Is that it?

Bob Krist wrote on his blog:

"I’m shooting another one of those jobs that I can’t share with you (until the client uses the pictures) and it’s a gig that I can’t even show you the gear I’m using (that’s proprietary too)."

The interesting part is that there is a photo of him taking pictures through the window of a helicopter over Miami. You can see portion of the camera, but it is tough to get any details besides probably that it is full frame (based on the prism size). Check also the lens. This could be it!

Photoshop experts, Start! Your! Engines!

Bob Krist is the guy who did the A Hands-on Guide to Creative Lighting DVD for Nikon, so he is definitely in the circle of trust.

See also the related discussion on dpreview.

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  • Rafael

    I just hope Nikon corp, puts an eye every once in a while to this web site (Nikon Rumors) and see the need we Nikon fans have for a more than 12 megs and FF camera, I think Nikon should be proud of their fans and users, very loyal to the brand.

    • WoutK89

      Didn’t they just do their own research? How many of the total amount of (real) Nikon shooters are around on this website? How many of those people fit within the market that are able and in need to buy the D700x/s/D800/D900?

    • alex

      you know i’ve noticed that myself (about the loyal part). nikon fans really like their nikon gear. seems like it’s much more than just a tool

      • You are 100% right, my Nikon gear is like my girlfriend, more than just a tool :o)

        • Anonymous

          My friend is single Nikon nut with D2/D3 bodies and like a dozen lenses. I wonder what goes on behind closed doors……….

          • WoutK89

            Not taking pictures of you, that’s for sure then 😉

  • Darz

    if Nikon don’t release more megapixels FF camera, I’m buying Sony A900. Had a chance to play with it in a store. I loved it !!!

  • MacXtor

    I have said it before, Here is the lineup i predict:

    D800 (New body like a half D3 and lcd grip) 12 mp mini d3s maybe 18mp?, 12800 iso, 1080p video …
    D900 (New body like a half D3 and lcd grip) 24mp, maybe D3X mini+ 1080p video…

    D5? (New body) 18mp 25600 ISO, AF 61 Multicam 4500FX, 1080p video, wifi, gps..
    D5X? (New body) 36mp 6400 ISO, AF 61 Multicam 4500FX, 1080p video, wifi, gps…
    (Sorry D4 doesnt sound right 🙂

    I think the first one out is the D800

    D800 (Possible spec, a canon killer)
    New FF Sensor (maybe D3S 12mp sensor) 18mpix
    Iso range 200-12800 + L1 H1, H2
    New body (Like a half D3 body)
    New grip (with lcd and wi-fi)
    Expeed II? AF Multicam FX4500? more possible the improved FX3500 from D3S
    Dual processor
    100% viewfinder
    720p video (motion Jpeg)
    1080p Video (h264?)


    • WoutK89

      Just for your interest, smaller than a D700 is a half D3s:
      D700 height: 123 mm
      D3s height: 157 mm

      That is a 22% height difference 😉 50% D3s height can not hold the viewfinder and sensor. So just stick to D700 make over.

      Also, what’s wrong with the D4? Canon just sort of announced a “4D” (1Dm4). And rumor has it, next up is the even number collection 😉

      • MacXtor

        hehe half sized, of course i mean the design from d3 and a more comfortable grip than the MB-D10. Is 3/4 sized D3 look body+grip more correct 🙂

    • WoutK89

      Where is the CLS? And dual processor (welcome 5k price :-P)?

      • MacXtor

        I think nikon will set the price around 3200 for D800 . But 2700 would be ok too 🙂

  • mani

    who are those guys who keep voting for “dislike | do not post again”?

    welcome to the candy shop!

    i take a D3x resolution in a D700 body with improved display, the D3’s speed an the D3s’ ISO performance… oh and give me one of those full HD thingies to go with…

    that’d be 2299€

    ok, i take it

  • rob

    Sigh. The ‘Zeiss Badge’ is the af/mf switch or focus range limiter, the white text colored by the sky.

    • WoutK89

      You know, I know, but Sony/Zeiss people want some rumors too 😉

  • Bob Krist

    Hello everyone,

    I am here to set the record straight. Nikon is releasing a new body and arsenal of primes. I cannot tell you all the specs, but what I can tell you is that none of you will be able to afford them. So keep posting on your rumor site and wait for us pros to rape these lenses and pit the glass from shooting so much then you can buy them on ebay like fools….

    Safe Shooting!


    • WoutK89

      Father Krist would never use the word rape, it is kind of a sensitive topic 😛

  • dave

    With no noticeable VR on the lens AND considering the challenges of shooting from a helicopter at twilight, I wonder if this model tends toward lower resolution and high ISO IQ, with the possibility of in-body VR.

    • dave

      And by “lower resolution” I mean in the 12-14MP range as opposed to the high end 18-24MP range that some are predicting. I don’t mean dropping the resolution down to 10MP or lower like Canon did with the G11

      • WoutK89

        I don’t agree with in body VR (especially on high end bodies). You don’t see the actual picture in your viewfinder unless it is compatible with the in-lens VR as well.

    • zeeGerman

      The noise levels of the D3 and the D3x are actually not that far apart from each other. It’s less than a fifth of a stop.
      So a 18mp FX sensor could clearly produce a quite decent picture (at least) at ISO6400 with a 24mm f/1.4 in a low light situation.

