Nikon D700 is being phased out

The rumor is that at least one Nikon distributor in the Middle East has semi-officially announced that the Nikon D700 has been "pulled out" because of the upcoming replacement that should be released in "the next few weeks". I was told that stores cannot order the D700 from their supplier in that particular country. The only additional details I got: the new camera will have a double CF card slots (update: at that point it is not clear if it will have dual CF or one CF and one SD card slots) and 1080 video.

Similar report came from China a month ago.

[NR] rating: 40%

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  • low

    it has begun

    • I was expecting that

  • Andrew

    YAY, if its like the D3S i’m buying

    • Ronan


    • anon

      Me too. But if it has the same sensor as the D700 I won’t bother

      • fotosniper

        ahh what is wrong with the sensor in the d700?

        • erikdk

          I guess that’s the whole point made by anon -;)

          • WoutK89

            well, it can be interpreted in two ways πŸ˜› won’t bother, I will buy it anyway, won’t bother, I don’t buy it if so.

          • anon

            Well, I won’t bother because I have the D700 already. However, if the new camera has the D3S sensor I would consider an upgrade…

    • I’m buying one if it weighs the same as a d90!

  • johnny

    But will the D700 replacement run Crysis?

    • Bluecow003

      I’d be surprised if a lot of people here got that joke since it’s a PC gamer joke, but I thought it was funny, haha.

      • Max

        Agreed, haha.

        • GlobalGuy

          We get it. You know, the stupid thing is that all these graphic cards tests are so gamer focused. Not that that’s a bad thing since cash flows in that direction — but the graphic design community generates far greater economy and it would be nice if the PC community didn’t constantly focus on the games alone. We could use far more detailed comparisons of functions in Photoshop, etc, things that drive us crazy when they take forever.

          Does anyone know of a good link that helps photographers understand what are the best graphics cards/pc systems for photographic needs? Everything is games.

          • optimaforever

            For 2D apps Matrox cards always have been the best in the world. Now if you’re an occasional gamer (like me) they can’t run Crysis πŸ˜€

          • Anonymous

            check this blog
            but it is Mac based


          • Ken Elliott

   usually includes tests with PhotoShop, 3DS Max, and other CAD apps. Photoshop is actually a pretty lightweight application, compared to some CAD apps. CAD guys had to pay US$2000 to $6000 for a good card years ago. Or get a Silicon Graphics workstation for $30,000 to $120,000.

            When the gamer cards hit, the mass production allowed prices for 3D cards to drop below $1000. nVidia started putting OpenGL support in the cards for CAD users. Now most CAD cards are based on the same chip sets that gamers use. CAD has greatly benefited by 3D gamers.

            But I believe the current version of Photoshop is still mostly dependent on RAM and CPU power (floating point) for speed. The graphics card only matters for pan/zoom operation, not image processing. I’m sure they will take advantage of the floating point processing in the GPU at some point, but not today.

            So buy a mid-range card for Photoshop and put your money into RAM.

          • Anonymous

            Series of cards, such as the Quadra are more oriented towards us then gamers. So they are reviewed as such. And Adobe already takes advantage of GPU processing as of CS4. So by a nice, fat Quadra and be happy.

          • Canon Fangirly

            The best graphics card for photographers is the least power-consuming. A card that’s burning 40 Watts in standby and has enough computing power to run 50 studios does not make much sense tbh.

          • Jabs
          • Jabs

            Hey Globalguy,
            Mac – get a MacPro desktop and then order independently a Workstation graphic card with at least 1 gig of memory. Buy 2 WD VelociRaptor 2.5 in hard drives or even another brand of SD drives and use in RAID 0 for speed, then add another 1 terabyte or larger drive for storage and or backup use.
            Windows – get Windows Server 2003 64 bit ‘Basic’ R2 (or get Win Server 2003 and then download R2 UPDATE yourself) and use the same Workstation graphic cards and drives as above, as OpenGL is way faster and more robust than DX-10 or 11. Win Server 2003 is lean and fast plus does not have all the crap of Win2008 Server.
            Linux – use Ubuntu Studio 64bit, as it has a REAL TIME kernel missing from the regular Ubuntu versions. Real time kernel is what graphics and photographers need most.
            You can also use Artist-X as a Linux distribution but it is 32 bit only.

            I prefer 64bit Ubuntu Studio and then I run VM’s (virtual machines) of XP and Win7 within this to use the software not available in Linux, though both Ubuntu Studio and Artist-X have an extensive software suite.
            I WOULD NOT USE Win Vista in any form or version, get Win 7 instead!!!

            Mac needs 8 gigs of memory.
            Windows Server 64 bit needs 4-8 gigs of memory.
            Ubuntu Studio needs 2 gigs of memory or more.
            Artist-X needs 1-2 gigs of memory.

            Web sites:
            Virtual Box –
            VMWare –
            ATI USA –
            NVidia USA – and search under PRODUCTS for Workstation graphic cards.
            WD –
            Ubuntu Studio –
            Artist X –

            Hope this all helps, though it is expensive – lol.

          • Stephen

            Just to reply to this. Graphics cards are generally not the issue when it comes to photoshop. What graphics cards do is paint pixels on a screen. Now, in 3D gaming it is very difficult to to figure out what pixels to paint because it requires a lot of calculation. This is very demanding so it was completely offloaded to the GPU.

            Photos on the other hand, they are very easy to paint. Where a nice graphics card does for you is allow for some of the nice feature in photoshop like smooth panning as scrolling and zooming. However, in that case, I believe they are handled as 3D objects. So once again, a good gamer card would do the best for you. If you are having problem with functions I would recommend a few things. Get a better CPU, and I don’t necessarily mean faster. Most of the photographic manipulations are handled by the CPU and some of it may be offloaded to the GPU, but my guess is very little is.

            So I would recommend you do the following. The first, and hardest for most people, is to build your own computer. Short of that, the rest of the instructions are much more difficult to follow as you have far less control. Once, get a good CPU. I would spend in the $100-200 range. Now with that there are some caveats. First, faster isn’t always better.

