Rumor: Nikon DX DSLR roadmap

I got this rumor few days ago and I have been unsuccessfully trying to get some confirmations. What bothers me is the time frame of the Nikon D90 and D300s replacements - those lines are on a 2 years refresh schedule and Nikon has been strictly following it. Removing the AF motor from the D90 is also questionable. Coincidentally, the Nikon D90 "body only" hit a new low price of $789.95 @ B&H Photo (the also offer free overnight shipment). Here is the rumor:

"The specs given below for the D7000 are final and pretty much certain. Details on the D4000 & D400 however are a bit less so, but the concept of each of those two cameras, like what each replaces and which sensor it uses, that at least is sure. It is also sure that D5000 was a transitional camera not a beginning of a new series.

Replaces D90/D5000.
Announcement in Jan/Feb 2010.
14MP* CMOS sensor (similar to Sony A550 sensor).
No* AF motor.
New* AF module: CAM2000, 20 area.
5 FPS.
Live View & 1080* video.
Articulated 920K LCD.
OVF same as D90.
Weight and size below D90 "thanks" to the removal of the AF motor.

Replaces D3000/D5000.
Announcement in 2nd half of 2010.
12MP CMOS sensor.
No AF motor.
OVF & AF module same as D3000/D5000.
3.5 FPS.
Live View*, but no video.
Fixed 230K LCD.

Replaces D300S.
Announcement in 1st half of 2011.
16MP or higher* CMOS sensor (same new sensor as upcoming Sony A700 replacement).
AF motor still there.
8 FPS (without the grip).
Live View & special* high quality 1080 video (possibly RAW video???!!!).
Articulated* 920K LCD.
OVF & AF module same as D300S."

And another unrelated rumor:

"Nikon is working on new battery grip for the next DSLR camera (possibly D800). It will have GPS module build inside, small LCD screen and some outputs."

You can see the related forum discussion here.

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  • anon

    After reading some of these posts, I’ve realized that a lot of people on this site are way too gullible. I think I should create some rumors to cause even more dialogue among the community.

  • Anonymous

    To be or not to be, that is the question.
    I’m waiting for the D800, but if NIKON come out with a D700x, I’ll still be happy.
    Happy hollidays, make sure you take many pictures of your friends and familly.

  • aaron

    It is so good that if the replacement of D300S will be announced in 2011 because i have just bought D300S XD

  • Harvey Kirsch

    I noticed December 25 at the Nikon Canada Web Site all information about the D700 was taken down. D800 to be posted soon ???

  • lehner

    “Expert”, online retailer in Sweden just dumped the D90 body to $800 from $1100

  • ben

    I dont know why people would be upset about the release of the d7000, reading various posts about people who were debating about waiting or to purchase a d90, most d90 owners say “just buy it.” At the end of the day, if you are happy with the camera, there should be no hard feelings no matter how many newer versions are released. Here’s hoping for a 30fps video feature…(and awesome picture taking as well)

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