More products for Nikon D900

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  • Can we return the battery grip if the D900 never come out ?

    • GlobalGuy

      3 days without any kind of update isn’t usual.. hopefully the admin is alright.

      • I am good, thanks for asking – I had high fever for 2 days, but I am good now. I am carefully selecting what to post – I do not want to send any wrong signals. I have nothing from my reliable sources, everything for now is based on available Internet information.

        • WoutK89

          Was Nikon absent from the CES that there are not even Coolpixes out? ๐Ÿ˜›

  • samenewseveryday


  • rhodium

    Wow. I think it’s pretty much a-given by now that a D900 will be coming out… Only question now is when?

    • Daf


    • Mike

      And how much. Interesting that in the Samyang list there is no D700. So I wonder if the D900 replaces or runs parallel to D700. I could see 4 price points of FX: D700, 900, D3s, D3x in ascending order.

      • WoutK89

        D3s and D900 are assumed to have the same price point ๐Ÿ˜›

        • Bob from Ohio

          I hope the D3s and D900 don’t have the same price point. I am hoping that the D900 (if that is what replaces the D700) has the same chip as the D3x and sells for about $3,500 or LESS, as I think it should by this time. My guess is $3,295.00.


      • Anony-mou

        I had the same thought. Is D900 replacing D700? Then why is D3s along with D3 in this list?

    • iamlucky13

      There’s been so much of this stuff popping up, that I wonder if perhaps these vendors themselves actually have inside info, or if they’ve been picking up on the rumors and throwing the D900 into their lists based solely on the buzz. You have to admit, most of these aren’t exactly mainstream venues that you might expect to have inside info.

      There could be a storm of rumors feeding designations feeding rumors.

      • true, the only problem is that the D900 was never a hot rumor before, so why did they pick up exactly this model and not the much more anticipated D700s/D700x/D800?

        • iamlucky13

          Quite true. It will be interesting to see what actually does happen in the next few weeks.

        • WoutK89

          it started when one day, and next day, it was all over the place? Seems unlikely that so many places know of it, without any hard leads (photos, real info) spreading around?

          • KT

            I was about to say the same thing. It’s remarkable that all these 3rd party accessory manufacturers know about the mystic D900 without a single photo leak of what it would look like. You would think someone who’s manufacturing a battery grip for this thing will have a few working prototypes to test their battery on.

          • CDM

            For a third-party manufacturer it’s not necessary to know how D900 will look or to have a working prototype since it is supposed to accept exactly the same batteries/grip/everything else as D700. No prior testing really necessary?

        • ha!

          that’s just marketing. it wouldn’t be the first product to be renamed after a couple of meetings to meet whatever perception they think they want to convey.

          It could be that the name D700x is too retro for a 5DII killer and they want to be perceived as a revolutionary update instead of an evolutionary update.

          • El Aura

            And/or the D900 will be noticeably more expensive than a D700 (‘justified’ by its high model number).

    • T

      I’m much more interested in the answer to “what” than “when”.

    • Jason

      And don’t forget, “what’s it going to be like” ๐Ÿ™‚
      I totally agree – that’s a lot of typos for it to be just smoke!

  • Killa

    And it’s time already for some spy shots of D900. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Interesting to note that the Sigma is an FX lens.

    • WoutK89

      Stating the obvious…, but would it be any less convincing if they would have said D400 instead?

  • Abhi

    i like being able to pocket a few en-EL3E at weddings and use them with any of the bodies that I am using. D80, D90, D200, D300, D700 and now possibly the D900. Did I miss a body?

    • f/2.8

      D50 and D70.

      • D50 doesn’t take the same type of enel3 as the d300 or any of those other bodies, for some odd reason. I know this only because I upgrade to a d300 from a d50 and tried using the d50 battery in the d300 and it wouldn’t fit. it was bullsh*t, i know, but it doesnt work.

        • DC

          D50 batteries (and D70 for that matter) can’t be used in D300, but D300 batteries (EN-EL3e) can be used in D50 & D70.

          • duckman

            So D50 (and maybe D70) owners were lucky and had the original ENEL3a batterie replaced with the ENEL3e due to a batch of faulty batch of batteries – a nice bonus as the “e” has a higer capcity.

          • Djonah

            nope…we got an ENEL3a in exchanger for our ENEL3…

          • Duckman

            I remeber at the time what replacement you got depended on what was available – I know I was lucky got an “e” as the replacement.

  • user

    Thanks NR for doing this. This story is getting more convincing, and helps with my purchasing decision.

    Unfortunately I got a feeling this D900 will be more like D3x (High MP, with lower Max ISO), rather than D3s. And that’s not what I need. But if that’s the case, may be Nikon will not phase out D700 yet, and may even lower the price ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I don’t know, that would most likely come with a D700x denomination, than as a new model DX00… I don’t see them running parallel lines with the D700, it is most likely a replacement.