            Most slow downs in computer processing happen because a computer has to go get information from memory. Now most people think of memory as RAM. But a CPU has memory built right into it. That memory is really really fast. Usually there are two levels of memory, called L1 and L2 cache. So what is this about. Well, the larger the cache size the less frequently the CPU must go to the RAM to get the needed data. Which in computer terms, is an eternity. So, if your choice is between a little slower CPU with a huge cache, and a faster CPU with a smaller cache, take the larger cache.

            The next thing you need to look at is memory. That’s the next bottle neck. Now, we are mostly likely dealing with a large enough file that it can not be held in the L1 and L2 cache. So the computer will store a lot of it on the RAM as you are manipulating it. Also, in the ram will be the OS and every program you run on top of the OS, plus every file each program has open. So now, if you think about all the background processes running on you computer, that becomes very crowded. So here’s the deal, buy as much memory as you can afford. Run a 64 bit OS so you can put more than 4 GBs in. For those of you running Mac OSX, snow leopard should not be a problem. (I know what you mac users are saying, I’m building a computer. One word for you all, hackintosh. Learn it, love it. Actually I run a dell mini 10 with snow leopard and love it. Cheap hardware and OSX, mmmmm….. Anyway) I recommend 8 gigs. That’s what I run with windows 7 and it does a computer good.

            So here is the final slow down you might find. even if you get a ton of RAM, it can still be too crowded. So you computer makes little copies of what’s stored in the ram on you harddrive called page files. Once that copy is stored, the computer can then go on and clear the ram. But when it does this, it takes forever. It’s slow enough that we notice it. Ever have the time when the computer does nothing and you can’t close anything and you hear the hard drive going like and bus with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock on board, well that’s the computer going to the page files to reload memory.

            This is going to happen… at some point… and you’re not going to like it. So to minimize this get a hard drive with the fastest connection, which is easy and stable and native to the Motherboard (sorry SCSI guys) So, that would be SATA 3.0 (the 3.0 is the speed not the version). Along with that, you can get Hard drives that spin really fast. Get one of those. Also, since you’re building you own computer, you have the option with many mother boards of creating a RAID. the “striped” format or RAID 0 is the fastest, but if a hard drive or a sector goes bad, say goodbye to your data. So back up early and back up often.

            Anyway, the GPU really has very little to do with photoshop. Buy a cheap one with low Watts. I recommend 50 bucks or so. Since video cards are the most likely to die, cheap is good.

            Now, I know what I’m going to hear. The GPU can handle a lot of the processing and does. Well that’s true and not true. Many programs don’t offload o the GPU and those that do have to be told to. Most people don’t know how to set this and there is also a large risk to stability. Offloading image processing has always been a hard thing for computers to deal with. The GPU is designed to create new pixels on a monitor, not new data. I used to offload video files onto the GPU until I realized that I almost halved my rendering crashes by stopping it.


            there you have it, my two cents.

          • Jabs

            Hey GLOBALGUY,
            Here is a direct reference to what is currently available in Workstation graphics cards specifically tailored for users of Photoshop CS4.


            This is a new development and seems to apply only to Photoshop CS4 and the Adobe Creative Suite CS4.
            Save your money – LOL!

  • b-red

    what about the d90? any idea on its replacement? i know the rumor said itd be a downgrade, but nikon should really fill that gap between the d90 and d300.

    • Ronan

      …What gap is that?

      Never Used A Camera: D3000 – D5000
      Amateur: D90
      Semi-Pro: D300 – D300s
      Pro: D700
      Expert: D3, D3s, D3x

      Pro and Expert can be thrown in the same category.

      • Abdullah

        I could be rich and have a d3x
        does that make me expert? maybe i can compete with Joe McNally if i couple it with 50 SB-900 units

        • MIKE

          I lol whenever I say IF I WERE RICH ID HAVE “__”

          You don’t have to be rich to own any expensive equipment. If you need it that badly, you’ll find one way or another to pay for it. If you can’t make it pay for itself, you don’t “need” it.

      • WoutK89

        What is the difference between D700 and D300s that they arent both pro/expert camera’s? The only one I can see, is DX/FX, does that make the D300s less pro?

      • anonycow

        Or alternatively
        Broke student – D3000 – D5000
        Advanced Amateur/Professional, varying levels, varies by need, and by tendency of those who have big hands to whine about bodies being “too small” without qualifying that it’s for their grip specifically – D90, D300, D700
        Rich poseur who doesn’t like Leicas – D3, D3s, D3x

    • Tabitha Green

      Why would it need a replacement? What is it lacking?

      • b-red

        the 700 dollar upcharge for a solid body is stupid. should come out with a d90x… x as in extreme… you know, for extreme weather and such…

        • fotosniper

          yeah its a d300

          • WoutK89

            +1, but make that a D300s

          • +1

            D300 / D300s fits that role nicely

          • b-red

            youre absolutely right, it is a d300. im just saying that the d300 shouldnt cost more than say 1300. an increase of 700 dollars over a d90, for little more than a mag body, is absurd.

          • b-red

            youre absolutely right, it is a d300. im just saying that the d300 shouldnt cost more than say 1300. an increase of 700 dollars over a d90, for little more than a mag body, is absurd. bh has the d90 for 790. a d300 is more than double that.

        • lets not forget 51 AF points with very good CS tracking, fp flash sync, 100% viewfinder, dual card slots / CF cards, MB d10 grip, 7/8 fps, intervalometer, mirror lock up, 150,000 cycle shutter, etc.

      • it lacks video recording, and if the ISO is cleaner another one stop like D3s it will be great especially for wedding.

        some studio people might also want higher resolution, we don’t really know where’s Nikon heading, I guess it will be likely to follow D3s foot steps (plus video, dual card slot, one stop cleaner high ISO, quiet release mode and minor improvements).

    • I don’t think there is any need to update Nikon D90. It does not have real competitor in mid-range camera in the market. The only real competitor is from Sony A550. Sales are still very good.

      I think that if they decide to update this camera, it will happen very late on 2010 or early 2011.

      • WoutK89

        Just do a D90s, and everybody will be happy, and make most of it Firmware updatable, so that first hour buyers can also enjoy some of the improvements.

      • Killa

        I need. And you are wrong about period of replacement. It will happen much earlier. Remember my words.

  • Bonetti

    I dont think it will be available in the next weeks. I think it will be anounce in Summer 2010. is too close with the launch of the D3s.

