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  • Apple Digital Camera RAW Compatibility got updated for Nikon D3s, D300s, D3000 (used in iPhoto and Aperture 2).




  • Some Adorama specials (two days only):

SanDisk 4 GB Ultra CF card with 15MB/SEC Speed - Save 30% | Regular Price $29.95 | Sale Price $20.95 | Free Shipping

SanDisk 8 GB Ultra CF card with 15MB/SEC Speed - Save 23% | Regular Price $42.95 | Sale Price $32.95 | Free Shipping

  • Nikon D3x was chosen as a camera of the year by Popular Photography magazine (January 2010 issue).
  • Capture NX 2 seminar on February 6th, 2010 in Atlanta. Price: $79.
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  • Michael Caswell

    FYI, in the “because he is switching to Nikon” line in the above post, he is actually a she (Chenin Boutwell). 🙂

    • Michael Caswell

      Whoops, never mind… it was just corrected! Move along. Nothing to see here.

  • WoutK89

    Reminder: D-Town TV will now be an all Digital show, not just focussed on Nikon, so place it also in the Photorumors 😉

    • Yes, I guess Nikon is no longer a sponsor. The name still says “D” – town.

      • WoutK89

        for digital 😉

  • the reason I shoot Nikon is because of the auto focus. The Apple support is the really big news in this. The wait was loooooong!!!

  • nikkor_2

    …and Chenin is the wife of Doug. Together, they own Totally Rad Actions, creator of the plug-ins for Photoshop [TRA is cool stuff, in my opinion (and I rarely use PS, preferring CNX v2)].

    Her post will likely be noted by quite a few in the photo community.

  • NikoDoby

    Despite Nikon not having 1080p video I know quite a few die hard canuts switching to Nikon. Many are disappointed in the 1Dmk4 🙁

    It’s funny that she (Ms. Boutwell) complains about how awful canon auto focus is and then expects people to buy the very cameras she’s bad mouthing !?! 🙂

    • JC

      Maybe she targets landscape photographers, the field where the 5D suits best, since auto-focus is not much of an issue.

      • Anonymous

        also I am not sure if past clients want to hear she shot their weddings with those “defective” cameras…I guess she did qualify it with saying shooting at higher apertures… but that is only one piece of the puzzle…

        However, I do agree with a lot of her points…

  • Chris P

    Just looked at her sale list and I find it interesting that the one item that hasn’t sold is the 24-105 f4 zoom. I have said on various forums, and been shouted down in some replies, that this lens is pretty soft between 24-35 at the edges and that 5:1 is too big a zoom ratio for high optical quality, particularly when starting from such a wide angle. Looks like when it comes to spending their own money a lot of people agree with me. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      This is probably a stupid question, but why pro lens needs to be of constant aperture? They could probably make sharper lens by making it variable aperture. It’s always a tradeoff between focal range (zoom), f-stop and image quality. So why is non-constant lens considered to be of lower quality even if it produce sharper images?

      • Lens designs that have variable max apertures tend to function by moving the front element more than anything els to change focal length. These optical designs tend to either vignette or get soft at the long end. Examples: 24-120VR and 18-200.

        Constant max aperture lenses tend to function by moving internal elements a lot more and the front element a lot less. Downside, they’re bigger and heavier, so might as well make them fast too.

        Amen to the 24-105. It was great to photographers coming from film who never learned to push 35mm film’s limits. Now it just has a good rep, but in reality, I’ve never seen it deliver the goods.

        • Er, the 24-105 is capable of taking some great pics, but it’s not everything everybody says it is. That’s all. The 24-120VR actually is everything everybody says it is…but that’s just being honest. And in all honesty, the 24-120 is just as good out to 90 or 100. It just turns near unusable at 120.

  • David

    Hey, that Nikon Capture 2 NX class looks interesting. Any chance they offer it in other cities besides Atlanta? I would love to see it come to Kansas City…..

  • WR

    I find it interesting that she blasts Cannon, and then when you look at her list of items so many people have purchased the equipment.

    • low

      n00bs purchasing 😉 i kid!

      • Anonymous

        well I guess a lot of photographers read her blog… or they want bragging rights of owning that equipment…. which would be pathetic if that is the case.

  • Budman

    Unfortunately Camera Raw 5.6 for Photoshop Elements 7 / 8 does not appear to be there. The link comes up dead.

  • low

    and one by one, they fall and join the darkside.

    • nikkor_2


  • optimaforever

    who decided to call nikon the darkside? just because nikon’s long guns are usually black (instead of white creamy can(n)ons)? just wondering…

    • Canon Fangirly

      It’s because Nikon cameras can take pictures in darkness.

      • WoutK89

        Not just pictures, but quality pictures.

        • Ennan

          if you’re a nikon pro you get force lightning. It’s a treat!

      • optimaforever

        the D3s is often called Lord of Darkness 😉

  • I was excited to hear Apple was now offering RAW support for the D3s in Aperture. Went to Aperture on Apple website, but fail to see any upgrade? Am I missing something here?

    • If you already have Aperture 2 and a D3s, prior to this update you would get a “file not supported” message if you try to download a D3s (or D300s) RAW file. There is no change in Aperture 2 or any upgrade, only your camera can be downloaded as it should. I hope this answered your question.

  • Nikonier

    Hi all,
    are there any news about the D800 announcement? What the hell is happening on the market? I can’t wait anymore ;-(

    • low

      patience grasshopper…good things are set to come.

  • Ten2Twenty

    Rats, I saw the Aperture box and was hoping for a new Aperture version being announced. I really hope they update it soon. I enjoy some of the fun features built into iPhoto and hope they at least bring those into Aperture.

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