Official Nikon D300s survey

credit: Nikon USA

credit: Nikon USA

Nikon just sent out a D300s survey (via email). It seems that this survey is not personalized and everyone can do it (at least in the US) - here is the link. There are a lot of questions about lenses.

Tell Nikon what you think!

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  • low

    uh to feel out about the d400!!!

  • NikoDoby


    • NikoDoby

      How many of you checked “I enjoy the fact that I can use my digital camera as a fashion accessory/item”

      Come on admit you coordinate your shirt and shoes with your D300S 🙂

      • PHB

        It is a serious question. I know four people who bought a D3 as a fashion accessory.

        Its not like the fashion crowd have difficult to meet interests. Just make a batch of lenses painted in different colours.

        • another anonymous

          uh, very very too too pricy for me.. and not even wanted

        • Pentax did it. But then again, who the f*** shoots Pentax, anyway?

  • Arnd

    My dear, has that been poorly tested. And they entirely missed the opportunity to aks what lenses one wishes in the future.

    • another anonymous

      really? they asked me that.. strange

  • Alex

    yeah i loved the….
    “I enjoy the fact that I can use my digital camera as a fashion accessory/item.”
    and especially this one:
    “I enjoy the attention that I receive from others as a result of owning a digital camera.”
    Look without those two things, owning a camera at all would be completely pointless, and a complete waste of money. I think Nikon now fully understands why the D800 has to have at least a billion Exapixels.

    • NikoDoby

      As long as the D800 matches the color of my shoes I’m happy

      • Anonymous1

        Maybe they’ll offer it in a range of colours, so that you can choose your camera every day according to the clothes you wear. (Or shoes in your case, of course. 😉 )

      • another anonymous

        just look up for better shoes 😉 current look is fully comfortable. hawk

    • Bob

      “I enjoy the fact that I can use my digital camera as a fashion accessory/item.”
      and especially this one:
      “I enjoy the attention that I receive from others as a result of owning a digital camera.”

      I so know a guy that would tick exactly those 2 and only those…

  • Anonymous

    I dont care if my future d800 is ginger as long as it has 24m pixels to match my Nano zoom Trio!

    I just wish they would get on with it.

    • Anonymous

      Actually I do care a bit. Just put the sensor into my D700 and have done with it. Video etc or swively screens are for fashion accessory cameras. But rekease it now.

    • low

      no need to wait, d3x is perfect for you!

      • another anonymous

        absolutely, just the size, weight and price are not 😉

  • jack

    I agree… there’s no decent affordable FF glass. I would buy f4 glass in a heartbeat (e.g. that rumored 16/17-40 F4, 24-85 f4, or 80-200). I can’t afford a lineup of 2.8 glass, and have fast primes for when speed is necessary. The only wide angle for FF is the 12-24 — not exactly the most usable range.

    • MarkusW

      That’s exactly what Canon does better than Nikon and Nikon doesn’t want(?) to see it. I would’ve bought a D700 instead of my D300s if only a good standard zoom lens existed. But doesn’t. The 24-120 is one of the worst lenses Nikon ever made and, as you say, the only ultra wide FF zoom lens is the 12-24…

  • Gaffer

    I´m not complaining, I just got a Canon 5D2, but I will keep my D300 for DX telephoto shooting.

  • Chris P

    I do own a D700, I also own a Sigma 120-400, when what i really want is an updated Nikkor 80-400 and a 24/28-85 f4 zoom with the optical and build quality of the DX 17-55 f2.8. When I see those I will think about buying a new camera. At present it is pointless Nikon introducing a 18 or 24 Mp D700 upgrade when the only lenses that can do it justice are all well over £1,000 each here in the UK.

  • Anonymous

    I own a D700 and want 24 million pixels to allow for correcting horizons, cropping etc as required. And without losing (much) sharpness. It will match my 3 N zooms which are truly good enough. And yes the cash is waiting here. And more pixels does not equal more noise in the final image if its the same physical size…

    • Neil

      There’s a D3x for that. Or, for horizon problems, there are levels for that… much less money.

  • chEEtah

    > How did you first know about D300s?
    > Internet (specify site):

    Well, that’s true %) Thanks, admin!

    • dan

      Yeah, I did that too!

      I almost quit when I got to the page about using it as a fashion accessory etc.
      I only carried on with the vague hope that I might somehow beable to influence what lenses they knock out next.
      Also, what kind of English is this?
      “I enjoy coming up with photo/picture composition/layout.”

      OH WOW.
      I just got to the end
      ‘tick which most applies to you’
      “Sometimes, I feel like I want to forget everything and go away.”

      Is this for real?

      Also, there were hardly any questions about lenses. Screw you guys, it took me ten minutes to load each page with my crappy internet connection.

    • SBGrad

      I did that, three!

    • +4

    • yes, this was a good one – I had the exact specs more than 2 months before the announcement

    • I did it too!

  • Anonymous

    >> There’s a D3x for that. Or, for horizon problems, there are levels for that… much less money.

    My d700 has a level built in. But you still need to tweak it occasionally…
    and d3x is too damned big, heavy, expensive.

    • Anonymous

      Or what about correcting lens distorsion, making fat models slimmer (!) etc?
      You need as many native pixels as poss for post editing work if you want toi keep some original sharpness. 50 million would be about roght and after you finished save a 12 or 15 million pixel perfect sharp image.

      Just a simple re interpolation to correct a slightly bowed wall in an architectural shot robs much sharpness that you can even see in a small 10 x 8 image never mind a big poster sized one.

      24 is ok. You dont “have” to save all your images at this level if you dont want to. But 12 isnt enough. It was before I bought the 14-24 and 24-70 and the newest posetion 70-200 vr2 lens. But now they well and truly out resolve the sensor…

  • Christina


    When I just tried to complete the survey, I was told it is temporarily unavailable. Wonder if Nikon realized they were getting some really odd answers to ??stupid?? questions they were asking? From the above comments, it looks like the questions were pretty off-topic??

    I’ll have to try again later to see if it’s still unavailable.


  • d3sboy

    really glad nikon did this survey.
    thank you nikon rumors!

  • Christina

    OK, I tried again, and made it thru.

    The following things make me realize this was a survey written quite awhile ago:

    1. in their list of lenses, they do not offer the 18-105 which came as the kit lens on my D90.
    2. In their list of competitors cameras, under Sony, they do not list the Alpha 850.
    3. Under photo-editing software, they do not list Photoshop CS4.

    And the thing that really frightened me, they will not let you proceed past answering ALL the personality questions. If you skipped any (which you felt were totally stupid to be asking on this survey, and frankly none of their darn business!), they kept returning you to the page to answer them.

    And the wording of some questions make me realize this was not written for American audiences. Something lost in translation a few times.

    My word. Can’t Nikon do better than this?????

  • Fannwong

    Just got this:

    Catch the latest news, AF-S NIKKOR 300mm f2.8G ED VR II and AF-S Teleconverter TC-20E III (Coming Soon!) on Nikon Professional Services Singapore. Logon to today!

  • NikorRyan

    Survey appears to be closed now. I get “project is inactive”.

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