Bad news if you are in Canada and want the Nikon D3s

Update: please see the official response from Nikon Canada on this post.


Nikon Canada informed their dealers that the the Nikon D3s will be in a very tight supply over the next six months. Units will be allocated to dealers that have accredited photographers which will be taking part in the Vancouver Olympics. It is even rumored that every D3s purchaser will have to sign a form which will prevent him/her from reselling the camera (for profit on eBay for example).

For you "regular people" out there in Canada: it seems that your only option to get a D3s in the next 6 months will be to order it from the US.

Update: I was told that shortages may be expected in Canada also in the "super zoom" category.

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  • Alex

    That’s fine, as long I can get the D700x right now :o)

  • cree

    I’ll take my chances If I can get one at the end of February. 6 months seems a bit steep; considering the Olympics is in less than 3 months away.

    • cree, the 6 months time frame was mentioned by Nikon in their communication to the dealers, I did not make this up.

      • PHB

        Actually you report that they will be in tight supply for 6 months. In other words, that is the earliest you can expect to see a body in stock, or close to it in a store.

        That does not mean that if you order one today you can expect to have to wait six months for delivery.

        That is pretty standard for flagship bodies. Given that the Olympics is an international event, it is none too likely that it will be any different in the US.

        Since the D700 is currently made in the Sendai plant that makes the D3s, it means supplies of the D700 are also likely to be short and it is unlikely that there will be a D700s coming out of the Sendai plant.

        My guess is that this would mean that the D700s will be made in the Thailand plant after the D300s run is complete.

        Any chance that this is connected to this week’s announcement? If they have the sensors but lack the manufacturing capacity to meet demand, how about cutting short the D300s run and turning out a batch of D700s in parallel? The Thailand plant must be capable of making both and the margins on the D700s are going to be higher. That would allow them to maximize the number of Pro bodies available for the Olympics but at the possible cost of running out of the D3s sensor earlier than planned.

        One thing is certain: Nikon are not going to worry about loosing D3s sales to the D700s as people keep suggesting.

        • The 6 months time frame was in the message sent from Nikon Canada to dealers. For various reasons I cannot post the actual email, but I saw it with my own eyes. I did not come up with the 6 months estimate.

          • PacificEagle

            NR is right, I have seen the email as well, and his information is bang on.

        • Zulu

          I just received an answer from a large photo store in Toronto…”This is to confirm that Nikon is controlling the amount of D3s’ being released. They have said that we should be able to fill all of our pre-orders by the end of the year however they also reserve the right to change quantities shipped without notice.”

          Meh. Sounds a bit iffy to me – I think the US gets my loonie.

  • Dweeb

    The same technique was used to market the original D3. I still don’t know if I agree with it. I guess it depends if you’re accredited. We’ll see if the rental houses or dealers are first in line for demonstrators. Sure the cameras shouldn’t be hawked on E-Bay. But is it really Nikon’s place to determine who is worthy of their camera? Can you think of any other company that pulls this kind of selective vending? Apple doesn’t deny me a new computer because I’m not a programmer. In any case there’s always plenty of US dealers that will take Canadian orders.

    • ken

      that’s because nikon was afraid that a non photographer will capture a not so stunning shots and high noise and will affect the nikon marketing.

  • Richard

    Stick with the D3, D700 or F6 (RealRaw), the D3s is way, way overpriced for value.

    • Max

      ‘Hi Barbie!’
      ‘Hi Ken!’

      • Jimmy

        ‘Hi Ken’

  • another anonymous

    funny thing 😉 like if it would be such a problem to concentrate bigger part of the production where it’s likely to sell more of it or to stay up some all time avaliable reserve of the product.. really funny this issue.. or should i call it the strategy? 😉

  • johnny

    nice photoshop job!

    j/k 🙂

  • Nikon plants are getting in line for the D700s production to fulfill demand. All other models will have to wait at least 6 months..sorry!

  • Anonymous

    I have the D3s. It’s way, way underpriced for the value. Now I’m wondering if I should put it up on

  • Nick

    I don’t feel bad about this arrangement at all.

    I’m a Canadian and I would say I am be happy if a large portion of Canadian D3s’es are going to Vancourver Olympic games. This ensures that these amazing D3s’es will be in good hands to be fully utilized, and the pictures from the games won’t be too bad. (Or at least, they are in focus. ;-p)

    And Olymic games is always the best advertisement of sport camera.