    • []V[] i k e

      Yeah D700 is dropping its price. I had one and I’m very lucky to sell it for a very good price. From my experience, I did not like the D700. Lots of things is missing in this camera compare to Sony Alpha 900,850 and Canon MkII, Lumix has some cool features too and it is with 700 price tag.

      Well Nikon is coming with something. But I have no idea, if Nikon is on PMA, CES, Photokina …etc. I need to buy new camera before May.

  • Ian

    why isn’t the d700 in those lists? just funny we only see d900 but no d700

    • Daf

      I noticed that too.
      It is in some but not all

    • WoutK89

      spot on, its going with the flow if you ask me, making us believe in the spaghettimonster, oh, I mean, D900

  • NikorRyan

    This is either true, or it’s a whole bunch of web sites copying each other for the hits/links with someone thinking a D900 is coming. Well, at a minumum, I am glad I won’t have to buy another battery grip ๐Ÿ™‚ (since these all imply that a single battery grip will work with the D300, D700, and D900. At $200, I’d love to just reuse my MB-D10 that I already use with my D300 and D700.

    • f/2.8

      You can tell that Nikon developed the D3, and the D300 chassis to be the base platforms for the D3 line and the D300/D700 line. The optional equipment and accessories will be compatible and shared (for D300/D700,) or at least until new chassis are developed.

      Who knows, in a few more years, sensors may get thinner, pop up flash uses LEDs, EVF takes over and OVF is out (that gets rid of the bulky and expensive pentaprism and mirror box, and a new smaller chassis is in fashion.

      If the past gives you a glimpse to the future, well, the F bodies used to run a 10 years cycle. Each decade a new F pro body was released, from F, F2, F3, F4, F5 till the last of the line the F6. One every 10 years or just about.

  • Daf

    CES 2010 starts tomorrrow. (7-10)

    And – oh look – it’s a Thursday.

    • WoutK89

      CES = Coolpixes at best for Nikon, I don’t see them announcing something BIG at the CES, better wait for PMA next month

      • EB

        Trade shows in general seem to be losing their appeal for camera manufacturers. Anyone remember the ‘traveling blues brothers’ or whatever as nikon’s big announcement?

      • f/2.8

        Too much distractions at CES and most CES attendees are not looking at cameras.

  • anonymous

    These sites just add not yet existing models to create extra traffic to their pages. Just advertising for free. Please stop posting such rumors, which in fact are no rumors.

    Some day we will see stuff that is compatible with D3, D3s D3x, D3h, and D4. – And this will create two rumors at once.

    • Daf

      If it was just a couple then I’d tend to agree, but the volume coming through now suggests otherwise. IMHO anyway

    • Maybe, like the guy who sell the test charts on Ebay.

  • Olaf

    It would be nice a nikon D900. All those products tell me it will be a D700 or D300 body style. Personal i think this is the greatest news. Nikon is finally learning that upgrading the features doesn’t effect a change of a good camera body. This makes upgrading for consumers easier en will effect sales in a positive way (for Nikon). For me if a D900 has FX with around 18 Mpix an dual card slots, (and the same features as the current D700) i’m in and i don’t have to buy a vertical grip or extra batteries if i’m upgrading from a D300.

    • WoutK89

      but remember, less income through accessories, means a probable higher price

  • MusashiX2

    Why skip 800?

    • WoutK89

      yes, I think so too ๐Ÿ˜›

    • rhlpetrus

      Possible reason: it’s an odd number model, still in the same family as present odd numbered models. So likely an existing sensor, hence 24MP sensor from D3x. If D800, that would mean a new family starting now with a new sensor (1’8MP with great high ISO?).

      Speculation on my part, but Nikon follows this “family even-odd” numbering system when resuing a sensor.

      • WoutK89

        when reusing, they tend to add x or s if used before in that line, I guess this will indeed be a good reason, since the x line might not be applicable to a D700 with 24MP

        • Jon Paul

          I think he means reuse in a different family (e.g. D3, D700 and D5000, D90, D300).

          • Char

            Interesting… never thought about it. However, it seems to kindof fit:

            6MP DX: D100, D70, D70s, D50
            10MP DX: D200, D80, D40x, D60
            12MP DX: D300, D90, D5000
            12MP FX: D3, D700

            However, the D40 is a 6MP DX (and thus would have needed to get an odd number, i.e. D30), and the D3000 is on the 10MP DX line and would have needed to get an even number (i.e. D2000 or D4000). So I guess this is just coincidence and there is no deeper planning behind.