    Dual CF?? or DUAL SLOT?? i think is going to be CF and SD just like the D300s not dual CF

    • I agree with you. Based on the past, D700 is released about a year after D3. D700 is still doing well in sales vs canon 5d and sony A850/900 so there is no need to rush i guess.

      • WoutK89

        WRONG πŸ˜› how can you state given the past, it was only D3 and then D700, no other examples are there yet. Where is otherwise the D700x that would come 1 year later?

        The D700s and D3s have two different markets, or one market that would have bought both anyways.

        Also, Dual CF, I think its bogus too, that is one thing I think will indeed be SD and CF slot. I think they would have made the D300s dual CF too in that case.

        • PHB

          I agree that extrapolating from the D3/D700 is faulty here. There was no existing model when the D700 came onto the market. Now there is an existing model and sales will be sagging as people delay purchases. At this point the D300s is the better camera unless you are using primes and want a very specific length or want to shoot ultra-wide. Very few people are going to move to FX for the higher ISO and buy a camera with the same ISO as the DX model.

          A second reason that the idea of continuing production of the D700 is crazy is that it is going to take the exact same time to make the D700s sensor as the D700 sensor so Sony is going to have to charge the same. On top of that, any shared electronics or subsystems with the D300 are going to require special production.

          The next time Nikon make a batch of D700 bodies there will be a refresh. To do otherwise would make no sense. The D700 does not appear to have any material effect on D3 sales so there is no reason to delay.

          I agree that dual SD/CF option is more likely than a pair of CF slots. However, it could make sense to go for dual CF slots so that the D700s can continue as the 12MP body after the D4 is launched. I don’t see 24MP replacing 12MP completely as 12/10MP replaced the 6MP generation. 12MP is plenty for most purposes. But I would not expect a 12MP version of the D4 body, instead I would see the D4 replacing the D3x and the D3s and D700s staying as long as there was demand.

          I can’t see a lower priced FX camera as being likely until Nikon has come up with a set of decent, low cost FX lenses to match.

          • WoutK89

            “I can’t see a lower priced FX camera as being likely until Nikon has come up with a set of decent, low cost FX lenses to match.”

            Totally agree, and looking forward to that day πŸ˜‰

          • Decent low cost FX lenses? Nikon has these aplenty…just not new…

    • Jon Paul

      Yes, the original tip was for dual CF slots, but since then in a forum comment the tipster (is that the word I want?) said that he had just assumed it was 2 CF slots when the dealer told him “dual slots.” Then he said: ‘you’re right CF/SD like d300s makes more sense. silly me.’

  • nikkor_2

    NR Admin

    Thanks! Given the responses to your earlier ‘what I want in a new D700 poll’, many will follow this rumor with interest, I think.

    Can you add some further insight here: why is the rumor likelihood rated at 40%?

    More importantly, what is the likelihood you will acquire the evidence needed to raise the likelihood up?; or, lower it?

    • I received two different (identical) tips about this rumor, 40% because I have never received tips from those sources before and I am not sure about their credibility.

      • LGo


        What is your prediction on the expected replacement?

        18 megapixel?
        Same high ISO capabilities as the D3s?
        100% Viewfinder?

        If the answer is yes to all of the above, this will be joining my D300 and D700!

        • WoutK89

          100% viewfinder, wouldn’t that mean no built-in flash, so no built-in commander?

          • LGo

            Not necessarily.

            It would speak volumes of Nikon’s design capabilities if it can integrate a 100% viewfinder and a built-in flash with full CLS capabilities.

          • Mike

            D300 has 100% viewfinder and built in flash. I don’t think doing the same for FX is beyond the engineering capabilities of a modern camera company.

          • PHB

            There is no reason that the flash has to pop out of the pentaprism housing or that the pentaprism has to be a certain height.

            What I would like to see is to get rid of the on camera flash HEAD but keep the charge capacitor and electronics. Then have an optional mini head on a bendy stalk that plugs into the flash bracket.

            That way you get the ability to move the flash further from the camera body – the way you would with an off body flash or with a grip, but with the weight/convenience of an integrated flash.

            Given the low light capability it should not be necessary to use such large flash heads so often.

            I don’t see an 18MP being likely though. Not for this itteration. If Nikon had an 18MP sensor then why not put it in the D3s?

            Very few photographers upgrade all their kit every single year. The current Nikon strategy of 3 years between major updates and a mid-life refresh 2 years later seems right to me. I bought my D300 in 2008, about 6 months after the launch. I plan to upgrade it when the D400 comes out, not before. This launch will be appropriately modest so that the D800 can make a major impression and best all the features of the D700s the same way that the D300 beat every feature of the D200 and the D200 beat every feature of the D100.

          • WoutK89

            ok, try this, 100% viewfinder means lower magnification?

          • fotosniper

            my 8008 from 1993 has 1000% VF and Popup flash

          • fotosniper

            100, sorry

          • Biziclop

            The 8008 had neither a pop-up flash nor 100% VF. In fact, none of the Nikon film cameras had 100% VF except the one digit bodies.
            The N6006 (F601) had a pop-up flash, but the VF coverage was only 92%.

          • Cap in the camera to an external flashtube? HELLL NO!

            Think about this: the highest voltage in the camera would be attached to an external connector. What safety hazard! You could easily adapt an existing camera to do such a thing–but holy crap what a bad idea!

            Compact flashes exist, they’re just not popular so they’re not currently in production. See: SB-23

          • Anonymous

            I believe that the reasoning behind D700’s 96% VF was the inclusion of dust cleaner on an FX sensor – same reason they didn’t include dust cleaning on D3 (a fair tradeoff imo)

            This means that Nikon could possibly integrate a built in commander inside the body, or even the vertical battery pack, and do a 100% VF with a sensor cleaner but with no built in flash.

      • Snafu

        Just to throw another log on the fire – up here in Canada there has been a sudden $500 CDN drop in the D700 price. This applies to a number of different vendors. I think this signals an attempt to clear inventory before the announcement of the D700 replacement. I do hope that Nikon is targeting the Sony A850 price level.

  • george m bush

    I have a reliable source from japan told me that the new camera will have a shutter release.

