Official response from Nikon Canada

I just received an official statement from Nikon Canada regarding my previous post "Bad news if you are in Canada and want the Nikon D3s":

"Dealers are currently fulfilling orders of the D3s against deposits. We do not anticipate any shortages of the D3s with the possible exception of higher than anticipated sales through the December period. If this should happen, there may be a one-week shortage.
There is no requirement by Nikon Canada for a form to be signed stating the camera will not be re-sold. People are possibly confusing the original D3, which was in extremely short supply."

I just would like to remind NR readers that this blog is based on rumors and predictions and that nothing is official unless it is confirmed by Nikon Corporation. I would like also to thank Nikon Canada for their response and clarification on this topic.

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  • kanghong

    Yeah. Nikon is watching NR too!

    • GlobalGuy

      At least we know that Nikon is listening somewhere!

      You know, btw, this rumor could very seriously have hurt Nikon’s image in Canada. Nikon Canada was smart to clear the matter up as quickly as possible and they should be taken at their word unless any hard evidence points otherwise.

      • I agree, as I already said I will be happy to publish any official statement from Nikon on this blog, run a poll/survey for them, etc.

    • M!

      i think enough photographers were bugging their dealers and up to nikon canada.

  • low

    someone tell canon to stop buying D3S’s for re-engineering!

    • low

      edit: reverse engineering

  • NikoDoby

    Kudos to Nikon Canada, eh ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Still, the D700x is not yet available in stores :o(

    • Anonymous

      Well, I don’t know why it show me as an “anonymous”, but anyways, you already know me: the D700x crazy guy :o)

      • Twoomy

        wait, i thought *I* was the D700x crazy guy! ๐Ÿ™‚ Come on Nikon, don’t make me the 5dmkII guy! Give us a D700x soon! At least announce it for Christmas and make it available in February. Pretty please, I beg you!

        • low

          just buy the d700x now! its disguised as a canon 5dii!

        • Anonymous

          I agree completely! I have been waiting for months to get a new camera and every day i push it off. Yes, i know, i know โ€“ย the D700 won’t get any worse in quality if i buy one now, but i’m not going to be the guy who gets one only to find that one month later the D800 is going to be released. But Nikon, COME ON, release the camera already โ€“ whatever it is going to be. If it has video, great; higher MP count? great; lower high-iso noise? great. Just give it to us already because canon is looking better and better each day (and their lenses are cheaper!) they’ve got a lot going for themselves.

          • GlobalGuy

            You guys are ridiculous. Nikon is releasing new cameras faster than they ever have. So how on earth can you claim they are going slow? Plus, you would have to accept that the rival cameras are perfect or BETTER to an unreasonably high degree to demand immediate release of a new model.

            That being said, i love you guys for your pressure on the corporate to at least pick up the pace. We definitely aren’t in a film era anymore, and the DSLR market is getting far more crowded.

            That being said, if you want to sacrifice perfection for fast production, you know the alternate brands.

          • twoomy

            @GlobalGuy: I appreciate your comments, but I don’t think we are being ridiculous. I am a landscape shooter who wants more resolution in a smaller body (no integrated vertical grip) at a price under $4000. I am jealous of my Canon friends and their 5d mark II and I am jealous of the Sony A850 (although I know only one person who shoots with this camera). Resolution is very important to some of us… a lot more than having ISO go up to one million ๐Ÿ™‚ or the ability to shoot jello video at less than 1080P.

            The Canon 5d mark II and the L series f/4 lenses are a good compromise in resolution, price, quality for some of us. I’m really thinking of breaking down and getting one, but I keep hoping that Nikon will offer me something soon that keeps me in their corner. I’ve been shooting Nikon for 30 years now, but I have to buy the equipment that makes my work shine the most!

          • Jesse

            You know, I just switched FROM Canon. To a D700. And could not be happier with the image quality, low noise, and outstanding AF performance. So I am not in a hurry to see the next D700/D800 announcement, and I laugh a bit when I hear a Nikon user threatening to switch to Canon.

            I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

            Just be honest with yourself about the differences between the teo systems, and realize that it’s not all super megapixel race and 1080 video. I just need my DSLR to take sharp, well-exposed, low-noise images. And from my experience, Nikon does a cracking job at that, and it does it with today’s models.