          • i think you are just reading into this stuff way too much

  • anony_mouse

    >> Russian site also lists โ€œD900โ€ณ as compatible for the ENEL3E battery.

    “Alibaba” is a chinese site, not russian. They have tons of these batteries and want to sell them someone. So there’s nothing to talk about. It’s not even rumor ๐Ÿ™‚

    • WoutK89

      Same as the grip, batteries are there to stay most probably. I can also predict the lenses for/of Nikon will be usable on a D900, but no-one has thought about that yet (except the Samyang lens)

    • CDM

      Well, for what it’s worth for a site trying to sell stuff for a not yet released camera, it mentions expressly “D900 (a new model)”. I think this is the first time a site expressly notes it is not a typo but truly a new model.

  • Yes !
    The D900 will be available very soon ! They already have the flash available, SB900.

    • Alex

      Will there be a new 90-900 lens? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • WoutK89

        I am sorry to have to notify you of the DX design of that lens, so dont get your hopes up for it being FX capable ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Jon Paul

        90-900 f/9

  • Bob from Ohio

    So, does all of this add up to making the rumor a higher percentage of being true???? If so, what does everyone think now.

    Is the D900 really coming? When?


    • WoutK89

      Second week or third week of february is the latest buzz

      • Astrophotographer

        Sooner me thinks! CES is this weekend and Nikon is exhibiting there. Also a Nikon website update is usually followed by new products within a week.

        • WoutK89

          it seemed it was for firmware updates, or that is a big cover up for now!

          • twoomy

            Nikon doesn’t typically do its silly “take down the site for maintenance” routine for firmware updates.

        • PHB

          And give the man a round of applause!

          Yep, CES is coming and the D900 is the name of the mirrorless camera Nikon is launching.They chose that number and made it compatible with the third party add on grips for the D700 just to mess with everyone’s mind.

          Nah, just joking. Its actually going to be a 48MP version of the D700 offering ISO 800 and 1FPS. They would have put it in the D3 series body but people are going to be tweaked off enough by the $6000 price tag. The only purpose to this launch is to steal a march on Canon and put the megapixel wars to bed.

          Nah, that was a hoax as well, the D900 is actually a flash gun. I was told that by an airport security guy at Prague airport who had taken a couple off a bunch of Japanese ‘tourists’ who were trying to sneak them in without paying duty.

          Of course, that is just my opinion, which could be wrong. Ken Rockwell thinks that the D900 is actually a large format printer and that you should contribute to his large growing family who currently subsist on nothing but Eggo waffles donated by his fan who happens to be a delivery guy for Eggo waffles.

          • []V[] i k e


          • That was mean :o)
            I did donate (few $) because overal he is doing a great job.
            And if he has only 2 kids it’s because he is to busy playing with his cameras.

          • Bob from Ohio

            I too think that Mr. Rockwell does a nice job. No one is perfect, but I think he really tries to be honest and sincere with what he posts on his site. I am glad he is there and I am thinking about sending him some money to thank him for helping me learn more.


          • GlobalGuy

            He is getting looney toons these days though. While I am (generally) a Rockwell supporter, he’s going ape-crap nuts with the “Real Raw” bs and constantly putting down digital cameras, as if he doesn’t LOVE playing with them and LOVE technology. Its off putting lately. And he talks about himself way too much lately while only offering minor updates.

            If you ask me, his site is DYING. But he is growing base because he simply has enough historical content + he is adding camera lines (Canon + LEICA). The problem is that he is thinning himself out + he is insulting his readers + he is starting to waste peoples times without offering meaningful information in his blog = a site that is dying.

            He would do well to take inventory of his 2009 postings and figure out where he can still be funny and where he can be less of an ass-hat. And by the way, Rockwell likes it when people speak the truth, so I dont think hed think anything i said was mean. Just one reader’s advice who is generally pro-Rockwell. (Whatever that means).

  • Alex

    It has begun (well the beginning has begun anyway)

  • photonut

    So, #1 and #3 list the D900 but not the D700 ….. ?!

  • low

    damn these stupid rumors started by Canon. They’re c*ck blocking me from making a purchase!!

  • Pat

    this seems to be the newer breed of viral marketing from nikon!

    D700 was first leaked through a “chinese print factory worker”, and now the D900 leaked through assessory manufacturers?

    • WoutK89

      Isnt this the same as the controlled leaks by Apple? ๐Ÿ˜› Creating buzz, doing some market research on expectations ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • []V[] i k e

        LOL, Apple does it with a style and product shines. Nikon wish to be as good. And we just hope in miracle;)

  • Things are going fast !
    here is a link to download MP3 from the D900 !

  • Gordon

    I’m beginning to think all these D900 sightings on websites are all just self feeding themselves and the rumour to generate traffic. You only have to do a Google search on D900 and all the hits from various websites all point back to NikonRumors, there is practially no rumours on the D900 that are not attached to this site.

