Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII thread issue: “that is normal”

UPDATE: I received a word that Nikon is looking into this issue and will have an official statement soon. Let's wait and see.

Here is the translated response from Nikon Beijing Service Center dated 01/11 regarding the previously reported 70-200 f/2.8 thread issue (source: xitek).

"Failures Observed: lens thread defect at 200mm (the customer believes either thread or its coating peeling off). Inspection requested.

Maintenance Performed: After inspection, thread of the lens submitted indeed has certain peeling. However, that is normal when the surface of that metal was manufactured. There, the alleged problem will not affect the len’s performance, rigidness, or function."

If Nikon USA has an official statement on this issue, I would be happy to publish it here.

Thanks longtimenikonshooter for the update!

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  • atk

    20000890 >> I would say no problem for me.
    no peeling
    there is just one tiny sport on the inside metal ring

    Could I say perfect?

  • Anonymous

    If the QC is shit for the stuff that’s hard to see, what does the rest of the lens (the parts that you can’t see) look like?

    Quality, like character, is what happens when no one is looking.

  • Jeff

    Anyone who has ever had threads cut on anything or done them themselves knows that’s a BS answer. Professionally cut threads should always be clean and sharp and the whole flake thing, what an amateur job on Nikon’s part. The fact the QA didn’t catch it is probably because folks are saying it’s showing up after some about of zoom use. Their beta and pre-release inspections should have caught it but might not have if the tool maker retooled prior to the offending run.

    Should be interesting to see what Japan and USA have to say

  • ozawa

    nikon usually doesn’t say anything about their own problems. D700 had a lot of minor problems and they are still updating the firmware to fix these problems. Canon is way sincerer.

  • LOL, this is getting funny !
    My turn : I had a brand new 20mm f/2.8, the pictures were bad, very bad (it is supose to be a very sharp lens).
    I called Nikon, after 20mn waiting on the phone (I have a cordless phone, and I was afraid the batteries ran out and having to do the all thing again), finaly I was able to talk to a guy (I bet he was located in India, his accent was worse than mine !).
    He told me that the 20mm is a very sharp lens and that It was my fault if I could not take good pictures.
    That’s what I call a great customer service !

    • Anonymous

      funny, you waited 20mn on your 20mm. I hope that connection doesn’t hold…”your wait time is between 70-200mn” ha.

  • Ben

    This seems to be par for the course with Nikon Service. I have a 24-70 2.8 in the service center right now that I sent them because my rubber surround on the zoom ring was peeling off and flopping around. I get a letter back (yes, I am NPS and I got a letter back.. seriously?) that said my 14-24/2.8 was “sticky” at 50mm and it was because I dropped it (no comment at all about the rubber). After 3 calls back to them they are now calling it a 24-70/2.8 but still are not saying a word about the rubber and keep going on and on about how I have to pay for the “extensive repairs” because I dropped it, yet it focused and zoomed perfectly when I sent it to them. I’m starting to wonder if the Tech dropped it and wants to pin it on me. Pathetic. I’m really close to switching over this and the lack of good video from a nikon midgrade pro DSLR (d700) since I shoot fusion now (with a mix of both canon and nikon).

    I’ll be interested to see Nikon’s statement about the 70-200.

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