  • Anonymous

    Great, I have the champagne in the cooler for few months already !
    Anyways I was planing drinking it thursday night :o)
    Here is the D800 specifications details:
    – 18MP sensor (24PM would be nice, but it’s like wishing that my kids cleanup there bedroom)
    – HD video (real HD and 30f/s)
    – 2 FC cards slots (I hate SD cards, too small, easy to loose)
    – 100% viewfinder
    – AF motor for older lenses (Nikon is capable to take it off !)
    Thanks !

    • I hope your right, except for the 18MP sensor part. I can honestly say that I hope that it doesn’t exceed 15MP simply because RAW files at that particular resolution are simply massive, and requires much larger and more expensive CF cards. I also hope that they will redesign the case to a more pro-body design, which includes a vertical grip, similar to this supposed leaked image. (

      • Tabitha Green

        Oooh.. shiny shutter.

      • Twoomy

        Dude, what you want is the D3s. The D800 is NOT going to be 12mp with a built-in vertical grip.

        • optimaforever

          Don’t see the point in having a vertical grip included (we already have the excellent MBD10 so this is nonsense) otherwise go D3s.

      • WoutK89

        WHAHAHA, that picture is sooooo old, and not even leaked πŸ˜› But I get your point for the built-in grip, though highly unlikely. No extra income from people wanting a grip = higher price for the body, a rectangle shaped body with built-in grip is not a nice ergonomical feature, it should be more square = bigger and heavier and less portable regarding bag sizes and there is probably more to Bitch about πŸ˜›

        But is Nikon is able to squeeze in some useful extra features because of that, and stull keep it ergonomically and at a nice size, I am wiling to look into it, since sometimes I do miss the vertical shutter on my D80 (I am too lazy to buy the grip :-P)

    • aetas

      This sounds great. 16 would even be ok. Still hope dynampic range is even better then the 700. As far as video….Stop spending money on video on high end dslrs’…I know everyone has different needs but, if we are putting wish lists out drop the video and give me a better camera.

      • optimaforever

        the D700 is already nearly perfect.
        HDR function would increase the DR. Yet I think HDR images look ugly in general, so I doubt increasing the DR will always lead to better images (yet it is of course very interesting in absolute).
        For my needs D700 just lacks video to be complete πŸ˜€

        • SZRimaging

          Then you aren’t processing them correctly. HDR just means you have more information per pixel (32-bits instead of 16 or 8). It is how you tone map it down to 16 (or 8) bits that makes the difference. Personally, mine only show slight signs of its HDR self after I am done, but I have a slightly more complicated (although not too time consuming) way of doing it.

          • LOL

            32 bits?
            You DO realize if you bracket REALLY wide and double the dynamic range you’re added one bit?

          • Jon Paul

            I’d like to know what you do, SZRimaging, and I’ll bet there would be others who would be interested. Would you be willing to post a thread in the nikon rumors forum about it to discuss it?

            LOL, 32bits is quite a lot, but if you bracket exposure with a camera with 12 stops of dynamic range and space three exposures at, say, -3EV, 0EV, +3EV, you’re actually covering 18 stops of dynamic range, and you’d need more than even 16 bits to contain the data (at least 18, actually). That’s why you use a 32-bit container file.

          • Jon Paul

            Maybe the confusion is coming because doubling the dynamic range means adding one stop (one bit). Doubling how many stops of dynamic range you have in a photo is a completely different animal. (for example, going from 4 stops to 8 stops corresponds to having a signal to noise ratio 2^4=16 times higher, not just double)

  • george m bush

    Oh! and it will have more than 1 mega pixel.

  • Guess I better start saving up. I’m hoping that the image quality will be on the same level as the D3s, like the D700 was with the D3. A dear friend of mine purchased one a few weeks ago, and that thing is an absolute BEAST! My biggest dilemma (other than explaining the investment to my wife LOL) is whether I sell my current D300 when this new camera comes out to make the cost a little less steep, or take the plunge and have an additional body for backup.

    • Anonymous

      Try FX, much better the DX.

    • I’ve already started saving up for D400. Think I’ll be glad I did πŸ˜€

    • optimaforever

      I’ll keep my D300.
      Not really a backup in my case cause I think the DX field is for a different usage than FX. With my tele I prefer DX and for ultrawide I’ll use FX. And I still guess D700s will not have 100% viewfinder (but hope to be wrong).

  • Anonymous

    Roll on the same upgrades the D3 got.
    No increase in MP, same crappy video, even more amazing iso, rebranding as D700s, charging a hell of a lot more for it.
    I won’t be buying it until the put decent video in it.
    More dynamic range would be nice. And maybe a slight increase in mp. 16 or 18 would be perfect, but I’m not struggling with 12.
    24 would be silly.

    • Ronan

      D3s 720p video beats Canon 1080p video in every aspect (already proven numerous times).

      • low

        i cant agree here..those 5Dii vids look pretty amazing.

      • Anonymous

        care to post these tests?
        As far as I know it beats it in one respect, and that’s handling high isos.
        Compare it to the 1D4 and there is absolutely no contest.
        Nikon haven’t even sorted out the rolling shutter yet while Canon have that pretty much completely fixed, with almost as good NR, and it’s 1080p to boot.

        • hobo

          Canon’s got problems with aliasing, compression, moire and yes, rolling shutter. Which btw will never be “fixed” with the current sensor type. It will just get better. Apparently, the D3s does this.

          Too many people drink the kool-aid without taking a closer look.

          Not saying Nikon is the best. Certainly the next Canon will make better video than the D3s, although lately Canon has been too caught up in the MP war with itself

          • Anonymous

            Did you see Laforet’s 1D4 video?
            They had a bit where they were tracking him side on running down a street. Couldn’t see any rolling shutter and that’s when it would have been noticed most.
            Video will trickle down. The 1d4 video (or an improved version) will become a feature of all new EOSs, likewise the D3s will.

          • Anonymous

            There you go. Thought I better back up my claim with evidence.

          • Anonymous
          • video feature is fine but it still looks like cheap indie film, regardless of focus depth.

          • Jay

            holy crap anonymous lol way to go with actual proof unlike ronans non existent proof haha that d3s sucks ass at video. But I will concede it is stil an amazing still camera.