  • Did anyone call Nikon yet ?

  • Segura
    • Segura

      is available ๐Ÿ˜‰

      so is . . . so I guess he is amateur only . . .

  • Annatar

    Yeah, calling Nikon may give you some answers…not!

    All this chat is interesting but the only thing that matters is an announcement by Nikon. There’s one guarantee though, a new camera will be released in 2010. Shock, horror.

  • shivas

    i’m so confused. . .what are the specs on the D900?? Is this the D700 replacement or the D90 replacement?? I know both are due out soon. . ..

    • Annatar

      The D900 will be a FX camera, rumoured to be a D700 “replacement”. The D90 is a DX camera.

      I reluctantly use the word “replacement”. I’m not convinced the D700 will be replaced, unless the new D900 model is in fact a D700s (much like the D300s replaced the D300).

      • EB

        you know this because??

        • Annatar

          just follow Nikon’s track record over the years. It’s straightforward, Watson…

          • Anonymous

            Then D800 or maybe D700s should be next and not D900, no ? There seems to be too many ‘leaks’ with the D900 model name alone. Are there any reliable sources from the past saying anything about a D900 ?

          • T140Rider

            Should be ‘Elementary my dear Watson’

      • []V[] i k e

        Everytime Nikon adds ” s ” on the camera, it means Sh*t and it will be replaced Next year. Not worth to purchase !!

  • Jo

    What intrigues me is that all those companies must have pretty accurate details about that camera in order to release compatibles accessories, yet nothing else but the name leaks !

    Not to mention that I am sure Nikon has a Non Disclosure agreement with all of those companies, and the name should probably not be published yet in any product specs before proper camera release … sounds fishy

    • You are %100 right, we are publishing advertising in magazines for Nikon in France and if we talk about the Nikon D900 (coming out next month) we will get a 385 000 euros fine and lose one of our most important customer. Same thing if we talk about the 4 new FX lenses.

      • WoutK89

        hehe, almost had me there ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Bryan

      “What intrigues me is that all those companies must have pretty accurate details about that camera in order to release compatibles accessories”

      Not necessarily. Before the iPod Touch 3G came out, there were a ton of third-party manufacturers who released cases for them that had holes for a camera which led to several rumors on the iPod touch getting a camera. When it was released, no camera. Accessory manufacturers act on rumors at times too just to be the first out there with compatible stuff. Notice that nothing advertised is strictly for the D900. It’s compatible with current cameras as well.

      • PHB

        Nikon is nowhere near as secret with its product announcements as Apple. Nikon will typically distribute test models to photographers months in advance of a launch and prototypes to magazines so that the review can come out soon after the launch.

        I think the explanation for this one is going to turn out that someone at Nikon fat fingered the details of the battery entry and entered D900 instead of D90. Then the battery accessory companies copied the entry.

        The way to check is to ask what names Nikon would choose for any likely product. If its a 12MP body it would be a D700s, a 24MP would be logically a D700x if it has the D3x sensor or a D800 if it had the successor sensor. An 18MP body would be a D700x or a D750 or a D800.

        The only body I can see being a D900 would be a new body between the D700s and D3s, which makes no sense as there are practically no feature differeces already, or a 48MP body introduced for no other reason than to be there first (but why not in a D3 series body).

  • Ubiquitous

    The D900 will be, imho, the D700 with the D3x sensor at ~ $5,000. The replacement for the D700 will be the D700s with the D3s sensor. The D800, will be the successor to both the D700 and D700s, but with more than 12 MP and less than 24 MP. It makes sense, if these rumors are true.

    • Annatar

      I think you’re spot-on. The only question is one of timing.

    • Just Thinking

      Then if the D900 and D900s (assuming D3x will be replaced by D3xs), what will happen when a D4x comes round? Surely the D900/s wouldn’t be replaced by a D1000? (assuming that the D700/s is succeeded by the D800).. Just thinking…

      • Ubiquitous

        Nikon, sooner or later has to start a new numbering system. F stands for Film and D for digital. I’m almost certain that they know what will be, but I do not have the slightest idea. It could be a single letter like X or A, for example, or even double letters. Sony is using the Greek letter “Alpha,” why not “Delta?” I have no idea; we’ll have to wait.

        • Mike

          Alpha: is the first letter of the greek alphabet. It also refers to a placement within a hirearchy. Alpha dog for example… leader of the pack. Sony Alpha is the flag ship line of cameras in their entire digital imaging line. Calling it the Sony Delta, would be like admiting they have a small male organ but try reeeallly reeeally hard to impress people with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • CDM

            LOL ! Somehow I feel you last description is much closer to reality than the Alpha name would lead you believe ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Ubiquitous

            Mike: I have no idea what you are responding to. I said in two or three places, that I do not know what Nikon is going to do. Therefore…? To you delta means a small male organ, therefore Delta Airlines is for the challenged males, only. What about Delta Force? What about the Delta Society…A river Delta must be for the tiny-winny ones.

