lens performance in any way. There is nothing to peel off from these small holes. They also look bigger than they really are, due to the magnification of the front lens element.
Nikon will publish an official response during this week as soon as it is available from Nikon centrally."

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  • pleio

    Nikon tends to conceal their problems. There are a numerous problems in their products that they don’t officially admit to be problems, but sneakingly fix it by updating the firmware. If you don’t like it, go at Canon. They listen to every single problem we encounter and will respond very quickly. Their customer support is much nicer, and they are much bigger, wealthy brand than deficit-ridden declining nikon.

    • Daf

      TBH Nikon have been better at owning up to issues than Canon IMHO.

    • low

      youre kidding about the canon part right? lol!!

      • Daf

        I’m thinking of the 1Dmkiii issues that Canon denied till the bitter end until there was too much evidence.
        While at the same time or shortly after Nikon did 2 recalls of the D5000 without quibble.

        Just talking about perception of what I’ve seen.
        I’ve not had to return either Nikon or Canon kit so can’t talk from personal experience.

      • Daf

        Oh that was a reply to the original post not mine. OOps

    • john

      go to canon? kiss my aXX. I read a lot on problems of their new products in the DPR forum. I am specially refering to 7D and 5DMark III. if you serious about it, read it first.

      • pleio

        that’s because everybody envies Canon, the leading company in the digital era. Only nikonians who know that nikon can’t create sensor on their own and continue to recycle sony’s old 12 mega pixel sensor complains about the new excellent 18 megapixel sensor. nikon after all is a company which wasn’t able to adjust itself to digital era.

  • jon

    alright..let’s order the new 300mm lens..see if anything wrong with it…NOT!!!

  • Jørgen

    There are now an official statement from Nikon, and it says:
    ” There are absolutely nothing wrong with our lences. We have full control over the situation. This is only propaganda from Canon.”

    I have actually got a picture of the Nikon representative.

    • Dweeb

      That’s actually an old picture. I believe it was taken a few years ago at the announcement that the Nikon White Balance data issue doesn’t matter either. 🙂

      It will be interesting to see what the replacement parts are. Is someone sitting somewhere sorting them into acceptable and reject piles like should have been done at the start of this mess? And I’d love to know if they’re continuing to use the junk parts on their assembly line to keep getting new len$e$ out the door. That’s one for Nikon to answer.

    • john

      they trying to ignore the problem because, it is almost imposible to clean up inside of the lens barrel in the service station in my opinion. so, guys, you and nikon stuck together inside of this lens barrel. good thing is though, you will probably experience some special effect from those silver particles like silver focus or silver ghost something. I am proud owner of 14-24, 24-70 and old 70-200 but not this one. I am going to re-purchasing the old 70-200 vr and wait another 2 years until nikon update this lens because nikon will never admit their fault. I still love nikon but not much as F4S time.

  • longtimenikonshooter

    The latest rumor:

    Just spoke in person with a couple of guys from Nikon Support.
    It does look like the official line from Nikon is going to be that the defect does not affect the lens optical performance but they will replace the part if the customer so wishes. Customers who have bought the lens [and registered] the lens will be notified by Nikon.
    The problem is that [at least in Europe] replacement parts are not in stock and will only be in stock in about 3 weeks time, add to that a repair time of 1.5-2 weeks and you are looking at 4.5-5 weeks from now to get the lens repaired.


    • STJ

      First great post here! Thanks…

  • fxed

    Nikon USA sent me a crap response, to the effect of, does not need to be sent in and will not affect image quality. Bull$hit. Nikon, me and you are going to do a two step in small claims, be sure of that.

    • Ray

      For This subject we need to go to youtube and ask people stop buying this lens until nikon does something about it.

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