  • Salt Sideways

    I reside in Canada and called one of the bigger Nikon dealerships in Alberta. I was told that the D3s will be in very short demand until after the Olympics. I think I also read that Nikon can only build about 12000 of these cameras per month for sale world wide. Depending on how long teh factory has been making these units, we Canadians and our smaller population will have to take a back seat until Canadian orders for Olympic phtographers are filled.

    • Anonymous

      stop exploiting tar sands plz

      • Salt Sideways

        stop dictating to the world with how everyone should live plz. You need a significantly more civilized society in order for anybody to take notice… now where were we.. OH Yes.. Nikon Rumors !!!!

    • M!

      and your point is?
      nikon canada already gave an official response saying there is no shortage.

  • Jabs

    Today’s reality?
    The Internet and Rumor Web sites are an asset or sometimes a ‘curse’ for many, including manufacturers.
    When a manufacturer releases new equipment and another has something similar to, or a competitive product coming or already here or NOTHING like that, then ‘agent provocateurs’ post all over the Internet trying to STOP people or even encourage others to buy or not buy a product.
    We thus are being used in a ‘shell game’ by others BUT, I don’t mind. as long as people are aware of what’s going on.
    Blogs are great for seeking people’s opinions, reactions or even ‘viral marketing’ but sometimes honesty works better.
    There are people now bad-mouthing the new 70-200 F2.8 VRII and they have not probably used the lens perhaps but brand A is probably jealous or envious of Brand B, so you have posters ‘paid’ to disrupt things and thus I look at things from that standpoint, EVEN if no one is paid to start crap HERE – lol.
    I see a lot of good here and the exchange of knowledge is very valuable, even if you don’t post – just READ then!
    People bad-mouthed the D3X, the D3s and now the new 70-200 VR2 and thus I see a clear pattern (even if there are minor problems in a new item) – people HATE or are jealous of the great advances of these new pieces of equipment and then when they cannot afford it or have a competing brand or brand loyalty, then stuff happens!
    Technology marches on, so get over it.
    Nothing is ever perfect and ‘fanboys and fangirls’ are often irrational and people ‘pretend’ to be either to often STOP you from or encourage you to but brand X over Brand Y, so what!

    On with da game!
    Great web site here.

    Agent 009D3Xs here boss – ya want me to ruff ’em up fer ya?

  • Jabs

    … you to but brand X over – SHOULD HAVE BEEN – to BUY brand X over


  • I would be happy to post any clarifications/comments/statements from Nikon on this blog, but this is the first time I have ever received any communication from them.

    • M!

      cos, photographers started calling their dealers and bugging them about it, and they in turn has to stop all these madness.

    • zzddrr

      Perhaps they thought it was damaging. What Nikon does not understand that the biggest damage is caused by itself. For example, I wanted get a Coolscan 5000 ED for somebody who will never switch to digital. Guess what, Nikon discontinued it. They only have the 9000 which is over ยฃ2300. You’ve got to question whether they know what they’ve been doing.

      Besides, this year is Nikon’s “s” and plastic crap year at prices that beat a spacetrip.


      • another anonymous

        i see your point and do not see why nikon discontinued it, but that’s not that year for everyone, my 70-200 f2.8 VRII has nothing to do with plastic crap and moreover even partly plastic 35mm f1.8 DX get me to nice pictures for almost no cost while i’m waiting for FX wide primes update that didn’t come yet.. but even that DX lens is not wide, it served me great for my need at the moment.. then it went it’s own way to someone who need it more, but it was stolen.. why to hell will someone stole a piece of crap? probably as it’s not such a crap.

  • Ronan

    Told you so ๐Ÿ˜›

  • James

    So now with Nikon Canada chiming in, shouldn’t your rumour of a short supply and signing a document be removed? After all it isn’t a rumour, has no legs or traction and could yet again be taken without the full context.

    And no, I don’t work for Nikon.

    • the previous post was update yesterday with a link to Nikon’s response, this is sufficient IMHO

      • Dweeb

        Situation handled well Admin. Thanks for outing for us LOL

  • Eh, blaim Canada. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Rick

    I was standing in the store at my local dealer (who is awsome) when the manager called Nikon Canada and spoke to his local rep (I think Jocelyn was her name) and was told they were on hold for the 2010 Olympics and none would be released. That was the official line from Nikon Canada. They should really keep in mind that sometimes they’re on speaker phone. My dealers’ response was “really!?! cuz 3 weeks ago you told us they’d ship to us at the same time as the 70-200’s”. Needless to say the next afternoon, my D3S was released by Nikon Canada and I love it along with my 70-200 VR2

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