        • []V[] i k e

          yeah I’m starting to get lost too. since they introduced thousands in the series. Really crappy numbering Nikon has. But thanks got it is not like the Canon with their Rebel, XI or Marks I,II, 3, IV ..etc Sony Alpha is a pretty name.

      • GlobalGuy

        Why couldn’t they make a D150 or something like that. Honestly, there are enough numbers to go around. The problem is there are too few bodies not too few numbers! =P

  • Good to know (or at least hope!) my MB-D10 will work on the new (will it be?) camera!

  • LGo

    Given Nikon’s history of using a sensor in multiple bodies, it is a given that there will be a version of the D700 that will use the new sensor from the D3s. For the same reason, there will be a version of the D700 that will use the sensor of the D3x. It does not really matter by what name these will be called.

    As to the rumor that Nikon will release an 18mp high-ISO full-frame sensor, how likely is it that Nikon will first release this in a D700-type body rather than in a D3s body as the Nikon D4? Not likely it seems … UNLESS Canon releases in February its rumored Canon 3D which will combine the best features of the Canon 5D Mk II and the Canon 7D. If this happens, then all bets are off and it is possible that Nikon will indeed release an 18mp high-ISO full-frame sensor (though perhaps with the same low-light performance of the D700 rather than the D3s).

  • Funny that there’s still not much rumuors on the specs of D900. We should have at least a pic of it by now. Or maybe the rumoured D800 is actually the D900? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Mike

      At least we know it will be built in Japan… Admin made a comment that leaks are more prevalent from the Taiwan factory vs the Japan factory. Ergo, silence means it’s being made in Japan.

  • Annatar

    Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think Nikon is very concerned about Canon…if they were, lower-cost high MP cameras would have been released by now. And to not get involved in this sort of arms race is a good thing. Also, the development cycle for SLR cameras is quite long so I doubt that anything released by Canon would shock Nikon into rushing out something soon after. Japanese companies don’t work that way, although one has to question what Sony has done recently with its lame offerings.

    • LGo

      It is quite likely that Nikon and Canon knows about each others upcoming/new camera models way ahead before its announcement and will time the release of its own new model to counter that.

      Take Nikon’s recent release of the D3s to counter the release of the Canon 1D Mk IV (even if the D3s was announced earlier). Beyond the video capabilities added to the D3s (marginal value for most), Nikon timing in its announcement of the D3s caught observers and consumers by surprise and certainly took the wind out of the Canon 1D Mk IV. It is likely however that Canon knew of the key features of the D3s … and was preparing a surprise of its own in the Canon 3D which Nikon will need to counter shortly after or at about the same time.

      • I think you’re right on about the fact that Canon and Nikon knows about each other’s release schedule, but how do they know? Spies? ๐Ÿ˜€
        I’ve noticed that they make announcements of very similar products, 1d mk IV and D3s, and the 70-200 f2.8 lens as well as many others…

        • Annatar

          Tough question to answer. To really appreciate it would require a study of Japanese culture…there’s no need for spies!

  • Given all this accessories with D900x I’m personally amazed there haven’t been any leaked specs or photos (fake or otherwise). Sure we have some D700s/x thoughts but the D900 puts this into a whole new ballpark (although it would suggest a D700 / D300s body form).


  • Ubiquitous

    People, there won’t be a Nikon D4. In Japanese the number 4 is pronounced “shi” which is also the pronunciation for death. A Nikon “D-Death” will not be a big seller in Japan. It is also considered an unlucky number like 9, pronounced “Ku,” which means agony or torture. Nikon will go from the D3 straight to the D5. Have you seen a Canon 4D?

    • LGo

      How about a Canon 1D Mk IV and 1Ds Mk IV?

    • You are right, and in France it may be called Nikon D69 ;o)

    • Just Thinking

      Then what happened to the Nikon F4 and S4 Rangefinder (this one specifically for the Japanese domestic market)?

    • there was a Nikon F4 as well

      • Just Thinking

        That was what I meant Admin. I was being sarcastic because he either forgot about the F4 and S4, or he simply wasn’t aware that it existed..

    • I believe you’re right. But that was some time back. The younger generation don’t really care about such superstitions anymore, or so I observed ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Don’t you mean Chinese? Although lots of stuff is made in China now…

  • longtimenikonshooter

    my bet is D900 will be the baby D3x, and it will be probably priced at $4,000.

    • It could be, they have to use all the 24MP sensors they have left from the D3x.

