Let’s see how widespread this thing is

UPDATE: I created a group on flickr for this issue - if your lens has a damaged thread, please submit a picture of it here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1283774@N25/ A set of pictures will make this poll more "legit".

Please vote in this poll ONLY if you own the latest Nikon 70-200 VRII f/2.8 lens:

You can see the results without voting by pressing the "view results" link under the poll.

A reader also started to compile a list of affected serial numbers. If you want to participate, list your sn# (without the last two digits) in the comment section and indicate whether you have the issue or not.

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  • Anonymous

    Sn#200051XX. Affected. Metallic dust/flakes in lens barrel. Lens purchased in South Africa, 2009/12/03.

    • longtimenikonshooter

      are you the same respondent as username Etienne? if there is clarification, only one count is entered.

  • chuck

    3 VRII I looked at ( mine, store copy, a second store copy ) all had the thread issue. I don’t view this as an issue, manufacturing imprefection.

    The bigger issue is the apperaance of lots of silver particles on the inner ring on all 3 copies of VRII, my orgiinal was bad, the store copy was best still had them, I exchanged for a higher serial # copy that had the least. We’ll see after a weekend of zooming and shooting if it is worse. BTW a look at two used VRI should the speckles as did a hard look at a 24-70. I suspect the speckles are a bad batch or new batch of dry lubricant. The threads are like looking at the underside of your car and discovering less than pefect line on your new high price car, much ado about something that doesn’t matter but could be improved.

    Bad job Nikon

  • chuck

    Oh serial # of bad threads 5xxx, 9xxx, 21xxx all had broken / bad threads. What is interesting is that they are neither regular or the same in the 3 lenses. Seems to be a not reproducible manufacing problem. Just plain sloppy final finising, but got to wonder just like your car finish, if it looks like crap and easy to see what going on in the places you can’t see?

    Bad job Nikon for a highly antiicpated and much desired replacement for all those wonderful FX bodies.

    Very Bad engineering QC management. Is it a real issue, likely not just makes you look like a moron, and your response or lack of it also says a lot; arrogrance, stupdity, or what?

    • longtimenikonshooter

      NikonUSA’s silence has already pissed off a lot of royal users. At least, we have heard Nikon (China) Ltd doesn’t give a f$%^ .

      • alex

        no girlfriend right? so much free time to be online…
        you don’t even have the lens, your ugly flickr gallery can’t make 1$

  • Mark

    where are these alleged prime lenses? nikon rumors sucks. just say dramatic things to get people reading their site.

    • Nobody oblige you to visit this site.

      • Mark

        i agree, but i am curious about nikon’s primes. if they actually come out with some that aren’t older than me (i’m 30) i’d actually switch from canon. that’s why, but it’s just this silly nonsense, they’ll post that by the end of 09, then not, they’ve been saying it for years now. i don’t check in regularly but it’s just more hype. i might as well start a blog talking about why i think might happen but put a real time stamp on it, and be wrong 85% of the time.

  • cliffak

    Some pitting of the light baffles, no abnormal amount of loose particles (just some tiny specks of dust). S/N: 200141xx, purchased in Stockholm, Sweden in mid December.

  • Harry Couvert

    20054xx feeling not so well either

  • Daf

    I think we should find a fun name for it, rather than calling it “the issue” 😉
    Start a Nikon-Internet meme.

    Don’t have the lens, but yeah – if I spent £1700 on a brand new lens – I’d bloomin send it back if the insides started flaking within warranty !

  • SHV

    much ado about something that doesn’t matter but could be improved.
    Unless you want to sell it.


  • Anonymous

    Since the day it was released.
    Thousands of shots.

    Perfectly clean (as any lens) and no problems.

  • Snicker

    Everyone returning their lens to Nikon should check this link first:

    • I will post this online for everyone to see, thanks

    • JON

      understood but this will still hurt resell value.

  • Chris

    You must be a very special person, I know nobody who got his lens at the day of release. Are you an employee, test guru or spy?

  • Just Great

    Mine has it too, on the threaded ring just below the four sets of three screws it looks like something has eaten bits of the thread. Need a torch or spotlight to make it out clearly. No dust particles inside, although the “eaten bit” looks like it functions as the bit that physically stops the lens when rotated out to 200mm. So I could quite easily see this getting worse every time I zoon out to 200mm and this bit gets knocked each time.

    SN 200110XX

    • chuck

      Look carefully it doesn’t impact it…

  • Jodhpur Singpeet

    Mine is being having the problem too. I cannot return to shop as it is closes with permanancy for the economy and i tried to shine light with candle like Mr Rockwell suggests and some of the sticky hot juice from candle has fallen onto glass part of lens and wont come back. I am being spoke to use a very sharp knife to little bit move and push the sticky hot juice from the candle flame back from glass. Would this be working do you tell?

  • Mark

    nikon sucks.

  • John J
    • chuck

      You can see this on VRI and 24-70 as well. Seems to be a feature for these lenses, LOL. What is puzzling is that the finess and extent of these particles can vary from lense to lense. I will be watching to see if mine gets worst with use over the next few weeks. If so I’m returning it and getting a refund

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