        • fotosniper

          a lot of rolling shutter issues are corrected in post. so a nice polished video should not be a judge of performance

          • Jay

            why not? isnt that how you get any useable video out of a nikon hahaha.

      • Can’t agree – I use a Canon 5D2 and a D3s – the Nikon D3s video is Ok – better than I thought it would be – but is let down by compression which is very visible in a lot of shots. The h.264 codec of the canon’s is not perfect but is cleaner than D3s MPEG – and holds up to grading a bit better as well. Jello, moire, alisasing problems etc are pretty much the same – as they are on all these CMOS DSLRs (although 1DIV i a bit better with jello). But if you work around these issues you can get beautiful footage of either camera – but there’s no way the Nikon D3s has better video than the Canons. If the new Nikon has a better codec with less obvious compression – which will require more processing power to make it go – then Nikon might be onto something. For now 99% of videographers using DSLRs for commercial stuff and indie film projects will still use Canon as most are kitted up with L series optics. Too slow Nikon,

      • PHB

        I don’t think any DSLR video beats my Canon Vixia HF20. Since the HF200 is currently on sale at Costco for $550, I would find it very difficult to imagine wanting to use a DSLR to take video except for very specialized shots.

        Yes, you can get cinematic effects with the shallow DOF lenses and all, but honestly, you are not going to see any difference without setting up pro-lighting and going to an awful lot more trouble.

        I a very interested in DSLR video as I think that it is going to totally disrupt the pro-video field. Already my Vixia is actually better than the majority of $5000 ‘professional’ video cams – most of which still use tape! OK, so I have to add a beachbox to plug in the mics (my mics cost over $1000), but there really is no difference in the video quality.

        If I can have interchangeable lenses for DSLR prices, then I am going to be pretty happy. But what I really want is a dedicated video body that will take F-mount lenses rather than a dual purpose body.

        The DSLR video feature is really good for its intended purpose. If a photojournalist is in the field and sees an event that demands video they can shoot it.

        • Jani

          I own both 5D2 and HV30. HV30 is pretty close to HF20 video quality wise. All I cay say is 5D2 does not only beat, it completely obliterates HV30. It’s that much better.

    • Bob

      The D3s video looks great

  • Hope it’s true

  • Ubiquitous

    Fantastic news! I have a D700 and love it – it is a classic. The less they make, the better off I am. I could not care less if Nikon trots out the D700s, D700x, D700xs, D800 or even the D7001/2 sexy. My beloved D700 is more than I need.

  • kanghong

    I prefer SD card as storage media in DSLR.

    • Killa

      Me too.

  • If Nikon are serious about video they need to go with an alternative codec / compression rate. The D3s is actually not too bad to use for video – but even the h.264 files from the Canons suffer less from compression issues. If Nikon put all the things that are missing on the 5D2 for video – like a range of framerates – 24, 25, 30, plus 50, 60 720P plus a better codec than the D3s then it would be a serious contender as Canon’s other DSLR with these video features is only cropped sensor (7D). So if Nikon can come up with a full frame sensor and some different framerates it will have a good rival to both Canons – as long as the compression is less noticeable than it is now.

  • SBGrad

    Couldn’t care less about a new body, but if it gets us some new LENSES I’m all for it.

    • fotosniper


  • Alex

    I think Nikon should use AVCHD @ 24mb/s. Offer the same video specs as the new Sony NXCAM. 18-25mp would be great with dual Expeed processors, with similar speeds and low noise or better, than the D700.

  • angelina dolly

    I,ve just got information from nikkon friend. the new d800 will have a blond detection autofocus system. it will automatically focus on the blond girl.

    • Max

      Will there be an option to change it to brunettes?

      • Ronan

        or redheads?

        • Tony

          +1 on the redheads!

        • another anonymous

          yes, the redheads are must have πŸ˜‰

      • camerausercollector

        Yeah it will have female autofocus detection system. It will automatically crop out male in the photograph when the system is activated. I think a guy name Ask Ton Coach Her already testing one in the field.

      • plug

        And curly… I love curls

    • WoutK89

      Is that the rumor on the new D700p? (P for paparazzi πŸ˜› )

  • Anonymous

    It will be a new lighter chassis, not the D700 one and it will have upwards of 12 mpx as well. Mark my words.

  • Gary

    This would be a most welcome development; I think as we see by the response on this website, sales of a d700 replacement would be fantastic for Nikon.

    I can believe what “Anonymous” wrote; that the d700 replacement will have a lighter chassis; that would seem to be what many would like…to lessen the load when carrying such a camera.

  • Bill Bromerberg-Kopa

    This WILL be phased out but, to be honest, and I do know a thing or two – I follow Ken Rockwell alot too when I can – who needs what is coming up next? Seriously folks – go take better pictures with what you have rather than more bad pictures with a new toy that you have to learn to use all over again. Like Ken, I can take award-winning shots and competition winning shots on my old 35mm compact camera or if I must slum it and use digital my IXUS. This is by choice too as I can get any kit FOC from any of the major manufacturers as a result of my ‘connections’ in the industry.

    I have even been given some new mind-blowing Canon gear that will blow Nikon clear out of the water but I am not allowed to say too much more. Nikon have emailed me and asked if I have been given it and can I “let them see it in a hotel in Finland next Friday”. I can’t of course because I am in the privileged position of being a tester for all manufacturers new products so cannot be treating one better than the other. I was once offered $25000 to ‘lose’ a Nikon camera at London Heathrow and a Canon rep dressed as a red fox would collect it so they could dismantle it, take what they needed and usurp Nikon. I didn’t and that camera became the D3. They gave me a free one for all the testing I did. But hey, the amazing thing – I shoot mostly with my 20 year old 35mm Leica and digital IXUS.

    • low

      please identify yourself.

      • Bill Bromerberg-Kopa

        For security reasons I am unable to do that or reveal my present location – but it is NOT in a hotel in Finland – so don’t worry Canon!

        • anonycow

          That’s exactly what someone at a hotel in Finland would say πŸ˜‰

    • Anonymous


    • angelina dolly


    • Anonymous


    • Ronan

      KR is a joke. Anyone who takes him seriously needs to jump off a bridge.