    • f/2.8

      I suspect the same – that the D900 shares the same sensor with the D3X.

      However, I think it will be priced at $6000.

      • Annatar

        I think pricing is certainly debatable but with a 24 MP sensor, anywhere near $4K is wishful thinking (unfortunately) – $6K is more realistic but I suspect it will be priced cheaper than the D3s if the D700/300 body is used.

        • LGo

          $4,000 for a 24mp FF from Nikon should be the maximum.

          While a higher resolution may justifying a higher price to some extent, it should not be overly expensive as the Nikon D3x is now.

          The 24mp FF Sony A850 sells for $2,000 and the Sony A900 for $2,700.

          The 21mp FF Canon 5D Mk II cost $2,700.

      • Ubiquitous

        No, it will priced at $6,995, same price as the M9, just to make it under Ken Rockwell’s cut-off line ๐Ÿ™‚

        • aetas

          Ken already has a d900 and he is the only pro shooter that is testing the d1000 but he cant talk about them yet.

          • tim

            HOW in the world do you know that? Or are you being sarcastic?

          • WoutK89

            @ tim

            then you must be gullible?

          • Lolly

            Don’t forget he’s testing the D800 as well …. his hands are quite full now … ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • longtimenikonshooter

        don’t forget D3x shutter lifespan is at 300,000. i bet D900’s will be 150,000, just like D700.

        • Good point, however who really hits the 150,000 who isn’t an out & out “Professional” Photographer?

          You’d have to shoot 205 pictures a day solid for 2 years to burn out your shutter, and probably even then some. Then you send it in to nikon for repair and keep going; assuming you don’t upgrade your camera by then with the latest & greatest.

          If I can get a cheaper body & lower shutter count yet still great camera system & sensor, by all means, bring it!

    • f/2.8

      BTW, the “D800” designation is reserved for the successor of the D700.

      The D800 won’t happen for another 2 years. The D700S will however be out late this year.

  • Gordon

    If you search back to Nikon rumours on the internet prior to the D3X release, there was speculation then (July 2008) that Nikon was working on a D900 with 24.5MP sensor. Instead of the D900, Nikon announced the D3X using the same 24.5MP sensor, thus rendering the D900 rumours back then false.

    What if the July 2008 rumours were correct and Nikon have held back the D900 release as they continued to work on it the last 18 months?

  • D900 interesting

    I wish it is a FF version D90 so that more people can enjoy
    D3 D3s D3x are exciting
    but only few people can enjoy for the price and the weght (I’m not buying even I can afford); D300, D700 are big enough

    • longtimenikonshooter

      I don’t have problems with body weight of D3s. It weighs far less than D700 with battery grip attached. Plus, D3s feels much better ergonomically than D700/D300 with heavier lens, such as 70-200mm, 200mm, 300mm, 200-400mm, etc.

    • WoutK89

      D90 body with FX will be more expensive than a D300s ๐Ÿ˜‰ Not worth it now, make the D700 lower in price, and I’ll buy that rather

  • Gary

    M Lammerse on dpreview predicts 18 mp…and he’s got a pretty good track record. My bet is on 18 mp…and his prediction is that this will be more like around 3000 to 3500 us dollars…

  • Chris P

    The D3s & D3x are complimentary cameras, one for PJ’s with high iso and the other for landscape/studio use with low(ish) iso. If the rumoured D900 were a D3x sensor in a D700 body then surely the D700 would remain as the high iso camera and be upgraded to a ‘s’ model later in the year. Yet all the rumours point to the D900 being a replacement for the D700. Logic therefore suggests that the D900 will be, as some of the rumours have suggested, an 18 Mp camera with a usable iso range between that of the D3s and D3x. That would also make it a useful standby/backup for both D3s and D3x owners, against the D700 which is really only a standby/backup for the D3.

  • tester

    D900 will use D3s sensor as D700 use D3 sensor. Nikon will cut some ISO for D900 and no battery grip. It will be not fast as D3s.

    Estimated Price: 3000EUR

    • WoutK89

      D700s is what you mean, I don’t think it is worthy calling a minor sensor update D900. The price seems right though

  • Toni

    The site is not Russian, but Finnish!

    • tester

      the russian site is russian and the other finnish ๐Ÿ™‚ test is headline not subline

  • Gustaf

    D700 is almost perfect. if D900 is true, i’d like nikon to get rid of the AF assist as it has a really low distance range. hey should also try to make the shutter a bit less noisy. don’t get me wrong, i love the d700 sound but it’s not good when photographing easy-to-scare animals or silent events like theather plays.

    18MP gives you 54Mb files, wich is enough information for almost every purpose.