    For the people who really need a D3s for their job, most likely, they have a D3 already. For the amateur photographers who wanting D3s, this 6 months delay might save them money and lead them to the next “must-buy” Nikon. (D700x or D800, or even the D3x!)

    IMHO. And yes, I’m a Canadian and I’ve a D3.

    • johnny

      What is this, kindergarten?
      Didn’t mommy teach you to be nice?

      • johnny

        (The message to which I replied was deleted)

  • I grew up in Canada, and most Canadians I know regard it as less than sensible to spend thousands of dollars every year or two on the latest greatest electronics. I wouldn’t think that this is going to affect many of us–the pros will get them, and the amateurs won’t care. If Nikon had made that decision in the USA or Japan, that would have been a different matter…

    Or perhaps it’s different out west?

  • Lee in Bethesda

    re: Nick’s remarks. I’m a Canadian who has moved back and forth to/from the US. I must say that his attitude regarding allocation of the D3s is classically Canadian and is what, in part, separates Canadians from Americans. I mean this in a good way. The greater good is sometimes more important than individual need.

    • Ernst

      We’re talking about a D3s, not a life-saving vaccine in short supply. This is not a “greater good” situation – though kudos to Nikon if they’re able to spin it that way.

  • BillyBobJohnson

    So the Canadians would never have rescued Spock?

    • Tomaocron


    • Marnom

      And I’m Canadian… 😉

  • arco

    Nikon Canada won’t recognize the warranty if bought in the USA.

  • SBGrad

    “Update: I was told that shortages may be expected in Canada also in the “super zoom” category.”

    Will us non-pro Joe (and Jane) Schmoes at least get the updated 80-400 before the Olympics?

    • PHB

      Yes, that line is very curious. Makes me think that maybe the announcement is the 100-500 after all and that they have completed a pre-production run specifically for the Olympics.

      There is no way that I can imaging there being a desperate shortage of 80-400 zooms being a worry to pro sports photographers, those that wanted it will have bought it years ago. And as we all know, the big problem in the lens is that the autofocus is too slow.

      Same goes for the 200-400 zoom which has always been a special order item. Serious pros with Olympic credentials would have one already or have planned well in advance.

      I take back the D700s statement, getting the 100-500 out for the Olympics would be well worth announcing on Xmas day if necessary.

      And I really would not mind at all if the initial run was only available to credentialed press photographers. Their pictures will be seen by far more people than mine.

  • PacificEagle

    Now as far as the D3s, I just got off the phone with my contact with Nikon. NR is exactly right, there are very limited amounts of D3s Bodies available, and not many people will get one for some time. There are a few out there, if you really want one here’s how I would go about finding one. There are some excellent canadian suppliers online that are going to get a few D3s bodies, I would send some emails and inquire if they have a list of people wanting the D3s.
    The people that Pre-Ordered the D3s have been delivered already to a lot of the retailers already here. My supplier is expecting to receive about 6 more bodies in the next two weeks, none of which are taken yet. So shop around if your seriously wanting a D3s, there are some out there, Unfortunately not enough for everyone. but for those that do the leg work, you could get lucky and find one.

    • another anonymous

      yes, this situation is nothing new.. i was in such last time i wanted my 70-200 f2.8 in time of preparations to Beijing 2008 Olympic Games even if i awaited that it’s not that long tele to run into such a stock problems. hmm i think i was wrong that time, but i’m lucky guy and got my lens… only not so precisely on the time 😉

    • Zulu


      Stop overcapitalizing and calm down. It was a tongue-in-cheek poke at the poster, and the reason why I replied is because I’m also Canadian; however, unlike him, I am incredibly steamed that the D3s I am waiting for will probably not be available by the end of the year. I need a D3s now, since I will be in Afghanistan in a bit over a month.

      I really don’t understand Nikon Canada’s policy – it means I will have to go the States to get my camera, costing me more, and my favorite Canadian supplier loses business. But there will be some in focus shots in the Globe and Mail for the Olympics. That warms my heart.