      • WoutK89

        Not exactly jump off a bridge, but they need to reconsider what to believe πŸ˜‰

        Who is ready for the 10-18/2.8 FX? πŸ˜›

        • Bill Bromerberg-Kopa

          I have been testing that too. To be honest, you’re going to be disappointed. I have made some recommendations to my contact re improvements but due to the world economic crisis we can’t agree on the way forward at present. For a small fee I can keep you ‘i the loop’ on this one. Let me know – K?

        • optimaforever

          I must admit I read sometimes his blog.
          But KR has done very beautiful and detailed shots of all his lenses (mostly on his 70-180 micro AFD if I remember correctly). If I need a close-up of a particular Nikon lens, I go to KR’s site.

          • TJ

            That’s what I do as well. Just look at the pics and specs, the stuff on his site is quite informative (technically speaking). I usually don’t bother reading his comments or recommendations but it is his opinion so gotta respect that.

            • WoutK89

              Almost any review is an opinion, burning down Nikon bodies for lacking in-body VR, while most kit lenses feature VR nowadays (4 stops longer handholding and visible through the viefinder).
              Or burning down a camera for lacking pixels, like 12MP isn’t enough yet to fill an entire wall and computer’s memory.
              And so on, and so on…

            • WoutK89

              Just remembered, lacking video is also one of those nonsense opinions for burning down a PHOTO camera. Marketing has gotten into our heads…

            • Anonymous

              I AGREE 100%(you could also say lacking 1080 as well)

      • PHB

        KR takes KR seriously. Are you saying he should jump off a bridge?

        Who would support his growing family then?

        • Anthony

          His rich wife, of course. Or his alien buddies.

      • Anonymous

        membership to this site just cut on half

      • Daf

        He used to post interesting stuff.
        But of late its only about his kids, film, or kit that’s 20 years old.
        (Or occassionaly kit reviews about a year late)

    • camerausercollector

      Yeah, you comment like Ken too.

    • i know you like action movies, but real world is actually far less exciting. there is of course lot of espionage going on tech level but as you will see real development is rather relaxed, almost implied.
      want to know proof? most developers spend time on P&S camera and both manufacturers releasing product far worse then what they really can and later then they can (since as you see, all the pressure you are expecting, isn’t really there). Reason is to maximize profit. If they would want to trash competition so badly it would look lot different, believe me.
      Another proof? Look to Sony.

      • optimaforever

        mmmh Sony?
        Did they want to thrash anybody? πŸ˜€

      • Bill Bromerberg-Kopa

        Not how it works my little German rabbit. I don’t need proof – its my industry and work/living. I make mid six figures every year and get mid five figures worth of free gear every year. I realize that lots of people would like to do what I do but there are only 3 of us (that I know about anyway) in the world. Amazingly KR isn’t one of us – Nikon tried to lure him in but the guy really does have principles and really does pay for all that Nikon stuff he tests.

        Hey man, do they still have that huge Mercedes star in Stuttgart – like the one in Berlin? Was in Berlin after Sandhurst in 1983 and again in 1988. Great cars those… not as good as they used to be… the real Mercs kinda stopped after the W126 S class and W124 E class models in the early – mid nineties. Still have an E300 TD from 1993 with 326,000 miles on it and nothing has gone wrong in all those years. My current works car is a 2004 E320 CDI and it has had so much go wrong and doesn’t feel as solid as the old 93 model.

        We used to go down to the square for hot dogs in Berlin and there were agents from all ‘sides’ doing the same. Spot them a mile off – mainly because they were the only people in the square buying hot-dogs. We used to laugh because you had all these Communists who hated everything about the West and yet there they were doing one of the most American of things – having hot-dogs from the take-out stands. Hilarious!

        Cracking days and with an enemy we could understand too – oh to be back in Berlin in the 1980’s Awesome!

        • Geoff

          You don’t seem to be too worried about telling the world what cars you drive. Probably not the wisest of moves for someone who truly wishes to remain annonymous. This is likely not a mistake that a ‘real’ spy would make.

    • fotosniper

      a red fox?

      • Bill Bromerberg-Kopa

        Sorry mate, dropping in some code from the old days. Dressed as a red fox doesn’t mean literally dressed as a red fox – that would make espionage easy for all sides – just follow the guys dressed as furry animals. Dressed as a red fox simply meant business dress with a red tie and red socks.

        Another example ‘Striped Red Fox’ was same but the suit was pinstripes.

        Cheers much,


    • Bill Bromerberg-Kopa

      No, she was in the services too and was eliminated by the enemy in the ‘Great Debacle of 78’ (google it – some of the info will still be classified but there has been some Freedom of Information stuff come out). so she would have trouble telling me anything.

      • Ken Elliott

        In the service, the saying is:
        “Those that tell don’t know. Those that know, never tell.”

        Your post seems to scream “I’m a secret agent – can’t say more”. If you actually were making 6 figures, would it be smart of you to risk it by broadcasting here?

        So don’t be surprised that everyone here calls BS on your comments.

        • scott p

          I agree. Additionally, I feel like, he is not even a photographer. He might have his own porn shop who usually have nothing to do in day time.

    • Bill, you can always email me anonymously and share some rumors – privacy guaranteed.

      • jay

        that guy is KR himself, he won’t send you real info if he had it.

    • scott p

      I don’t think you test D3. how do i know? Nikon never give anything away for testing. They always take pre-production stuff back. They take it back because they wanted to examine physical durability. so don’t bull-shit here like you pretend to know something. Most of people here know better than you.

  • longtimenikonshooter

    D3s manual examples have date showing April 2009. So we know they intentionally hold its release till the shopping season.

    • optimaforever

      and the repair manual too πŸ˜€

    • Anthony

      Manuals take a nonzero amount of time to write. Usually they’re composed in parallel with hardware development, and the writers need to constantly stay on top of changes from the hardware people.

  • Anony mouse

    If this rumor is the same one coming from the NR forum then the “source” said the D700 replacement will be a D700s and the only improvements will be Dual card slots and 1080p and that’s it. If that’s true then I’ll pass on the D700s and wait for the D800 πŸ™

    • it looks like it will be S instead of X. It would likely to have similar to D3 upgrade so that Nikon can capitalize on image sensor purchasing.

      Price will be close to Canon 5D mark II around $2700 when it hits the street and discounted to around $2500 a few months later. D700 will be discontinued.