  • Anonymous

    No need to be hysteric

    The new camera will be a 12 mp sensor type with 720p video the same as d3s in a d700 body. Everything else would be unlogical because it would canibalise the sales of d3x and d3s.

    The fact that Nikon introduced a modified D3 and called it d3s instead of introducing a d4 with a higher pixelcount shows that Nikon has not jet developed a new Sensor . Therefor it is to assume that the next new Nikon will be a D700s.

    Sorry to burst bubbles.

    • WoutK89

      “it would canibalise the sales of d3x and d3s”

      Add the word not, and you are right! 🙂

      And they added the s version of the D3, to give people something new, within the life cycle, not because they havent got a new sensor yet. The sensor is probably already there for the D4.

  • Speculatius

    No need to be hysteric

    The new camera will be a 12 mp sensor type with 720p video the same as d3s in a d700 body. Everything else would be unlogical because it would canibalise the sales of d3x and d3s.

    The fact that Nikon introduced a modified D3 and called it d3s instead of introducing a d4 with a higher pixelcount shows that Nikon has not jet developed a new Sensor . Therefor it is to assume that the next new Nikon will be a D700s.

    Sorry to burst bubbles.

  • Everybody seem to be on about a new prism housing hump…but there’s a left thumb place along it. The darkly colored glove makes it look like it’s part of the body. But really, there’s the same general shape of a body that has a non-integral battery grip.

    That’s where I stop, since the rest is guessing.

  • Micke

    I have no idea what’s been said or has not been said. But I can’t recall any Nikkor FX-lenses which uses such a hood…. Looks like the 18-200 hood.

    And to the dude who said it was a Sony. The camera has a Nikon strap mount.

  • getanalogue

    Kristen says “no one of us can afford it”. A D4 with 36 MP? An MF Nikon? Size of lens could match. Competitor to Leica S2 (this truly a competitor for Nikon)? With a Kodak sensor? We’ll see, I am patient, will not need such gear, don’t have to earn my living as photographer anymore, fortunately. Spending 5 digit amounts for new bodies every other year – painful.

  • getanalogue

    Now I know: It’s a MF Nikon plus Zeiss glass

  • noexani

    To me what’s interesting about the lens here, is: If it is a FF Nikkor then this is very interesting indeed. The hood looks identical to the fairly unique HB-28, and not much like HB-25 (24-120mm VR). Is he using a 24-85mm AF-S? Not likely. It’s far too big.

    Okay so I’m a bit over hopeful for a 24mm f/1.4 but I can hope…

  • Bostjan

    The lens on the picture looks quite big. From the shape of the hood it’s most likely a WA lens.

    These three sentences are most likely written on purpose:
    a) We’re shooting aerials of Miami…at twilight.
    b) As Paris Hilton might say, “That’s huge.”
    c) I’ll find out in early February.

    Now think… is D700 or D90 replacement huge? Would Bob write this for a D700 or D90 replacement? And we know that nothing in the form od D3s/D3x is coming.

    There must be a reason for shooting hand-held in twilight…. D3, D700 and D3 are already capable to do this without a problem… but is it possible to use any known MF format camera on the market for handheld shooting at twilight?

    Now think! 🙂

  • Ben

    “6. The switch appears to be in the middle of the lens, but if this were a zoom lens we would expect to see this more towards the body. Thus it is a prime lens as there is not enough room in the front for the focus and the zoom (unless it is a push pull – not likely)”

    Not sure about that one. Placement of this switch in the middle could qualify this lens as the 17-35 or something replacing it. Most of Nikon’s consumer-type zooms w/ AF-S have the M/A M switch closer to the body, while most of their more pro-level wide zooms w/ AF-S have the switch nearer the center of the lens.

    One thing that is curious to me is that the shape of the hood *seems* to more closely resemble that of the 24-120 or the 18-70 DX. That doesn’t indicate anything about the sensor size, but might, quite possibly, indicate something about the length of the zoom – if it’s a zoom lens. The shape of the lens (the stepped narrowing from front to back) and the placement of the M/A – M switch, seem to point to something like the 17-35. The shape of the hood *might*, if I’m right, indicate something like the 24-120, 18-70, 18-200, etc – but the shape of the lens, the placement of the switch don’t mesh with that. So, I’m thinking I’m wrong about the hood and *possibly* right about the shape and switch placement. In that case, I’m betting this is a 17-35ish replacement.

    As far as body goes – it’s got the strap lugs of a D300 or above. It’s got the large viewfinder (apparently) of a FF body. It’s tough to discern whethere there’s a battery grip, an integrated grip or something else below it. Bob, as it has been pointed out, tends toward lighter kit. So, I’m going with that and guessing it’s not a big, professional body, but something of the size (or smaller) of the D700 and it’s FF (35mm sensor size).

    So – with all that – no idea what it all is. None at all. Zilch.

  • Just found this link while sifting around the net for Nikon D800/900

    There are so many references to D900/800 that I’m going dizzy…I want to buy a D700 but keep being told to wait…

  • Dee Tee

    fooling around with the contrast on that inside-the-helicopter pic it seems to me that that camera is wearing “clothes.” It looks like something black knitted garment that has been strapped around the camera so that nobody will actually see what it is. This is most likely the reason why the lens-flare protector is put backwards as well. This is why the size also seems to be a bit bigger than it is.

    The Sony would be much more well defined as it shows in this pic:

    What is Nikon UP to?!?!?!

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