Nikon Instant Savings @ B&H

Check them out - different combinations available. Most of the rebates expire at the end of the month:

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  • Man. they’re really pushing the 70-300 VR.

  • Bob

    They dropped the D300s body only price last month. They almost got me me $1499. But I guess I’ll hold for a few more weeks.

  • Segura

    I sent in a tip about possibly updating the 70-300mm VR a week ago. Amazon has been OOS since December 14. Originally stated back then 3-5 days for stock, still nothing (I bought one a week before, then on the 14th a second). Nikon was pushing these hard in December with $200 off when purchased with a body.
    Adorama is backorder, B&H may be trying to get rid of them before a new model, so they are pushing hard on the instant rebate. It is not the $200 that Nikon was offering, so it may be a B&H only.
    Ritz – Out Of Stock (and they have a direct line from Nikon)
    Newegg – while supplies last
    Target – Arriving Soon
    And what is up with the prices going from $539 to $589 in price? Something strange going on . . .

    • yes, thanks for the tip, I think this is a temporary shortage

      • You were right, just got an email that my order from 12/14 shipped out today. Talk about a delay.

  • Euro

    70-300mm VR is probably being discontinued and not replaced right now, or its replacment will be much more expensive rasing price to the $589 mark will prepare customers for higher pricd replacment. BTW just introduced 35mm 1.8 DX is out of stock in many places as well.

  • Kevin Y

    geez that 70-300 is comboed with every camera. luckily there’s nothing i want as i’m happy with my d90

  • Segura

    Does anyone think it is possible we may see it rebadged with no changes or minor changes and release the 70-300mm as a VRII? It already has VRII like the 18-200mm. It would be an easy rebadge, I mean it has the RED VR logo and they want to make it gold to justify increasing the price.
    There have also been rumors of an updated 24-120mm VR (only VR I), as the current one sucked. Maybe this will be in a bundle with the D900. Nikon likes kit bundles with their non-D3(xs) cameras. They always release them with a kit lens.
    D700 + 24-120mm VR
    D300 + 18-200mm VR
    D90 + 18-105mm VR
    D3000/D5000 + 18-55mm VR
    My prediction for PMA Nikon 24-120mm VRII (or better range) and a new 70-300mm VRII.

  • Landscape Photo

    D900 + 24-135mm VRII or 28-200mm VRII

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