    • WoutK89

      ” to get rid of the AF assist as it has a really low distance range”

      Buy an SB-900 (SB-800 and 600 also suffice ๐Ÿ˜› ) and you have a farther range ๐Ÿ˜‰

      but for close up work, you can still use the on cam AF assist! Not all work has the need of flash and a long range AF assist

      • Gustaf

        Thanks! I get your point.
        pardon my ignorance, but D3 and D700 share the same AF system (except the AF assist and the AF fine tuning of D700), how come the D3 has a better performance in focusing under low light conditions? (that’s my opinion anyway).
        anywayy, it doesn’t matter; let’s see what nikon has in the surprise box for us!

  • Toni

    tester: True, my bad, sorry!

  • Here, all the details about the D900 (if you speak spanish)

    • Translation :
      Nikon D900 esta muy bonito, mucho pixelos y no caro :o)

      • Pataro


        [The] Nikon D900 is very beautiful, a lot of pixels and not expensive.

        PS. You posted a e-mail address from Argentina (“”), not a valid link.

        • I just noticed that, even Nikon’s email adresses don’t work, I’m thinking buying a Pentax. (why do they give an email that does not work ?)

          • f/2.8

            Women gave me phone #s that don’t work. I don’t stop chasing them.

  • yellow-fan

    Just want to mention something curiously as someone here mentioned that MB-D10 will be compatible to future bodys….:

    2 days ago I bought 2 lenses for my Nikon in one of germanys biggest stores for electronic devices and the salesman offers me a MB-D10 for 130 EUR – what is around 40-50 EUR less than normal – with the sentence “… we were hold by our boss to sell all MB-D10ยดs as fast as possible …”!
    On my question “why” he just answered “… do not know exactly, he ” (the boss) ” just meaned he spoke with Nikon…”
    I do not know what this does mean if anything… the offer is guilty for me for another 2 days… still thinking over it…

    • tester

      ich glaube, dass die preise dann zukรผnftig auch niedrig bleiben und falls ein neuer kommt, der kompatibel ist, kann man a) den kaufen oder b) gut einen gebrauchten von einem “wechsler” nehmen.

      falls es saturn in HH war, this is the biggest electronic store in the world (und von deutschland auch) ๐Ÿ™‚ aber haben die Nikon know-how dort? die ecke sieht so komisch aus.

      • yellow-fan

        sehe ich auch so – auรŸerdem weiรŸ ich nicht ob ich wirklich einen Grip brauche…
        es war รผbrigens der MM nahe Dรผsseldorf (GrรถรŸe bezog sich auf die MM-Kette der ja Saturn auch angehรถrt). AuรŸerdem wird der MB-D10 immer fรผr alle D300(s)-User interessant sein – und das sind ja nicht wenige…

        • English please, thanks

          • f/2.8

            I think they are trying to unload to each other their MB-D10s.

          • tester

            I believe that the prices will remain for the grip in the future also low and if a new one will released: a) buy that or b) buy a used from a โ€œswitcher to the new oneโ€ . Do you mean “Saturn in Hamburg” , this is the biggest electronics store in a building in the world (and of Germany also) ๐Ÿ™‚

            has the Nikon department there any know-how? the nikon corner looks so amusing.

      • Tom

        Honestly, what on earth is the point to write in German on an English forum?!!!!!!!!!! Plain stupidity?!!

        • frage

          no, not thinking ๐Ÿ™‚

        • WoutK89

          or shame, we might laugh about their english, and since they are both german they feel more comfortable talking their own language…

          • just for fun, cause german is funny!

          • Hans Schneider

            Absoluter Motorkraft haltung und achtung. Sicherheit dank Fotografieren bokommen hauptanliegen im Nikon d900.
            Hรคnde hoch aufgrund von Schnitzel und Sauerkraut.

          • Entschuldigung

            i ment Schweinegeshnetzeltes und Sauerkraut.
            Liebes Freulain.

        • Jim

          If much of the world were speaking a language other than my own, and I had to converse in my non-native language, I would be tempted to speak my native language when bumping into someone who speaks my language. Easier and comforting. Understandable. We have more than enough to read here.

  • []V[] i k e

    I did a massive search on Nikon Deals all around the world. I wanted to know where to go to do my big cash shopping.
    So far Arab Emirates gives me the cheapest prices. flight is 400 euro. and I would save euro 1400,- not bad. b

    But i find this: What is grey market, Kind of interesting.

    • WoutK89

      Most of the times means no warranty, you break you pay

    • Jim

      grey market is buying a genuine product that was intended for a market other than your own.

      For example, if you live in the US, nikon usa imports nikon equip from nikon in asia. Most US retailers get their nikon inventory through nikon usa. Some US retailers might buy from Nikon Canada or Nikon Mexico (if those exist) and sell to you. That would be an example of grey market.

