Camera Control Pro v.2.7.1 released

See all details here.

If you want a free alternative to Nikon's Camera Control Pro, check this post and the "Free Software" category.

Nikon's Camera Control Pro costs over $140.

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  • First, primero, premier :o)

    • PJS

      You might actually try one of these things. I did, and was pleasantly surprised that it works rather well. Of course, it looks really weird which may cause problems for those with personality disorders.

  • Ennan

    I’ve been using the iPhone remote software. If you use view nx to monitor the folder the images are sent to then you can check focus and whatever straight away. You also have the luxury of a remote with live view which can be handy if you’re repositioning lights or whatever. You don’t need to use the remote though – all camera function buttons remain in use. A very cheap alternative to nikons software (assuming you have an iPhone or iPod touch) thanks admin for posting about it. It’s come in very handy.

  • Anonymous

    very interesting

  • zeeGerman

    Ha, who buys this software? Honestly? I don’t know a single person who used that program.

    Btw, admin, isn’t it about time for a spec list of the next DX00??? 🙂

  • i use this software everyday. as does just about every nikon commercial shooter i know. Id use capture one but its not as good for my camera and its expensive. far more expensive then this.

    This is great, the D700 fixes are rather nice. the focus thing was really annoying.

    • zeeGerman

      Being hooked up to the computer permanently, doesn’t that limit your flexibility? I used the HDMI connection for macros a couple times, but even there, with only very little change in perspective, it felt really limiting, having that cable around.

      • Ennan

        It does to some extent, but in the studio you usually have an idea of what you want to achieve so you can work round it. You can only shoot from so many directions anyway due to backgrounds and stuff.

        • yeah, it would limit me but the camera sits on a tripod and never leaves. maybe we change lenses occasionally but in our current studio and most of our products we just my 105 macro. even larger items we just back up. we usually adjust everything and set up and compose without the tether. because live view wont work on camera with the usb cable in. So we focus with live view and then once we are set up and close in exposure. we plug back in and start shooting. each shot is pretty complicated for lighting setups, so we get the camera close and then make small adjustments from teh computer after each shot we (the other guy i work with) will sit down and review the shot. make any changes and then continue. we also are connect with the AC adapter. I havent charged batteries in probably 3 months. i dont even have a battery in the camera. we tether because the shots are so complicated with lighting setups and composites that one product might take 2 hours start to finish for just shooting. depending on what we are doing. some might only take 10mins but more in depth ones will take much longer. So tethering isnt a limitation to me. my camera can still go anywhere it wants and hand holding anything in a studio is ridiculous. im shooting at a 1/30th with a 105 usually at about f/22. So no i dont hand hold for any blur issues and having to put down the camera means i cant get the same shot twice. I use a Manfrotto 755B legs with a 410 Geared Head with RC4 Plate. ill never own any other type of tripod head again.

  • So, Does the Software support D700s/x, D800, or D900?

  • Ken Rockwell

    I’ve just written some of the most important articles I’ve ever written, and I’m still trying to figure out the best titles for them.

  • Ken Rockwell

    I’ve just written some of the most important articles I’ve ever written, and I’m still trying to figure out the best titles for them.

    Any help appreciated guys n gals!

    • Ennan

      well what are they about?

      • ReadyforDxxx

        Could you call it the “D700s review” and rave about the high ISO low noise awesomeness? Maybe Ken could do that.

  • albert

    IMO, Nikon should bundle this CCP software & also NX2 together with the pro bodies.

    Dxxx & Dx series.

    • PJS

      The Dxxx bodies are not considered “pro” by Nikon. That’s why they are eligible for the ESC. Pro bodies are not.

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