      • PacificEagle

        Zulu…well my supplier is in Ontario as well, and will be getting a few more D3s Bodies, which are not spoken for yet, this I know for sure. I’m not sure why you can’t find one, but i do know there are a couple that will be available. I’ll double check with him and see if he has one free and let you know.
        Secondly, you being Candain or not, even if the comment was off the cuff, you should have said something like just kidding as well. I wasn’t the only one offended. Nuff Said!
        Afghanistan???? Are you Military??? I’m retired CAF. Just wondered. PE.

        • Zulu

          I’m actually in Sweden right now and won’t be in Canada until just before Christmas, so I don’t really have a good idea what the situation is “on the ground” so to speak in Ontario right now. The only exchanges I have had is via email.

          Actually, my girlfriend works for an NGO in Afghanistan and I will be there early next year doing some photography. I gave up on Canon coming up with a decent camera that fits my purpose when it dropped the APS-H-bomb on the 1DMkIV, so I’m through with their indulgences and I’m converting – I need a D3s before I head back after the holidays. I could maybe come upon one in Sweden, but not for $2500 more (retail here). No thanks!

          Thanks for the info – I may hang in with my pre-order and wait to see how things pan out when I arrive.


  • low

    D3S is the camera to have!

  • Martin

    What? That’s it. I’m switching to Minolta.

    Whatever will I do…my D700 is sooooo outdated now.

    BTW, I am Canadian!!

  • mdm

    I suspect, those pics from the Olympics taken with those totally “outdated” D3 and D700 cameras will look just fine to 99.99 percent of the worlds population…

  • LOL

    I’m sorry but – “NIKON stuck it in yours AS#”

    how come that people actually tolerate this?

    Nikon you are starting SU3K and your cameras too.

    Hope you agree with me. Come on we spend big cash on this, and now we have to fight over it. Well guess what !!! KEEP IT

    • another anonymous

      I must say i don’t like the situation, but also i must say i’m happy i chose to invest in nikon stuff as i came to experience this is the quality i need and i’m definitely happy now that i made the right decision.. it’s about lot of money and i’m satisfied i chose nikon. Maybe there su_ks some situations when some pros are heavily prefered by nikon, but using canon i will be just out of the quality i want and that su_ks to me. I can’t have new camera each year, I need to invest into real value for some time and the lens too. Absolutely.

      • TOM

        I agree with you!! Personally!! from my POV. I’m spoiled Mac user, and I love Apple service and entire shopping experience. Overall I’m very satisfied.

        I wish I could say this about Nikon too. I hate their resellers. Most of them a moro-s that do not deserve to have to be Nikon Premium reseller.

        I strongly believe Nikon should open up. What is the big deal to create “best” cameras (not the D300s) if they do not know how to sell them ;( pretty sad!!!

  • Ronan

    As long you live near a big dealer you are fine. If you live in some backcountry village, then you probably are fubard.

    Lozeau is 15 mins away and they always appreciated my business.

  • nobody

    “Update: I was told that shortages may be expected in Canada also in the “super zoom” category.”

    Admin, would you care to elaborate a bit on that part? Was that the unofficial 100-500mm introduction?

    • no, the info I received was about the 200-400 f/4 lens

  • getanalogue

    hey guys, this is the peak of all arrogant marketing I ever experienced. Your comments make me think that you are Nikon / camera ADDICTS. I really laugh about KenR but when I’m reading this thread I have to admit him.
    I’ll continue to use my Bentley F 4 with Zeiss lenses, my Contac 645 and for the rest; all cheap and quickly produced stuff, my D 90.
    I think Nikon is the most arrogant brand I’ve ever seen and I’m 35 years in the advertisement business.

    • Zulu

      Yeah, you’re on a website for people who are looking for the tiniest Nikon rumor to brighten their day. We’re pretty much Nikon / camera addicts.

  • Anonymous1

    This is nothing short of bizarre. What are they hoping to achieve by this?

  • low

    must be all these canon users switching over and buying D3S by the hundreds!

  • Lee in Bethesda

    re: Ernst
    Anytime Canada is promoted world-wide – that’s for the greater good, from a Canadian perspective. Having the US next door is like sleeping with an elephant, to quote P.E.T., may he rest in peace. Two mannequins talk their way into a White House dinner and that’s “Headline News at 11”. Canada hosting the Winter Olympics? Hold the back pages! (that’s a joke BTW if you live in Israel 😉

  • Ronan


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