      • []V[] i k e

        If I buy a macbook pro in Asia, Europe, USA or any different planet, still I will have same international warranty.

        -If Nikon cost 1000,- incl tax 19% in Germany, 920 incl 21% tax in Holand and 1100 incl 15% tax in Luxembourg where would you buy?

        Nikon service sucks, and they should clean their act with Grey market, I believe it is illegal what they do, because everything comes out from the same factory in TAIWAN ;(

  • getanalogue

    vote for 18mp FX with high iso noise between D3s and D3 in a D700 body plus 1080 video and 25/30fps – extremely versatile camera – my next choice

  • Iknow Cuziknow

    There will be a D900 in this year not. A D700s with Video feature will be there for shure. Introduction Time propably PMA. 12 MPx FX the same as D3s.
    Thrust me.

    • WoutK89

      I will not thrust you, I will wait and see, we were getting D700x, D700s, D800, D900, D4, D400 and so on, and all we got: D300s and D3s so far ๐Ÿ˜›

  • did you guys see this:

    the rumor about the “smart” Nikon battery grip now makes more sense – it may not be a battery grip at all

    • Well, transfering pictures wireless, downloading directly from the camera, updating the firmware every 6 months, having to buy a special software to open our raw pictures, etc…soon we will need an antivirus in our cameras, and later, we will have to buy Microsoftxxx with each new DSLR.

      • disco

        it has begun!

        (i feel so cheesy stealing teh line) lol

      • i hate that, i hate how complex they are making cameras, in a way, yeah, it is good, technology, but at the same time, people are forgetting the true essence of photography and the art of it. people are relying too heavily on their camera to perform for them rather than perform for their camera. you are supposed to work the camera, not have the camera work you. relying on high ISOs and megapixels and all kinds of fancy jargon is just seems so ridiculous at times, i question whether or not half the people on here on interested in the actual act of photography or just get their jollies off seeing a new 30mp camera.

        • WoutK89

          Hearing Chase talk about 10k shots a day, where has the time gone that you took the time to get the one picture, on one roll of film? ๐Ÿ˜›

          • anonycow

            10k shots a day – I call bull, you’d have to be shooting at a constant 7fps all day long, non stop, for 24 hours.

          • Char

            I call your calculation way off. 1 day = 24 hours x 60 minutes x 60 seconds = 86400 seconds –> 1 shot every 8.6 seconds. If you shoot at 10fps, you get your 10k shots in about 17 minutes. Still, 10k shots a day sounds kindof strange.

          • WoutK89

            Check the interview at Cameralabs, and call me Bull again ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • WoutK89

            Ok, I mixed it up, it 3-5K a day, still a lot considering how little time he probably uses each day.

          • anonycow

            Dammit, minutes… right.
            Still, yeah.

        • isitfebyet?

          So don’t buy it. Get a Pentax k1000 and manual your hearts delight. But let me and others get our jollies off, and perhaps a decent photo or two, with our new fangled gadgetry. And implying high digital ISO detracts from the “essence” and “art” of photography is…. silly.

          • no, i said that people on here come off as being just concerned solely about camera technology, yet not even seems to have a clue as to why it is developed, rather it be just some new technology that you can impress your colleagues with. seems like everybody forgets about what the purpose of a camera is. apparently a lot of people need to compensate for something, i guess megapixels is their way of doing so. so, yeah, go, get your jollies off.

          • and also, dont give me this crap that you cannot obtain a decent photograph from film. IF ANYTHING, shooting film makes you more of skilled photographer than using digital because you have LESS room for mistake, thus, you actually have to have skill, and can’t RELY on the camera to give you a “decent” photograph. i’m sorry, i don’t rely on my camera to give me good photographs, i rely on myself for that.

          • WoutK89

            ” dont give me this crap that you cannot obtain a decent photograph from film”
            Who are you replying to? I said, that it it took more skill, because you had one roll of film to get the one picture, not a near endless memory card. I hear to many people say, I just shot 15k pictures, and only 100 were keepers ?!?!?!

        • Gorji

          I agree with you. Make the camra work for us not otherway.

    • isitfebyet?

      Saw that engadget story this morning and was just about to post after reading yellow-fan grip story. I am terribly impatiently waiting for whatever is coming. I hope not a 24mp low iso D3x sibling. I would love a D3s variant. The hive shooting capability is very intriguing and would be great if Nikon offered too.

  • []V[] i k e

    Canon introduced on CES a battery grip with wireless capability, but no GPS.
    here is the link
    So the rumor with new battery grip for Nikon is quite possible, but what about the GPS? and what will be the code name for such a NIK grip????

    • WoutK89

      MB-D10gps? MB-D10s? It should have something to do with the older grips already available if the rumor is right

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