    • Bob

      and what would be wrong with that? For some of us it would be a huge step up. I’m still using a D200 and a D70s!!

  • Scott

    FWIW… Walmart has been out of stock for the D700 for about two weeks now. You can still buy the kit, but you can’t get the body only… (You used to be able to just a few weeks ago…)

  • SimonC

    I predict three things with the D700 replacement:
    1. It will NOT have 24 MP. This will no doubt upset a lot of people who were expecting a budget D3x. Forums will go beserk (as usual), slamming Nikon for not releasing a 5D2 competitor with > 20 MP. It will also NOT be 12 MP (from D3s) because that is too close to the release of the D3s.
    2. It will be another Nikon designed sensor using D3s technology. High ISO will match original D3 but at higher rez (18MP?)
    3. It will be priced at a premium, probably 4K. People will howl over this (much like the D3x pricing) but like the D3s release, once people look at the IQ, they will love it.

    • Bill Bromerberg-Kopa

      Sorry mate – your’re

      • $4k? No. Why, simple, if your going to spend $4k for a camera thats isn’t the d3s, you’d buy a 3DS for that $1k more. I know some people have tight bugets, but really dollar/value ratio at $4k just isn’t there.

  • Kiki Lavier

    The D90 is a fine performer that outperforms the old D300 at higher ISO settings.

    A full frame (FX) model with the D90 feature set and similar style body (although a bit larger) would be hot, but it would upset the market for the high-end cropped format (DX) cameras.

    • Ronan

      D300 > D90.

      D90 blotches the sharpness of images, appearing to make them look better at high ISO but in fact you lose a LOT of IQ.

      D300 wins because the people who uses them uses post processing to take out any noise, doing a MUCH better noise.

      IQ is also a lot higher on the D300 OOC (out of camera).

      • Chris

        Huh? My D90 image quality is excellent, I see no difference in my raw files between the two cameras what so ever. D300 just has better AF performance, weather sealing, and faster burst rate.

        • optimaforever

          another battle here ;D

        • anonycow

          Look, your body is way too light, it’s a mere 600g, if it’s not almost or over a kilo, it’s obviously the tool of a rank amateur with dainty hands, who’d better shoot with the green dial mode or even just get a point and shoot so the people manly enough to handle them can say “see nikon, nobody really want your DX cams, why don’t you just make cameras that are half a ton.”

          Everyone who uses a D90 for professional work as main body is a liar, everyone who doesn’t like bigger bodies because they have smaller hands or because they don’t always have the luxury of tripod friendly environments meaning heavier = shake is a liar (or worse), everyone who says that spending more on glass than on a body is the way to go is a moron. Everyone who ever bought a D40-60-3k-5k and doesn’t use the green dial is a deluded fool if they think they’ll do good photography with that, and DX is dying, which the fact that Nikon is busy plugging the leaks in its DX lineup is a total proof of. These are the truths of nikonrumor comment thread wankery.

          Me, bitter, how could you guess?

  • Anony-mou

    It has begun.

    • optimaforever

      and guess what?
      something got teriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiibly wrong… πŸ˜€

  • grumps

    My personal opinion has always been that the D700 was the smaller brother of the D3. In this case I am pretty happy with my D700, so unless Nikon releases the D4 and then follows with the smaller brother I personally won’t be upgrading if this is based on the D3s which I have long considered a point release rather that a full product revamp, the upgrade simply won’t be enough for me.

  • Jay

    Bought time d700 sales didnt even break the top 20 cameras sold in japan. They need this new one to compete with the 5d2 sales.

  • Jitou

    Who still cares about video on a DSLR today ? It’s like taking photo with a cellphone, it’ll always be crappy no matter what ! Just buy a real 1080P camcorder you’ll save time and money, even the cheapest ones does a lot better job than a D3S.

    • Killa

      Ha-ha! Thanks for made me laughing.

      • optimaforever

        And what sh*tty lens you got with a 1080p camcorder?
        I agree these are perhaps more portable and compact but if you want to get great bokeh, ultrawide shots, fish-eye, etc.?
        It will be interesting to see if these 2 domains (photo & video) will eventually merge together in the next years. After all, if the panasonic GF-1 is capable of producing interesting compromise video+photo shooting, I guess the entire industry will tend to merge both worlds. Why carry both (camera & camcorder) when a single camera will be able to do both correctly?
        The camcorders were first to feature still shooting abilities few years ago thanks to digital video and memory cards (now they all use memory card or hard disks), and cameras were late to include video feature but now the trend is obvious and inevitable.

        • Alex

          Because for video, I want something ergonomic, which is pretty much the way semi-pro camcorders are designed now for recording video, with pro audio controls. I don’t want my DSLR (D800 :)) to be a shoulder-mount big piece of equipment full of inputs and things irrelevant to taking still photos etc – so while they might cross over a little, I don’t think the two will ever fully merge.

          • And that is where your’s half wrong. Although I believe there will always be “ergonomically” different cameras to cater to both, the technology with the video-cameras and photo-cameras will become the same.

  • Chris P

    All the speculation is interesting to read, but as the D700 was effectively a D3 sensor in a D300 body, then the odds are that the D700 replacement will be a D3s type sensor with the features of the D300s.

    • Toby

      Hey, no fair posting sensible, thoughtful comments in this thread!

  • I can barely wait to see that D700s in my hands.

  • I don’t think a replacement will come that fast?!

    It wasn’t long ago that Nikon made a market research?

    • WoutK89

      Do you really think that was for the update of a D700 to D700s? I think it is for something newer and indeed later…. (D800)

      • optimaforever

        I already saw the repair manual of the D700s.
        (joke) πŸ˜€

        • WoutK89

          Just combine a D300s manual with a D700 manual, should do the trick

  • WoutK89

    Prediction for 2010, DISAPPOINTMENT, and that word sums up everyone’s reaction here expecting the D700 to become a D3s or D3x. Look at what the D700 was/is and just change little internal and external features that happened to the D300s, add the D3s sensor and you’re done. No 100% VF, No dual CF slot, No built-in grip, HIGHLY probable no 1080i or p. What else did I forget to mention what people expect it to be, what it will not be? πŸ˜› Trying to be real, and save people from disappointment.

    • WoutK89

      I forgot about price… No premium would be needed, just look at the pricing of a D300s, it will be same introduction price as the D700, and fall very quick around the old price the D700 had. In Holland that happened at least to the D300 –> D300s

      • optimaforever

        I must say that Holland perhaps has the lowest prices for D700 right now.
        Even cheaper for me than UK.

        • Jitou

          I bought my D700 body last months for 1800 euros from a french dealer as much as from Hong Kong dealers today I believe. Mine has the genuine Nikon European warranty included.

  • Hmm, if it comes soon, it will be a D700s with video.
    I was expecting a D700x or D800 (with rumored 18mp sensor) for summer only. Come on, 2010 is a Photokina year. I don’t see any other expert/semi-pro/pro body to be updated in 2010 except the D700. my bet is that the “official” leak will be after July 2010, and it will be ready for Photokina, where Nikon needs something really new to attract people.


  • Mike

    I want Full Frame, 18 Mega pixels minimum, video 1080p and a price of 1600€


    • WoutK89

      one way ticket to the future?

  • What firmware can we expect for the D3s. Can 1080P video be implemented later or is it only by camera upgrade achievable?

    • optimaforever

      I guess 1080p is NOT possible by firmware on a D3s, unfortunately.
      looks like Digic IV has still better bandwidth than Expeed for the moment.
      Perhaps Expeed II will solve that?

      • WoutK89

        Expeed is as old as the D300/D3, we will most probably see something like Expeed II in the D4/D400 and so on (I hope)

  • Daf

    I’m starting to give up hope of a D700x/D800 so may go for this.
    Going FF/FX will be a BIG invetment though and I’m getting less paid worth these days.

  • Anonymous

    Im hoping release by spring. Here up north we dont have sunlight so the wait for summer is pretty much the thing that keeps us alive through the dark winter.

  • tchar

    I would upgrade for 18mp, video, 2 CF or 1 CF, 1 SD, 100% viewfinder, the same or better ISO range and D3 like body (only smaller) for 3000 or less Euros. I would prefer GPS, WiFi, and remote control and flash command mode in one optional slim kit (ideally fit in camera) for a price of 500-800 EUROS. Don’t want an in camera flash but a tiny one sold with the camera for “just in case” use (this could act as a command flash)

    • optimaforever

      A fisherprice D3 perhaps? πŸ˜€
      The idea of integrating GPS, Wifi, and RC in the grip is very intelligent, I think…
      We’ll probably need a touch screen if all these technologies merge in the camera.

  • tchar

    Needless to say that following Nikon’s policy this shouldn’t be happening

  • shivas

    this isn’t going to trump the D3s, so don’t expect a 100% VF, fast fps, or any of the other D3s specific goodies.

    I will be surprised with the dual CF.

    The 1080p will be the KEY differentiator between this and the D3s; and I guess with the increased data of 1080p, they’ll probably require the CF cards rather than SD from a transfer rate perspective.

    Not much else should change really between the D3s and D700. . .just annoying that they segment things out SO SLOWLY. . .so we’ll have to wait for the D4 to get 1080p in a pro camera. . .(maybe they’re hoping that pro’s that need the 1080p will get the D700 as a backup . .hmm, I guess that IS smart marketing!)

    • PHB

      If Nikon can do 1080i with the AVCHD codec, thats going to be a software thing. I would expect it to be added to the D3s and D300s as a matter of course, probably the announcement coming with the D700s launch.

      EXPEED is simply a brand name for a DSP that Nikon almost certainly buys off the shelf as standard cell. The processing steps in H.264 are not something that I would expect to need different silicon for.

  • I really hope Nikon will come out with a 18MP or more, and I don’t really care about the video (a $300 camercorder does the job).
    We need NEW FX LENSES, I just bought the 20mm f2.8 last week, guess what, that’s the same lens I was using 22 years ago when I learned photography.
    Mr Nikon (I think his first name is Michio), here is what we need:
    – 20mm f2.8 AF-S
    – 28-75mm f2.8 AF-S VR
    – 85mm f1.4 AF-S VR
    – 200mm f2.8 AF-S VR
    – 300mm F4.0 AF-S VR
    I know, people like us is 0.00001% of Nikon’s sales, but we love you and will always do :o)

    • WoutK89

      “- 28-75mm f2.8 AF-S VR”
      Why not 28-80 like back in the days, and forget about f/2.8: f/3.5-4.5 or f/4 is good enough for me πŸ˜‰

  • Christina

    If this rumor turns out to be 100% true, this will be perfect since I have been waiting for the D700 replacement for while.

    Wonderful news!

    But, in case they are curious in Nikon-central, here are my preferences:

    Don’t bother with Vid (I’m a photographer, and I have a D90 which will take fine vids if I need to in a pinch)
    Please keep the built-in flash
    Try to manage a 100% VF
    Give me more ISO performance.
    Built-in HDR
    Added pixels not as important to me as higher IQ
    Prefer dual card slots so I can use CF or SD


  • It only makes sense

  • it better not have better specs than the D3s that I just bought as a XMAS gift to myself.

    • WoutK89

      NOOOOOOOOOO, D3s will be useless if it is true πŸ˜› Funny people here πŸ˜€

  • Nickanon

    And please! give us back the PTP/Mass storage option.

  • Joe Fish

    I have D300 and D700, not that big difference. 5D2 though is from anonther planet.

    • WoutK89


      • low


        • Joe Fish

          Ha maybe …LOL , I dont care what planet, as long as it gets the job done. And it sure as hell does.

    • Gerry

      It must be a very bright planet, because if it has low level light, that 15 point autofocus system won’t work.

  • Jay

    Well…it has been 18 months since the D700 was released. They can keep the video. Don’t need or want it. If the replacement has the D3S sensor, with it’s insanely high ISO performance and dual card slots, that’s really cool. If it’s SD/CF it’s less interesting; more Canon-like than Nikon. Yes, I know the D300S has that type of dual card support. Either way, the good part is Nikon will be forging ahead, and keeping the rest of the industry on it’s toes.


  • Gary

    What would make the most sense would be a D700s with dual card slots, video, and the sensor from the D3s…which would still be a great upgrade.

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